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The Quilter’s Fabric Guide: How to Choose the Right Fabric for Your Next Quilt

With so many types of quilting fabrics available, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. It’s important to understand their differences so you can choose the best one for your next project. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about quilting fabrics.

Types of High Quality Quilt Fabrics

Types of Quilt Fabric

Although standard quilting cotton fabric is our hands-down favorite for making quilts, there is a wide variety of fabrics available for sewing quilts, home decor and garments, such as batiks, wovens and flannel. Some are made from natural fibers like cotton and linen, while others are man-made. The base fiber affects how a fabric will handle and the type of care it requires. Also, whether it’s woven or knit plays into a fabric’s qualities.

Here’s a look at some of the most popular quilting fabrics you can find at Fat Quarter Shop.

Sunwashed fabric collection to show an example of quilting cotton as a type of fabric
We’re using the cheery Sunwashed collection by Corey Yoder for Moda Fabrics for our Bountiful Charity Quilt this year!

Quilting Cotton

Quilting cotton is the ideal choice for any quilter looking to make a fantastic quilt! It’s made from 100% cotton and has a plain weave, making it a stable fabric that’s easy to work with. It comes in so many colors and designs that the most difficult part about this fabric might just be choosing your favorites from so many amazing options. Quilting cottons come in yardage and pre-cuts of all types, so they’re very versatile.

  • High-quality quilting cottons are our first choice for making quilts
  • Available in a wide range of colors and prints
  • Good for beginner crafters
  • Popular in our beginner quilt kit featuring Bella Solids by Moda Fabrics
Lava Solids Batiks showing what the hand-dyed fabrics look like
Lava Solids from Anthology Fabrics.


Batiks add a natural element to quilts with their organic patterns in a range of colors. Batik fabric is created using a wax-resist dyeing process where the fabric is drawn on with wax, then dipped into dye. Depending on the desired pattern, the process can be repeated multiple times for more intricate designs.

Batik fabric is generally more tightly woven than quilting cotton, resulting in a slightly stiffer fabric that tends to resist fraying. Batiks are said to shrink less than quilting cotton since they’ve been wetted and dried in the dying process.

Batik fabric is 100% cotton and comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns, making it an excellent choice for creating unique and colorful quilts.

A Stack of Compass woven fabrics by Laundry Basket Quilts showing the texture and weave of this quilting fabric type
Compass by Laundry Basket Quilts for Andover Fabrics.


Woven cotton fabrics (often called wovens) can add a beautiful textural element to your quilts. The fabric is yarn-dyed rather than printed, so the fabric is identical front to back. Woven cotton is lighter weight than quilting cotton fabric, making it ideal for a variety of uses such as clothing, home décor items, and accessories. The woven cotton has a lower thread count resulting in a looser weave, which makes it fray more easily. Treating it with liquid starch can help with this.

  • Lightweight with a nice drape
  • Reversible – looks the same on both sides
  • Nice for making lightweight quilts, curtains and napkins
Autumn Gatherings Fabric Collection lain out across a table to show what flannel fabrics look like
We used Autumn Gatherings Flannels by Primitive Gatherings for Moda Fabrics to make this easy flannel rag quilt!


Flannel fabric is perfect for keeping you warm on chilly evenings. That’s why we pull out the flannel pajamas, sheets, and flannel quilts when the temperature drops. Flannel is made from 100% cotton in a thick, lofty weave known for its softness and warmth. It can shrink considerably, so you may want to pre-wash it.

A collection of linen fabrics to show what linen fabrics look like
Around the Bend by Anna Graham for Robert Kaufman Fabrics is a linen-cotton blend.


Linen fabric has long been used in summer clothing because of its durability, breathability and drape. It’s made with the fibers of the Flax plant. As the sole fiber or blended with cotton, it can lend texture and interest to your quilt or sewing project.

When blended with cotton it can be for quilting and sewing projects in much the same way you would use quilting cotton. Its combination of luxury and durability makes it a great choice for bags and purses.

  • Strong and lightweight
  • Used for bags, summer clothes, curtains and quilts
A blanket to show how to use Minky fabrics
This cuddly blanket is just one of 6 Must-Make Minky Ideas you can try!


Cuddle® and Minky fabrics are ultra soft and warm. They’re perfect for creating baby blankets, cozy robes and scarves, toys, and quilt backings. They also make a nice cuddly pillow backing!

Minky fabric is a polyester knit, so it has some stretch. You may want to use a special needle that’s made for knits on your sewing machine. We have a collection of video tutorials showing how easy it is to make blankets and quilts with Cuddle® fabrics by Shannon.

Rayon fabric to show the texture and drape of this quilting fabric type
We’re loving the beautiful colors of Elixir by Melody Miller for Ruby Star Fabrics!


Rayon is a lightweight fabric with a silky feel that lends itself to lightweight garments like tops, dresses and scarves. Rayon is not considered as durable as other fabrics, but it is an excellent alternative to silk due to its low cost and easy maintenance.

Every season, quilt manufacturers release a few rayon prints to complement certain collections. (Twinning with your favorite quilt? Yes, please!) Rayon fabric is perfect for garment sewing, and can even be used to make a lightweight quilt for hotter climates.

An oven mitt made of canvas fabric to show one way that canvas fabrics can be used
Check out this Oven Mitt Tutorial, where we used canvas fabrics from My Happy Place by Lori Holt for Riley Blake Fabrics!


Canvas fabric is the thickest fabric on this list, with durability and wear resistance, making it the perfect choice for sewing bags, jackets and upholstery! Canvas fabric comes in many styles and designs, so you can find something that fits your style.

Muslin Fabric Natural 100% Cotton Fabric


Muslin fabric is a lightweight, plain weave, 100% cotton quality fabric. It is usually undyed and can come in various colors and designs, making it perfect for backing quilts or pairing with other fabrics.

Note on Pre-Washing Fabric

Do you need to pre-wash your fabrics? It’s up to you. An experienced quilter may skip the pre-wash, since shrinkage is rather small, and we like the crinkled look anyway. But if you’re making bags or garments, or are sensitive to inks and fabric sizing, then a spin and dry is recommended. If you combine two or more types of fabrics in a project, you may want to pre-wash the fabrics to control for shrinkage, since they shrink at different rates.

Quilt Fabric Giveaway

And now for a giveaway! Here’s your chance to win some of the fabrics shown in this blog post! To enter, leave a comment below telling us which fabric type(s) you use the most!

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  1. I always use 100% cotton fabric for my quilts. I’ve never used Cuddle, but need to watch your video and give it a try. Maybe start with the back of a pillow! I have a feeling it would be the favorite pillow on the couch!! Thanks for all the information you shared!

    1. Quilting cotton is what I use most. I’m ready to try to cuddle fabric for a baby throw

      1. Thank you for this posting. I learned about some materials I never thought about using for quilts & tips for using multiple fabric types.

        Thanks again😃

        1. I use mostly 100% cotton but sometimes use minky for the backing. Thank you for the great information on fabric!

        2. I mostly use quilting cotton but like the vibrant colors of batiks. I found your posting extremely helpful as I have been uncertain about combining fabrics. I also appreciate the information about the needle to use on minke. Correct needle selection remains a mystery to me. More postings please!

        1. I use quilting cottons mostly but if I’ m doing a garment it could be cotton, rayon, silk or a knit poly/ cotton blend.

          1. Most of the quilts I make are for kids so they use cotton or flannel (or flannel backs). The soft Art Gallery fabric is swoon worthy.
            If there’s a cotton solid out there that doesn’t fray, I want to be its best friend…sigh.

          2. Was so happy to come across this article. Very informative! I plan on starting a quilt very soon, so information was good. Mahalo!

          3. I use quilting cotton the most, but plan to use the linen and cotton more to make bags/purses. I did not know you sell the cotton/linen blends so am excited to see what you have.

        2. I mostly use quality quilting cotton, but have used batiks which I enjoyed working with. I am interested in trying some wovens in the future.

          1. I’ve been sticking mainly with cottons for my quilting, but I now want to start bags and purses, since my family has all the quilts they need!
            This article helped me with the option to use woven, flannel and canvas as I branch out to new sewing projects. Thank you!

      2. I always use 100% quilting cotton. It’s the best. I do use wovens making rag quilts and I do add flannels to baby quilts.

    2. Thank you for explaining each fabric. I made quilt recently with rayon shirts, 100% cotton and batik and it worked well. I used batik for sashing and borders and liked the stiffness it gave while piecing it together.

      1. Thank you for the information. I use quilting cotton for most of my projects.
        I have never used batik fabric but sure would like to. Also never tried sewing anything with canvas fabric I have to try some time.

    3. I also use 100% cottons.
      If I give minky a go, does it sag if used on the back of quilts made of all woven cottons.?

    4. I love all fabrics and like to experiment often. I have not tried Minky yet and that is next up on my list. I really appreciate when you show what is new at the end of your weekly show, it really gives me something to look forward to!

    5. I like to use
      flannel for a quilt back especially fora winter quilt. I am also incorportating traditional quilt blocks with panels.

    6. That was actually very helpful. I didn’t realize we had so many options. Thanks.

    7. Very informative article. I love the fact that quilting evolves all the time and you always can learn something new. Or see how other people put color together it was a great article thank you

      1. 100% cotton is my favorite but I have also used flannel, batik and a whole variety of fabrics for memory quilts. Thanks so much for all the great information and fun free patterns!

    8. I have always used cotton fabrics but would love to try flannel and cuddle fabrics. Thanks so much for all the great information!

    9. I love to make quilts with batiks. I also use 100% cotton fabric also. I very picking on my fabrics, since I spend so much time make the quilts that I want them to last. I get my fabrics from last or good online places.

    10. Great information in this blog post. I mostly use cotton in my quilting but have used flannels, wovens, batiks, and muslin. I would love to use the Minky fabric. I would also like to use some nice linen fabric in a future quilt.

