NEW BOOK: Cake Mix Quilt Book Volume One

If you ask us what our favorite new goodies for 2017 are, there’s no question that it is the Cake Mix Recipe Pads from Moda Fabrics!  We’ve hosted a fun Bake-Off, we have released videos with Carrie Nelson on how to use each Recipe Pad, we came out with Cake Mix pads for our exclusive FQS Jolly Bars, but there is still more Cake Mix goodness baking up in our kitchen!  Today we’re giving you a whiff of the yummy quilts in It’s Sew Emma’s upcoming Cake Mix Quilt Book: Volume One!  There are now eight different Cake Mix pads, and The Cake Mix Quilt Book has two designs for each.  That’s a total of 16 tasty quilts to try!

All you will need for each quilt is two Moda Layer Cakes (one print and one solid), a Cake Mix Recipe Pad, and fabric for your sashing, borders and binding.  Using Cake Mix pads keeps your piecing fast and accurate, so these will go much faster than you think, and all 16 quilts boast a ton of WOW factor.  And these quilts range in size from Lap to Queen, so you have plenty of size options as well!

Here is a quick look at some of the blocks you will be making in this book…

petit four block

marzipan block

group blocks

Fruitcake BlockAnd a taste of the QUILTS you’ll be baking up!

Banana Split quilt
Banana Split quilt
Parfait quilt
Parfait quilt
Sundae quilt
Sundae quilt
Fondant quilt
Fondant quilt
Gingerbread quilt
Gingerbread quilt
Meringue quilt
Meringue quilt
Tiramisu quilt
Tiramisu quilt
Cheesecake quilt
Cheesecake quilt


The Cake Mix Quilt Book: Volume One comes out in September, but if you pre-order now, you will get 10%.  So do it now, because it will be here before you know it!

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Jolly Bar Cake Mix

Hi everyone! The end of June has snuck up on us, thus we are at the end of #jollybarjune! That means it is time to dig into the last bite of news from the Jolly Bar world, and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.  Not too long ago, we indulged in a really fun Cake Mix Bake Off, in which we and several quilty bloggers went head to head with original quilts we created with Moda’s fabulous Cake Mix Recipe Pads.  We really love those recipe pads, so… why not make them for Jolly Bars?  Introducing our exclusive Jolly Bar Cake Mix Recipe Pads!

We love our new Jolly Bar Cake Mix Recipe Pads!

introducing Jolly Bar Cake Mix Recipe Pads
Jolly Bar Cake Mix Recipe Pads – half the size of a Layer Cake, but just as fun!

They have everything you love about the Layer Cake-sized Cake Mixes in a convenient 5″ x 10″ size to use with Fat Quarter Shop’s Jolly Bars!  Basic instructions, block ideas, and 44 sheets of triangle paper will get you well on your way to an original quilt.  Of course, our new Bella Solid Jolly Bars make perfect backgrounds to pair with any of our other Jolly Bars!

Each recipe card from the Jolly Bar Cake Mix pad will yield two 3″ finished half square triangles and eight 1.5″ finished half square triangles, and you can combine those units to make a 6″ finished block.

Jolly Bark Cake Mix units
Each sheet from a Jolly Bar Cake Mix Recipe pad will give you all this!
block ideas from Jolly Bar Cake Mix cover
Block ideas from the Jolly Bar Cake Mix cover

Still not convinced? We have a video to show how simple it is to get perfect half-square triangle units, along with some block ideas to get you started.  Sew tasty!!

Last but not least, we have another morsel for you.  While you get your creative juices flowing to start creating your own original Jolly Bar Cake Mix quilts, here are a few “recipes” to try in the meantime!  These three patterns are available exclusively at Fat Quarter Shop as convenient PDF patterns.

Bake Up Our Jolly Bar Cake Mix Quilts!

bake up our Jolly Bar Cake Mix Quilts
Three PDF patterns available to try out our Jolly Bar Cake Mix Recipe Pads!

They all start with one Solid Jolly Bar, one Print Jolly Bar, and one Jolly Bar Cake Mix Recipe Pad.  Very doable!

Apple Pie Quilt
Our Apple Pie quilt is made with a Treehouse and Porcelain Solid Jolly Bar

I really love these patterns because they are really unique.  These blocks feel so fresh!

