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What is Thread Conditioner and How Do You Use it?

Thread conditioner, also called thread wax and thread gloss, is a product designed to make thread or cross stitch floss easier to use. They do this by strengthening the thread and making it glide through fabrics more easily. The result is smoother sewing with less tangling, twisting, and splitting.

Thread conditioners are most commonly used in cross stitching and hand sewing, where they help to tame cotton threads by smoothing and coating the fibers. Read on to learn about natural beeswax thread conditioner!

Made from 100% beeswax, Mind Your Own Beeswax Thread Conditioner cuts down on tangling, fraying, and thread drag to make working with your thread easy as can bee.

Mind Your Own Beeswax Thread Conditioner by Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet Co. is hand-poured and made in the USA!

How to use Thread Conditioner

To use the Mind Your Own Beeswax Thread Conditioner, hold your thread against the beeswax with one of your fingers, then drag the thread along it with your other hand.

The best practice when using a beeswax thread conditioner is to run your thread through only once because too much thread conditioner can make your thread harder to work with (less is more in this case!) The small amount of wax on the thread will not harm or stain your fabrics.

If the wax disc is too cool to work with, simply warm it in your hand or shirt pocket until it softens enough to coat the thread.

demonstration of how to use thread conditioner

Thread Conditioner for Cross Stitch

Cross stitchers most commonly use thread glosses and conditioners. This is because the beeswax allows your favorite floss to glide smoothly with each stitch. The reduction in knots and tangles is sure to help you save time in your stitching!

Thread Conditioner for Sewing

Beeswax conditioners are often found in hand sewing when quilters are binding, embroidering, or adding appliqué by hand. The strength added by the thread conditioner to threads will keep it from fraying and make for clean, precise stitching every time!

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  1. I just started blanket stitching around some applique last night. Thanks for the reminder that I have some thread conditioner in my stash thanks to a Sew Sampler box or two! I’m going to give it a try when I get back to my project tonight!

  2. I really like the thread conditioner that was in the Spooky box recently. Will that be available as a separate item later?

    1. I didn’t get that box but FQS does have some halloween themed waxers. Just do a search

  3. I do a lot of cross-stitch so anytime I get a beeswax thread conditioner in either of my subscription boxes I’m a happy camper.