    11. I love using quilters cotton, batiks as well as linen for my quilt projects. My fav for garment construction is rayon and linen. Wonderful article and very much appreciated! Thanks so much!

  2. I almost always use quilting cotton. I love the feel of cotton and how it crinkles after a quilt is washed.

  3. Your post is the most informative fabric information I have read – excellent! This type of fabric education is extremely helpful & applicable to all of my sewing interests. Thank you for being THE resource to go to reliably.

    1. Hi Barbara!

      That’s so kind! We’re so happy you’ve found this useful and that we could help! 🙂

      Thank you!

      1. Hi Marissa, can you tell me what fabrics are in the first photo? The photo with the beautiful goldenrods and pink? Thank you!

  4. I pretty much use quilting cotton and batiks although I’ve occasionally used flannel.

    1. What a refreshing review of types of fabrics! I’m fairly new to the quilting world, so I’m using only cotton fabrics. I look foto my daily emails from you!

  5. I use quilting cotton and batiks for quilts. I love bright, saturated colors! Thank you FQS for all the content you have for your loyal fans!

    1. Normally, I use quilting cottons, but I also use batiks and reuse men’s worn shirts for their woven stripes and checks. For quilt backs flannel is the coziest.

    2. I also use 100% cottons.
      If I give minky a go, does it sag if used on the back of quilts made of all woven cottons.?

    1. Hi Karen!

      I don’t know where you heard that, but rest assured we are very much still here! 🙂

  6. I use cotton most often because I am a quilter. I use to make clothing for myself and my kids but now, it is quilts! Sometimes I use fleece as a backing/batting option for kids quilts that I machine quilt.

  7. I love all fabrics, but quilting cotton is my favorite! I’m a quilter so it’s my fabric of choice. I also love Lori’s canvas for all my other projects. Thank you FQS for all you do for us!!!

  8. Great tips. Thank you. I primarily use 100% quilters cotton fabrics when I make quilts, but I have used flannel, minky and a variety of other fabrics. All fun. BTW – I’m drawn to the pinks you shared today. Off to see if I can find them on your website.

    1. Hi Darlene!

      Thank you, glad you found this useful! All of the pinks were from the different categories.

      If you have trouble finding them don’t hesitate to ask and I can look them up! 🙂

  9. Great information! I’m new to all this and just beginning with cotton. I have aspirations to use some old denim and flannel some day. Thanks for the chance to play along.

  10. I use quilting cottons the most but I LOVE wovens. Especially plaids. I buy them but mostly admire them instead of cutting into them 🙂

  11. I use quilters cottons and flannel the most. I love the rich colors that batiks can bring to a quilt, but my husband isn’t a fan so we don’t have any batik quilts in the house.

  12. I always use cotton because that’s what I learned to quilt with. It’s reliable, and I know what to expect. I’ve been thinking about making some quilt jackets, and after reading this, wondering if rayon would be a nice lining.

  13. Great information! Thank you FQS for your commitment to providing continuing education and excellent customer service’

  14. I use quilting cotton for piecing, flannel for rag quilts, and cuddle/minky for backings. Love them all!

  15. For the most part I quilt with 100% cotton, quilt shop quality fabric. I do love making quilts with flannel though, in the cooler months. I usually let the pattern dictate the type of fabric I’m going to use. Thanks for the opportunity!

  16. I use mostly quilting cotton and batiks, but I want to branch out and use different fabrics, especially wovens and linen.

  17. I usually use quilting cotton, but my last quilt was made with batiks. It was my first time using batiks. I found them a little stiffer. I would like to try linen and wovens in the future, but for detail work you can not beat cotton

  18. I used quilting cottons the most, followed by flannel. I haven’t tried a minky backing yet but would like to.

  19. I almost exclusively use 100% quilting cotton, and sometimes batik. Thanks for the informative post!

  20. Great information. Especially about Rayon and Linen. I use 100% cotton to quilt but have been reluctant to try Rayon and Linen in clothing. My wardrobe is mainly T-shirts, it is time to branch out. Thank you!

  21. Definitely use quilting cottons the most, with some batiks and wovens thrown in. This year, I want to make something with a flannel back – that will be a first for me!

  22. What a nice refresher, thank you! And all in one place! I love batiks and look forward to learning more about these amazing fabrics and their power in quilts. thanks again, FQS!

  23. I use quilting cotton and I love batiks! I always use flannel on the backside of a baby/child quilt for softness. Thank you for all the great info especially on those fabrics I’m not accustomed to working with. I appreciate all of your expertise and free content!!

  24. I absolutely adore fabric. I love to feel it and pet it and shop for it. I love to create beautiful things with is such as quilts, wall hangings, table runners, place mats, etc. Thank you for this wonderful guide on the different types of fabric.

  25. I use quilting cotton, but recently acquired some batik. I’m going to try that in a quilt and see how it goes.

  26. I have used all those mentioned and prefer quilting cotton and batiks.
    Thank you FQS for all you do.

  27. I almost exclusively use 100% cotton. I love the Moda lines, although I do use batiks also (no particular brand).

  28. I have only used 100% quilting cotton. Maybe one day I will try batiks, flannel or cuddle. Thank you so much for the in-depth information about the different types of fabric, especially the shrink rate. I can always count on FQS for accurate information!

  29. I am TEAM COTTON ! ! I enjoy all of the info you kindly share with your customers. FQS is one of my main resources when I am in a bind.

  30. Most my fabric comes from friends stash. I supplement with purchases of backgrounds and favorite finds. So far I’ve used quilting cotton. I am learning more every day

  31. I mostly use cotton quilting fabrics when sewing quilts, although I do like the bright look of batiks also. For clothing, I prefer rayon fabrics.

  32. I mostly use quilting cotton, but love canvas when making bags. I have made my Grandkids rag quilts with flannel as well. Heck, I love it all 🙂

  33. I have a massive stash of every type of fabric on the list except rayon. Somehow I always want more. So much beauty to be had.

  34. So far I have used only 100% quilting cotton. But am interested in exploring more with Batiks.

  35. So far I have used only 100% quilting cotton. But am interested in exploring more with Batiks.

  36. Quilting cotton and batik are my go-to. Lately I’ve been experimenting with woven and linen – the textures add a lot of interest to the quilt!

  37. I use only 100% cotton for my quilts. I’m interested in using flannel and learn to make a rug quilt. Thanks for all this information on types of fabrics. I’ve learn a lot!

  38. I have used quilting cotton or flannel in my quilts. I have something planned that I will be using some essex linen for on the background, so I’m excited to try that out!

  39. I mostly use quilting cottons. I love to use flannels, woven, and Minky/Cuddle for the snuggle factor – the family have all decided that backing my quilts with these are a must… especially the Minky/Cuddle. I think I have them a little spoiled 🙂

    Thank you for the post! It is a great read and very informative.

  40. I use quilting cotton the most by far……but do like to incorporate some batiks depending on the project.

  41. I always use quilting cottons. I haven’t used muslin on the back of a quilt for a very long time…I look at the back of a quilt as a way to have some additional beautiful fabric to showcase the quilt. I sometimes mix in some batiks or wovens, but 95% of my quilts are cotton. I have used flannel on the backs of two recent quilts and have been so happy. Thanks for an interesting article. Like one of your other readers said, it’s a thrill to see all the new lines come out each season. It’s fun to think about how they could be used in my next quilt!

  42. I use quilting cotton almost all the time. I’ve made some projects using batiks and others with denim, and am planning on backing some baby quilts with Minky this spring. After reading the description of wovens, I’m interested in giving them a try. Would just need the right project.

  43. I mostly use 100% quilting cotton but have used batiks and woven. I am interested in trying the linen/cotton blend in the future as I love the look of linen.

    1. Excellent go to and lots of great information l use quilting cotton the most Linen and wovens are next in line thanks going to SS boxes introducing them to me

  44. I would love tone a winner. I enjoy watching your videos and learning how to improve my quilting skills.

  45. I choose 100% cotton just because I know what to expect from them. I’m a new quilter so that is what I am working with

  46. I love to work with cotton. I have used minky for the backing on several baby quilts and the new moms loved it. Thanks for this article with such great information.

  47. I use mostly 100% cotton for my quilts. I have used flannel and minky on a few baby rag quilts for texture and softness. I would love to try batiks but just haven’t purchased any yet. I pretty new to quilting.

  48. I use 100% cotton and sometimes batiks. Great article. I think one about how to select and mix prints and color tones would also be helpful to many. I struggled for years….then took some scrapping booking classes and they really emphasized how to use design and color for balanced eye appealing layouts. This knowledge transfered over to my quilt making.

  49. I love flannel throws, but I use cotton 95% of the time. Since I do appliqué and hand quilting along with regular quilt patterns, it is so versatile. One point you didn’t stress, however, is that there are many grades of cotton. Many beginner quilters make the mistake of thinking all cottons are the same so why not save money by buying at regular stores. They then wonder why their quilts don’t look as nice as other quilters. There is a reason your fabrics cost more. Quilter’s cotton is a totally different fabric than the thin, love weave cottons at discount stores.

  50. For quilts,I normally use quilting cottons, but I have also successfully used batiks, flannel, wovens and Minky. I am a garment sewist as well, so rayons and linens are also two of my commonly used fabrics. Regardless of what I am making, I check Fat Quarter Shop to see what they have.

  51. First of all, I would like to say that I appreciate you all, Kimberly & everyone else at FQS. Through your informative videos, and excellent products, you have helped me so very much in my quilting journey, which began a couple of years ago when I inherited my mother’s sewing machine.
    To answer your question, I use an almost equal amount of quilting cotton & flannel. I have also incorporated minky fabric with flannel in some rag quilts.

  52. Quilting cotton almost exclusively- but have tried a few batiks and even canvas for a few applications. Also love cork for bags!

