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Tips for Sewing with Flannel

Today we’re stepping into the world of quilting with flannel fabrics and taking you with us! We’re sharing our top five tips for sewing with flannel and a new free shortcut quilt pattern below. Be sure to read to the bottom so you don’t miss the video tutorial or an exciting new giveaway!

Top 5 Flannel Quilting Tips

While flannel is different than quilting cotton, it isn’t too tricky and beginners can definitely use it. We’ve gathered a few of our best tips for working with it below.

1. Always Pre-wash Flannel

Unlike when working with quilting cotton, we recommend always washing your flannel fabric before use because it can shrink significantly. A good rule of thumb when purchasing flannel for a quilting project is to allow for up to a quarter-yard loss due to shrinkage and fraying when deciding how much to buy.

Note: If you’re using a precut fabric, be sure to zigzag stitch or surge the edges to avoid the fabric coming apart in your washing machine. Some patterns will require you not to wash the fabrics ahead of time. Check yours!

2. Use Sharp Scissors or a New Blade

Flannel is softer and thicker than cotton, meaning it needs a sharper blade to cut smoothly. When starting a project with flannel, make sure your scissors are sharp, and if you use a rotary cutter, begin with a fresh blade!

3. Start with a Fresh Needle

To make stitching more manageable, starting with a fresh 80/12 or 90/14 sewing machine needle is a good idea. The reasons for this are similar to the ones for needing sharp tools, you want the needle to glide effortlessly through the thicker fabric.

4. Use a Walking Foot

Most quilters know to reach for their walking foot when working with batting or several layers of fabric because it helps feed the thick layers through your machine together. If the flannel doesn’t feed under the needle easily, switching to your walking foot can keep your stitches looking great!

5. Use a Longer Stitch Length

Last but not least, we recommend lengthening to around a 3.0 stitch length. Flannel has a slight stretch to it, and using a longer stitch length will help it hold that stretchiness and look perfectly professional.

To learn more about the different types of fabric that you can craft and quilt with check out our Quilter’s Guide to Fabric!

The Fat Eighth Flip Quilt Pattern

For our Fat Eighth Flip Quilt we used the Lakeside Gatherings Flannel Fat Eighth Bundle by Primitive Gatherings for Moda Fabrics. Flannel fabric is great for keeping you warm on chilly evenings, so it’s the perfect choice for an extra cozy quilt!

Our Shortcut Quilt Series is full of precut-friendly quilts with free tutorials. Today we’re sharing the newest free quilt pattern in the series, Fat Eighth Flip! Turn, twist, and flip this block to create a simple and sophisticated quilt that everyone is sure to love.


The Fat Eighth Flip Quilt comes in three sizes including throw, queen, and king. We have a Fat Eighth Flip Quilt Kit available, including the supplies for the top and binding, to make one just like ours! A Fat Eighth Flip Backing Set is also available.

Fabric Bundle Giveaway! – CLOSED

And now for a giveaway! Here’s your chance to win the Lakeside Gatherings Flannel Fat Eighth Bundle by Primitive Gatherings for Moda Fabrics! To enter, leave a comment below telling us what your favorite shortcut quilt design is!

Congratulations to Bobbie U, our giveaway winner!

  • Leave a comment on THIS post to enter
  • The giveaway ends on August 17, 2023, at 11:59 CST
  • One winner will be chosen at random on August 18, 2023
  • Open to all – both US and international
  • We will notify the winner by email and update this post

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Happy Quilting!

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  1. I have made several of the shortcut quilts and love them all! Charmpack Crispies is one of my favorites as it is so quick and versatile. Thank you for another fun shortcut quilt pattern.

        1. I’ve only used flannel a handful of times and that Primitive Gatherings flannel is evoking memories of hot cocoa & cookies in front of the TV watching Dateline or Snapped. Good times. This Fat eight flip looks like a go to in my book.

          1. I am looking forward to working with flannel and making quilts!
            I love piecing together for any design!

          2. I haven’t used flannel but would love to try it
            I love using charm packs they can be made into so many designs

          3. I enjoy making rag quilt’s with flannel. Also Turning Twenty or Yellow Brick Road patterns

        2. Thank you for the tips. Although I have been a quilter for 40 years, sometimes you forget them when you haven’t used flannel in quite awhile.

        3. I am so excited to sew a nice winter/Christmasy quilt with flannel! It seems so perfect for a nice chilly day.

      1. I am new to sewing/quilting and enjoy watching the videos downloading the patterns. Planning on making this one soon.

      1. I never work with flannel, we was up in Vermont, and I got some flannels up there so I’m going to try making something with it.

      1. How to catch the quilting bug. House sit for a friend and discover the most beautiful and cozy rag quilt you have ever seen.

    1. I love the colors in this quilt!! I’ve sewn clothing with flannel. A quilt would be fun. The tips were helpful. Especially using a walking foot!!

      1. My favorite shortcut is chain piecing. Also, I am planning on doing some flannel quilts for Christmas gifts this year. I think the fat eighth flip quilt pattern would be a fun choice and would go together fast. I love I Primative Gatherings flannel!

