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The Jolly Jabber quilting blog not only offers resources for quilters, but also for cross-stitchers of all skill levels. Discover resources such as tutorials, free patterns and tips to help master the art of quilting and sewing. Whether you're a beginner learning how to cross stitch or an experienced quilter looking to expand your skills, the Jolly Jabber has something to offer. Here you can learn new techniques, find inspiration for your next project, join in quilt alongs and stitch alongs, and connect with a community of like-minded quilters. This blog for quilters and sewists is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in the world of quilting.

Hello Betty and Something New…

We would like to welcome a “newcomer” to Fat Quarter Shop… Hello Betty! (Sure, wave if you want. Just imagine someone waving back!) Ok, so it’s not really a person so much as a…fabric line from Moda by Chloe’s Closet. But it’s still full of […]

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Candy Kisses by Sandy Gervais

Goodbye 2008, hello 2009! We hope you all had a cozy New Year, and now our next holiday of Love is approaching. Sandy Gervais has just the right new line, called Candy Kisses, to get us in the mood! Cute hearts, candies, dots, stripes and […]

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Vicky’s Tale of Good Cheer

There is always that one dear friend in life who always fills you with warmth and love every time you meet. Reading this piece about Vicky McGee’s friend Jane made me think of mine, and for that I’m thankful! Doesn’t Jane just look like a […]

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Sally’s Tale of Good Cheer

How many times have you opened up the paper and felt so moved, you had to act? (Or, if you’re like me, you watch Good Morning America and fight back tears every morning)! This is Sally’s story of good cheer, being thankful for the ability […]

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Kris’ Tale of Good Cheer

Kris wrote in to tell us about her mother, Mary, who is good will exemplified. Hearing about women (and men) like Mary is incredibly inspirational. Mary, if you are reading this, thank you for your legacy of humbleness and generosity! And HAPPY NEW YEAR to […]

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Edna’s Tale of Good Cheer

On Tuesday, we got to share in the warmth of Sheri’s little grandbabies. Today, it’s a story of the companionship of lifelong friends from Edna. Anyone got a tissue handy? EDNA’S TALE OF GOOD CHEER The angels in my life have been part of my […]

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Sheri’s Tale of Good Cheer

Last week, we concluded our Good Cheer Giveaway with 5 winners. Now, we get to share their stories with you. Happy holidays, and keep spreading the Good Cheer! SHERI’S TALE OF GOOD CHEER I have to say thank you to Fat Quarter Shop. I have […]

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