  53. Mmm, love the feel of a quilt to cover me up. And such a wonderful sight for our eyes with all the different textures and patterns.

  54. I have always used 100% cotton for my quilts. I love to occasionally use “Minky” for my backings on wonderfully cuddly quilts for that super soft feeling for snuggling! I just love the fantastic effect of the Minky to do my top sticking/quilting! It makes it look so much more beautiful!

  55. I use 100% cotton only when I make a quilt. I no longer prewash my fabric as I like the look and feel of my quilts after they have been washed.

  56. I use mostly quilter’s cotton or batiks in my projects. I’ve seen some pretty woven fabrics so I might try that sometime in the future.

  57. I always use 100 percent cotton when making quilts. I did make one quilt using woven fabric.

  58. I use 100% quilting cotton but have loved using linen. I have used woven fabric once and it really needs heavy starch.
    FQS is where I shop!

  59. Quilting cotton is what I use the most. In particular, I use a lot of batiks. I’ve never used flannel or cuddle, but would like to try it sometime.

  60. Good information, thank you! Years ago I mostly sewed garments, using a multitude of different fabrics. More recently I’ve been learning to quilt, thanks to FQS, and using cotton. So many beautiful collections.

  61. I really enjoyed reading this post about fabric choices.
    I always use cotton…. but I have sneaked in a few other fabrics now and then on some fun quilts.
    My latest amazing discovery was ….. flannel backing AND OR
    FLANNEL binding. I love flannel binding.
    Anyway, FQS you always make me happy. I will never stop following you (kind of like runaway bunny… bbut not, heh)
    Thank you for this giveaway, best wishes to a happy winner

  62. I use quilting cotton and I never pre wash. I like the look of the quilt after it has been washed.

  63. This is a very informative article and I learned a few things, thank you! I use quilting cottons almost 100% of the time for quilt tops. I have just started adding minky backings, but also love flannel backing for a baby quilt. I have never used batiks or wovens, and also do not sew with rayon unless making a dress.

  64. I like quilting cotton and batiks for making quilts. For garment making, I like rayons and cotton wovens and knits. Love your blog!

  65. I mainly use cotton fabric for quilting. I love the look of Batiks and want to try making a Bargello quilt with Batiks. I think it would be really pretty! And both would be something new for me.

  66. I use 100% cotton in all the quilts I make. I look to history and volunteer at a museum. The quilts there, some nearly 200 years old, have held up to time.
    Thanks for the good article.

  67. I use cotton for quilts and so greatly enjoy seeing the new lines of fabric. They are inspirational.

  68. I use quilting cotton for quilts, table runners, table toppers, trimmed towels. Recently though, I bought a She Who Sews canvas panel to make some decorative throw pillows. I also have some linen fabric to make some embroidered projects, and oilcloth to make some tote bags. All of these fabrics have their place in my sewing room.
    Thank you for offering this opportunity to win a prize.

  69. I have sewn with all types of fabric but for different projects. For quilts I use quilting fabric or batics. Flannel I use for baby quilts or blankets. Rayon fabric for clothes along with denim or other medium weight fabrics. I have been sewing since I was 7 but now make mostly quilts and teach to others how to use all these different fabrics and make projects. I am 80 years old and plan on sewing until I am at least 95.

  70. I stick with cotton for my quilting. Moda is my favorite but I will use other brands as well for variety. Flannels are not good for the climate here in Arkansas and Minky seems too hard to work with from what my quilting friends have told me.

  71. This post was so informative! I’ve sewn for years and been asked about different fabric types. This is the easiest and best list I’ve seen. Thanks! Bonnie Coleman

  72. I mostly use the 100% cotton fabrics. Those are the ones I was steered to when I started quilting. I have used some batiks and am thinking of trying to incorporate them more in my stash. I love that they rarely ravel and there may not be a noticeable front or back.

    1. Quilting cotton is my first fabric choice for quiltmaking, although I have used batik and cotton flannel.

  73. I use quilters cotton and sometimes add a batik. I will have to try canvas fabric for bag making.

  74. I use mostly cotton and batiks. Love minky, but still intimidated by it. Thanks for the article. I enjoy knowing more about any fabrics!

  75. I live in a warm climate and love the weight of wovens. The texture of cotton makes them easy to work with without a lot of pins. Gender neutral plaids and textures are a plus. Looking forward to trying some rayons for backings.

  76. 100% cotton is what I use. I have used minky on the back for warmth and snuggling. So many choices. I love fabric and creating with it.

  77. I like to use quilting cotton and enjoy the batiks! Thank you for such an informative article!

  78. Thank you for the in-depth article on quilting fabric. I love several different types of fabric and try different ones on a small quilt to begin. Sometimes it’s not the fabric but the different types of batting that are a challenge for me.
    I love your videos and your website. I’m a real fan of the Fat Quarter Shop! Hugs!

  79. I think that is what appeals to me the most is the amazing variety of fabrics and their possibilities. Thanks for the information, very helpful

  80. This was a very helpful blog article. I have only used Cuddle once and had some frustrations. I will definitely look into FQS information on how to use it; my two year old granddaughter is a fan!!! ❤️

  81. Like many other quilters, I primarily use 100% quilting cotton for my quilts. Just recently I made a baby quilt and used Shannon Fabrics Minky and now I am hooked! Minky backs make the quilt so warm and cuddly no one can resist snuggling up with one. I see many more Minky backed quilts in my future!

  82. I mostly use quilting cottons and batiks for my projects. I did use wovens for my Social Sharks quilt and loved them so will probably use again.

  83. Hello,
    I have used several of the fabrics described in this post for all sorts of sewing projects. This was a very helpful article and especially nice to have all the varieties pictured and described in one location! Thank you FQS!

  84. I use Batiks, muslins and quilting cottons. I may have to try canvas sometime. Thank you for all your tips and tricks, Kimberly! I really enjoy watching the You-Tube videos too.

  85. I typically use quilting cotton, but have used batiks in a couple of quilts which have turned out lovely. I’ve also used minky as a quilt backing in the past. I have a flannel fat quarter bundle that I’m not quite sure what to do with yet, but the colors are fall-flavored. Thank you for your article….it’s very helpful!

  86. Although I have used all of the fabrics mentioned above, MY Favorite is good old Quilting Cotton–just the easiest to cut, sew & iron. But I have to say–the Most Requested fabric by family & friends who Don’t sew is Batiks!

  87. I pretty much use whatever fabrics I can get my hands on. My quilts are all for charity. I have a lot of fun making someone else’s scraps and unloved quilting fabric into something fabulous.

  88. I use mostly quilting cotton. I love batiks for the beautiful array of colors. Flannel for backings cozy up quilts for snuggling on the sofa.

  89. I’m fairly new to quilting, so I stick to 100% cotton. I’d really like to try flannel.

  90. Quilting cotton for sure!!! Love Fat quarter and all the videos tutorials and cross stitch too!!

  91. My favorite is quilting cotton but for cold winter nights, cannot beat flannel! That said, I have learned flannel dulls cutting blades and sewing machine needles faster! I recommend changing both often. I am not a fan of rayon though it is earth friendlier and I haven’t found a batik project that I get excited about… I worked with minky once and don’t want to do that again! I don’t know if I have ever worked with wovens but those from Primitive are gorgeous! And I learned techniques on muslin and I loved it!

  92. I use cottons the most but I have been interested in and wanting to try using linens in clothing and my quilting.

  93. I’m a 100% cotton girl. My fabric stash is all cotton and I’ve been trying to use it all up. LOL!!! That’ll never happen!!

  94. Mostly I use 100% cotton but have done a bit with batiks as well and liked working with those as well. I did one quilt with flannel and cotton and my use for the flannel didn’t work out too well as it was cut on the bias. Live and learn.

  95. I made my first quilt with flannel. Now I use mostly cotton and batiks. I’d like to try Minky for a quilt backing.

  96. Good morning, and thanks for this informative post. I’ve never used batiks, as I didn’t know what to expect. Maybe now I’ll give them a try. Most often, I use quilting cottons for quilt making. I love flannel for backing, but am considering trying a cuddle fabric. Maybe I’ll try that as a pillow back first, to get used to how it handles. Great tips for setting us up for success when we try something new!

  97. I love 100% cotton. The feel and colors are so luscious. If the quilt becomes a family heirloom I can feel it can last 100 years like so many others have.

  98. I’m fairly new to quilting, but so far I’m about 50% quilting cotton and 50% flannel in what I’ve made. I love flannel and my husband loves the flannel quilt I made for him. Most of my upcoming plans are probably cotton though. I just cut the fabric for a batik project from a kit given to me as a gift. I’m excited to see how that goes. I would love to try wovens though. And rayon as a backing sounds interesting! Thanks for this post!

  99. Mostly I make quilts so I use 100% cotton fabric the most but I do like to mix in the wovens. I don’t use any of the other fabrics mentioned.

  100. Quality Cotton fabrics are my favorite choice. I buy from quilt shops and FQS for the best quality fabrics.

  101. I love all the fabrics, but I tend to stick to the quilting cotton and flannels. My favorite is to use a flannel for the back. So soft and snuggly!

  102. So many wonderful fabrics from which to choose, in so many colors! This is so different from when I first started quilting back in the early 80’s. Thank you for this brief update on all of the fabrics available to us. I have worked with everything except Minky, and I think that it is time for me to give it a try!

  103. I use mainly cotton fabric. I did use flannel and cotton to make a back for the third quilt I ever made. I’m a new quilter so this was a very helpful article.

  104. Quilter’s 100% cotton in most of my quilts. Once in awhile I will make a quilt out of all batiks; after I do any left over pieces may end up in my next stash-scrap project.

  105. Thank you for all of the information. I think I have uses every fabric possible in my quilting journey. I still love quilting cotton the best.