Strudel – fun to say and fun to sew! We made ours with Coney Island and Bleached White Solid Jolly Bars

If you have a friend who is interested in trying a first quilt, these are good to recommend. They are goof-proof, quick, and are just so cute!

Yummy and fast! Our Upside Down Cake sample comes from a Sundrops and White Solid Jolly Bars

Let us know… what questions do you have about our new Jolly Bar Cake Mix Recipe Pads, and which quilt are you savoring today?  Thanks for joining us today!

Solid Jolly Bars: White Bella Solids Jolly Bar

We are continuing #JollyBarJune with our third post about our Bella Solid Jolly Bars!  As a quick recap, we are showing you all three of our first set of Bella Solid Jolly Bars, which are colors White (9900-98), Bleached White (9900-97) and Porcelain (9900-182).  Today’s hue is the brightest white of the Bella bunch, the White Bella Solids Jolly Bar, color 9900-98.

The first ever set of Bella Solid Jolly Bars in White, Bleached PFD and Porcelain

After Bella Bleached White 9900-97, White 9900-98 is our main go-to shade of Bella Solids.  We like to pair this crisp, paper white with bright collections and modern collections with lots of contrast, like Rainy Day, Red Dot Green Dash, Manderley, Merry Merry, Voyage and True Blue, and it is just as universally complementary as 9900-97.

White 9900-98 Bella Solid Jolly Bar
White 9900-98 Bella Solid Jolly Bar

We included a free pattern called Do the Twist with this solid Jolly Bar, and it is my favorite of the bunch.  We used a True Blue Jolly Bar and White Bella Solids Jolly Bar, and these braided blocks are so simple!  It finishes at 52.5″ square, and can easily be a quilt for a cool boy-man or a couch quilt for a sophisticated living room.

Do the Twist Jolly Bar Quilt
Do the Twist Jolly Bar Quilt

That’s it for this Solid Jolly Bar installment, but of course there is still more to come!  Check back next Wednesday – we can’t wait to show you what we’ve done with these Solid Jolly Bars, and you will be totally addicted, “bar” none.  Any guesses as to what we’ll be talking about next time?  Until then, Happy Quilting!

Solid Jolly Bars: Bella Bleached White

Welcome to our second post about our new Bella Solid Jolly Bars.  (There are still so many cool Jolly Bar things ahead, I think we should just call this month #JollyBarJune. LOL.)  As a quick recap, we are showing you all three of our first set of Bella Solid Jolly Bars, which are colors White (9900-98), Bleached White (9900-97) and Porcelain (9900-182).

The first ever set of Bella Solid Jolly Bars in White, Bleached PFD and Porcelain

Last week, we introduced the Porcelain set.  Today, it is all about the infamous 9900-97, or Bleached White PFD.  I say “infamous” because people can be misled by the term “Bleached White PFD”.  It is bright enough to go with practically anything, but it isn’t blinding.  It has a soft, milk quality, and it’s the one we reach for the most.  Don’t be turned off by the “PFD” either – that just means “preferred for dyeing”, if you are so inclined.

We have use Bleached White with pretty much every look, like Modern Backgrounds, Bonnie & Camille Basics, Sugar Plum Christmas, and Desert Bloom.  It’s actually more challenging to find a collection you CAN’T pair it with.

Now onto the free pattern for the Bleached White Jolly Bar!  This one is called Metronome, and we combined the Bleached White Jolly Bar with the Sweet Marion Jolly Bar for our quilt sample.  It measures 56.5″ square, which is an ideal lap size IMHO, and the white background is a perfect canvas for those little bits of colorful pinwheels that pop out in each block.  Très sweet!

Next week, we’ll showcase the final solid Jolly Bar and free pattern quilt…but that’s not the end of #JollyBarJune, so stay tuned!  Is 9900-97 a staple in your sewing room?  What fabric collections have you used it with?  Comment and let us know!

Dovetail Jolly Bar Quilt by Doug Leko – let’s dive in!