  2. I made the Jelly Roll Jam Shortcut Quilt and really love it. Thanks for a new great pattern. I will definitely have to try it 😃

  3. I have printed out several of these shortcut quilt patterns – jelly roll twirl is my favorite but they are all great!

    1. You have such a nice variety of patterns to choose from with tutorials enabling new quilters to learn the correct way to see the quilt together, plus tips about different aspects of quilting. Whenever l call for assistance ,the staff is amazing and so helpful.

  4. I have not made anything with flannel yet so these tips are great. Thank you for the tips and the pattern!

  5. I don’t think I’ve ever made a quilt actually called a shortcut quilt pattern. Layer Cake Loop pattern looks like fun.

  6. Thank you so much for the tips in this blog. The only one that I knew was the prewash tip. I entered the other tips in my sewing journal so I won’t forget when I start back on my flannel quilt.

  7. I really like the Half Yard Wreath Shortcut Quilt Pattern. It is so quick and simple, yet very striking. There are so many others I’d like to try. Someday……..

  8. I have several flannels in my stash (bought for back8ng a “summer quilt” and wondered about preparing it for quilting. This blog was very helpful.
    Would Kimberly still starch her flannel or just sew with it after the washing?

  9. I have only recently discovered the Jolly Jabber and I love it! Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and wonderful inspiration.

  10. I love that you have so many free patterns! I am finishing up a mini cake mints quilt this week! Also working on my small houses.

  11. With so many cute flannels out now, I’m happy to have this info. I’m adding a flannel lap quilt to my sewing projects.

  12. My favorite short cut quilt patterns are the Mini Charm Muffins and the Fat Eighth Flip. This Lakeside Gatherings flannel looks so luscious and cozy.

  13. My favorite short cut quilt patterns are the Mini Charm Muffins and the Fat Eighth Flip. This Lakeside Gatherings flannel looks so luscious and cozy.

      1. Love the pattern and the tips thank you! . Did you wash the fat eight bundle ? Or cut your quilt from yardage?

        1. Hi Barbara!

          For this quilt Kimberly cut from yardage. She explains why in the video tutorial. It just depends on your pattern and personal preference. 🙂

  14. The Layer Cake Pop was my favorite- so far. I would be like to do this flannel one for my grandson. It looks easy and I should be able to finish it before he leaves for college.

    1. I love precuts. So my favorite shortcut is any pattern with pre cuts especially my newest fave, the Jollybar. My favorite pattern this year has to be the JELLYROLL JAM. When I say easy I mean easy. Quick quilts are always fun. Thank you FQS

  15. My favorite short cut quilt patterns are the Mini Charm Muffins and the Fat Eighth Flip. This Lakeside Gatherings flannel looks so luscious and cozy.

  16. I just love Lakeside Gatherings Flannel. Gatherings has beautiful flannels! Fat quarter Ferris Wheel is my favorite.

  17. Thank you! This is such good information.
    I have learned so much from FQS, and have been inspired to start quilting again.
    I have just become aware of your awesome shortcut series, and wow! What a brilliant idea!
    It is hard to choose a favorite…I would like to make several of them with your beautiful pre-cuts. One favorite is Fat Quarter Flowers–very pretty.

  18. Thank you for another great pattern! My go-to shortcut quilt patterns are: Jelly Roll Twirl, Jelly Roll Sizzle, Charm Pack Crispies, and Starry Charms. Been looking forward to trying Fat Eighth Fruitcake, and now Fat Eighth Flip to use with F8 bundles! The Lakeside Gatherings bundle looks so cozy.. .

  19. I really like the way the prints and quilting compliment each other. I’ve never sewn with flannel, thanks for the tips.

  20. Don’t think I’ve ever made a flannel quilt (honestly can’t remember). Now I can’t wait to try making one with this pattern and tips! Thank you!!

  21. I have never done a shortcut quilt, but I am really interested in this one with the flannel. The fabric for this is beautiful and cozy looking.

  22. My favorite shortcut quilt pattern is the double slice using layer cakes. It’s quick and easy and looks like I spent a ton of time on it.

  23. I love so many of the shortcut quilts, but this Fat Eighth Flip Quilt is my new favorite! I want to make it for my son – I think it is a great pattern for a masculine quilt.

  24. These were great tips for flannel. I have also found it’s easier if I spend a tad more on the flannel, as the flannel is much nicer. I have mixed flannel with cotton for fun baby quilts. Love this new pattern because it is very masculine.

  25. Love this quilt pattern for flannel! I have a 10” pack of flannel pieces. Would these also have to be prewashed so they won’t shrink after sewing?
    Thanks for all the wonderful free patterns FQS gives us!!

  26. This looks so cozy for upcoming cool weather! My favorite shortcut is making four-at-a-time flying geese – what a time saver! Add that to my favorite trimmer, and it saves so much effort.

    1. I love sewing with flannel, and it’s good to see all the tips in one place. My favorite Shortcut Quilt is Charm Pack Cherry. I’ve gifted several, and kept a Halloween one for me. Can’t wait to try this pattern

  27. Thank you so much, I really appreciate your tips for sewing with flannel. I think it will be a game changer for me!

  28. I’ve made several of FQS Short Cut Quilts and I love them all, however, I think this may be my new favorite! Easy, peasy and looks great, particularly in these Lakeside flannels. Love this quilt & fabric! Thank you, FQS!