  106. I use quilting cottons 99 percent of the time, but I do occasionally use wovens or linen to add interest. Great information in this post!

  107. I usually use cottons, and sometimes flannel. I once had someone bring me a bunch of her old polyester pants to make into a quilt. I got it done and that quilt will last forever!

  108. 100% cotton quilting fabric is my go-to for most projects. Batiks can be exotic. But, rayin is like a secret love! This is a very helpful article–thanks.

  109. I almost always use 100% cotton. I’ve used minky for a backing on a simple panel quilt but am worried about shrinkage of the cotton.

  110. 85% of the time I use 100% quilter cotton. I do occasionally use batiks, muslin, flannel and denim. Nice and informative article. Thanks.

  111. I am currently using flannel in the quilt I am working on, and in the last several as well. I did make a woven last summer and I loved it. I plan on making another woven as soon as I finish these last flannels I am making.

  112. This is so helpful. It’s concise and easy to understand. I need to print a copy to put with my patterns so I can refer to it before shopping for fabric for my next project. Thank you!

  113. I use different fabrics for different projects. I love my flannel for rag quilts and even include some corderoy in them too. For general quilting I stick with cotton and batiks. I use heavier wovens for shorts I make my grandkids. I love the feel of each type of fabric for the project it is recommended for. I found out years ago that going to far away from those recommendations is asking for trouble. Thanks for the rayon info. It’s not a fabric I use very much.

  114. I use quilting cotton collections most often since the designers can surely pick colors that go together better than me! I am branching out into my own selections. The content in this post is timely for me. Thank you.

  115. For quilts I mostly use 100% cottons from fabric shops. I use a few batiks and have made a handful of flannel quilts. A raggy denim quilt is still on my bucketlist.

  116. I mostly use quilting cottons but occasionally add Minky for the back of a baby quilt. I used flannel once for a rag quilt.

  117. I always use 100 0/0 cotton in my quilts. I use canvas for anything outside. Use canvas and muslin for bags.
    I want to try Baltics, woven and rayon soon. I would love to win this giveaway.

  118. This post was so informative. I’ve sewn with flannel, minky, cotton and rayon. Recently I added some linen to a scrappy Irish chain quilt. Its a new way for me to add a special touch of softness.

  119. Really informative article! Thank you. I am a garment maker, quilter, pillows, zipper bags, and I do some knitting and various needlework. I have been sewing since I was 5 using my grandma’s 1913 treadle, so almost years. I live in Tucson, Arizona, so I use mainly rayon for or woven cotton for garments, but I always use 100% cotton for quilts. You offer such a wide variety of fabrics for all fabric needs. Thank you for your very helpful blogs also.

  120. I have used mostly quilting cottons for quilts and small projects. When I was a teen my Grandmother showed me how to cut and fit clothing patterns using inexpensive unbleached muslin before cutting the final fabric. Right now I have several FQB just waiting for me to select a pattern. 😊

  121. Great information share! I haven’t been a big batik fan, but now you have peaked my interest.

  122. I use quilting cotton the most. I also have some flannel that I am going to use to make my first flannel quilt later this year.

  123. I always use 100%cotton fabrics for quilting. I LOVE pre-cuts and use them quite often.I learn so much from your videos and blogs. Thank you for helping us beginner quilters learn so much!

  124. I love quilting cottons best by far! I just put flannel on the back of a quilt, which makes it super for wrapping in. And I have made a couple of quilts with batiks, but nothing beats the beautiful collections of quilting cottons available these days!

  125. Thanks for the great post! I have used mostly quilting cottons for quilts and small projects. When I was a teen my Grandmother showed me how to cut and fit clothing patterns using inexpensive unbleached muslin before cutting the final fabric. Right now I have several FQB just waiting for me to select a pattern. 😊

  126. I mostly use quilting cottons, but have used wovens and flannels. Would like to try linens!

  127. I almost exclusively use quilting cottons to make my quilts. I love many of the designers’ collections. My newest love is Corey Yoder’s new Sunwashed. I can’t wait to make something with that line. I even use the regular quilting cottons to construct various types of small, useful bags.

  128. I love to use Linen fabric. I use it on special projects. But I guess my favorite is cotton. It is crisp and light, gives a quilt a certain softness no matter what you are making

  129. As a beginner, I have always used 100% cotton. I love the colors and patterns on the fabric. However, after reading your informative blog on the different kinds of fabrics, I think I will try something else. Thank you to FQS for all your informative resources that help me learn and grow as a quilter.

  130. For quilts, I’ve only ever used quilting cotton. I have a minky backing to put on a quilt, but it scares me a bit.

  131. I love batiks but I tend to use quilting cotton in my quilting projects…. not loyal to any one brand as I love colors and a variety of patterns.

  132. Thank you for such informative content. I am new to sewing and have learned so much! I like sewing on cotton but would like to explore with flannel backings too.

  133. I enjoy the Cuddle fabric results on the back of quilting cottons, for my grandchildren quilts & small pillows!
    Great job on this explanation of fabrics available for quiltmakers!

    1. I love it all!
      I usually use Quilting Cotton, Batiks and Wovens for piecing. I have often used Fleece, Minky and Flannel for backing.

  134. Love to use cotton, batiks, wovens, flannel and linen blends. Quilts are as different as the fabric used and always love to learn about new fabrics I haven’t tried. Thanks.

  135. Thank you FQS for the blog post, get information that we can all use. I have been quilting for years but I am always interested in learning more. I hadn’t used flannel in years but last year I made two flannel quilts as gifts and was very surprised at the difference in flannels today. The Moda flannel from Primitive Gatherings is a new favorite! It feels yummy and I will use again! Bravo to FQS for making quilt making so enjoyable!

  136. I love using the 100% cotton fabrics. I have made a few quilts with batiks…. I love the fun colors!!

  137. This post is wonderful and will be kept on my quilting porch! Thank you for this valuable information. I’m very appreciative!

  138. My favorite is Batiks. Next is cotton. I tend to look for deals. Thank you for all the great information.

  139. I almost always use cotton but have used canvas for bags. I really want to use linen. Waiting for the right project

  140. I am a fairly new beginner quilter. So far I have only used 100% quilters cotton. After reading your article I will try flannel. Thanks for the info.

  141. As a newbie I was told not to use batiks. But I accidently chose it for a baby quilt and it worked beautifilly!

  142. I love high quality cotton. I am not stuck in any one kind of fabric design because I just love prints of all kinds and all periods. So much so that many of my quilts are clean and simple so the pattern does not distract from the collection of prints. I like to set them as jewelry in the design.

  143. Most of the time I use cotton & cotton backing. BUT with baby quilts and fall/winter quilts, I use flannel or minky for the backing, makes it so much more cuddly!

  144. I love my 100% cotton fabrics for quilting. I use different battings and stabilizers depending on what I am sewing. I have made many kitchen items; potholders, towels, napkins, tea cozies, and given lots and lots of quilts as gifts over the years. This is an interesting article about the many different fabrics available. Very informative. Thank you.

  145. I use 100% quilting cotton and batiks. I’ve used flannel for backings and am planning on making a quilt top with flannel pre-cuts this year. Thanks so much for this blog topic! It was very informative.

  146. My favorite fabrics are quilting cotton and a linen/cotton blend- have also used muslin but first two are preferred!!! You have awesome fabric choices and are the first place I go to for fabrics

  147. I enjoy using cotten for quilting. I also love the minky for making ski hats that I’ve been making for several years that I give to cancer centers and hospitals.

  148. I use 100% cotton. Once upon a time…I purchased some cotton material from from a very popular discount retailer thinking that all cotton material is equal. I could not find the color I was wanting in any local fabric store but saw just what I was looking for at the WM. I put hundreds of hours piecing a California king size quilt and now that one piece of fabric used in every block is worn out! Lesson learned…if you are going to put a lot of work into a quilt then it is worth the money to buy quality material at an upstanding quilt store.
    I’ve used minky before and am doing my second lap quilt with it right now.

  149. I usually use quilting cotton for the top and then back the quilt with flannel to give it added warmth.

  150. I use primarily cotton for quilting, but also love to use batiks. They are more tightly woven than many cottons and there is very little raveling. They have such vivid colors available too. Flannel is a fabric I rarely use because of the bulk but it makes nice warm quilts. I would never use rayon woven fabric as it has is not as strong or durable as cotton and will wear out easier. Minky on the back of quilts makes them so soft for children or anyone to cuddle up with.

  151. I usually use a quilting cotton, but I like to experiment with techniques and blocks…then carried the “experiment” to my fabric. I’ve only been quilting for a few years, but have made a couple of quilts out of batiks (they are stiff like a starched quilting cotton) and a flannel one for a Christmas gift. I bought rayon ..ok accidently.. (its soooooo lovely feeling), but am doing a non-quilt project with it. While I purchase the quilting cotton more, I am completely open to the batiks and even flannel if I see something I like. This makes me happy because it allows me to have endless types of creations! 🙂

  152. I have used cotton, batiks, flannel and fleece (for backings). Trying to get up the courage to use the Minky I have purchased. Thanks for all the great tips. Love you gals & guys at FQS!

  153. This was a helpful article. I prefer cotton fabrics, especially batiks as they don’t fray. Minky not only stretches but is also quite heavy so I use it on smaller projects like throw quilts.

  154. I use cotton and Batiks the most and find them both pleasing to work with. It really comes down to the pattern and how I want it to look. I love the feel of both and can’t help but “pet” the fabric when I’m starting a new project. Thanks for the very useful information!

  155. Very interesting article. I have not stepped outside of 100% quilting cotton for quilts as its my go-to. I have used some Batik fabric for book markers. Some one gave me a charm pack and I didn’t know what else to do with them, lol. Thanks for all the tips and tricks FQS!!