Doug Leko designed a fabulous quilt for us when he visited in April, and we super love it because it uses Jolly Bars!  It’s called Dovetail in deference to the lovely 45-degree seams that join the prints, and you can find the free Dovetail quilt pattern here.  In our Dovetail tutorial video, Doug shows how to use his Simple Folded Corners Ruler to create these perfect units.  You do not have to use this ruler for this step, but we love the crisp, accurate, perfectly precise finish it helps us achieve.  Plus, we just think Doug is pretty darn genius for coming up with this ruler!



Dovetail looks striking in Berry Merry by BasicGrey

We made our version in Berry Merry by BasicGrey, and those deep, saturated colors blend so well into this design!  You can find the quilt kit and backing for this version at Fat Quarter Shop.

The Dovetail quilt also has partial seams, and if you are new to this technique, this is a great quilt to start with.  Working with these big, chunky rectangles is very forgiving, and you will love how it looks in the end!  Don’t stop reading here, though – we have a video tutorial and bloggy friends joining us to show you how it looks in all sorts of fabrics!

Partial seams are so not a problem in this quilt

Check out our Dovetail video tutorial to see how Doug pieces this quilt, step by step, with his helpful tips and tricks.  Then visit our blogger friends below to see their own Dovetail creations!

See more Dovetail quilts made by these wonderful folks!  You won’t be able to resist making one for yourself, so please share them with us on social media with #dovetailquilt!

Introducing Solid Jolly Bars!

This Summer, we get to introduce so. Many. New. Awesome. Things.  Starting with these things right here!  The first ever set of BELLA SOLID Jolly Bars that you will only find at the Fat Quarter Shop!  Jolly Bars are our exclusive 5″ x 10″ precuts, and now they finally have companion solids to join them.  Solids can work for just about any project, so you can’t go wrong with having a few of these on hand!  These first three hues are White (9900-98), Bleached White (9900-97) and Porcelain (9900-182).  To find out which solid will pair best for your project, you can find a really good post here on which ones Moda designers prefer for their collections.

All through June, we will show you these lovely little Jolly Bars full of solid-y goodness one by one, starting with Porcelain.  This creamy, buttery white is the darkest of the light range and complements collections with dark neutral tones, such as Howdy, Rachel Remembered and Gooseberry Lane.

One of the best things about our Jolly Bars is that they all come with a free pattern, even the Bella Solids!  The free pattern for the Porcelain Jolly Bar is called On the Wing, and we selected the Howdy Jolly Bar and Porcelain Jolly Bar for our quilt sample.  (See our post on Howdy!)  It comes together quickly and measures 47″ x 57.5″.  We love the simply geometry of the hourglasses and diamonds, and it’s a great design to show off fun, graphic prints!

Thanks for joining us, and stay tuned for next week’s post to see the next solid Jolly Bar and free pattern quilt!  Also let us know, what other Bella Solids colors do you want to see join the Jolly Bar family?  What are your tried and true background colors?  And what size do you like your Jolly Bar quilts to be?

Inside the Cover Sneak Peek: The Jolly Bar Book

By now, you may have heard the words “Jolly Bar” tossed around our blog and website, but you may be unfamiliar with exactly what a Jolly Bar is! Exclusive to Fat Quarter Shop, Jolly Bars are collections of 5″ x 10″ cuts of fabric.  The projects for these little bars are unlimited! Luckily for you, we’ve packed a whole bunch of fun projects into The Jolly Bar Book!

Dying to find out what projects the Jolly Bar precuts inspire? Take a look inside the cover!
Get your hands on The Jolly Bar Book today, and find all of the fabric, thread, and accessories that you may need all in one place! 

If you’ve been working with Jolly Bars and the Jolly Bar Book, let us know! We love seeing your projects! Share your photos on social media with the hashtag #jollybar.

The Jolly Bar Book – Vol. 1!

It’s Sew Emma has a brand new book you’re going to love!  It’s called the Jolly Bar Book – Vol. 1, and it includes our first 20 Jolly Bar patterns, all compiled in one place for the first time ever!

In case you’re wondering what a Jolly Bar is, it’s a precut exclusive to Fat Quarter Shop! Jolly Bars measure 5″ x 10″, and are great for making fabulous quilts quickly and easily.


The majority of the 20 patterns in this fun new book can be made with a single Jolly Bar, which is sew fun and is such a great way to try out a variety of patterns!

Our Jolly Bars and this new book make quilting easier than ever!

