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The Ultimate Beginner Quilt Sew Along

Hello Friends! We are sew excited to announce a sew along designed just for beginners! Even if you have zero sewing experience, this is the free quilt class for you!  Each week from August 1 through November 7, we will be putting this quilt together from start to finish, from getting your supplies all the way to quilt binding, and we would love for you to join us.

Have you always wanted to learn to quilt? Do you want to improve your quilt making skills? This is the perfect starter quilt to learn with. We’re offering free quilting video tutorials on YouTube starting August 1. With our free pattern and tutorials, you will be surprised by how easy it can be to make this quilt.

This beautiful sampler quilt was designed to build your skills, block by block. The Ultimate Beginner Quilt measures 50.5″ square and is made with 12 fat quarters, along with sashing and border fabrics. For this sew-along, you have options – you can make the quilt that looks like ours with The Ultimate Beginner Quilt Kit, or you can choose your own fabrics and make it your own. For your other quilting supplies, The Ultimate Sewing Notions Kit has all of our favorite top-quality notions to give you a good start on your quilting journey!

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Sew Along Schedule

Join Kimberly Jolly as she shows you how to sew each part of this quilt from start to finish. Along with the free video tutorials, we’ll provide additional sewing tips each week on the blog. A new block pattern will be released with each video.

Block 1
Free Pattern
Video Tutorial

Block 2
Free Pattern
Video Tutorial

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Block 3
Free Pattern
Video Tutorial

Block 4
Free Pattern
Video Tutorial

Block 5
Free Pattern
Video Tutorial

Block 6
Free Pattern
Video Tutorial

Block 7
Free Pattern
Video Tutorial

Block 8
Free Pattern
Video Tutorial

Block 9
Free Pattern
Video Tutorial

Blog / Pattern
Quilt Top Tutorial
Quilt Back Tutorial

Straight Line Tutorial
Free Motion Tutorial

Binding Guide
Video Tutorial

This beautiful sampler quilt was designed to build your skills, block by block. For this sew-along, you have options – you can make the quilt that looks like ours with The Ultimate Beginner Quilt Kit, or you can choose your own fabrics and make it your own with the Fabric Requirements provided.

Use the handout to plan for fabric amounts and color layout. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD


For this quilt you’ll need the following fabric amounts: 

•  12 Fat Quarters*
•  7/8 Yards neutral color (we chose white) for sashing which goes between the blocks
•  1 1/8 Yards for the border
•  3 3/8 Yards for the back of the quilt

For the batting, we suggest Happy Cloud Batting in Throw Size

*A Fat Quarter is a quarter of a yard that’s cut wider, at 18″ x 21″ so that you have more room to work with. Read more about various types of fabric precuts.

Use this handy Cutting Guide to plan the layout of your cuts for each block.

Check out our next post for more sew along details! We have a few weeks before we start sewing, so clear your schedule and get a hold of a sewing machine, because we’re sew ready to sew with you!

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  1. What a wonderful idea. I am looking forward to being a part of the party. Let education, fun and joy begin.

  2. Count me in! This will knock off one of the major Christmas presents on my list this year!

  3. What a wonderful way to tackle a decades-old deferred dream/desire. I was just at the craft shop admiring gloriously colored fat quarter rolls and enticing quilt kits. Your SAL blog in my feed was perfectly timed. I look forward to joining you and your crafting community in completion of this project.

      1. Wow! Can`t wait. I have the stash I just didn’t know what to do with it.

  4. Can I say thank you? I don’t think I can say it enough. I am a complete newby… like in my mid-50’s just bought my first sewing machine newby. I’ve been looking for a beginner sew along that isn’t completely intimidating. I discovered your site, blog and you tube videos and I just love all of it. I’m down!

    1. Sheryl, I’m so glad that we can be a resource for you. We can’t wait to get started!

    1. Hi Sheryl. I’m a 60+ newby to quilting, so I’m glad to see that I’m not the only ” seasoned” person here. We’ll have fun!

  5. This will be nice. I’m tired of complicated quilts a I don’t finish. Thank you!

    1. Hi looking forward to this beginner sew along. Can Kimberly go over the different rulers and how to read and use them? Thank you!