  29. The one quilt pattern i hope to sew before the end of the year is Charming Christmas. I think i still have time!

  30. Oh how I love flannel quilts. I have only made one as I am a fairly new quilter. I have plans to hopefully make 2 more for family members! Would love to be considered for the giveaway! FQS is my go-to quilt and cross stitch store!

    1. Hi Shelly!

      All flannel is likely to shrink, so if your pattern is for precuts you’ll want to check if you need the full pre-cut or if shrinkage will be okay. Kimberly talks more about this in the video. She didn’t prewash for Fat Eighth Flip because she needed the full precut, but she knows the quilt will shrink after washing because of this.

      I hope this helps, but it is mostly up to your preference and the pattern you are using. 🙂

  31. I haven’t made any of the Short Cut Quilts, but now I’m going to go find the patterns to see what’s up! I do like this pattern a lot. I made one flannel quilt in my 30 years of quilting. Maybe it’s time to make another. That one was nabbed by my son and it was washed until it shredded. I love the fabric in this quilt.

  32. My quilts have been twice as warm and cuddly since I discovered flannel. Thank you for all your tips. One never stops learning and improving skills, especially with the help of The Fat Quarter Shop.

  33. I made a flannel quilt for my son and I didn’t know I should wash beforehand. Sadly, many of the seams did break away due to shrinkage so definitely prewash.

    Another tip: be sure to clean your machine well during and after your flannel project; there is quite a bit more lint build up when working with flannel.

  34. I love this pattern and the fabric. It would be a perfect gift for my son who is in the Navy. The pattern is masculine and simple and the colors are perfect. Thanks for all the videos and tips. i love them all.

  35. Going to try my first flannel quit this year. Can’t wait to experience the difference this winter versus my cotton quilts. Looking forward to the Lakeside Gatherings collection. Thanks for the flannel tips, perfect timing.

  36. Have wanted to make a quilt with flannel, thank you for the tips and pattern. Like the quilting pattern too!

  37. I have avoided flannel for years so thank you for the tips…gives me courage to try some of the really pretty flannel collections I have passed on in the past.

  38. I haven’t even used a pattern using a shortcut quilt design that I know of, and I haven’t done anything with flannel. I do like the disappearing 9 patch patterns. When you use flannel do you also use flannel for the backing? Or do you use cotton?

  39. This information for flannel is great. I have made flannel baby bibs that were easy, but this info is good to have when using it for a quilt. Thanks I will be sure to keep this info

  40. I love working with flannel and would love to win the Fat Eighth Lakeside Gathering by Moda bundle that you used for this shortcut quilt. The fabric is both beautiful and “manly”.🤞

  41. I’ve looked at Layer Cake Custard many times since joining FQS in 2020. Because I love fabric designs/motifs, I have a difficult time cutting them up. I’m learning, and I appreciate ALL the pattern options. Mini Charm Mocha is a fav too.
    I can imagine ‘Fat Eighth Flip’ in Rustic Gatherings line.

  42. Love this pattern. It’s hard to find a good pattern for flannel, this will definitely be my go to one. Must make it for my grandson. Thank you thank you

  43. I have never made anything with flannel yet. I really love flannel fabric. I like the Jelly Roll Slice pattern. Plus, you have so many pattern that I would like to do. Thank you FQS!

  44. What great timing! I have been beside myself for months trying to find pattern ideas and fabric to make a flannel quilt for my 10 year old grandson, and the fabrics you’ve used for this one are perfect – not too babyish, not too grown up. I love the Tumble Quilt pattern. It’s so versatile and quick in a pinch.

    1. I am currently working with a disappearing 9 patch pattern for my daughter’s quilt. It looks way harder than it is.

  45. I have used the Jelly Roll Twirl three different times when making a nice looking, quick to give as a gift quilt. They are always a hit, and I will keep using the pattern.

  46. I have used the Jelly Roll Twirl three different times when making a nice looking, quick to give as a gift quilt. They are always a hit, and I will keep using the pattern. It also helps to use up those older jelly rolls so I can buy new ones 🙂

  47. Ooh! I like this one, but also the Jelly Belly Bar. Thanks for all these shortcut patterns – great for charity and quick gifts!

  48. I would love to make this quilt for my husband. I do have a flannel layer cake I wish I could make work for this quilt. This is a great quilt pattern for flannel.

  49. Love this pattern ! Pattern directions make it look so easy to construct but actual design makes it look like a much more complex design! Thank you Fat Quarter Shop

  50. Kimberly & Team,
    Many thanks for providing such meaningful tutorials! Your tips & tricks have definitely improved my piecing. I love so many of the shortcut series. The Jellyroll Jam has become a favorite for a quick baby quilt.

  51. Thank you for the excellent tips! Getting ready to cut out a flannel quilt so your timing is perfect! Love the quilt you made!!

  52. There are so many short quilt designs that I know I am going to to make. So many that I loved. The one I love and already made is Layer Cake Custard. It was easy with engagement on the cutting.