  156. I almost always use quilting cotton but have mixed in some batiks for scrappier projects. I love to put a flannel back on baby quilts. My only venture with woven fabric was for the background of a large quilt. The texture made the quilt and it is one of my favorites. Thanks for all the info- I love your blog!

  157. I mostly use quilting cotton, but I also love to use linen and linen blends in my quilts.

  158. It is always a surprise to see what FQS information I will find in my email. I enjoy the quilting and cross stitch articles, but I LOVE the opportunities for the sew-a-longs and stitch-a-longs. Thanks for all you do!

  159. I use quilting cotton for most projects because I love the crispness whether or not I’ve starched. I have some canvas fabric and pattern for a picnic blanket but haven’t started yet. Flannel is my go to for baby blankets, quilts, burp cloths, etc. I appreciate all the information from this post. I may try batiks soon.

  160. I love using 100% cotton for quilt making. I have used other types of fabrics in the past when I tried my hand at garment sewing, but always come back to 100% cotton. And flannel is my usual go to for the backing of quilts.

  161. I almost always use quilting cotton for piecing quilt tops. I have also used batiks, minky, and flannel. I have an embroidery project planned that will use linen. Clothing containing rayons is a favorite.

  162. Great information, thank you for posting
    For quilts I tend to use quilters cotton and batiks and sometimes mixed together in one project. I have made a few quilts with flannel and they are winter favorites. With garment sewing rayon is my go to for the lovely drape it offers on tops and dresses.

  163. Thank you FQS. I never stop learning as long as I read your articles and watch your videos.

  164. I mostly use quilting cotton, but I do have a few batiks. My machine sounds different when I sew on batiks!

  165. I have only used 100% cotton and flannel favrics. I have been interested in using minkys but was hesitant since I didn’t know anything about them. After reading this article I’m excited to give them a try!

  166. I’ve used quitting cotton… But am intrigued by making a flannel quilt. I’ve not found much info or videos for tips on using flannel. Any suggestions? Thanks for the detailed article about fabrics.

  167. Oh, muslin for a back. Interesting. I use quilting cotton–mostly solids these days. I found one batik I loved and now I’m glad to why its stiffer. I love the feel of flannel, but often, it seems lower quality, or after awhile, doesn’t feel so nice (like in baby blankets that get washed a lot).

  168. Excellent post about the different fabrics that are out there! I really learned alot! I mostly use 100% cottons, but I do love Robert Kaufman Fabrics linen/cotton blends. I have used them for the backgrounds on my quilts with cottons and also as backings. They have been great for either application! Thank you so much Fat Quarter Shop!

  169. I mainly use quilting cotton though I’ve dabbled in batiks and flannels. I quite often use flannel or flannelette for the back of quilts.

  170. Quilting cotton would be my first choice but I do like to use Minky for backings on quilts.

  171. Very informative! Thanks! I usually use guilt cottons, but for baby quilts, a minky backing is wonderful.

  172. I love quilting cotton.
    I’m new to quilting and have only tried flannel on the back of baby quilts. Would love to try Minky next time. Live the FAT QUARTER SHOP!!

  173. I love flannel the best. So soft and cozy. Wish there were more prints available for adults (lots of children prints available).

  174. Although I have used nearly all the fabrics you included in your article, I still favor quilting cottons.

  175. 100% cotton normally when quilting, occasionally I’ll use muslin for backings, trying out new clothes patterns for fit (I have to adjust every pattern for myself). I’ll use linens for certain home deco items.

  176. Quilting cottons are my go to. I have used a few batiks too but, quilting cotton is my favorite!

  177. I use cottons for quilting and love the variety, but think the linen cotton blend have such a wonderful texture and is great for bags, totes, napkins, etc. Thanks for the info.

  178. I enjoy the various fabrics on your site. As a garment sewer for 60 years, and quilter for the last 6 years, I’ve sewn all but minky fabrics. I do love the way batiks lie crisp and flat in pieced projects: quilts, totes, tables runners and placemats.

  179. Recently started quilting. So far I’ve only used quilting cotton, but I’m thinking about using flannel as a backing for one of the quilt tops I’m working on.

  180. I use 100% cotton the most. And pre shrink every piece. Once a finished quilt leaves your hands the next owner might wash and dry in hot temps, so best to preshrink first.

  181. I always use cotton fabric for quilting.
    I was told that cotton was the best for quilting.

  182. Absolutely love everything Corey Yoder. Her fabrics look great no matter the quilt pattern.

  183. I have been sewing for years but have not done a quilt. My mom quilted and I found an unfinished one in her house after she died. I have been doing research on quilting before I finish the one she started. It is made of cotton.

  184. I use cottons and batics a lot but have just started a linen quilt for summer use. Love working with it. I have done one small silk piece but reserve for clothing as well as rayon. I use a lot of cottons making quilted jackets mostly. I will love whatever I win. Always a grateful receiver of any gifted fabric-I’ll find a use for it! BTW, I love your fabrics because I can always find what I need(want).

  185. I usually use quilting cottons and batiks but have been gathering a variety of scraps of different textures of fabric to make fidget quilts for patients with Alzheimer’s and other memory diseases. I think the Minky would work great as the backs of the charity baby quilts I sew. I’m finishing my first flannel rag baby quilt for charity. Anxious to see how it “rags”! Thanks for the good info!

  186. Thank you for the information. I use mostly quilting cottons for my quilts but once in a while I make a flannel baby quilt. I’ve worked with women’s before but I get pretty frustrated. However the finished product is worth the frustration. Happy quilting!

  187. I’m new to quilting but so far I’ve used quilting cotton fabric. I have backed one of my quilts with Minky/Cuddle and love the softness and cuddle factor and how warm it is for winter. Some of the other fabric types are interesting to me and may experiment with them in the future.
    Thank you for your interesting and informative blog.

  188. Love FQS and all the variety it offers at reasonable prices and has the best costumer service ever! Mostly use quilting cotton, but have dabbled is some of the other areas too. Batiks are my favorite for Quiltworx patterns. They are more forgiving for those patterns i.e. hard to tell the right side from the wrong side. Bless you all and keep up the good work

  189. Love it all beautiful assortment of fabrics I have used almost all but my go to is cotton and flannel just Love 🥰

  190. Thank you! This was a great synopsis. I’ve used primarily quilting cottons for some time, but am gravitating more and more toward the batiks. There is seldom a ‘wrong’ side and I love that, but mostly the unique variety of colors and blending is what attracts me the most.
    Thanks again for the recap and your blogs!

  191. My go to fabric is quilting cotton but I have used batik for my scenic wall hangings. The 1st wall hanging I ever did with batik fabric
    is still my favorite to this day!

  192. i use only quilting cotton. my first thing to sew was with a rayon mix fabric. it was fine. it was a sundress. i think i wore it once or twice. it was mainly just for the experience of learning to sew. I love cotton. i have used fleece, minky and flannel before in different quilts. i hope to expand my knowledge of different materials in the future. I love Moda cotton.

  193. I generally use 100% cotton. On occasion, I have used both batiks and flannel. I would love to receive a gift from the Fat Quarters Shop! You guys are the best in customer service and shipping time for orders!!!

    1. Hi Cindy!

      Congratulations you’re our giveaway winner! Please check your email for more information.

  194. I find 100% cotton to be easiest to sew with but like to add in linen or wovens when I can
    Great inclusive article

  195. I use mostly cotton fabric. Although I do use some cotton blends and occasionally batiks. I even made a Geology quilt for my son with satin stones and a creek with an overlay of sheer fabric to look like water.

  196. I mainly use quilting cotton or batiks. I have used flannel but mainly as a backing for baby quilts

  197. Thanks for the information. I’ve sewn with all of those except Minky. For some reason knits intimidate me.

  198. Thank you for the great information on fabric. I have a difficult time choosing fabric.

  199. Wonderful, informative post, thank you! Because I live in the southern half of the country, I use mostly quilting cottons, but am always interested in trying other fabrics.

  200. I use quilting cotton in most projects I make. I have made flannel quilts and batik quilts.

  201. I’m a moda fan and use their cotton quilting fabric mostly. However, I have a stash of woolie flannels for an upcoming project and am excited to give it a try. I also want to check out cotton/ linen blends. I may try that also.

  202. Thank you for the info about pre-washing fabric. I’ve heard both sides (wash vs don’t) and was always unsure what to do.

  203. Thank you so much for this post! Although I’ve been sewing for more than 60 years, this is the first comprehensive explanation of various fabric types I’ve read! I appreciate FQS so much!!

  204. Hi, this was a very informative article, thank you. I have generally used quilting cotton mostly in my quilts but have also used flannel, batik & linen as well as canvas & cork for other projects. I have used Minky as a backing for quilts as well. I would like to try silk in a quilt but haven’t as yet.

  205. I primarily use quilting cotton but have also been using batiks for a number of quilts recently. Love the look! And I’m a pre-washer😀

  206. Thank you for this great article! It really explains the differences well. I mostly use 100% quilting cottons in my sewing projects.

    1. I use quilting cotton the most. Occasionally I will make a quilt with flannels. I like the way Minke feels on the back of a quilt ,but I don’t like working with it. It makes a mess all over your sewing room!,

  207. I used to buy a piece of fabric just because i liked it, so i have amassed quite a stash. My problem is mixing and matching those fabrics from different designers, companies and mfg. And making them work in the pattern i have in mind.
    Ive learned so much from you that has improved my accuracy in quilting. Thanks for all your hard work and your willingness to teach and share.

  208. I really really like the SUNWASHED
    cotton line!! It’s so bright and happy and reminds me of pillows that used to be on the front porch and sunroom at my grandmas house. It just gives ya such a contented ,relaxed happy feeling.

  209. I use quilting cottons most of the time and batiks occasionally. The quilts that I sew for my grandchildren are usually made of flannel for warmth. I always preshrink the flannel. I appreciate your helpful tutorials. Thank you for helping me improve my quilting skills.