      1. We only plan to talk about 2 rulers to keep things simple, but Kimberly will definitely talk about how to use them.

  6. If we are away the week of the block will it be available so we can catch up ?

    1. Hi Pat. Yes, we will post the pattern with each new video, and those will stay up indefinitely. We’ll also post all the patterns here on the blog so you can reference them later.

  7. Looking forward to making this quilt and getting my daughter-in-law started quilting also.

  8. I need all the help I can get with my quilting, so excited to quilt along with everyone

    1. The pattern will be released block by block. We’ll link to the free patterns here on the blog and within the notes for each video. Here is the pattern release schedule.

      Block 1 Pattern – August 8
      Block 2 Pattern – August 15
      Block 3 Pattern – August 22
      Block 4 Pattern – August 29
      Block 5 Pattern – September 5
      Block 6 Pattern – September 12
      Block 7 Pattern – September 19
      Block 8 Pattern – September 26
      Block 9 Pattern – October 3
      Finishing Pattern – October 10

    1. The quilt kit is $54.98 per kit and it includes all the fabric for the top, plus the backing. We expect to have more within a week. If you want to use your own fabrics, you can use the Fabric Requirements provided above to pick your fabrics. Let me know if you have any questions.

    1. Jayne, you can definitely use prints but keep in mind that all the fabrics will touch. Going with fabrics from the same collection, whether they are prints or solids, will help it look cohesive.

  9. would it matter the size of the print? I’m guessing it would work best for small prints?

  10. I need to know the color of the backing. It says it will vary. I also want to use the aqua outside border, binding and backing. So I need to know if that is what you include or if I must look up this line of fabric and order what I need

    1. Sure! I’ve emailed you to connect you with customer service ( so that they can assist you.

  11. I came across the recent beginner quilter video tutorial and I realized that it was perfect timing for me. I’ve always wanted to learn how to do some basic quilting. Because I am deaf, it was difficult to find the quilting class or video tutorial that accommodates my needs. These weekly sequential video tutorials which provide plenty of visual aids and closed captioning are exactly what I need in order to learn how to do some quilting as we go. I subscribed that channel and I am looking forward to new videos every week. Thank you! 😀

    1. Thank you, Lizzi! We’ve worked hard to make videos that are informative and easy to follow along with. We feel like the captioning is very important to make the videos accessible to all so I’m glad it’s helpful.

  12. I jumped in feet first on my first two quilts and realized quilting takes different skills than what was taught in school 55 years ago. Your first video was very informative and I can’t wait for each segment of the series. You’re never too old to learn new skills. Thank you.

  13. Really enjoying but struggling with cutting after Lesson. Find my first cuts were exact and looked wavy. Hopefully we can go over more in future videos how to cut properly.

  14. I have a question for Kimberly about her comments related to fabric in the lesson for Block 1.
    Why do you advise beginners not to pre-wash the fabric? What about shrinkage? Other reading I have done says to pre-wash as 100% cotton fabric will 2-3%.
    Another question, what about the front or back of the fabric, don’t I need to be sure to always use the same side? This may be assumed, but nothing was said about doing that.

    1. She prefers not to pre-wash because it adds an extra step that rarely makes the quilt better. Unless someone has a sensitivity to the sizing that comes on the bolts from the factory, prewashing doesn’t help a lot. In the video, you can see how wrinkly and frayed it gets when washed. That has to be ironed out, and trimmed. At the same time, you lose some of the stiffness that makes the fabric easy to work with. Please see my notes above in the blog about shrinkage. Those are just a few reasons, but it’s really a matter of personal preference. Experiment and see what works best for you. 🙂

  15. I’m really liking the ultimate beginners quilt but I am wondering if there will be much fabric left over after we complete the entire project? I have 12 fat quarters in mind to use in my project but I haven’t started it yet because I wanted to ask about the amount of fabric used! Thanks !! It’s going to be really pretty!

  16. Helpful course. Learning a few new techniques. Will you be having a next level session, intermediate level #2 for a second quilt? Thankyou.

  17. I am excited about making this quilt (my first)! However, I noticed the links to the pattern (and video) for blocks 5 and 6 have not yet been posted to the blog, although it indicates they would be posted on September 5th and 12th respectively. It is now September 15th and neither are there. Can you help? Thanks!