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Sew Sampler December 2021 Box Reveal

Sew Sampler Header: Dream. Plan. Make.Every good project starts with a dream, and you’re sure to find one in your box this month. We packed this box with items that are simply out of this world. Let’s open it up together see what’s inside.

December box reveal photo.

Celestial Junior Jelly Roll by Zen Chic for Moda Fabrics
Sew Sampler got it first! Fat Quarter Shop exclusive!

This 20-piece Junior Jelly Roll of Celestial by Zen Chic for Moda Fabrics is packed with eclectic prints in black, white and gray with striking gold and corals in the mix. The way these rich prints mix is out of this world!

Celestial Junior Jelly Roll photo.

John James Size 10 Sharps by John James

These John James Sharps Needles are a great all-purpose general size needle for any hand sewing that lands in your project basket. With a tip sharp enough for fine fabrics, you are set for any fabric you find!

John James Sharps 10 Needles photo.

Bejeweled Needle Holder by Fat Quarter Shop
Sew Sampler got it first! Fat Quarter Shop exclusive!

This Bejeweled Needle Holder is a fine addition to your sewing notion set. Sleek and angular in all the right ways, it holds a cushioned pad to safely store your hand sewing needles.

Bejeweled Needle Holder photo.

2022 Quilty Mini Calendar by Riley Blake Designs

Don’t be late for any important dates! This pocket-sized calendar from Riley Blake Designs can be carried all through 2022, with each month cleanly mapped out and just enough space for short notes. Each page also has a darling block for quilty inspiration to keep your inner maker motivated!

2022 Quilty Planner photo.

Ambience Quilt Pattern by Zen Chic Exclusively for Sew Sampler Box
Sew Sampler Exclusive

Set the mood with the Ambience Quilt Pattern by Zen Chic! This bonus pattern from Soft Spot by Brigitte Heitland is a modern make for the Celestial Junior Jelly Roll in this month’s box.

DON’T FORGET to grab your copy of Soft Spot Quilt Book and save using the exclusive coupon in your box!

Ambience Quilt Pattern photo.

2021 Block #9 Bright Side Quilt Along Quilt Card Designed by Sherri McConnell
Sew Sampler got it first!

Always sew on the bright side of life! This stunning quilt features Happy Days by Sherri & Chelsi for Moda Fabrics. We know it will make your Sew Sampler boxes light and bright all year long! Unfortunately, the quilt kit is sold out, but you can still pick up the coordinating Aurifil Thread Set while supplies last!

Share your blocks with us on social media with #BRIGHTSIDEQUILTALONG

Bright Side Block 9 photo.

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    1. I haven’t got mine either, mail is slow in the Florida Keys this tome of year. I love the look of this box as it is more modern. I was going to cancel my subscription, but now I might have to give it an extra month or two.

  1. Love the fabric and pattern—-so serene and peaceful! The needles are always needed and appreciated!

  2. I received my Dec 2021 sew sampler box on Friday, and started making the Ambience pattern yesterday using the Celestial junior jelly roll. It’s a nice and quick pattern to make, and the fabric is perfect for a quilt I need to make as a gift. Thankfully, I had 4 yds of light gray in my stash specifically set aside as background fabric. Serendipity!

    1. I received my Sew Sampler Box on Friday. I am so excited to use everything, one problem my box was missing the needles??? Not sure what happened however Iam still excited to get to use everything.

  3. Well, today is a federal holiday, so no mail delivery. Hopefully my box will show up tomorrow since the tracking said it would be here on the 15th! I think my daughter would like a quilt from the fabric if I ever get it🙄

    1. Contact customer service and they can give you your tracking information. It you can find it in your orders in your account.

  4. Not to my liking. A lot of money for not much. And sadly no else either. I can’t seem to sell the box so, the feelings must be the same

    1. I agree. The fabric was actually perfect for my taste, but the rest, I actually tossed in the trash because I will never use any of it. Terrible box this time.

  5. This was not my favorite box–we had to wait so long and then the needle holder broke when trying to open–wish you could add the finishing kit instead of some of the notions that are pretty much useless–even willing to pay a little more to get the finishing kit included in the box.

    1. Elaine, I’m very sorry that the needle holder broke! A member of Customer Service will reach out to you by email to take care of this issue for you.

  6. Not my favorite. The fabric is nice, and the needles are always useful. However, most of us have dozens of calendars that come to us from various places and don’t really need another one. As for the needle holder — it fell apart when I opened the wrapper and is awkward to hold — not a good product. In fact, I think you should send all of us something of value to replace that needle holder! I’m glad this isn’t my first box from you — I usually like everything!!

    1. I had problems with the “lipstick” needle holder, how can it be opened unless pried open? I could not grasp either end and the tassel end would break off if pulled. Very, very disappointed in that notion!