  210. Thanks for the good information. Looking forward to trying a quilt with a mixture of fabrics and textures. Think I want to try using linen with my cottons.

  211. I mostly use 100 per cent cotton. I have also made a couple of quilts using batik fabric.

  212. I learned to quilt, a few of years ago, using batiks. Made it easy piecing for a beginner. Now I use mostly quilting cotton, but do still use batiks for a few projects.

  213. I love batiks! I also sew a lot of quilting cotton. I am getting ready to try my first flannel baby quilt.

  214. Like many of the others who have posted, I mainly use quilting cottons. They are so beautiful! I occasionally use flannels or batiks. Thank you for the information.

  215. Great blog! Very helpful. Thank you. I am a quilting cotton gal for patchwork, and usually 100% woven cotton for clothes. I do like linens or linen/cotton combos. However, I am so in love with the many colorful prints of quilting cottons that I see sewing some into clothes.

  216. I use quilting cotton, linen, canvas, flannel (which men love, too! Not just babies), vinyl, mesh, but no longer Minky (way too much clean up for my machine).

  217. I love to use cotton. The richness of the colors is so very stunning. Each designer adds unique elements to each fabric line. I use this the most but flannel is my next go to. It’s not your grandma’s flannel anymore!

  218. I love using 100% cotton for quilts. I usually use plain solid colours for the background and pretty fabric for the overall pattern. I have made a couple of quilts using batik fabric. I love the movement and texture this fabric provides to the overall design. Flannel is a good choice for backing. I will have to give minky a try soon.

  219. I use quilting cotton the most. I use minky or cuddle fabric when making baby blankets

  220. I primarily use cotton but my favorite quilt is one made with wovens. There is something comforting about this particular plaid quilt. Maybe it is the soft colors or the heavy quilting but it is cozy.

  221. I use 100% cotton in my quilts, but I have also used batiks. I didn’t realize batiks were a different type of fabric.

  222. I use mostly quilting cottons and almost always use flannel on the back of baby quilts and frequently on table runners. Thanks for the opportunity and information!

  223. I use 100% cotton most of the time, but I have also used a lot of flannels for baby quilts

  224. I have seen and quilted with every fabric listed, except flannel, and I have some in my stash. I have yet to find the perfect pattern.
    I sew mostly traditional blocks. I don’t care for “modern” patterns or the dense quilting that seems to be so popular right now.
    I make a quilt to hug the person I am giving it to, to remind them of my love.

  225. I like using 100% cotton and batik fabrics for my quilts. I am curious to give flannel a try for a winter quilt. I am hesitant to use woven fabric because of its loose weave but am intrigued by its potential softness factor. Thanks for providing a good summary of all the fabric that is available to today’s quilter.

  226. Not sure if it is a bad thing I never thought about what fabrics I would use. I just new based on the weave how to stitch it so it wouldn’t unravel.

  227. I mostly use quilting cotton, but have also used flannel for backings. Baby quilts in minky are fun to make. Batiks are so easy to use because there is no front or back. I would love to try wovens for a summer weight quilt.

  228. Quilting cotton but looking forward to trying wovens in the future and Minky for backing.

  229. I primarily use quilting cotton and batiks. I do a lot of machine embroidery, and both work well. Canvas, muslin, and linen also work well with embroidery. FQS is the go to shop for all things fabric and associated notions.

  230. I usually use quilting cotton and LOVE batiks! I wonder if using wovens and cotton will cause uneven shrinking.

  231. I love to use quilting cotton fabric for my quilts, it gives the best, and most lasting results. I can always count on cotton quilting fabric. It comes in so many beautiful colours and designs. So fun to use.

    1. I’m about to make my first quilt! I ordered a fun, bright bundle with big prints from Fat Quarter Shop. The fabrics are beautiful! I can’t wait to get started!

  232. I currently use 100% cotton and am learning to use wovens for my summer weight quilts. Love them both

  233. I use 100% quilting cotton on quilts, bags, and some shirts too! I love to sew and the print designs you find with quilting cotton! But you have to buy quilt shop quality to have a quilt last! So important and a hard lesson to learn!

  234. First of all I love FQS sell all kinds of fabrics I need.
    High quality 100% cotton is absolutely one pick. Moda, Robert Kaufman. Recently I purchased Andover, it was good too. I also love batik I don’t know why but I keep buying beautiful batik when it comes out 😂
    Not a woven lover. I know when one piece of woven was included in the block, it was much elegance.
    Always thank you FQS for show beautiful fabrics in advance, so prevent miss the fabrics through preorder.
    Thank you ❤️

  235. Definitely quilt shop cotton! I love to look at it on my shelves and I love to add it to my quilts! So much inspiration!

  236. I use quilting cottons mainly with flannel and Cuddle for backing since those are the ones the family fights over. I sometimes use fleece for backing too esp. if I’m looking for a fun print for our grandkids quilts. Thanks for all the info.

  237. Thanks for your fabulous info. I learned a lot today!! I usually do use 100% cotton, but I now feel confident to try something different next time!!

  238. I use quilting cotton most often and have also used flannel and canvas. I appreciate the description and samples of different cloth types. I had wondered about wovens.

  239. I use quilting cotton, flannels, and muslin. Muslin is used primarily as a foundation. I’d love to try using Cuddle on the back of one of my quilts this year now that I have used my walking foot and feel very confident about using a thicker-type of fabric. I’d love to win the giveaway because I love FQS’s fabrics. Thank you so much!

  240. A very useful article and a good r fresher for me. I have sewn many types of garments and quilts over the years. Many thanks. G

  241. I mainly use 100% cotton when I’m piecing my quilts but I have, on occasion, used other fabrics. I try to wash and dry any fabric I’m using in a quilt just to be on the safe side in case of shrinkage. I really like batiks due to the colors and shadings.

  242. I typically use quilting cotton in my quilts, but I want to branch out in my bag-making and use more canvas. And I want to try my have at leather!

  243. I use quilting cottons and batiks the most. I esp love batiks. I have been thinking about trying out some wovens! I bought some rayon fabric to make some blouses, but those projects are in the UFO pile!

  244. My favorite fabric to quilt with is cotton. I love getting it ready to cut for the next sew a long through FQS. Want to try a kinky backing but ima little afraid of it.

  245. I mostly use quilting cotton to quilt with because of the wide variety of colors and prints, but I have used flax for a quilt and it turned out to be a favorite too. I am a sewer so I have used all the fabrics mentioned; woven/ linen being a lifetime favorite for the texture and softness but who can’t resist the feel of Minky or Cuddle fabric on a blanket/quilt back or the warmth of flannel in the winter. We’re lucky to have so many choices available!

  246. Thank you for this helpful article! I am a newbie to Quilting since the start of the Pandemic, “sew” much to learn, “sew” much fun!!!! I love the 100% cotton and the flannel materials. I have made a few small quilts with each so far, loved working with them!

  247. I mostly use quilting cotton, although I do have some batiks in my stash. I love using Minky for backing, but only if I don’t have to piece.

  248. I hand Quilted a quilt with my Grams. It was a 4 generational quilt. Me my Mother her Mother( grandma) and her mother (great grandma). These look like cottons and linen. Still not finished so getting my daughter and grand daughter to help finish. Like the batticks and cottons not adverse to linen.

  249. I prefer good quality cottons and batiks for most of my quilting projects. I like flannel for backing throws and kids quilts and wide width backing for larger projects. Northcott silk , island batiks and FreeSpirit fabrics are current favorites.

  250. Thank you for your information. I really appreciate seeing the examples with the tips. I have only made two quilts from scratch, both from instructions to use only cotton materials. Your article is inspiring. I am 65 now and dreaming of creating quilting again soon. I am considering those beautiful batik’s for a vibrant project. Thank you.

  251. I usually use 100% cotton, but am looking to experiment with other fabric types, and plan to incorporate batiks into some upcoming quilts.

  252. I live in u.k and often find it hard to source here but it’s Lori Holt fabric nearly every time, love the colours and quality.

  253. I cannot be the only person that has used silk for either or both too and bottom? There must be others ??

  254. Most of my quilts are for donation to children & teens and are made with quilting cottons. However, I love the look of batiks and a have made some quilts with batiks. I’ve made 2 quilts that are all flannel….they are my favorites for snuggling!

  255. Great information! I have used voile and lawn in several recent projects, do you or will you carry these? Any information on the practicality of them?

  256. Such a great article! Definitely one I’ll save and refer back to in the future as well as share with my quilting friends. My favorite go-to fabric is definitely quilters cotton and flannel. That being said, I do have 2 fat eighth bundles of woven that are waiting for the perfect pattern.

  257. I use 100% quilters cotton the most. I will only use a high quality cotton as to me, it definitely makes a difference. I have used Cuddle as the backing for some of my grandkids quilts “by special request.” I live in a cool area and flannel is also something I use for those winter night and for car quilts.

  258. Such great info! Thank you FQS! I mainly use the quilters cotton, but have made a couple quilts with flannel.

  259. I use quilting cottons the majority of the time. Living in Wisconsin I also like the warmth that flannels provide. Other two fabrics I enjoy using are wovens- love the drape and batiks – for the bold colors! I enjoyed this article very much, thank you!

  260. I really learned from this article, I never thought to use linen on bag projects, I am an intermediate quilter, and every day is a learning experience.

  261. I use primarily quilting cotton because I love all the patterns and colors. I do use batiks for bags and pouches but haven’t tried them yet in a quilt…soon!!

  262. Although I have used all of the fabrics mentioned for sewing projects, I primarily use quilting cotton and flannel for quilting. Someday I’m going to get brave and use cuddle for the back!

  263. I have only used quilting cotton. So many beautiful colors and patterns. I would like to try quilting with batiks at some point – lots of pretty colors.