  53. What a wonderful quilt! I would love to see this one made up in Christmas prints, too, for grandchildren’s Christmas Eve surprise! thanks for sharing such an adorable quilt.

  54. My favorite short cut quilt pattern is Fat Eighth Flapjacks. It is a very easy quilt, but looks harder than it is.

  55. I haven’t worked with flannel before, but your tutorial makes it seem easy enough. Thanks, Kimberly for all your hard work.

  56. My favorite is the disappearing nine-patch, but am going to give this fat eighth flip a try. I love flannels – thank you for your tips.

  57. Fat Eighth Flip looks like a great pattern. I like to use use precuts to make my quilting easier and faster. Thanks for the tips on flannel…so helpful to have that information.

  58. I love these ideas. I have flannel layer cake and charm packs. I would assume I can’t wash them. Any tips for them?

  59. Layer cake tumble is one of my favorite shortcut quilt patterns. I enjoy working with flannel and your tips are spot on!!

  60. Disappearing 9 Patch is my favorite. I enjoyed this article and would love to win this flannel bundle . I love the pattern. Do you advise quilters to wash flannel precuts such as charm squares and layer cakes and jelly rolls ?

  61. Love the shortcut quilts especially the ones that don’t require background. They make quick, easy quilts for gifts.

  62. Love to use shortcut quilts for baby quilts, and recently used Jellyroll Twist, and now, looking forward to trying out the Fat Eighth Flip quilt pattern.
    Thank you for the useful flannel tips!

  63. Thank you for this easy pattern and using flannel. It is sometimes hard to find patterns for flannel. My favorite shortcut quilt pattern is Layer Cake Tumble.
    At the beginning the article recommends prewashing flannel but the tutorial did not. Did you prewash the Fat Eighth pieces?

  64. Uh-oh…..I just cut some flannel for a quilt and wish I had these tips at that time!!! It’ll be OK…. – Very helpful and good to know – will use this info going forward – maybe with some Lakeside Gatherings flannel – I love ALL things Primitive Gatherings and this is another beautiful collection!!

  65. Jelly Roll Jam is one of my favorite. I love your short-cut quilts. They are all great patterns. Thank you!

  66. I have a nice stack of precut flannel squares, maybe 10″-12″ squares, can’t remember. I got them at a yard sale. Would you suggest prewashing those also, being they are precuts? Thank you.

  67. I have been looking at these and can’t wait to try one. I really like this quilt (and thank you very much for these tips because they will be very helpful), but I think the first on my list when I retire in a few weeks will be the halfyard jam quilt.

  68. I have made so many of the shortcut quilt patterns, but the Layer Cake Lemonade is such a favorite! Thank you for such a fun giveaway! 😀

  69. I would love to make a flannel patchwork quilt! Have only done a rag quilt in flannel and this looks so much nicer! Never even thought about making a quilt from flannel in patchwork. Looks lovely!

  70. My favorite would be the one that inspires me to use up that ever-so-pretty precut sitting on the shelf. Charm packs, strips, all have been quickly assembled and turned out great.

  71. I like this fat eighth flip pattern for several reasons: the flipped fabric keeps your eye moving, the larger blocks are an opportunity for using fussy cut fabrics, and the quilt could be made with four larger pieces cut into the three rows so the quilt could be made even more quickly, 😉 , with some long seams.

  72. Jelly Roll Jam is one of my favorites of many patterns you have shared. I must definitely try flannel so thank you for the tips!

  73. Jelly Roll Jam is one of my favorites of many patterns you have shared. I must definitely try flannel so thank you for the tips!

  74. I think that this pattern, the Fat-eighth Flip, will be my favorite. I have been trying to find a masculine pattern for my brother, who has recently been moved to an assisted living facility. This will be perfect for him, thank you!

  75. My favorite is Fat Quarter cubes. It is fast and easy AND it lends itself to a slightly smaller version made out of Jolly Bars or Layer Cakes. So versatile!

  76. I really like this pattern! Can’t wait to try it! My favorite is Charm pac Christmas! Such a fun and great pattern for the holidays!

  77. Hello! My favourite pattern is Jelly Bean Bars. I’m attracted to the brick layout; and really like how each solid colour brick is framed in floral prints. I’m looking forward to sewing cozy flannels for the winter.

  78. LOVE the Layer Cake Spools pattern that was demonstrated last year. Just a genius quilt block that produces a terrific result.

  79. You’ve inspired me to try a flannel quilt. My favorite Shortcut pattern is Layer Cake Lollies but I really like this one too!

  80. My favorite short cut pattern is the disappearing 9 patch but I made it with quilting cottons not flannel. Would love to try this fat eighth flip with this new flannel.

  81. My quick quilt pattern is disappearing nine patch. I am collecting mini charms packs for a baby quilt. Otherwise I just cut squares the size I want.

  82. I recently made the jolly bar jump pattern using Ruby Star Society fabric line PURL. I watched the video tutorial and this was a big help in making the quilt. Great tips for using flannel.

