National Sew A Jelly Roll Day

Project Jelly Roll with Fat Quarter Shop

Hey Quilters!  Guess what?  There is a new national holiday in town, and we are very prepared to celebrate it.  Moda Fabrics has officially made the third Saturday of September National Sew a Jelly Roll Day!  On NSAJRD (don’t try to pronounce that – you might sprain something) they encourage you to embark on Project Jelly Roll.  The goal of Project Jelly Roll is simple – dig into that fabric stash and get to making, starting with those little round 2 1/2″ strip delicacies better known as a Jelly Roll!

Project Jelly Roll

That’s right – Jelly Rolls are not meant to stay wrapped in plastic your whole life!  The value of a Jelly Roll is so much more when you blend it into a cuddly quilt.  And you can reward yourself for all that de-stashing with a new Jelly Roll or two during Fat Quarter Shop’s Jelly Roll Sale going on right now, 20% off of all Jelly Rolls.  After all, you have to maintain that Jelly Roll equilibrium.  Science!  The sale ends Sunday, September 17th at midnight, so hurry before those Jelly Rolls turn to pumpkins!

Jelly Roll Sale at Fat Quarter Shop

Now, what to do with that spiffy, strippy little precut?  Here is a very good list of Jelly Roll projects to peruse, straight from our Fat Quarter Shop YouTube playlists.  We have been Jelly Roll junkies since Day 1, with our very first Shortcut Quilt, Jelly Roll Jam.  (All the feels!)  Over the years, we have only grown more addicted, and our Jelly Roll quilt collection has grown a lot!

Kimberly in Jelly Roll Jam

Our bloggy friends have made brand new samples of each of these to show you, and we are thrilled with their Jelly Roll creations.

Check out their thoughts on each project, and hopefully it inspires you to jump right into Project Jelly Roll!

Jelly Roll Check


Jelly Roll Check quilt

Jelly Roll Jam


Jelly Roll Jam quilt

Jelly Roll Jam II


Jelly Roll Jam 2 Quilt

Jelly Roll Railway


Jelly Roll Railway quilt

get the pattern here get the pattern here get the pattern here get the pattern here
Anna of My Wander Path
(Eliza’s Indigo by Betsy Chuchian)
Rebecca of One Wee Bird
(Good Life by Bonnie & Camille)
Kendra of Good Starter
(Desert Bloom by Sherri & Chelsi)
Hilary of Young Texan Mama
(Just a Speck by Jen Kingwell)

Jelly Roll Slice


Jelly Roll Slice quilt

Jelly Roll Twist


Jelly Roll Twist quilt

Joyful Jelly Roll Tree Skirt


Joyful Jelly Roll tree skirt

get the pattern here get the pattern here get the pattern here
Sarah of 123 Quilt
(North Woods by Kate Spain)
Elise of Elise and Emelie
(Little Ruby by Bonnie & Camille)
Kristin of 3 in the Nest
(North Woods by Kate Spain)

So do you accept Project Jelly Roll?  If you do, be sure to tag us on social media with #projectjellyroll and #fqsfun!


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Shortcut Quilt: Jelly Roll Twist

Today, we have a fun shortcut quilt tutorial for all skill levels! Jolly Roll Twist, our free pattern, features a modern layout mixed with the classic prints and colors of Hop, Skip, and a Jump! fabric by American Jane for Moda!
All you need for this quilt is the Jelly Roll Twist Quilt Kit or your favorite Jelly Roll! We also used our go-to Aurifil 2000, our favorite Creative Grids Ruler, and our trusty Alphabitties to make this quilt a cinch!
Are you ready to get started? First, we selected our favorite 34 prints from the Hop, Skip, and a Jump! Jelly Roll, and stitched them together!
After pressing and cutting the Jelly Roll strips, we aligned them with the solid block squares!
Next, we lined up the long strips, short strips, and solid blocks!
Viola! 42 blocks later, you have this eye-catching quilt that is perfect for a gift (or to keep for yourself! We won’t share your secret!)
Ready for all of the in between steps? Download your free pattern and get started now! We’ll walk through the Jelly Roll Twist quilt with you every step of the way!

Sew Sampler Box – September 2016 Sneak Peek!

