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#SewPINK Blog Hop 2022

At Fat Quarter Shop, we believe giving back is important. So when the team at ByAnnie asked us to join them in raising awareness for breast cancer screening, we jumped at the chance. We’re excited to join in this year’s #SewPink Initiative Blog Hop!

Fundraiser for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Update on November 4, 2022: We are incredibly excited to announce that through our fundraising efforts for NBCF with ByAnnie’s SewPink initiative, Lori Holt’s Support Group, and Gina Tell’s quilt auction, we have raised $23,208! 

We’re inviting you to join us in raising funds for the National Breast Cancer Foundation, which provides early detection, education, and support services. No amount is too small, and every bit makes a difference. Now through Monday, October 31, 2022, we encourage you to donate. 100% of donations go directly to NBCF. Together, we can reach our goal of $20,000 to help women at every step of the breast cancer journey.  Fat Quarter Shop and designer Lori Holt will match up to $5,000 of the donations raised. Check out our donation page and keep an eye out a special quilt auction coming up at the end of the month.

Support Group Quilt and Stitch Along

During October, we invite you to sew along with us in the Support Group Stitch and Quilt Along. The Support Group cross stitch and quilt patterns by Lori Holt are a sweet nod to how good undergarments are like good friends – we show up during hard times to uplift and support each other!

The quilt pattern, designed by Lori Holt, finishes at 59.5″ x 66.5″, and the Support Group Cross Stitch, also designed by Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet Co., is the perfect companion to the quilt. Find all the detail in the Support Group Quilt & Stitch Along Kick Off blog.

Free Healing Hearts Quilt Pattern

Today we’re sharing a free quilt pattern with you. The Healing Hearts Quilt Pattern has chains of hearts to represent the care and support we hope to bring to those who are affected by breast cancer. Last year, we showed how to make a cute pillow from this pattern, which you can find on the blog.

Download the Healing Hearts Quilt Pattern Free PDF

It’s Giveaway Time!

You can win a $150 Fat Quarter Shop gift certificate! Enter your email or sign in with Facebook to get started, and earn entries by completing the actions below! The giveaway ends on Monday, October 31 at 11:59 PM CST. The winner will be notified by email. Good luck!

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Blog Hop 2022 Schedule

Don’t forget to visit the other sew-lebrities participating to see what they’re sharing each day of the blog hop!

Oct. 1: ByAnnie.com Kick Off
Oct. 3: Emmaline Bags
Oct. 4: Hugs‘N Kisses
Oct. 5: Clover & Violet
Oct. 6: Fat Quarter Shop – The Jolly Jabber (you’re here!)
Oct. 7: Sewfinity
Oct. 10: Teresa Coates of Shannon Fabrics
Oct. 11: Beyond the Reef
Oct. 12: Sallie Tomato
Oct. 13: Suzn Quilts
Oct. 17: Snuggles Quilts
Oct. 20: Pat Sloan
Oct. 21: Knot and Thread Design
Oct. 23: Sookie Sews
Oct. 24: Mister Domestic
Oct. 26: A Bright Corner
Oct. 27: Sew Cute and Quirky
Oct. 31: ByAnnie.com Wrap Up

Share with #SewPINK

The #SewPink Initiative was created by ByAnnie.com LLC to raise awareness for breast cancer throughout the year. Our efforts culminate in an annual blog hop during October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month to promote self-care, awareness, early detection, and support for those affected by breast cancer. 

To learn more and see the calendar of events, visit: https://www.ByAnnie.com/SewPINK

Breast cancer affects 1 in 8 women, and unfortunately, many of us know someone or have ourselves been affected by this disease. The good news is we can do something about it because breast cancer is detectable with monthly breast self-exams and mammograms.

To find screenings available near you: 

In addition to participating in #SewPINK, Fat Quarter Shop invites you to support the National Breast Cancer Foundation with the goal of raising $20,000. To find the Fat Quarter Shop fundraiser, visit: https://fundraise.nbcf.org/team/fqs

ByAnnie.com will match every dollar raised on the #SewPINK fundraising page.

Happy Quilting!

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  1. 6years out and I am appreciative of all the support given to Breast cancer. Survival rates are up!

