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#SewPINK Blog Hop

At Fat Quarter Shop we believe giving back is important. So when the team at ByAnnie asked us to join them in raising awareness for breast cancer screening, we jumped at the chance. We’re excited to get the #SewPink Initiative Blog Hop started!

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For the month of October, we’re sharing our Healing Hearts Quilt pattern to raise funds for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. This is a pattern we wrote years ago and released for a limited time, and now we’ve brought it back as a permanent free pattern. The quilting community is incredibly caring and generous, and we live our values when it comes to helping others. Chains of hearts represent the care and support we hope to bring to those who are affected by breast cancer. Read on to see the cute project we created with the pattern.

Download the Healing Hearts Quilt Pattern Free PDF

Fundraiser for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

You can make an impact by joining us in supporting the National Breast Cancer Foundation who provides early detection, education, and support services. Please donate any amount you choose for the use of this pattern. No amount is too small, and every bit makes a difference. From today through Sunday, October 31, 2021, we encourage you to donate. 100% of donations will go directly to NBCF.

Update on December 16, 2021: We are so extremely excited to announce that through our fundraising efforts for NBCF, partnering with ByAnnie with support from the SewPink initiative, we have raised $14,265! 

Breast cancer affects 1 in 8 women, and unfortunately, many of us know someone or have ourselves been affected by this disease. The good news is we can do something about it because breast cancer is detectable with monthly breast self-exams and mammograms.

The number 40 might help you remember how important this is. According to Johns Hopkins Medical Center, “Forty percent of diagnosed breast cancers are detected by women who feel a lump, so establishing a regular breast self-exam is very important.” In addition, if you are 40 years or older or have certain risk factors, it’s recommended to get a mammogram every year (or go by the schedule prescribed by your doctor).

If you’re due for a screening and have put it off, here’s your reminder to get your breasts checked. (And encourage your girl friends, mothers, sisters, daughters to do the same!) Think of the peace of mind you will gain from knowing you’re taking an important step for your health, for you and the people who love you.

The Healing Hearts Pillow

These quilt blocks were too cute not to use on some pillows, so that’s just what we did! Quilty Staffer Angel made some pillows from the Healing Hearts block pattern, and we’re smitten.

The pillow is made from the Sincerely Yours collection by Sherri & Chelsi for Moda Fabrics.

Turning the block into a pillow is simple. To make an 18″ pillow, she added a 2″ strip on all sides of the quilt block to bring the size to 18.5″ unfinished.

She gave that to a longarm quilter who placed a layer of Soft and Stable by ByAnnie on the the back. The light padding makes the stitches pop and gives it some extra body. Soft and Stable is nice for pillows and bags, and for sewn items that need structure.

Angel secured the pillow back with an envelope closure and some cute button details. She bound the pillow case like a quilt, and voila! An 18″ x 18″ Crafter’s Choice Basic Pillow Form by Fairfield completes the project. If you want to try this yourself, you might like this video tutorial where Kimberly shows how to make a pillow case like this.

This would make a sweet gift, don’t you think?

It’s Giveaway Time!

We have a special prize for you, lovely blog visitor. You can win a $150 Fat Quarter Shop gift certificate! Enter your email or sign in with Facebook to get started, and earn entries by completing the actions below! The giveaway ends on Sunday, October 31 at 11:59 PM CST. The winner will be notified by email. Good luck!

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Blog Hop 2021 Schedule

Don’t forget to visit the other sew-lebrities participating to see what they’re sharing each day of the blog hop.

Oct. 1 (Fri): Fat Quarter Shop – The Jolly Jabber (you’re here!)
Oct. 2 (Sat): Sallie Tomato
Oct. 4 (Mon): Hugs ‘N Kisses
Oct. 6 (Wed): Sewfinity
Oct. 11 (Mon): Beyond the Reef
Oct. 13 (Wed): Great Heron Thread Co.
Oct. 15 (Fri): Love You Sew
Oct. 15 (Fri): Emmaline Bags
Oct. 16 (Sat): Meadow Mist Designs
Oct. 18 (Mon): OklaRoots
Oct. 20 (Wed): Suzn Quilts
Oct. 22 (Fri): Knot and Thread Design
Oct. 23 (Sat): Knot and Thread Design
Oct. 25 (Mon): The Littlest Thistle
Oct. 27 (Thur): Mister Domestic
Oct. 27 (Wed): Sookie Sews

Share with #SewPINK

The #SewPink Initiative was created by ByAnnie.com LLC to raise awareness for breast cancer throughout the year. Our efforts culminate in an annual blog hop during October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month to promote self-care, awareness, early detection and support for those affected by breast cancer. 

To learn more and see the calendar of events visit: https://www.ByAnnie.com/SewPINK
To find screenings available near you: 

In addition to participating in #SewPINK, Fat Quarter Shop invites you to support the National Breast Cancer Foundation with the goal of raising $10,000. To find the Fat Quarter Shop fundraiser visit: https://fundraise.nbcf.org/FatQuarterShop

Happy Quilting!

UPDATE: We surpassed our goal of $10,000. Thanks to your generosity and the support and awareness raised by ByAnnie, we raised $7,290. Fat Quarter Shop donated $7,000 for a grand total of $14,290.

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    1. I absolutely love how much Fat Quarter Shop gives throughout the year. If we all give just a little think of the impact we can make in the lives of others. I am second! 💕💗

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  73. What a lovely sew along for breast cancer awareness month. I actually work for a breast cancer Doctor and I’m making this quilt that he will hang in his office. I’m so grateful that he picked me to make this for his office. ❤️ Thank you for doing this Kimberly @Fat Quarter Shop

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