  264. I back most of my quilts with flannel as I live in Canada🇨🇦 Love your blog and you tube channel. Thanks for the great content💕

  265. I mostly work with quilting cotton and batiks. Over the last year I have been introduced to many of the fabric types you described and look forward to expanding my repertoire. I have been using canvas for bag making as well. Thank you for this article. It will be very helpful in the future.

  266. I love cotton fabric. I like a lot of the Moda fabric patterns and Poppy Cotton too. I’m making a pillow out of linen right now for the first time and really enjoying working with it. Once I mixed flannel with cotton and that didn’t work so well for me. I just started sewing in July. I’m about to make my first quilt. I have made placemats and small bags, advent calendars and a table runner. I love fabric and am growing my collection.

  267. I use 100% cotton in my quilts, however, I have some batiques to mix with the cotton for my next quilt project. After reading the explanation of widens, I am interested in trying to make napkins with them.

  268. I love the drape of rayon, back when I did more fashion sewing. Lori Holt’s home dec fabric is also beautiful. Never thought about using a woven for curtains, but that makes sense.

  269. This post was very informative. I would say that I use 100% cotton fabrics with flannels for backing. I have a batik quilt in the works. I have worked with canvas for bags. Thanks again.

  270. I love making throws using quilting cotton with minky/cuddle backing, the grandkids love to snuggle with them while watching TV. I want to give batiks a try as well as wovens. I like the idea of a light weight backing using rayon or muslin for summer quilts, I will have to try that also.

  271. I definitely use quilting cotton a lot, usually with minky as backing. Would love to try a quilt with wovens.

  272. I have some Batiks I’d like to use in a quilt. I haven’t ventured past 100% cotton quilting fabric for my quilts. I would also like to try some wovens!

  273. I have used cotton, batiq, and flannel for different quilts / baby blankets – i have used canvas for decor items and project bags ! I made infinity scarves with cuddle – i’ll have to try a backing with it next !

  274. I mostly use 100% cotton. Sometimes, for the grandkids because they love it, I use the cuddle fabric.
    Thank you for the informative blog post.

  275. I use cotton the most, but I will be mixing cotton, woven, and flannel in a quilt for our bed. King size! That will be a trip, lol.

  276. Ii quilt. Mainly with cotton, but have also quilted with poly, cotton blend, batik, flannel ,m minky and velour

  277. Thank you for all this valuable fabric information. I use only 100% cottons in any quilt I make, however I’ve become particularly fond of batiks. No fraying, absolutely beautiful fabrics! I have a very large stash of cotton fabrics (prints, stripes, solids, etc) however now I’ve begun to purchase mostly batiks especially for some of my more complicated patterns.

  278. I use quilting cotton for all of the quilt tops I’ve made, with an exception of a request from a nephew for a batik fabric line. 🙂

  279. I use mainly quilting cotton. I love the prints. I’m trying to learn to add coordinating solids in my blocks, but I think my heart lies with scrappy.

  280. I primarily use quilting cotton, although I’m starting to use some
    batiks (primarily because I love the colors in comes in.) Good info on the other fabrics… I need to venture off and try minky.

  281. I use 100% cotton the most, but I also like Batiks. I accidentally bought a bundle of wovens and haven’t used them yet. I’m not sure if I can mix them with cotton fabrics.
    This was a great article!!

  282. Thank you for this post explaining the types of fabric. I appreciate these instructive posts.

  283. I use quilting cottons the most. In fact, I have so much , my dad is worried that the 2nd floor where most of it is, will collapse!

  284. Thank you for the very informative article! I can always count on the Fat Quarter shop for great projects and information. I always enjoy Kimberly’s videos and the blog posts. I use 100% cotton fabric and batiks for quilts. I love the beauty of the colors! Minky and flannel are cozy, but I haven’t used it for quilting yet. I have used rayon in garment sewing but not in quilts.

  285. I always use 100% cottons. I incorporate batiks in many of my quilts because they are also 100% cotton.

  286. I use quilting cotton the most. I have also used Batiks, flannel, and tried to use Cuddle minky. I sure made a mess of that. Plan to give it another try in the future.

  287. I use quilting cotton the most, but I have recently purchased some linens that I’m excited about using with the quilting cottons. For some reason, I’m scared to use flannels! Don’t really know why, maybe it’s the thickness. Also, thanks for reminding me that when combining different fabrics, you should wash them first to allow for the differences in shrinking. Disaster avoided!!!

  288. Quilting cotton and batiks are my two favourites I don’t like to use minky as I don’t find it stable enough.

  289. Most of my sew g is done with Quilters 100% Cotten, every now and then will use canvas to make totes.

  290. I definitely use quilting cotton the most, but love the ideas and encouragement in this blog post!!

  291. Quilting cotton is my first choice but I also use batiks. I always try to buy quality materials so they will last for more than 100 years. I would like that one of my quilts ended up in a museum long after I am gone.

  292. Quilting cotton (including batiks and wovens) are my favorites for quilts. I haven’t used minky as a backing yet. For clothing, I will use a variety.

  293. I use quilting cotton fabric for most things but also canvas, water resistant canvas, vinyl and nylon for bags

  294. I use 100% cotton. Mainly Moda. I love the feel and the quality. The designs are always beautiful and with so many in a collection it is a pleasure working with it.

  295. I mostly use quilting cottons and occasionally batiks. I have used minky for baby quilt backings and frequently back throw quilts with flannel.

  296. I love the look of batiks and have a large stash of fabric I fell in love with and purchased with no real purpose in mind. When I am planning a quilt, I buy quilting cotton or flannel. One of my plans for 2023 is to make a batik quilt. I hadn’t heard of using a cotton linen blend for quilting before so I’ll have to check that out as well.

  297. Loved reading the post, very informative. I’ve used minky on the back and binding. It will wear great.

  298. I usually use quilting cotton for my quilt projects, but recently I’ve gotten brave and have been trying cuddle on the back of some quilts that I want to be extra snuggly! I also enjoy working with canvas to create shopping bags. Thanks for the chance to enter and win!

  299. I mostly use quilting cotton but I made my husband a quilt with flannel for Christmas. Front and back both flannel. I did not use batting and it is so toasty warm. Thanks for all the great info on all the different fabrics.

  300. I have been wanting to make a quilt with cotton lawn fabric. It is silky and dreamy. The tread count is super high too. It is like super high quality sheets.

  301. I’ve always used cotton for my quilts but I’d like to try flannel. I’d also like to try cuddle for a backing on a simple quilt

  302. I’m just a beginner, so most quilting cotton. Love the Sunwashed collection – gorgeous

  303. Love FQS. Never new there was a difference is fabric quality until I purchased fabric from FQS. I now buy only quilters quality fabric.

  304. I think I have used every type of fabric listed! I’ve even used woven bags from chicken feed and dog food to make washable tote bags for groceries. Generally cotton for quilts. If they sell it we will sew it!

  305. I always use 100% cotton for my quilt sewing and canvas for outside deco projects. Like Kimberly, I do not like batiks for some of the reasons she gave.
    See you guys next Friday.

  306. I mostly use 100% cotton fabric but I have used all the fabrics in this post except Rayon. I used batiks in one quilt and I was pleasantly surprised how much I liked it….the only reason I used it was because I won a couple charm packs 😂 I don’t normally like the looks of them but this one had some pretty colors in it so I thought why not. When I showed my girlfriend what I was making she was surprised by this fabric and didn’t like it at all!!!! 😝 But once I completely finished it she and I both fell in love with it!!!!! I was glad I stepped out of the box and tried something new!!!

  307. I always use 100%Cotton Quilting fabrics for my quilts. I have found this fabric is for me easy to sew and I have just stuck with it.

  308. I use quilting cotton the most but made a flannel quilt for Christmas and am ready to make another one soon.

  309. I almost always use 100% cotton (including batiks) for piecing but I do occasionally use flannel and am currently working on a denim quilt top. For backing, I usually use 100% cotton but also like flannel (which I pre-shrink). I may also use a high quality muslin for either piecing or the backing.

  310. I have a real fabric addiction and have sewn with everything except rayon! I wild for flannel, but the fabric I tend to use most often is quilting cotton. There aren’t enough hours in the day!

  311. I use Quilting Cotton, Batiks, Flannel, Canvas and Minky the most! I have used muslin sometimes but I can state I will never use Rayon.
    Great explanation on all the different types of fabrics

  312. Quilting cotton is the type of fabric that I use the most. Batiks would be my second most-used fabric.

  313. I use both quilting cottons and batiks. I love them both. I choose which one to use based on the quilt pattern I’m making and the look I’m going for.

  314. Thanks for the information, it helps those who are new to quilting. I mostly use cotton, although my first quilt was made with batiks, I prefer the cotton. Hoping to make a wool quilt soon, I have all the material now if I can find the time😂. Thanks for all your work!

  315. Thank you very much for a very interesting article on the different types of fabric and their varied uses. I love working with all fabrics, but particularly 100% quilting cotton, especially the new silky smooth fabrics. I also enjoy working with Batiks because of the vibrant colors and smooth textures. What I love is the creativity and design.

  316. I always use %100 cotton quilting fabric in my quilts. I haven’t tried a minkey backing because I use my home machine to quilt my own quilts. I have also made a rag quilt from flannel and have plans to make 3 more for my granddaughters for Christmas this year. I have use the other fabrics in making clothing. I also make clothing for myself and my granddaughter.

  317. I mainly use quilting cotton. I have worked with wovens mixing them with cotton in my quilts. I love the feel of wovens and flannels. I have batiks to make a quilt for my daughter but wasn’t sure I could mix it with cottons. Reading this blog has reassured me that I can!! 🙏😊

    1. Great post! I use mostly cotton, but have a project with a fleece backing planned for my son, and a flannel backing for my partner. Having pre-washed fabrics for bags and clothes before, I am scared about the fraying for pre-washing quilt textiles, especially if your yardage is tight!