  2. Your support of charities is wonderful. It is so nice to support them in even a small way.

  3. The Healing Hearts pattern is lovely! I definitely plan to make, perhaps with some of Tula’s solids!

  4. Looking forward to gifting Healing Hearts pillows to a local charity. It’s a beautiful design!

  5. Thank you for supporting such great charities. Also thank you for the generous giveaway!!

  6. What a great cause. My neighbor is a young mother of 5 and a stage 3 breast cancer survivor. FQS is so giving to so many wonderful organizations!

  7. I love the Support Group pattern and the love behind it. Just need to decide which I want to do, cross stitch or quilt

  8. I have a friend going through breast cancer at the moment. I’m making a quilt for her as well. Hope to get it done next week. Thank you for doing this!

  9. I love this, I have been wanting a small project that I can get started quilting and this hear pattern is perfect. Thank you for supporting.

  10. I’m going to make the healing hearts pattern for my mother, she is a 26 year 2 time survivor! She really went through it but she is so strong and conquered it.

  11. I’m ready to go in the Support Group QAL but am loving the Healing Hearts pattern too. It’s going on my to do list.

  12. There are so many reasons why I buy exclusively from Fat Quarter Shop. One of the reasons is your may charity donations and activities for us as customers to participate in. Thank you Fat Quarter Shop!

  13. Thank you for your support of women throughout the year, but especially for this crucial initiative affecting the lives of so many!

  14. I’m amazed at all the organizations The Fat Quarter Shop supports. They are truly a leader in giving back to the community. Of course, they are a favorite place to shop as well! Thanks!

  15. My grandma was a survivor of breast cancer. I would love to make a Healing Hearts quilt in honor of her. Thanks for the free pattern!

  16. What a wonderful pattern and what a worthwhile cause…..Thanks for all you do for the community.

  17. Thank you FQS, love all the great charities you support. Healing Hearts pattern is so cute!

  18. I am working on the Support Group quilt and the Healing Hearts may be next on my to do list. Thank you for all of the support you give to so many

  19. Thank you for supporting the National Breast Cancer Foundation. As the daughter of a survivor it means a lot to me.

  20. What a wonderful way to raise awareness. Thank you Fat Quarter Shop for always caring.

  21. The pattern is lovely and will be ajoy to make! Thank you for creating this opportunity to easily contribute to such a worthy cause.

  22. I love the Healing Hearts pattern and that you and Fat Quarter Shop are so generous. Even though you have made it in pink, I can see it in other colorways for other cancer survivors, such as gray for brain cancer or blue for colon cancer, etc.

    Thank you again, so much, for all you and FQS do.

  23. As a 3 time survivor (given 6 mo each time…first time is now 27 yrs ago), I can say that early detection DOES save lives and that everyone’s thoughts, prayers, quilts, and crocheted hats are not only useful, but very touching to receive. Thank you to everyone that uplifts others during a time when its easy to feel utterly alone….you really help!

  24. Love the healing hearts pattern, thank you! I appreciate that you have a very giving heart and support several charities. Thanks also for the many free blocks/patterns you offer.

  25. Two times survivor here … 2010 and 2017. Early detection is everything! Appreciate everything you do. XO

  26. Fat Quarter Shop is the best! I really appreciate that they are so generous and supportive of others. I love the Healing Hearts pattern.
    Thank you!

  27. I discovered Fat Quarter Shop and your tutorials during the early days of the covid pandemic. Sewing keeps me going and your generosity to charity and the sewing/quilting community is one of the reasons I shop at FQS. Thank you for all you do.

  28. 8 years out from breast cancer and doing great. Quilting got me through the rough times. Thank you FQS for all your support to the various charities. You all are the best!

  29. Fat Quarter Shop’s commitment to charitable organizations is one of the many reasons that I shop with FQS. I always have their website as one of the tabs on my browser and love seeing “What’s New” daily.

  30. Love the blog hop. Prayers to all those who battle with breast cancer (and the other cancers too).

  31. It is so wonderful that the need for early detection and support for those being treated for breast cancer is kept in the forefront by wonderful organizations like those here. So many women in my family have suffered thru this awful disease and your efforts here have made significant strides in the survival rate. Thank you all.

  32. All these conversations on screening for Breast Cancer is encouraging as I am making my appointment now for a pebble that won’t go away. Thank you 🙂

  33. yes like the Healing Hearts and want to support. Which page would be best to donate? FQS or the Healing Hearts page? Also is there a kit for this pattern?

