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Announcing Scrappiness is Happiness by Lori Holt

Image with text reading: Scrappiness is Happiness by Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet
First decorative photo to show example of a scrap quilt

Look no further than your very own fabric stash to find happiness! Lori Holt’s new Scrappiness is Happiness Quilt Book reminds us that we can create beautiful quilts from our own scrap baskets. In this book, she shares 32 scrappy quilts that show how beautifully your stash can blend together. In it, Lori also shares some of her favorites tips and tricks for organizing and sewing with scraps.

Graphic that displays reminder to reserve your copy of the book today

We want to get the most out of the fabrics we love, so what to do with all those fabric scraps? Make a quilt from them, of course! Scrappiness is Happiness will provide you with the organizational tips to make the most of your scrappy stash.

These quilts exemplify Lori’s motto of “make do or do without” because these patterns are made to use leftover fabric. Each quilt is based on a single block design that’s perfect for using up your scraps!

Photo showing several quilts made from scrap fabrics folded and stacked

Like many of us, Lori saves the leftover fabrics from all her incredible quilts. What are you to do with all these scraps of beautiful fabrics that grow with each quilt? That is what Scrappiness is Happiness is all about and why we love it sew!

A quilt made of scraps is draped over a wheelbarrow to create an aesthetic
Photo showing a shopping cart full of fabric scraps  that have been collected by Lori Holt
Image showing fabrics lined up together in a rainbow order to show off the Scrappy Starter Bundle

We even have a Scrappy Starter Bundle for those that don’t have a lot in their scrap pile right now. The bundle is made up of selections from the Farm Girl Vintage, Flea Market, Prim, and Stitch collections all designed by Lori herself.

Another quilt made of scraps is draped in the outdoors to display it
Check out our book trailer to see even more examples of the beautiful quilts you could make!

We have a special bonus for those who pre-order the book! Reserve your book today to receive a FREE copy of Lori Holt’s upcoming Sew Scrappy Spools Quilt Pattern (retail $14.95) that will ship with the book (pattern available only at Fat Quarter Shop).

Graphic designed to show scrap fabrics and to remind that if you pre-order you get a free spools pattern
Example of bumble bee quilt made of scraps using the patterns in Scrappiness is Happiness books by Lori Holt
Example of Mushroom quilt made of scraps using the patterns in Scrappiness is Happiness books by Lori Holt
Photo showing on of the scrappiness is happiness quilts with piles of other fabric scraps on top

Haven’t reserved your copy of Scrappiness is Happiness? Don’t worry, there’s still time to pre-order your copy today.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates and check out the hashtag #ScrappinessIsHappiness to join in on the scrappy fun! You can also keep up on what Lori stitches and sews on her YouTube channel!


  1. I love your birds pattern, I tried a couple of times, checking my email. I get the address but it doesn’t come up. Thank you

  2. I reserved this book and can’t wait to get my hands on it. I have, what may be a silly question, but I hope you’ll answer it. I have already purchased the bundle you referred to in this post and I love it. I want to start cutting fabric so I can hopefully be ready to start sewing. Are there particular sizes of squares, rectangles, etc that we should be focusing on cutting? I’m not asking about particular quilts/patterns but I want to start filling my scrap baskets but what size? Please and thank you!

    1. Darlene, that’s a great question. There are several different blocks and quilts in the book. The hope is that you can find ones that work with a variety of scraps and leftover fabrics that you have. I can’t give you anything more specific because it is all dependent on the quilts you choose to make. I would save everything until your book comes and you can figure out the specifics then. Happy quilting!

  3. Can you give us a feel for the size of the “quilts” in the book? So many books/patterns I can’t use as the quilts are too small.

    1. Jane, Scrappiness is Happiness is great because it’s all about using scraps to make quilts of a variety of sizes! Also, I don’t know if you’d be interested, but we have a bedding measurement guide in the resources section on our Fat Quarter Shop website that you can use to help you calculate how much more fabric you would need to add to any pattern to achieve a bigger size. You can find that near the end of this page:

    1. Hello Cathy, this is a great question! Congrats on your Pre-order, this means you have saved a copy of Scrappiness is Happiness to be sent to you when the book is officially released later this year. We will announce it here on the blog and you should get notified when your copy ships. Please let us know if you have any other concerns.

  4. i am so anxious for not only the new book but all that Lori has coming for us to enjoy