It’s that time again, when we get to show you a sneak peek inside the next Sew Sampler Subscription box! We hope you’re ready to be amazed with this little reveal. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

The September box will contain the following item and it’s certainly going to sweeten up your stash!
If you haven’t signed up yet and would like to receive our September box, be sure to do so soon since boxes will ship out on September 20th!
Be sure to follow us for more box reveals and future sneak peeks on all social media outlets by using #SewSampler. If you have any questions about this program, feel free to email us at 

2016 Sewing Month Celebration – Giveaway #2!

Welcome to the first full week of Sewing Month! It’s time for inspiration & giveaway #2
As you likely know, we have a wealth of information on our Fat Quarter Shop YouTube channel. We’ve filmed hundreds of video tutorials over the years to help you learn new skills, further develop existing skills, and to keep you – and your sewing machine – humming along happily! Each Monday this month we’re going to share some of these terrific tutorials, and will also offer our new giveaway!
Today’s video topic?  SHORTCUT QUILTS!
These five video tutorials are among our most popular, and for good reason! You’ll be treated to a FREE pattern and step-by-step instructions on how to make these lovely quilts – quickly! Let’s dive into the quick and easy quilts – and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

Sew fun, right? These fun, quilty options are a breeze to make with the precuts available at Fat Quarter Shop, so have fun stitching!
Guess what we’re giving away this week? Precuts! That’s right, prizes that will help you make one of the quilts in the videos we shared today.  Woo hoo!
Three lucky people will win a Moda Jelly Roll of their choice! Choose from newer collections like Fern Hill, Madame Rouge, and Sundrops or go a bit further back into our inventory and treat yourself to Vintage Picnic, Songbird Gatherings, or Basic Mixologie!  If you’re one of the three lucky winners, the choice will be yours from our wide selection of Jelly Rolls! YUM.
To enter: Leave a comment on this blog post sharing which of these five Shortcut Quilts (shown above) is your favorite, and telling us which Moda Jelly Roll you’d choose if you win! Winners will be chosen at random. Giveaway ends on 9/12/16 at 8 AM CST. The winners will be announced in an update on this post by 9/14/16 and will be emailed. Good luck, and Happy Quilting!


Congratulations to our three winners: Nicole Maki, Quilting Tangent, and Liz! These winners have been emailed regarding their prizes. 

Jelly Roll Jam II: Free Quilt Pattern with Fat Quarter Shop

The moment you’ve all been waiting for is finally here! I’m so excited to present the sequel to our MOST popular Shortcut Quilt, Jelly Roll Jam IIThis quilt is super easy and fun, and one jelly roll makes two quilts! Are you ready to see more? 

I chose to create my Jelly Roll Jam II quilt with the Miss Kate collection by Bonnie and Camille for Moda Fabrics. 

We also created Jelly Roll Jam II quilts in the Somerset and Atelier collections. 


Ready to start Jelly Roll Jammin’? First, download our FREE Jelly Roll Jam II quilt pattern, pick up your favorite jelly roll, and watch our video tutorial. I added a special touch to my backing by piecing it with my leftover strips!
If you haven’t seen our first Jelly Roll Jam video, you can watch it here!
We’ve also teamed up with some of your favorite bloggers and designers who are showing off their version of the Jelly Roll Jam II quilt on their blogs. Hop over and get some inspiration for your quilt!
Melissa of Happy Quilting
Natalia of Piece N’ Quilt

Heather and Megan of Quilt Story
Stephanie of Quarter Incher

Tammie of CraftyTammie

Kristen of Three In The Nest

John of Quilt Dad

Shruti of 13 Woodhouse Road


I’ve got a sweet treat for you  to celebrate our Jelly Roll Jam II quilt with 10% OFF all jelly rolls in our shop until August 24th, 2014 at 11:59 pm CST. So what are you waiting for? Pick your favorite jelly rolls today and start Jelly Roll Jammin’! 


Let me know what you think of the video and make sure to share your Jelly Roll Jam II creation with us on Facebook, Flickr or Instagram! Thank you so much everyone for joining me!

How to Make the Jelly Roll Jam BIGGER

Some time ago, we had an idea to create a free tutorial, using the ubiquitous and much-loved strip precut… which is THE Jelly Roll. 2 1/2″ strips of pure delight.

We called this quilt the Jelly Roll Jam (click here for the PDF pattern), the first of our Shortcut Quilt series, and boy did you respond to it! Like, almost 200,000 views kind of response. Gosh. That’s kind of crazy. But we quilters all have a touch of the crazy, right?