  34. As a breast cancer survivor I am always appreciative of others who donate to help find a treatment and cure for cancer. Thank you, Fat Quarter Shop for your continued charity work!

  35. I love both of your patterns. It is such a good cause that affects so many of us. Once again the quilting community is doing an amazing job.

  36. GWS is always so generous….with free patterns, charity donations….you guys rock!

  37. Thank you for all the charities you support! Makes me feel better about all the fabric I buy from you 😉

  38. The Healing Hearts Pattern is so heartfelt and would look lovely in pastels as well as bright colors! Thanks for sharing the pattern.

  39. Thank you for all you and Kevin do all year long to help women, and women-owned businesses, Kimberly!!!

  40. Thank you so much for supporting breast cancer awareness. Early detection is so important. May God bless y’all and everyone fighting this disease

  41. i love the support group quilt pattern, and the healing hearts quilt pattern. i love to support the breast cancer. i have made 2 chemo quilts for some with breast cancer before. thank you fat quarter shop. you are so great at all you do.

  42. Thank You so much for supporting Breast Cancer Awareness, I just lost a close friend (32 yr young!) to BC last week. My mom is a survivor. I hope in my lifetime that we see a cure for cancer!

  43. What a wonderful cause! I love the Healing Hearts pattern…can’t wait to make it. Thank you FQS!

  44. The Fat Quarter Shop is the best!!! Not just a great quilt shop but so inspiring to others to show how to be generous and caring!

  45. Love, Love the Fat Quarter Shop!! My wish list grows and grows every day!! Love all of your causes, quilt alongs and stitch alongs!!!

  46. I am constantly amazed by how much free content there is on your website and social media. Thank you for everything you do.

  47. I love your videos and look forward to all the progress you make. I especially like how you work thru projects with everyone – totally inspires me to keep up! Thank you

  48. Thank you for the patterns, I recently found out 1 of my friends has breast cancer, so I will be making her a quilt.

  49. Thanks for supporting Breast Cancer awareness. I am a 10 yr. Survivor so this cause is very important to me. Can wait to make the sew along.

  50. Thank you for supporting Breast Cancer Awareness. Love the free pattern .I can’t wait to make it and Lori Holt’s Support Group Quilt and Cross Stitch.

  51. Men also get diagnosed with breast cancer, so, please include “people” rather than just women whom are diagnosed with breast cancer, when addressing needs for Breast Cancer Awareness.

  52. Fat Quarter Shop is one of the most generous companies around! Thanks for all you do for your customers and charities!

  53. Fat quarter shop does its share in supporting needle crafts and the issues important to women and all crafters

  54. What a great way for supporting those suffering. I’m so happy to be part of the FQS family and appreciate your sharing and caring. You do such a great job of supporting great issues.

  55. Such a beautiful pattern and very generous in sharing and with everything you do 🥰 thank you.

  56. Thank you for the opportunity to win such a generous gift. You really are a ray of sunshine in a world of lot of heartbreaks today. The pattern is very pretty.

  57. Thank you so much for all of the free patterns that y’all give us. The Support Group patterns are sew sweet!

  58. These are such worthwhile projects. I don’t know anyone that hasn’t been touched by breast cancer in some way shape or form. Thanks for all you do!

  59. Thank you so much for supporting breast cancer awareness!! So, so many lives have been saved by early detection screenings. Cheers to FQS for encouraging all to participate.

  60. My Mother battled Brest cancer twice. She won the battle, but the cancer came back last summer. It was too late to save her. Thank you for researching and fighting to end this disease.

  61. I love the Healing Hearts quilt pattern.
    Unfortunately, I also know of friends and family that have and are currently dealing with breast cancer.

    Thank you for supporting Breast Cancer Awareness.

  62. I am glad for what you’re doing for all the lady’s out there in the world. It is a beautiful thing that this group supports a lot of groups out there in this world.

  63. As a breast cancer survivor x2 (two different types – 9 years apart), I am so glad that there are people supporting research and awareness for this great cause. We come so far, but have a long way to go.