  318. I use quilting cotton the most. Recently I have been using flannel on the back of some quilts. Easier to sew than minky but still soft and warm.

  319. I primarily use quilting cotton; although I like batiks as well. I’d like to branch out and include small pieces of silk in a few quilts

  320. I use quilting cotton the most. Occasionally I will make a quilt with flannels. I like the way Minke feels on the back of a quilt ,but I don’t like working with it. It makes a mess all over your sewing room!

  321. I’m newish to quilting. I have mostly used cotton. But, I have also used linen in table toppers, and backed a few quilts in minky making them snuggly. I want to next try flannel.

  322. Great post! Thank you. I use mostly quilting cottons and flannel when I quilt. I recently got some batiks and am excited to use those. They are so pretty!

  323. I use Quilting Cotton the most. I’m so glad I read about all the different type fabrics and their uses. This was very informative. Thank you!!!!

  324. I use quilting cotton most often but I want to try linen in an upcoming project! Thank you for offering such an amazing selection of fabric!

  325. Thanks for all the useful information I mostly use cotton for my quilt tops but use cotton, flannel, or minky for the backs. I personally like the feel of flannel on the backs.

  326. I use 100% cottons for quilting and have backed with both cotton and flannel. I love the softness of flannel on the back.

  327. Those batiks are so beautifully rich in color. I use mostly quilters cotton. I’d like to try some linens this year.

  328. I use mostly regular cottons, but I have used ovens and batiks. I need to change it up occasionally.

  329. For quilts, I’ve only used quilting cotton but recently ordered some Minky to try. I also ordered some clear vinyl recently to make the Alphabetty organizer I saw in a post on your FB page. I’ve made a couple of bags using canvas fabric and cork and plan to try one with faux leather next. I love trying new fabrics and techniques.

  330. For quilt tops I’ve only used cotton but I’ve backed quilts with flannel and plan to back at least one with minky. I have some linen that I might use for a quilt but I’m thinking of using it for bags or clothing.

  331. I use 100% cotton for my quilts, but really want to try minky as a backing. I love all materials and do a lot of home sewing also, using cotton, linens, and canvas. I have never made anything with batiks, but I recently brought some from FQS that I plan to use as backing on a kids quilt, I made.

  332. I use quilting cotton and batiks for my quilts. Love Fat Quarter shop! Great information in this blog post. Thanks!

  333. I use cotton, flannel and batik for quilting but am interested in trying minky as a backing. Great information as always!

  334. Wow! Thank you for this very interesting post on fabrics. I have used flannel, batiks, denim, minky, and of course, beautiful cottons for quilts.
    Since I started to quilt in 2014, I’ve often thought how wonderful it would have been to study textiles.

  335. Thankyou for the great information for a beginner quilter here 👍🏼
    At the moment I’m only using the moda quilting cotton, but am wanting to try some others in the future.
    Particularly minke, wovens and flannel 🤔😁👍🏼

  336. Cotton and batiks the most, with minky backings occasional as well! Thanks for the great article.

  337. I make numerous baby quilts and most often use quilting cottons with minky backings. Otherwise, I mostly sew with quilting cotton, but hope to branch out into using wovens and linens. I appreciated the information in the article.

  338. Quilting cotton and batiks are what I use the most. Thanks for all of the information about the others.

  339. I love using 100% cotton and I have recently begun using cuddle/minky fabric! It’s so soft and cuddly. I don’t know why I didn’t use it sooner!

  340. I mostly use cotton for my quilt tops but I love to use minky or flannel on the back for my winter quilts. They are so warm and cuddly. If it’s a spring or summer quilt I like to use cotton on the back.

  341. Hello from Western Australia and thank you for the article. I’m new to quilting and have only tried quilting cottons so far but am keen to try minky and batiks. I love Corey’s fabric collections!

  342. I use 100% quilting cotton most often. Batiks are my second favourite!
    Thanks for the chance at at giveaway!

  343. Being a creature of habit and a bit of a traditionalist, I use quilting cottons 100% of the time. I struggle with batiks….I’m not sure I like the look, but the colors are beautiful. I am also thinking of trying something with wovens. Thanks for the great information.

  344. I have tried multiple different fabrics but love starched 100% quilting cotton for most of my quilts.

  345. I use quilter’s cotton the most. Sometimes I’ll use Minky fabrics for special projects.

  346. I definitely use quilting cottons the most. I have used some of the other types on occasion.

  347. I use quilting cotton the most for quilts, but really like Batiks for garments. Hand binding batiks is hard lol!

  348. I am a baby quilter and use the quilting cotton and batiks. I’m learning. Right now the stability of these fabrics are one less challenge as I learn all the processes of quilting. Learning to quilt is on my retiree bucket list .

  349. I love your shop and all the selections. Your staff is very helpful and knowledgeable. You make it so easy to buy fabric!

  350. I use mostly quilting cotton. I prefer batiks for applique, but I mostly do piecing. Minky makes a great backing for smaller quilts.

  351. I love all fabrics! Especially love good quality quilting cottons, homespuns and brushed

  352. I mostly use quilting cottons and wovens. At times I will use batik as well. I have muslin I was given but like to use quilting cotton for my backings.

  353. What a great reference article. Thank you. I am mostly using quilting cottons now. But have used almost everything during the previous decades. In the 70’s it made for some very interesting quilts.

  354. I use mostly cottons and have been collecting flannel for an autumn quilt. I have a crazy quilt I have been working on and off for about 20 years, this has lots of different kinds fabrics, whatever catches my eye.

  355. I have only ever used 100% quilter’s cotton. I would like to try some woven fabrics to add some texture.

  356. I use 100% cotton most of the time and some minky. Hope some day to try canvas to make some bags.

  357. I’m pretty new to quilting, so far I’ve only used quilting cotton. Would love to try flannel. It’s so cozy!

  358. I use quilting cotton and batiks for my quilt top, I have added a small square of minky on top on baby quilts so that they feel a little something soft and cuddly. I usually use flannel with minky border on the quilt back. I have used linen but never used muslin or rayon on any of my quilts. thanks for the postings on the types of fabrics

  359. I currently use quilting cotton the most. Depending on what I am making, I will also use flannel or home decor fabric or fleece. This is a great article, thank you.

  360. I love quilting cottons. I also like the look of batiks, but haven’t used them much yet. I avoid anything with polyester as I am allergic to it. I also like to use flannel as I live in a cold winter climate.

  361. New quilter, so far I have only used 💯 cotton. Going to try some batiks on my next quilt.

  362. I mostly use cotton fabrics.I just like the look and feel of them.Love all the beautiful fabics here on the blog

  363. I tend to use 100% cotton and flannel for a standard quilt. However, when it comes to scrappy, for me, anything goes!

  364. I always use quilting cotton but would like to try minky for backing and I’m about to get my first flannel collection for a quilt for my husband. Thanks for all this info!

  365. With just being a beginner quilter cotton is my choice. But am curious about flannel & kinky.

  366. Quilting cotton and batik about 50 50. Used minke and cuddle as backs, worked with quilting linen and loved it. Have used flannel for backs only a few times, don’t like having to preshrink then press out. Never prewash anything else.

  367. thank you for this great information. New beginner quilter here, and greatly appreciate all the posts which helps me. Wishing to all quilters, so keep up your beautiful creations and make them to share with others. You all inspire me to learn and strive to be a fabric specialist!

  368. i love to use a variety when i quilt or embroider…cotton, woven, batiks! I am a bit “eclectic” and always say if I like it, I’ll use it!!!

  369. I have always liked using quilting cotton, but am building up courage to use flannel or cuddly fabrics

  370. I mostly use Quilting cotton and Batiks. I have used flannel for backing with very good result though it is more heavy and a little difficult to quilt on home sewing machine. Plan to use linen for backing in the next project!

  371. I have tried women’s and linen blend, but use quilting cotton most of the time. I am going to have to try the Lava Solids though. It’s gorgeous in the blue!

  372. They is a lot of great info packed in there. I always prewash because of sensitivity-hives are NOT fun!

  373. Quilting cotton is what I use most but sometimes I use batiks but I would love to try some other fabrics too.

  374. Thanks for the information. Quilting cotton is my favorite. I am going to use Bridal Satin in my next quilt.

  375. I mostly use quilting cotton fabrics. I haven’t sewn yet with minky, so I will check out your how-to videos first. I would not think rayon would hold up indefinitely for a quilt. Interesting idea.

  376. Thank you for such an informative article. I use quilter’s cotton the most of all the choices. I have used minky for some baby projects and love new ideas and suggestions. These help us all grow as artists. Thanks again for the article.

  377. I usually use cottons, who be ens or flannel. I have not used Minky. I like canvas for bags and other crafts.

  378. This was very helpful in understanding the different types of fabric out there and their uses

  379. Hi! Great article. Very good read with alot of solid information.
    I use quilting cottons the most for making quilts but I do like to use batiks for applique quilts, like the Baltimore quilts. I have 5 Baltimore quilts to do in the next year or so. I tend to work on 2 or 3 at a time. You have to drag alot of fabrics out to choose the right color and I like being able to do several blocks at a time.

  380. I use 100% quilting cotton the most, but am interested in trying canvas to make some project bags!

  381. That you for this article. I like good old cotton, then flannel after that. I have made several flannel quilts and need to make more to use up the scraps from all those pj’s I made when the kids were little. I would really like to make an all linen quilt. I love the look of linen.

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  405. For quilting, I do use a mix of cotton/batik commonly. The colours in batik are just so different. For clothes, living is Aust., nothing beats linen for lightness and coolness, however ironing does me no favours, the same for rayon. They drape beautifully, lovely to sew but once washed crushed! But sometimes it’s a small price to pay for the beautiful fabric you choose to make a garment you like so much.

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