Our very first Scrump-diddly-umptious Jelly Roll Jam quilt

If you haven’t seen our Jelly Roll Jam video yet, it’s okay, here it is!

We really love looking at YOUR Shortcut quilts too! You have done so many creative things with this little quilt (or put adorable things ON the quilt).

Milo with the Jelly Roll Jam quilt
Michele of Quilting Gallery’s Jelly Roll Jam quilt

Now when I say little, I mean that this quilt finishes at a whopping 36″ square, and our most common question on this baby quilt was, “How can I make it bigger? I want to make it a large lap/twin/full/queen/king size.”

Soooo, we decided to put this post together to answer that for you!

Here’s what you’ll need for each one of these sizes, using Jelly Rolls that have 40 strips. Follow the pattern for directions on making the blocks and the block layout. Please note you will end up with extra blocks for some of these sizes. Be creative! Piece them into the back, or make a table runner!

  • SMALL LAP QUILT – 48″ square
    1 Jelly Roll, 5/8 yard binding, and 3 1/4 yards backing
    Make 16 blocks. Lay them into a 4 x 4 block layout.
  • MEDIUM LAP QUILT – 60″ square
    2 Jelly Rolls, 5/8 yard binding, and 4 yards backing
    Make 25 blocks. Lay them into a 5 x 5 block layout.
  • LARGE LAP QUILT – 72″ square
    2 Jelly Rolls, 2/3 yard binding, and 4 5/8 yards backing
    Make 36 blocks. Lay them into a 6 x 6 block layout.
  • TWIN or SINGLE BED QUILT – 72″ x 96″ (this will give you a generous overhang, adjust as desired)
    3 Jelly Rolls, 7/8 yard binding, 5 7/8 yards backing
    Make 48 blocks. Lay them into a 6 x 8 block layout.
  • QUEEN BED QUILT – 96″ square
    4 Jelly Rolls, 1 yard binding, 8 7/8 yards backing
    Make 64 blocks. Lay them into a 8 x 8 block layout.
  • KING BED QUILT – 108″ square
    5 Jelly Rolls, 1 yard binding, 9 7/8 yards backing
    Make 81 blocks. Lay them into a 9 x 9 block layout.

So which size will you make? Let us know if you find this helpful! And please keep sharing your photos of your Jelly Roll Jam quilts with us!

    Book of the Month February 2014: Strip Savvy – GIVEAWAY CLOSED

    It’s time again for a new Book of the Month! Kate Henderson is here today to tell you a little bit about our February Book of the Month, Strip Savvy. We have a lot to show you AND a big giveaway, so sit right down and let’s get started! And don’t forget, the Book of the Month is 20% off all month!

    Strip Savvy by Kate Henderson for Martingale at Fat Quarter Shop

    Thanks Kimberly for the opportunity to tell you about my first book, Strip Savvy! I am so excited that The Fat Quarter Shop has made it their book of the month!

    Strip Savvy by Kate Henderson for Martingale at Fat Quarter Shop

    I love jelly rolls and I know that I am not alone. There is something so exciting about unrolling them and discovering the colors and patterns inside. With four young daughters, I often only have short bursts of time to sew in. I love to just grab a jelly roll and some background fabric and get to work.

    Strip Savvy by Kate Henderson for Martingale at Fat Quarter Shop

    I often use the left over fabric from my blocks to make borders for my quilts, so I have included some quilts with borders and some ideas for making borders from 2 1/2” strips.

    Strip Savvy by Kate Henderson for Martingale at Fat Quarter Shop

    I keep all the scraps of my favorite fabrics, so I have included some great scrap quilts so you can snuggle under your favorite fabrics instead of having them sit in plastic tubs.

    Strip Savvy by Kate Henderson for Martingale at Fat Quarter Shop

    There is something for every level quilter in here and a good range of different sized quilts. So grab the book, a jelly roll and start sewing. Don’t forget that The Fat Quarter Shop has Strip Savvy for 20% off all month long!

    Strip Savvy by Kate Henderson for Martingale at Fat Quarter Shop

    And now for the big giveaway! We are giving away FIVE copies of Strip Savvy to five lucky winners. Simply comment below and let us know which Jelly Roll at Fat Quarter Shop is your very favorite. All winners will be chosen and announced on Monday 2/10/14. Good luck!

    UPDATE! Our giveaway winners have been chosen. Kate R., Leslie at the Sugarhouse, Scotty Lover, Kim, and Jane S. are our lucky winners! Thank you all for playing!