  64. I love the pattern, healing hearts! Thinking of making two for my SILs both breast cancer survivors!

  65. Love the Support Group Quilt. Excited to complete that quilt!!! Thank you for all you guys do!!!

  66. I am a 6yr breast cancer survivor and now I volunteer with Little Pink Houses of Hope, an organization that gives free week-long retreats to breast cancer patients. Thank you so much for raising money for breast cancer research and support.

  67. Awesome gift for the cause! I shop FQS a lot and always get what I ask for. Best selection of products too!

  68. Thanks for the “support” ;0 of this very worthy cause. After having gone through this, I know how important the resources provided for free by these efforts helps all those affected along.

  69. A close family member was diagnosed with breast cancer. Thank you for sharing the free pattern.

  70. This is so awesome, your support for Breast Cancer. I’m a 20 year survivor, this really means a lot to patients and survivors.

  71. Thank you for all you do!! From the free patterns, to the inspiration, to all the fundraising you do. Thank you.

  72. 20 year breast cancer survivor/warrior here! Hang in there all you sisters who are currently in the fight!

  73. I was diagnosed October 14, 2021 – a year ago. Glad to say we caught my cancer early through my regular mammogram. Lumpectomy, radiation therapy, no chemo and I’m glad to say I’m doing great. I spread the gospel of GET YOUR MAMMOGRAM!!

  74. Thank you for the Healing Hearts pattern! Thank you for supporting this breast cancer charity. I am a 20 year survivor this month.

  75. I just love the way FQS supports women in general. This is the best blog for crafters. I am happy to support Beast cancer awareness along side of Kimberly.

  76. Sewing and quilting for a cause is always a good idea. Thank you for the patterns, QALs and opportunities to donate to a variety of causes. I plan to make and donate some seatbelt cushions and post surgery pillows for patients.

  77. I love the healing hearts pattern and would like to make it and put a bra as center block on the quilt. Possibly one for each person fighting bc. In the family.

  78. My mom and her sister have both been diagnosed with breast cancer. I made the 4 different Support Group blocks in fabrics that represent both of them and me and my cousin. (We are their only daughters and we love getting together and sewing quilts.) I am going to add sashing and make a wall hanging and use the Breast Cancer Ribbon pattern that Sew Kind of Wonderful did for the SewPink blog hop a few years ago on the back.

  79. Thank you for sharing your blessings with these many charities. You generosity is over the top. May your family continue to be blessed.

  80. I love FQS and all that you do for charities. You are definetely my first choice when looking for fabric or notions.

  81. Thank you for supporting breast cancer. My mom and a dear friend both had breast cancer. Your support means so much. I also love your videos!

  82. A great pattern for a great cause. I lost a good friend to breast cancer back in the 1990s and still miss her now.

  83. Thanks for all you do to support and encourage quilters and needle arts! Love the hearts quilt patterns, especially love that you make so many patterns free!❤️

  84. You are so generous in your charities. Between Make A Wish and Breast Cancer Awareness. I love the designs you create.

  85. Thanks, Kimberly, for all you and Kevin do for charity. I love watching your videos! I just discovered them in the past year or so thanks to Pat Sloan. I watch them almost daily catching up on the older ones.

  86. I have become addicted to your videos. Thanks for all you do for quilters and the community.

  87. As a current breast cancer fighter, thank you for your support. I am seeing so many wonderful projects on this blog hop.

  88. I’m so grateful my mammogram was A OK after several additional screenings and watching this past year. I’m posting my comment in memory of my mother-in-law who had breast cancer.

  89. Thank you for all you do. I enjoy your videos often. As a fellow Texas I appreciate your community service.

  90. I think the Healing Heart quilt pattern is lovely. 3 breast cancer survivors in my family. Thank you so much for all you do, and for bringing breast cancer awareness to so many in and around our quilting community.

  91. Although I am not making this pattern, I am enjoying all the different quilts others make. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

  92. Thanks for the reminder about the mammogram. Need to do that! Thanks for the lovely pattern too. And thanks for the giveaway!

  93. Thank you for your continued generosity in offering amazing free patterns and sew-a-longs.

  94. I have had multiple cousins with breast cancer. Thanks for all you do to support this wonderful cause!

  95. I have just this morning discovered this blog! How wonderful to be supporting breast cancer research! Having been affected by this disease myself I am grateful to all who promote awareness and support research into treatments. Thank you!