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Quilt Goals 2023: Let’s Make It Happen!

Are you looking for a way to challenge yourself and create something all-new this year? I have the perfect thing for you: Quilt Goals 2023! Setting a quilting goal that’s just a little outside your usual fare can be a great way to challenge yourself and make something amazing. Let’s make it happen in 2023 and make this year one to remember!

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Taking inspiration from the APQ Bucket List, I’m challenging myself to go out of my comfort zone this year by sewing a new type of quilt that I’ve never tried before.

Quilt Goals 2023 is all about tackling a new quilting technique or type of quilt that you’ve never made before. Declare your #QuiltGoals2023 to the world, and make it happen!

I’ve invited some friends to join me here on the blog to explore their personal quilt goals and see what they make, too! Read on to find out what they’re making.

To set the stage for success, here are a few tips…

Step 1: Set a Goal

Choose the quilt or skill you want to do, and write it down in as much detail as you can. Is there a special quilt that’s been on your bucket list for a while that you’ve been wanting to make, or is there a new skill you want to try such as paper piecing, curved blocks, hand applique, or tiny piecing? 

Step 2: Make a Plan

Decide when and how you’ll work on your project and write it down. Breaking your project into daily, weekly or monthly goals can make a daunting project achievable.

Step 3: Find Your Motivation

Many people find that sharing their goals with others gives them the accountability they need to spur them on. Sharing your intention with #QuiltGoals2023 can be the first step to committing to your plan. You’ll find a supportive group of quilters and cross stitchers to offer encouragement in my Facebook group, Kimberly’s Stitch Squad. For extra motivation, think about how good you’ll feel when you accomplish your goal, and how this project will enrich your understanding and appreciation of quilting.

Step 4: Get Inspired

There’s something about having friends around that helps make hard things easier. For support and inspiration, I invited some quilty friends to share their progress here on the blog. Each month on the blog a different quilter will share with us part of their journey to achieve their quilt goal.

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We are sew happy to have eight wonderful bloggers making projects to challenge themselves. Be sure to follow them for inspiration and check back on the blog the 4th Thursday of each month to see their projects!

February 23: Pat Sloan (@QuilterPatSloan) is sewing Tula Pink’s Butterfly Quilt.
March 23: Melissa Corry (@HappyQuiltingMC) will sew a duffle bag.
April 27: Sherri McConnell (@aQuiltingLife) will make an orange peel project.
May 25: Jemima Flendt (@TiedWithARibbon) plans to teach a friend to quilt.
June 22: Robin Pickens (@RobinPickens) will try her hand at cross stitching.
July 27: Wendy Chow (@the.WeekendQuilter) will make a quilt-as-you-go project.
August 24: Christopher Thompson (@the_tattooed_quilter) will make a bed-sized quilt.
September 28: Shereece Nicole (@SewHookedOnTreasures) has set her sights on a t-shirt quilt.
October 26: I’m going to sew a clamshell quilt!

Join in Quilt Goals 2023

Are there any new quilt projects you want to make or techniques you’re itching to try this year? Leave a comment below so we can cheer you on, and keep up with the fun with #QuiltGoals2023 on Instagram.

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  1. Make my granddaughter quilt for HS graduation “ Conservatory” quilt. I have it all cut out!!

  2. Kimberly,
    What is the printed list shown in these photos? A quilting shopping list? A retreat packing list? I looked on the website but didn’t see anything remotely similar. Do you carry it? Or can you tell me where I can buy it? Thank you!

    Debbie M.

    1. Look up “Sewing Retreat Packing List” on the FQS website and you’ll see the free printable.

  3. My goal is to learn more embroidery stitches and embroider wildlife animals and flora onto some extra large monkey wrench blocks I made in 2021 and to make some no sew crafts with all my fabric salvages (e.g., heart wreath on wire, Christmas trees with styrofoam cones). Thanks, FQS, for continued inspiration and all of your quilt alongs!

  4. I started a Quiltworx wedding ring quilt = curves and appliqué! I’m setting the goal to get it done by EOY with a stretch goal of finishing it by my parents’ 45th anniversary in late July! (If I have a prayer of finishing it by late July, I will be putting off a lot of other planned quilts!)

    1. JULY< JULY<JULY You can do it!! Just think of the looks on there faces when they open this beautiful Quilt up!! Tots worth all the others being set aside for another day!!! Please share your progress!!!!