  83. I love the fat with frenzy. Also love the colors of the quilt you just posted. The flannel is lovely.

  84. Whoa! I had preordered the Lakeside Gatherings Flannels with the idea of making something simple like either the Layer Cake Loop, the Layer Cake Tumble or even the Layer Cake Checkmate. But now, I think I am going to go with ‘The Flip’! Needing something cozy to use on the porch for cool fall nights.

  85. I love so many of the Short Cut Quilt patterns, but my favorite is the Layer Cake Custard to show off the many layer cake collections I have.

  86. I love the quick quilts that require no background fabric! Just grab your precuts and start sewing! Thank you for free patterns!!

  87. My favorite short cut quilt is Layer Cake Lollies. I love love it! Thank You Fat Quarter Shop for the free patterns!

  88. Thankyou very much for tips on how to sew with flannel. I bought a FQ bundle of the blue plaid flannel awhile ago, but wasn’t sure how to use it. Appreciate the video instructions for flannel (thankyou)! I am using my FQ bundle to make the Flip quilt pattern shown in the video. I will also make the layer cake loop pattern, which I can make it as a scrappy quilt. Thankyou for your Friday video’s; which I’ve learned many helpful sewing tips. I’m also currently making your Low-Volume Square in Square blocks, I’m using the blue sashing the same as you showed in your video; which I’ve got 3 rows done so far, and I love how it’s turning out. I love the look of the low-volume blocks. Thankyou so much for your Friday video’s.

  89. I am fairly new to quilting so have ever used flannel or fat eights. This sounds like a beginner friendly pattern. 🙂 Thanks.

  90. I love a log cabin block that is alternated with a plain block all in bright colours or the classic disappearing 9 patch

  91. Love this easy quilt for flannel pieces. I was recently looking for a pattern for the Yuletide Gatherings Bundle I have.

  92. There are many to choose between which makes it difficult. I’d have to pick my very first one I made, the Shortcut Quilt is Charm Pack Cherry. – I’d love to make this flannel quilt. It is so pretty.

  93. My favorite shortcut quilt is the Jelly Roll Twirl. I love the folded corner designs. But I do like this flannel quilt!

  94. i love fannel , love the colors and i think the pattern is really neat, as a beginner quilt this is on my list

  95. My favorite short cut quilt is the No Bake Jolly Bar. The quilt comes together quickly since it uses relatively large blocks and looks more complicated to make than it really is!

  96. I love sewing with flannel. I have made a lot of quilts, but I really like to make flannel quilts for men with plaid colors. They come out so beautiful.

  97. I love this new Fat Eighth Flip pattern! Yes, per Kimberly this pattern will work wonderful for large prints! I can’t wait to make a quilt using this pattern. Thank you FQS for offering this free pattern as well as for the giveaway!

  98. These shortcut quilts are lifesavers! My favorite is Layer Cake Loop. I think it would look good with any layer cake. Thanks for giving us these patterns!

  99. Thank you for the newest fat eighth pattern. This will be my first quilt made from flannel. Do you think the pattern would look all right using Christmas colors?

  100. Thanks for sharing. I am going to be using flannel for the first time for a backing so your article was very timely.

  101. I’d like to try fannel. The short quilt pattern fat eight flip has a nice look to it. I’ve made several quilts using short quilt patterns and love them all . Like the fact that they include all cuts of fabric jellyroll, layer cake, charm packs, fat quaters.

  102. Thank you so much for the tips on using flannel in a quilt. I live in Michigan and a flannel quilt would be wonderful to use during the winter months. With these top I may try a quilt, as a beginner I need all the help I can get.

  103. My favorite short cut quilt is my most recently one watched, so it would be Fat Eighth Flip. I did not know that all flannel should be washed first. I knew to wash it if it was being used as backing on a cotton quilt. Also didn’t know to increase stitch length to 3.0. Really great information

  104. I’ve fain love with flannel Inca quilt. Always as a backing, but also as an entire quilt. This one is inviting, warm and welcoming. Thanks

  105. I made a Fat Quarter Flowers quilt and loved how much movement the pattern has while still being very easy to sew.

  106. My two sisters & I are making memory quilts for the my late sister’s children. I’m using her old flannel shirts. So this how-to is really helpful. Thanks.

  107. Layer Cake Shake is a great pattern. Strategic placement of some half square triangles and a friendship star emerges. Cute design and so simple.

  108. I’d like to make this quilt up as a gift to a friend that has severe PT
    SD. I have not recommended him to receive a quilt from Quilts of Valor as I think the patriotic colors could trigger a terrible event he experienced in Afghanistan. I think the blues of this bundle would work out great and he lives here in New Hampshire where flannel quilts are welcomed in winter. thanks for all you do.

  109. I really like the Jelly Roll Jam quilt pattern. It is really fast and easy to do. I had so much fun sewing mine!

  110. Any pattern designed by FQS, will be awesome. I am so spoiled. I won’t use anything else! Their patterns make quilting a joy!

  111. I love this fat eighth flip quilt. I have been looking for something like this for my grandsons. This came at just the right time. I am thinking of the cooler weather that will be here soon so now I know exactly what I will make for them. The tutorial sold me. Thanks so much, Kimberly!!