  7. I’ve already made the quilt. I like the fabric which are colors I never buy. As far as the rest of the box – I don’t hand sew so won’t use the needles or the calendar & the needle holder? Almost broke it trying to open it. I didn’t know that it went up & down until I sew a uTube video on it. The November box had more goodies in it.

    1. I agree, I’m going to give most of it away. Can’t get the pincushion/needle holder open.

  8. I found the December box contents disappointing. What good is a 2022 calendar received in February? I already purchased all the calendars that I would need for this year.
    Valuing the block pattern at $4.98 is highway robbery! This was #9. Who pays $45 for a quilt pattern with 9 blocks?
    The tassle came off the pin holder as soon as I took it out of the box. Then it was incredibly difficult to open. The only items of real value were the jelly roll, the hand needles and the quilt pattern. I really do not feel as though I received the proper value of items for my subscription.

  9. Sorry FQS. Sadly, I must agree. This time around was not my favorite. I really didn’t care for anything. I sure hope the January and February boxes make-up for this one.

  10. WOW, I agree with so many that the December box was very disappointing…fabric is ok, as I do prefer “Moda” to other brands…. but the notions were very lacking !
    Far from an exciting box at all !

    1. We are so sorry the December box didn’t excite you as much as we had hoped for, I do hope you love next Sew Samper Box!

  11. I really didn’t like this box and will give most of it away. The needle holder is impossible to open, really the only thing I’d use in this box is the needles.

  12. I absolutely love the needle holder. Yes, the tassel was off the holder when I opened the package, but very easy to put back on and secure better. It is totally classy for someone that does a lot of needlework. The more one uses it, the easier it is to open. Much better this way than if it constantly fell apart. The rest of the box was very nice – especially the jelly roll.

  13. I was actually glad to hear that others had a problem with that needle case. First the tassel fell off, then the case was extremely hard to open—-too slick to get a grip. Finally the insert was so far down in the tube that the needles would have been to hard to get out. This was sad to wait so long for! And, that is not a “purse size” calendar unless you carry a tote bag. Nice fabric and pattern but overall not worth the wait or the money!

  14. Not my favorite box this month. Like the fabric but aside from the needles probably won’t use anything else in the box. If this had been my first box in the subscription I probably would not continue BUT this is the first box that has not been to my liking and I have LOVED my other boxes! Will definitely continue. I know that things are slow to come in and undoubtedly some things have had to be switched out in order to have items to send. Better luck with the next boxes!

  15. Definitely not my favorite. The needle case is hideous, hope that wasn’t what held up the Dec box.Talk about being late..the calendar was just that.
    Thinking of dropping my subscription.

    1. Hi Roz, I am truly sorry you did not love the December Sew Sampler box and really hope that next month brings back your excitement for the subscription!

  16. Wow not my favorite. Needles again? And the needle holder broke. I’m not sure what was on back order, the fabric was ok. I usually like at least 2 things in the box, not this time. Actually, last 2 boxes have been disappointing. Maybe because we had to wait for them. We are obviously seeing supply chain issues along with inflation. Perhaps it is time to re-structure the sampler box…..QUALITY versus quantity. The best boxes may be in the past.

  17. I too was not impressed with theDecember box. Fabric is ok, needles are too small for me to bother with and have no use for most of the other stuff. Last month wasn’t much better. Sorry!

  18. Well this was the first box I have received in over a year of being a member, that the box obviously didn’t have the quilter men in mind at all. Not that I expect a quilting club to cater to the guys at any point, really, but usually I like what comes in the boxes. This month was definitely for the ladies, however. Being that I don’t know anyone who sews, I’ll be bringing everything but the fabric to my local Thrift Store to sell to someone who needs it. I wasn’t thrilled with this month, in general, but I’ve always loved these boxes. The biggest issue I have with this month is that I don’t feel it was truly equal to the value of what we’ve paid for (almost $5 for the block pattern??) But one bad month in over a year is NOT bad for a monthly subscription… trust me on that one.

    1. Wade, I really appreciate your feedback and will definitely be sharing it with the FQS team. I’m sorry this month was a miss for you, and hope it was just this once… happy to keep you as a Sew Sampler subscriber, and cant wait for you to receive your next box!

  19. Well, after reading all the comments…I think folks were kind of rough on you! There are other boxes I’ve liked better, but, all in all, this one was fun to get, fun to open, like always. If I like the notions in the box…bonus! If not, I have plenty of places to gift them to. I’m looking forward to getting started on this pattern.

