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Reflecting on 10 Years of Quilty Fun with Lori Holt

It’s hard to believe that it’s been ten years since Lori Holt’s Quilty Fun Quilt book was first published, but time flies when you’re having quilty fun! As we look back on the past decade, we can’t help but reminisce on all the memories and quilts Lori has brought to our sewing spaces.

Quilty Fun was the first book that Lori Holt published with It’s Sew Emma, and it was the start of a creative partnership that has (so far) produced 11 books. In celebration of this milestone, we’re excited to announce a quilt along for the cover quilt starting in January. Let’s stroll down memory lane and see some highlights from the early days of Quilty Fun by Lori Holt.

Looking Back at How Quilty Fun Began

Lori Holt’s first-ever quilt book with It’s Sew EmmaQuilty Fun: Lessons in Scrappy Patchwork grew from a row along Lori taught for beginning quilters in her church group. The row quilt starts with simple blocks and increases in skill level with each row. It is filled with vibrant designs, playful patterns, and her signature scrappy style. This book has something for everyone, from the Bee in My Bonnet Row Along Quilt on the cover to ten more quilty projects made from those cute blocks.

In 2013, we made the trip out west to visit Lori Holt and take some photos for her book. We spent days surrounded by vintage treasures and adorable projects! Here is a little peek of the Quilty Fun photo shoot at Lori Holt’s charming cottage! You can look back in time with this Behind the Scenes of the Quilty Fun Photo Shoot from before the book came out.

Another fun throwback is this Quilty Fun Book Video, with behind the scenes views from Lori’s cottage!

On today’s date 10 years ago, October 21, 2013, the Quilty Fun Quilt Book by Lori Holt of Bee in My Bonnet officially came out. At the time we had no idea that the next decade would be filled with more bookspatternsquilt alongs, and fun than we could even imagine.

We’re excited to continue this journey with Lori and see what the future holds for Quilty Fun. Thank you, Lori Holt, for ten years of Quilty Fun and for being an incredible friend and source of inspiration and creativity. Here’s to many more years of beautiful quilts!

Take a look at even more photos of the Quilty Fun quilts in the gallery below. You can click on any photo to view it larger!

The Quilt Fun Row Along

Ten years ago, Lori and Fat Quarter Shop hosted the Quilty Fun Sew Along and Blog Tour, and made the Quilty Fun Sampler Quilt to mark the book’s release.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Lori Holt’s Quilty Fun Quilt book, we are excited to announce that we will sew The Bee in My Bonnet Row Along Quilt (shown below) starting in March 2024!

More details about the Quilt Fun Row Along are coming in November, so stay on the lookout for the blog announcement by subscribing to the Jolly Jabber Blog! You’ll also want to check out this brand new Livestream where Lori shares an update on new fabric collections and sew alongs!

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You can find Lori Holt on her blogYouTube Channel, and Instagram (@beelori1).

We know many of you have sewn and stitched along with us and Lori over these years, and we’d love to see and hear about your favorite designs. Leave a comment below to tell us what the first Lori Holt quilt you made was!

Happy 10 Years of Quilty Fun!

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  1. It’s hard to believe, but I haven’t made one yet! They look very fun and also complex. I would love to sew along next year and make my first one!

  2. Time sure flies by. I was introduced to Lori about the time Modern Minis, Calico and Bake Sale came out. I have many of the kits cut and they are works in progress. The first kit was Bloom and first completed was Flea Market Flowers. I have Bloom, Granny’s Garden, Prim and Autumn Love in progress.

  3. I made the Bee Patriotic Sewalong quilt in 2020 when I was a fairly new quilter. It’s a beautiful quilt. Lori’s Vintage Christmas book was my first book purchase, and it is probably my favorite. I’ve purchased at least three other Lori Holt books since, and they’re all worth every penny.

  4. I have most of Lori’s books and they are my favorites. My list of want to make quilts from them is huge, but I have yet to make one. Just waiting for the right time after I can finish up several uncompleted projects. A niece and I are planning on doing our own little sewalong with the Farm Girl Vintage books. Can’t wait!

  5. FQS has introduced me to Lori Holt designs and fabrics. Love it all and will be looking forward to January. Thank you!

  6. I love all of Lori Holt’s books, especially the Farm Girl Sampler and the two added ones in that series. I actually used the Cat pattern for a specialized quilt for my nephew and his wife, with the cats designed similar to their cats, past and present. Of course I used mostly Lori Holt fabric as well. Keep up the great designing.

    1. Your book was my first quilt book when I began my quilting craft. I have used it so often for ideas, education and quick tips, thank you. Continued success

  7. I thoroughly enjoyed the video yesterday. I ended up watching in 5 parts, as my care for mom became more of a priority than quilting..for those moments…

    Sew love your Sharing your professional & personal friendship with us. I felt like I was right there, with you both & FQS STAFF. Thanks for the pop-ups, Jordan!!!:
    I will be ordering Quilty Fun, with my next shopping list.
    I took a few moments last night to review my orders, on My Account page & saw that my first FQS order was in 2016. I was in Kansas City,MO, as a Travel Nurse; had my sewing machine & basic tools but left all fabric back in Michigan.