Step 1. Order a copy of the Jolly Bar Book – Vol. 1
Step 2. Order your favorite Jolly Bar (Or two, or six)
Step 3. Pick one of the patterns in the book (Ooh, so hard to choose!)
Step 4. Start working on your Jolly Bar quilt – you’ll be finished before you know it!


We’re sew excited about the release of this new book that we asked some of our quilting blogger friends to pick their favorite Jolly Bars and a pattern from the book to see what they’d create. Please visit each of the bloggers below to see their quilts, and tell them Fat Quarter Shop sent you!


This book is a bargain at $9.95, especially since you’ll reach for it again and again over the years. So grab your copy today and get ready for some quilty Jolly Bar fun! Oh, and please share the quilts you make with us on social media using the hashtag #jollybarbook.  Happy Quilting!

Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Sampler Sew Along – Kimberly’s Block & a GIVEAWAY!

Hello, Quilting Friends! Today we’re giving you an up close and personal look at an old quilt block that Kimberly designed for a previous issue of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks publication that is now included in their 100 Blocks Sampler Quilt!  The editors had a wonderful idea to shrink their favorite blocks from all different 100 Blocks issues down to 6″ from the usual 12″ and combine them into a fantastic sampler quilt for the 100 Blocks blog tour!
We love each of the three color ways that their quilters created for this event: Reproduction, Red & White, and Traditional! It’s always so fun to see how different a block can look depending on fabric choices and placement, don’t you think?
These are the completed quilts in the three different color ways. Gorgeous! If you’d like to read more about the blocks, the quilts, the publication and the blog hop, you can link over to Quiltmaker’s blog Quilt Pleasures HERE
We’re happy to celebrate these beautiful 100 Blocks Sampler Quilts with our own sweet giveaway, three Jolly Bars to three lucky winners!  In case you aren’t familiar with Jolly Bars, they are precuts exclusive to Fat Quarter Shop.  Here’s a quick video with more information!
As Kimberly shares in the video, each Jolly Bar contains 42 – 5″x 10″ cuts of beautiful Moda fabric.  Even better?  Each Jolly Bar contains a free pattern specific to that collection – sew fun!
For example, here’s the quilt made from the pattern that comes with the Little Ruby Jolly Bar – it’s called Spinning Spools! We also have Jolly Bar Quilt Kits, which are super fun and sew easy to stitch up, so take a peek!

Leave a comment on this post sharing which Jolly Bar you’d like to win if you’re selected as one of the lucky winners. You can peruse our selection of Jolly Bars HERE in order to pick a favorite. The giveaway ends on Monday, July 4th, at 11:59 p.m. CST. Three winners will be selected at random and will win the Jolly Bar they pick and share in their comment. The winners will be announced here in this post by 7/6/16. Good luck, and Happy Quilting!


Congratulations to our three winners! They have each been emailed about their wins. The lucky winners and the Jolly Bars they chose are:

StarSpry: First Crush
Brenda: Kindred Spirits
Ohio Lori: Prairie

New Jolly Bar Collections at Fat Quarter Shop

Hello everyone! We wanted to show you the newest Jolly Bar collections and quilt kits available at our shop. If you’re unfamiliar with our Jolly Bars, they are our EXCLUSIVE 5″ x 10″ precut using Moda Fabrics. Each Jolly Bar Precut also comes with a free pattern that you can only get from that Jolly Bar, so collect them all and mix n’ match your favorites. Now let’s take a look at our newest Jolly Bars!
Enjoy the sweet prints of the Strawberry Twist Quilt featuring Strawberry Fields Revisited by Fig Tree Quilts. 

Follow the Sparrow Tracks Quilt to unlock some quilty cuteness. This lovely quilt features the Gooseberry collection by Lella Boutique. 
Share the love with your sweetie with the Crushing on You Quilt featuring the First Crush collection by Sweetwater. 

With all the winter blues, let the Wind Chimes Quilt take you to the cool breeze and soft colors of spring, featuring the Windermere collection by Brenda Riddle. 

If love modern quilts, then you’ll love the Tweed Quilt featuring Basic Mixologie by Studio M. 

Check out more Jolly Bar Precuts and Quilt Kits at our shop today and share your creations on Instagram using #jollybar.