  112. maybe you should make a pattern called sneaky lol. I looked through all the patterns to try to decide and had a difficult time after looing several times and making eliminations as i went ive decided BonBons is my favorite i havent made it but im going to thank you

  113. This fat eighth flip is my new favourite! My brother has asked me to make him a quilt and I was planning to use this flannel line to make him one for Christmas. Love the pattern with this fabric!

  114. I was just going thru my flannels this evening to create a blanket for my new grandson. I’m so glad I stumbled upon these tips! I will be using them. Thank you!

  115. I think my favorite short cut pattern is Dovetail. I think it would look great in flannel. Thanks for this opportunity.

  116. I love flannels! That’s what I started quilting with. I like a diagonal set rail fence, also a yellow brick road (or something similar). Quick, easy to get done for gifting. Thanks for the tips.

  117. Your tips on working with flannel have encouraged me to start a project with it. I love how it feels but have shyed away fearing I’ll do something wrong. Thank you for all the tips and tutorials FQS provides!

  118. I’ve made several flannel quilts. They are always favorites with my family. I have a 10 inch square packet in flannels and plan to try my first Shortcut Quilts pattern, Layer Cake Checkmate.

  119. I am just starting my first quilt using flannel. Love the soft, rich feel of flannel. These tips have been very helpful.

  120. I have never made a Fat Eighth Flip Quilt Pattern but plan on making this one. You always have the best patterns. I have never sewn a flannel quilt but I do have a layer cake that will work great for this pattern. Can’t wait to get started.
    You say to always walk the flannel but do you wash a layer cake or just yardage?

  121. I Love the Layers of Charm shortcut quilt! It’s darling and comes together so quickly. I also love working with flannel. Thanks for these great tips!

  122. I like the Tumbler block quilt. This new flannel bundle is beautiful, my favorite colors. Plan to make this pattern up.

  123. This would be just a great quilt to have for the winter to wrap around you when we have to be mindful of heating the house my husband is always cold.

  124. I really love the look of this Fat Eighth Flip pattern. Also love the Jelly Roll Jam and Jelly Roll Jam II. How can I pick just one?

  125. I am excited to try quilting with flannel using the Fat Eighth Flip pattern. I can see the quilt being used so much for outdoor fall activities!

  126. Great article. I am new to quilting and this article was very informative on the differences of quilting with flannel.

  127. Thank you for your “Flannel Tips”. They came just in time. I’m making a Japanese Hanten coat. The outside is my patchwork and I had planned a quilted flannel lining.Now I know to pre-shrink my flannel. Great help!

  128. I haven’t made any yet (I recently finished my 3rd quilt, so I’m still a newbie). I love the look of Layer Cake Tumble, and bought fabrics to make 2 of them for 2 of my daughters.

  129. Layer Cake Flip is one of my favorite ‘go to patterns. I love working with flannel. I’ve started using flannel for the backing on many of my traditional quilts, it makes them warm and cozy.

  130. Thanks for the new Fat Eighth Flip pattern. Seems to go together pretty quickly, and the Lakeside Gatherings Flannel fabric is perfect for this pattern!

  131. This is such a cute pattern for using a fat eighth bundle. I haven’t yet tried sewing with flannel other than for craft projects that don’t require washing. The tips in this article are really helpful. Thanks for sharing.

  132. I really like the fat eighth flapjacks pattern. I will be making it for my grandson using his favorite school colors, for his college graduation.

  133. I’ve never sewed with wool or flannel but the really cute patterns you have been showing (flip quilt, sunflower mug rug) has made me want to start. Thanks for all the great tips and ideas.

  134. This is a lovely quilt pattern. I love the pattern you chose for quilting it as well. The colors are warm and cozy. The tips you gave are great ones. I didn’t realize it would shrink that much, glad you said that!!! Have a blessed day!

  135. I love flannel quilts and use it a lot. Most all my backing are flannel. You do have to allow for shrinkage!!

  136. The new Jelly Roll quilt pattern is simple enough for beginners, aka ME. A friend suggested using flannel as the backing; going to do that too.

  137. I have just finished a quilt (in progress for probably 10 years. Woohoo, finished is good) called Joseph’s Coat that was done in flannel. Due to the looser weave of the fabric, I think it was easier to piece curves because of the stretch. I wish I had known about pre-washing though.

  138. I just love that quilting design. It’s so simple and pretty.

    My favourite quick pattern is a disappearing 9 patch.

  139. I would love to make to make this quilt. I have not used flannel yet as I’m a pretty new quilter with about 6 quilts made.

  140. Your videos are excellent. Have only used flannel with rag quilts or as a backing. Thank you for all of your tips! I will use the walking foot with flannel.

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  142. Thanks for the helpful information and for showing a masculine theme. Always looking for more boy ideas. I personally love the jelly roll jam pattern and use it all the time to make baby quotes for my local project Linus.

  143. This is great! I have left over flannel from another quilt I can size into fat eights for this pattern. Thnx…

  144. Layer Cake Lemonade is my favorite Short Cut Pattern so far. I made a quilt with this pattern for Project Linus, and it was SEW much fun!

  145. This looks like a great pattern to whip out for a quick gift. I’ve done the Jelly Roll jam before and enjoyed doing it. I have some flannel I need to use…..this might just be the pattern!