    I am greatful for your gifts and skills God-given & learned, whether feeling afraid to try or just able to plow ahead & go for it.
    I have completed nearly all of the X-stitch projects by LH… (cute, Lori)working on the stitch cards on a large piece 10 stitches in-between each border & am in the middle of another Granny Square something. I enjoy hand quilting, so may quilt the Petit Four wall hanging that way. My chosen color way is in the PURPLE family.
    Only 3 more Court House blocks yet to go…
    Sew much Inspiration shared. Thank you all for the work put into having this video…it’s a keeper!

  8. I first met Lori in a quilt shop in Utah. It was at Quilts Etc.. I really didn’t meet Lori but I discovered her fantastic patterns. The first quilt of hers I made was the ‘apron’ quilt. Not sure that is the name but it is full of cute aprons with bacon and eggs on one, embroidery on another, one with an apron on the dress and tiny chickens embroidered on it. All so very cute!! When my friends saw my finished quilt, they bought the pattern and made it too. I became the expert at appliqueing the tiny bacon and eggs on all their quilts. I’ve made two others of her older patterns and pot holders and wall hangings of her ‘farm’ series. For 48 years we’ve lived on acreage and had chickens, pigs, cows, horses etc. so of course I love her designs.

  9. I love Lori Holt and all things Lori! She is one amazingly talented woman and I so admire her. She is actually the reason I began quilting. Her fabrics, her designs, and her decor are a reflection of my heart. Thank you Lori!

  10. I can’t Believe it has been 10 years also! Just the other day I pulled a pattern from “Quilty Fun” to add to a quilt! I love all things Lori & can’t wait to Sew Along!!

  11. I bought Lori’s Quilty Fun book back when first released and made the Bee in my Bonnet Row Along Quilt. It was my first introduction to Lori Holt and her quilts. I have since made several more of them such as Farm Sweet Farm and Calico Garden. Hard to believe it’s been 10 years and look forward to see what else Lori Holt designs for the quilting world.

  12. Sweetie Pie was my first Lori Holt quilt!
    I’ve enjoyed every sew along I’ve participated in. My favorite was the Vintage Block Along because of all the lovely memories Lori shared. Thank you Lori and FQS for bringing us sew many delightful sew alongs! I’m looking forward to starting off 2024 with more Quilty Fun!

  13. I have made Farm Girl Vintage 2 , Scrappiness is Happiness Sew along series, Numerous Letters and word banners from Spelling Bee. So I continue to buy all her books as they have so much to offer. Appliqué is my nemesis…so I have still plenty to do with the quilty stuff ! Also her cross stitch patterns are the ones that I actually do to the finish line… love LH!

  14. I first learned about Lori in 2009, when I started my own blog and was following Rae Ann. I loved reading about Mr Honey and Kassidy, And of course all the beautiful inspiration she shared. Congrats on 10 years. Hope for many more.

  15. I can’t believe I’ve been following Lori for that long!!! I feel unloved with Lori’s Let’s Bake quilt and because I didn’t buy it then (silly me) I have had to hunt down all the materials And pieces over years. But with that being said I’ve been working on gathering other quilts like be Happy, garden seeds, quilted witch and Autumn love, which I am actively working on now! I love that her quilts tell similar stories to my life, such as on Let’s bake she has 3 aprons and I have raised my three girls baking in the hot kitchen and making pies! I’m so excited and looking forward to her how To build a scarecrow and hometown Holiday quilts! Congratulations Lori 10 years is a magnificent achievement!

  16. I’ve worked on the chicken salad quilt with friends for an opportunity quilt. I’ve made the bee happy quilt. And I am working on the quilted witch right now. With plans for the quilted scarecrow to be our next
    Opportunity quilt.

  17. My first Lori Holt quilt was made at the beginning of this year. I own many of Lori’s quilt books, and one of my sons wanted a water looking quilt, and I was in the mood to make some of Lori’s blocks. I made 21 twelve-inch quilt blocks of my choosing from Lori’s books. I use a quilt-as-you-go technique when I make my quilts so it was made from start to finish with my own hands.

  18. My first LH quilt was Chicken Salad. I wanted to learn her appliqué method. When finished, I was sincerely happy with the outcome. I watch all of her tutorials and she has taught me how to simplify difficult blocks.
    Thank you, FQS and Lori for becoming part of my quilting life.

  19. My first Lori Bolt quilt along was Prairie. And I e been hooked and trying to get as many the older ones as I can. They are such colorful and fun quilts to make! I love everything Lori!

  20. I’m in! You get me every time you start a new QAL. I have some items for Granny’s Garden but haven’t started it yet. I think this will be my introduction to all things Lori Holt and Sew Emma. Thanks Kimberly, for this exciting trip we are about to begin. Can’t wait!

  21. Hi, I can no longer find the Quilty Fun Sampler Quilt instructions on your sew along page. Are those instructions available somewhere else? I would really like to make the sampler quilt, but I only recently acquired the book, so I am afraid I didn’t know about it at the time those instructions were being offered.

  22. I have this book and I love it! It introduced me to Lori Holt and I have been following her ever since. Love all of her designs, fabrics, cross stitch, etc.

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