  20. I always love my Sew Sampler boxes!! I am always challenged to get outside of my usual taste. I also get notions that I probably wouldn’t purchase for myself and over the years, I have gotten some I can’t live without. It’s a little special surprise gift I give myself. I really appreciate all the time and effort for what I consider not a whole lot of money.

    1. Thank you Julie! That is really the most fun part of the surprise boxes, to gift yourself something you might not usually buy yourself. We are really happy to hear you are loving them, cant wait for you to see our next Sew Samper Box!

  21. Well, I’m really happy with the box. I love the jelly roll and the pattern and what I don’t use, I give to friends. Not every box is going to be perfect for everyone but I always enjoy getting a package in the mail and like I said, what I don’t use I like to give to my quilting friends. Thank you for the box! Sue

    1. Thank you so much Sue. Happy quilting and happy gifting, we love to hear you are spreading the excitement of the Sew Samper Boxes!

  22. I think this is my third box. I’m a country or garden gal at heart so the fabric was not my favorite but the needles and calendar will be used . Also the needle case will go to my grand daughter. But you have to cater to all tastes . Thank you

    1. Thank you so much Carolyn! I think your daughter will love to receive the beautiful needle case, it does make a great gift.

  23. I’m surprised by the responses. I found the box to be “not so desirable”, nor worth the money. The only item in the box worth anything is the 20-piece jelly roll. No need for the needles – I have plenty on hand. As for the Bejeweled Needle Holder – my hands can’t even grip it to open it, my hands slid and ripped off the tassel, no grip whatsoever. Mini calendar, come on…I can purchase a pocket calendar at the Dollar store. I know this is a negative response but this has been the most disappointing box I’ve received! Here’s to future worthwhile sew sampler boxes. Those who haven’t received theirs…no worries, not worth it.

    1. Hi Becky, I am so sorry you are disappointed in the December box. I really do hope you love the next box coming soon!

  24. I make lap quilts for a local memory care center for the men because they are mostly forgotten. Everyone wants to buy the pretty fabrics with flowers and bright colors. The December jelly roll of Celestial will be perfect for my next quilt donation. I even have the perfect accent fabric to go with it.
    While there are a couple of items I won’t use I have many sewing friends who are always thrilled to see what I may bring to our sew-Ins.

    It’s unfortunate there are so many unkind comments regarding the December box. We all purchase things that at some point we no longer want/need and what do we do with them? We don’t go back to the store and complain that we should never have bought it. We give it away, to family, friends or donate to a charity. We purchase these little blue boxes by faith. Anticipating each month like Christmas day.
    If there is an item, or items, you won’t use….gift them to family, sewing friends or a quilt guild. You will make others happy even if you are not.

    1. Hi Debbie, thank you so very much for your kind comment. I love to hear that you are quilting for your local memory care center! I’m also so happy to hear that you’re making use of everything in the boxes either for yourself or to share the excitement with others, that is truly the best way!

  25. Thank you Fat Quarter Shop!!! Love the box and love the notions. I think it is so much fun being surprised each month. Fabric is beautiful and truly appreciate the thought behind each trinket.

  26. This is my first negative review to leave here, I felt this was a sad little box. I’m happy with the jellyroll but everything else not so much. It looked like the original goodies maybe never arrived and you substituted to get the boxes out. Whatever the case, it was a miss for me.

  27. I didn’t get the calendar in my box. I thought no one got i, but maybe just my box. I really like the fabric and can’t wait to use it!

  28. There was so much anticipation for this box, and after opening it, I was thoroughly disappointed with each item.

  29. I was disappointed in this box, too. The fabric was just ok–don’t care at all for the pattern that came with it. The needles are handy, but I already have all I need. Terribly disappointed in the very strange needle holder. All of the fancy tassle was out of the holder. It was a mess all over inside of the box. Then I had all kinds of little tassle threads all over my couch when I opened it. And then when you try to open the top section, it is quite difficult and the little blob of stuffing inside is just a waste of effort. Don’t need another calendar for 2022. This is the first Sew Sampler box that has left me feeling that I wasted my money.

  30. I love the shape of the needle holder. I plan to remove the tassel and then, use it as a Christmas tree decoration. Every year when I hang it on my tree, I will think of the Fat Quarter Shop and the years I received their wonderful boxes. I love, love, love getting the boxes.

    I love the fabric and pattern this month and will be using the calendar to keep track of completed quilts this year!

    1. Debra, that is such a wonderful and thoughtful way to repurpose the tassel, I love it! We are so happy to hear you love this box, thank you.

  31. I am very grateful for the box – I really did need a new calendar for this year to carry in my bag – Amazed me that I didn’t get one – the fabric is very nice … I haven’t tried to open my little needle carrier but since I see there were problems with it will be extra careful. I know it has to be so hard to put these boxes together each month and I am grateful for the work you do. Thank you!