  146. Great tips for flannel. We make baby blankets from flannel for our local pregnancy crisis center.

  147. The jelly roll railway is one of my many favorites. I made it with Christmas fabric and it turned out beautiful. Thanks for all your tips!

  148. I would say THIS one is my favorite. I love the very large pieces and the beautiful effect with very quick effort. Truly would be nice to showcase some lovely larger scale prints, or is so nice with the flannel as you have done.

  149. I understand washing flannel yardage. However, I would not wash precuts, correct? So can I starch it just like regular cotton?

  150. I love any shortcut Quilts especially if I am gifting it. My go to patterns are tge Villa Rosa quilt patterns because they’re fast and easy. I love this pattern! I’m excited about these fabrics. My cousin is building a cabin in Wisconsin and I think this would be an amazing housewarming gift!

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    My favorite shortcut design is Layer Cake Shuffle Shortcut Quilt Pattern from FQS! <3

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  154. I love all of these Shortcut Quilt patterns but my new favorite is this F8 Flip. My favorite pre-cut lately has been the F8 and this will be so fun to try out on one of my bundles. Thanks for the great tips on sewing with flannel, every now & then we need a reminder of even the most basic things.

  155. I make a lot of quilts for Project Linus and use flannel all the time. I even take the scraps of flannel given to me by my Linus friends. I usually don’t pre-wash the flannel and have never had a problem. I figure when I finish a flannel quilt I wash it and it all shrinks together. There are many quick quilts I make for Linus but I guess the charm squares quilts are my go-to fast quilt. Thank you for inviting me to participate.

  156. Layer Cake Tumble is my favorite! I absolutely love the way flannel looks and feels when quilted!

  157. I really want to do a flannel quilt and have been hesitant but I found a project and these tips are very timely. Thank you

  158. I have worked with flannel for years. It makes the best cozy, warm, and soft blankets. When you use jelly rolls and layer cakes, your blankets go together quick.

  159. I’m sewing with flannel for the first time, so this post is very timely! Thanks for the tips. I don’t have a favorite shortcut quilt pattern, how could I choose?

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  163. I’ve made several short cut quilts but my go- to patterns are the Layer Cake Lemonade quilt for a fast gift and at Christmas I make the regular and mini Charming Christmas (Trees) quilts. Thank you FQS for the great free patterns, great fabric selections and great customer service!!!!

  164. Thank you for the tips Kimberly! I already watched and downloaded the quilt pattern. I have a flannel quilt kit for my son and I will use all these tips. FQS is simply the best source of ongoing information, inspiration and support for us quilters and stitchers!

  165. I really love your new quilt design! Awesome! This will be great in left over flannels for a great baby quilt! So excited to try. Think you for this flip quilt that I’ve really flipped for! Your the Best!

  166. I haven’t done a lot with flannel yet, but I’m starting Christmas gift efforts now and flannel sounds like a great way to start!

  167. Thank you for the tips, especially about pre-washing!! I have a large supply of flannel fabrics and am about to start a couple baby quilts. The prewashing will save a lot of heartache!!

  168. The color palette is beautiful. As flannel is my favorite fabric to quilt with, I appreciate the tips. Thank you.

  169. Thank you for the tips on sewing with flannel. I’ve made rag quilts with flannel, but found flannel challenging when piecing. I’m excited to try the Fat Eighth Flip. My favorite shortcut pattern to date has been Charming Christmas.

  170. I do not use flannels that often. I have made many baby and larger quilts using flannels such as the rag time quilts. I was looking for another flannel quilt that could be more male oriented – and I think the Flannel Fat-eighth Flip quilt pattern might be the ticket for my next flannel quilt. Especially plan on making it for one of my sons.

  171. I love the charm pack cherry quilt pattern shortcut…I love this fabric and love this pattern, so easy yet sophisticated. Hope I win it….

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  176. Hello, I’m new to quilting. I’m so glad I found these tips for quilting with flannel since that will be my next project. I saw your contest and went through your short cut quilt patterns. Half Yard Jam is my favorite. I will probably use that one for it.

  177. Love this video and would love to make this one for my grandson. My fave shortcut quilt is probably the jelly roll twirl. It adds pizzazz to a rail fence quilt.

  178. I love the simplicity of the Fat Eighth Flip Quilt pattern. I recently purchased Christmas Primo Plaids Flannel from your shop and I think I will use this pattern. My all time favorite Short Cut pattern is Layer Cake Tumble.

  179. Jelly Roll Jam is my favorite pattern. Can’t wait to try working with flannel. You have inspired me!!

  180. I love the flannel fabric for this quilt. Thank you so much for the tutorial. I have made one flannel quite using the Yellow Brick Road pattern. I used yellow, black and a gray plaid. Turned out great but I wish I had known your tips first. It would have been easier to make.
    I would absolutely love to win this fabric and pattern. My husband would really like a quilt like this.

  181. I have never tried flannel before, I was too nervous and apprehensive about the stretching. I’m teaching my daughter how to quilt and being able to use the “softer” fabric will definitely help her interest. Thanks for the pointers!

