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“Really officer, they’re just quilts!” aka Spring Fever Peek

Pardon us while we get ready to go to Market, y’all! Just 2 days until we are again in Houston. We’ll be on fire with the blog & Twitter, so please keep enjoying these previews while we get ourselves all ready to go! Me and My Sister Designs show us the…almost seedy side of their Market prep…pretty comical (and very confusing for a passerby) stuff! And yes, stashed inside one of those plain brown bags is this Spring Fever quilt over here…

Hi everyone!!!

To set the stage…
Somewhere in the desert south of Phoenix in the late afternoon.

We had previously made 14 quilts in 10 days and dropped them frantically into our quilters lap days prior. Sharon had finished quilting them and was ready for the big drop off.

We decided to meet along the freeway somewhere south of Phoenix…. late in the afternoon along a dusty road the deal went down.

Two cars arrived on a desolate road in the middle of the dessert off interstate 10.

Nothing around for miles …

The only witness was an innocent baby in the back of the van… but he’s not saying anything.

The exchange was made…

We hurriedly drove off back to civilization and a marathon binding fix.

If anyone had seen this meeting it surely would have been mistaken for a drug deal.

I can just see aerial surveillance and the border patrol descending upon this scene with angry dogs and guns blazing!

We got to laughing all the way home about how silly these quilt pick-ups would look to a non-quilter! We will show you all the goods in our booth!


  1. There is a reason we quilters call our fabic collections "our stash", and that the American Medical Association has officially designated quilting as an addiction.