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The Sew Down – 2022 Aurifil Thread Challenge

Kimberly holding a cone of Aurifil Thread

The new year is almost here, and I’m starting off 2022 with a new Aurifil cone to see how far it will go! I tried this out a few years ago, and it took me nine months to finish it all (that’s a full 6,452 yards). I’ve chosen a cone of my favorite thread, Aurifil color 2000, which I’ll start using for all my sewing on January 1. If you want to join in, all you have to do is select a new cone or spool of Aurifil thread and sew with it starting January 1 (or as soon as you can begin). Are you ready to put your thread to the test?

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Aurifil Thread

We love the high-quality cotton thread made by Aurifil. It seems to go on and on and on…. If you’re curious about the difference between the various types of thread, from 12 weight to 80 weight, check out our post on thread weights for more information on some of the Aurifil threads and their uses.

The Sew Down 2022 Aurifil Challenge

Join the SewDown

The idea for the Aurifil SewDown came from a member of our Facebook group a few years ago. Sally suggested a challenge for the new year, starting with a cone of thread to see how long it would last. We tried this out too and added some prizes just for fun. We had such a good time with it, we’re bringing it back again this year!

Take a new spool or cone, and sew with it starting this month, and see how far your thread goes! Post photos of your progress on social to enter to win prizes (see details at the bottom of this post).

If you’re going all-in for a cone of Aurifil thread, you will need a cone thread stand for it so that it can sit on your table near the spool pin and feed through your machine. Some machines work with a simple cone adaptor, but check your sewing machine manual to see what works best for your machine. If you want to be thrifty, you can fashion a DIY thread stand from items you have around the house, as Laura Coia shows in this video.

If your sewing production is a little lighter go for a spool and you won’t be disappointed!

We made up a little rhyme to help you get into The Sew Down 2022 Aurifil Challenge.

Swing your bobbin round and round,
It’s time to get your spool unwound.

With miles and miles of seams to sew,
Aurifil thread is good to go!

How many quilt tops can you piece
From just one spool or cone? Let’s see!

Participate and Share to Win with #FQSSewDown – CLOSED

You can sew to win! On April 1, we’ll choose four participants who have posted photos of their progress on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #FQSSewDown to receive a $50 Fat Quarter Shop Gift Certificate. Make sure your profile is public and tag @fatquartershop and @aurifilthread so we can see your post!

Winners include:

  • Helena, @haslindawilson
  • Debbie, @abv_crafts
  • Charity, @siubrun
  • Carolyn, @sweet_boater_chick

And now, it’s time to get sewing…


  1. What is the fabulous quilt you are standing in front of? I would love to see the whole thing!

      1. Ready with Aurifil color 2311 cone as soon as I finish this matchstick (?) quilting with Aurifil color 1243 spool.

  2. I have been trying for 15 mins to apply the 15FQSewDown coupon and it will not work on my thread

  3. I’m in! I have a brand new unopened cone of Biscotti which will be great for everything except white background quilts. Since I am working on a mostly white baby quilt now, it will be a few days before i can open my cone. I am very curious how long the cone will last.

  4. I have ordered my spool and it won’t be delivered until the 4th. So I am getting the binding ready 7 quilts and as soon as it arrives I’m going to be sewing. Once binding is done I am going to cut out some quilt tops. Thank you for getting me back into quilting, I’ve been in a holding stage for a bit with losing family member to Covid and getting it myself. Very excited to get started.

  5. Ready with Aurifil color 2311 cone as soon as I finish this matchstick (?) quilting with Aurifil color 1243 spool.

  6. I want to participate in the Sew Done and received my cone of thread. I can’t find the end!! Help!!