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My Cross Stitch Project List for 2022

A lot of you have been asking for a complete list of my projects so that you can get inspiration or stitch along with me. I’m sharing a list of my cross stitch plans below, and I’ll update this list if any new projects that come along. You can find my Quilting Projects for 2022 online as well.

Heartfelt, benefiting Make-a-Wish

Stronger Together, benefiting UNCF

Flea Market Baskets

Vintage Housewife

Farm Life

Fall on the Farm

Nutcracker Village

Glitter Village

Calendar Crates

Barn Sweet Barn

I hope you’ll leave a comment below and let me know what you’re working on, too!

Happy Stitching!


  1. I love all of your choices. I am a beginner cross stitcher. I live in Hawaii. I will definitely order some of those kits. Wishing all of you a Happy Healthy New Year! Happy stitching

  2. I am thinking of ordering Glitter Village but I am a beginner and would do them individually. I love looking at Kimberly’s list.
    I am working on the Lori Holt stitch cards.

  3. I will be joining you in the Heartfelt, Flea Market Baskets, and Calendar Crates cross stitching. I also have some projects from this year that I didn’t finish. So for me 2022 is the year to finish everything I started in 2021, cross stitches and quilts!!

  4. I will do Heartfelt with some color changes. Mostly I must finish projects from 2021 and get them finished out on some kind of mounting. Maybe framed. I have hopes of stitching some of the calendar patterns from the housewives.

  5. Started Quilty Barn and Gingerbread cross-stitch. Also want to do Pumpkins for sale and the new Vintage Housewife. You and your staff are such an inspiration Kimberly.

  6. I’m a beginner, too, with lots of plans! I finished Cross Stitch University and am ready to stitch Granita and Flea Market Flowers from this year. I hope to join on Heartfelt and Flea Market Baskets and some of the Calendar Crates – so cute! I’ve learned so much from all of your videos and resources. Thank you Kimberly and your staff! Best wishes for a Happy New Year!

  7. Looking for the information on Barn Sweet Barn Stitch Along. Where do you have the months requirements listed?

    1. Hi Beth, We plan to publish the requirements for Barn Sweet Barn next week on the blog, so please watch this space for updates 🙂

  8. I love those choices. I’ll be stitching Vintage Housewife, Fall on the Farm, Farm Life, and some of my WIP’s from 2021. Wow! 32 count linen! Good for you! I’m attempting 25 ct lugana for the first time (16 ct Aida girl). Can’t wait to see what else come up this year.

  9. I’ve just started watching you a couple months ago and you keep mentioning Cheryl. Who is Cheryl? She sounds like a machine with all she does for you!
    Your videos are the reason I got back into cross stitching after many many years. And like you my eyes are not what they use to be so appreciate the 14 ct Aida projects.
    I have trouble finding your videos. Usually I stumble on them accidentally. I’m not on any social media (I’m old and out dated) is that why I can’t find your latest cross stitch and quilt videos? Same for the latest Lori Holt Chicken Salad videos. I have all the supplies including fat quarters but have only seen one blog showing the get ready list. Have no idea where to go from here. I’m afraid I will be left in the dark on how to proceed. It would be helpful if the videos were dated instead of numbered. Hard finding sequential numbers also.

    This sounds like one long complaint, sorry. I just enjoy watching so much and do not want to be discouraged because I can’t find necessary posts or videos. If it were not for your newsletter I wouldn’t have found this site. There is a lot to keep track of.

    Thank you so much for all the great ideas. You are a wonderful inspiration to the quilting and cross stitching community.