  182. I use a 4patch pattern alternating with a 5 inch block finished (4 patch unit pieces finish at 2 1/2) It is fun to use this for baby quilts.

  183. I love flannel, especially for males, and cooler weather. I also made an autograph flannel quilt for my daughter for her college graduation. Flannel was her choice and a KING size! It’s been 20 years and she still uses it in her home. These tips are great.

  184. Thanks for the tips! I like working with flannels for quilts. In fact I mixed it with regular cotton when I find a pattern I like.

  185. My go to patterns are Yellow Brick Road and Jelly Roll Jam. Would love to work with flannels, I haven’t had the nerve to do a whole quilt with them yet.

  186. What do you do about pre washing when it is a precut? Love working with flannel but have I have never used a precut because of the shrinkage.

  187. I have always been a bit afraid to work with flannel. These tips give me a bit more confidence! Thank you! I love the look of Lisa Bongean’s new flannels….

    1. I’m a beginner and love the Fat Quarter Snowball quilt. I would love to do it in flannel. It would be lovely on the winter nights to bundle up with.

  188. I have made both of the Jelly Roll Jam quilts. They are easy to do and I have been able to make these quickly for gifts like a baby quilt. I really appreciate all of the free patterns because they are easy to do and usually quick. Thank you!

  189. I am new to quilting. It is my dream to make each of my sons a flannel quilt. I have copied your post. Great tips!

  190. “Spool Soufflé” and “Layer Cake Lollies” are two of my favorite Shortcut patterns. I love that they both showcase the fabric so well!

  191. I have never used a flip quilt pattern but I am going to watch the video that you have in your post maybe I will be inspired! Thanks

  192. I love quilting with flannel!I’ve never used a pattern though..just sewn together squares..LoL I’d love to win the bundle and try out an actual pattern!

  193. Oh my, this is a difficult question! I think that my favorite Shortcut pattern that I have made so far is the Jellyroll Twist. I made it with a retro fabric in bright cheerful colors and it turned out so fun! It reminds me of visiting my Great Aunt’s kitchen:). My next Shortcut quilt will be a Charm Pack Shortcake. I love the look of the pattern.
    The Shortcut patterns are such fun, I have enjoyed making each of the ones that I have done!

  194. I just bought some flannel fabric for a quilt. My first flannel quilt. These tips are just in time. I have one question: Do I wash the flannel layer cake because it is flannel or not wash it because it is a layer cake?

  195. I just discovered the shortcut patterns. I have some flannel I will use with the Fat Eighth Flip. So that is my favorite for now 😊

  196. I’m new to short cut quilts and well to quilting. Flannel quilts is on my list to do. Thank you for sharing tips for sewing with Flannel

  197. I’ve loved this line of flannel right from the get-go! And like you mentioned, it will make a great “manly” quilt!

  198. I personally loved the “Shortcut Quilt: Charming Christmas.” I have made several for gifts last year. Thanks for such a variety available in the Shortcut patterns and they are FREE.

  199. This quilt looks so cozy! Looking forward to trying it. This Fat Eighth Flip has to be my favorite.

  200. I love using flannel in quilts. I especially like flannel for the backing It makes them extra cozy. Thanks for the tips.

  201. I like the Fat Eighth Flip, looks so easy but wonderful, especially in flannel. Can’t wait to try it!

  202. Love it! Can’t wait to make the fat eighth flip. I will print 2 patterns to share with a friend. Thank you for another great pattern!

  203. I love making charity quilts with FAT 8TH FLAPJACKS. FAT QUARTER FLOWERS is also a favorite. There’s too many to choose one. Thank you for all the wonderful patterns!

  204. I have not sewn very much with flannel mostly burp cloths. But this particular flannel looks great. I think I am going to use this pattern for a few baby quilt.. Thank you.

  205. Star Cakes is my favorite. I will be starting a flannel quilt in the next couple of days but it’s a kit so instead of washing, I will be searching instead of washing because some of the pieces are small.

    Love your tutorials, always learn something new.

  206. I just love the Fat Eight Flip! I am so excited to make it with the flannel fabric. I have just the right young man in my life that will Love it! Thank you for always having a great variety of information and tutorials for all of us! I just moved and now have a sewing room! So Excited!

  207. I have never sewn with flannel much less considered making a quilt but I was drawn to this quilt the minute I saw it. Yes I would love to win and I would love to work with flannel to make this quilt. It’s simple yet charming. I live in the Midwest and we use quilts to keep warm in the winter.

    1. Hi Cathy!

      You don’t have to wash flannel if you don’t want to and it also depends on your pattern. If the pattern needs all 10″ of the layer cake squares then you may not want to pre-wash. The pre-washing is recommended with Flannel due to the way flannel tends to shrink. So, it is always ultimately up to you what you feel best fits your quilting style and needs. 🙂

  208. Someone gave me a partially completed rag quilt kit they had started. When I went to work on it for some reason I didn’t think of using my walk ft, when I was sewing the squares they were stretching & wonky. Now I’ll try your suggestions & see if that helps out! I like to use pre cut fabrics to speed up the whole process & I have found cutting fabric to be so time consuming. It’s better now tho because I have a better work space for cutting. Thank you sew much for the tips & tricks!

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