  5. My goal is to purchase as much fabric as possible…LOL because I am already achieving this one. My goal is to start/finish 6 quilts this yr (I have lots of hobbies, so I need to balance my time), with the main goal of “perfecting” my points and the matching of my seams. Practice makes “perfect”.

    1. WOW I bow to you 6 quilts! I will be happy with one or two! Practice, Practice, Practice. You go girl

  6. My challenge to sew a little everyday, me time! Life has a way of robbing me of free time. I’m taking at least 30 minutes a day just for sewing, planning, organizing making me a priority.

    1. Hi Deb; I started doing this a couple of years ago & it is a game changer! Even if I just “putter–I feel so much calmer & get so much more done. Good Luck.

    2. Me time is very important. Not to lose ourselves in the day to day! Take the time, breath and do you!!!

  7. I am joining Chelsi of “Sherri & Chelsi” to sew one Heart block Every Day in the month of February. I have never challenged myself to sew a complete block Every Single Day–so it might be quite a struggle! I am hoping this will lead to a new habit for 2023.

  8. I doing several new techniques this year. Although I have been a sewist since I was 8 years old and a quilter since 1988 I have never pieced and quilted a laser cut top (this year is The Flower Farm) and I am finishing the Chicken Salad (Chicken Quilt) applique quilt by Lori Holt.

  9. I want to do an applique quilt. I have the pattern and some of the fabrics. I would like to start it in June. Too many other things in the queue to start before then. I am also challenging myself to relearn cross stitch. I have signed up for the mystery cross stitch in Feb. It may take me longer but that is okay.

  10. I actually have 2 this year!
    1. Attend my first quilt retreat
    2 Complete a QAL

    I am so excited for 2023 to really up my game in experience level.

    1. Retreat never been but looks so fun!! I am trying a QAL this year also. Doing it with Kimberly great instuctor. Experience is alway the best reward!! Have fun

      1. Hi Rhoda!

        A QAL is a Quilt Along! They are events sometimes local, but in our case virtual, allowing quilters to follow along together and connect with the community!

  11. I had shoulder joint replacement this month. My number one goal
    Is to be able to quilt again. My second goal is to do a QAL. My third goal is to do a scrap quilt from my stash.

  12. My goal this year is to make a Jen Kingwell quilt, Golden Days. It will require me to slow down and enjoy the process of making one quilt, rather than making a stack of quilts really fast. It fits well with my personal goal to slow down this year and give productivity a rest.

    1. SLowing down is hard when you are such a go getter. I beleive you can do this. I hope you share at the end of making this would love to see it.

  13. My goal is to make at least one quilt. Two years ago I made my first top. It was the Jane Austen reproduction coverlet, which then sat for two years because I was afraid I would mess it up when I tried to quilt it. The middle turned out amazing, but my borders puckered. I am going to trim down the borders and just bind the center. I did buy a second kit to try, try again. 😂

    I have a quilt started using Kansas Troubles Prairie Dreams fabric. I don’t have a pattern, but figure if I put together so many blocks across and so many down, it will turn into a quilt. I also have five stunning quilt kits I really want to make.

    So, I’m long on enthusiasm but short on skills. Fear of failure gets in the way often (because have you seen the cost of making a quilt???) so I do nothing. This year, however, I am making at least one quilt from start to finish. Wish me luck…I really need it!

    1. Laura I knew how you feel. I have watched Kimberly for a year now and haven’t made a quilt yet. I homeschool my six granddaughters so was using it as a excuse not to try. BUT this is awesome community of women and men. Have you sat in on FQS lives? You can ask any questions, pour your soul out or just listen and they are there to help.

      Money is a factor and is scarey to deal with especially if you let those demons of failure in. Just remember this is for you not the world and if the first is a little wonky then finish it and display it with pride. Remember the hardship and mistakes for they will make the next one even better. No one know the mistake are there but you. You can let it make you or brake you. Think of it as a cake. You always put the broken layer on the bottom then the second layer is a little better. the Third layer is great but when you frost it. Perfect!!!! NO one is perfect or even great the first time it takes practice and love of the game. I would love to see your first Quilt top. Keep going!!! You can do it!!

  14. I may join you with a clam shell quilt! My grandmother loved to make them with all of her scraps, flour sacks, sheets, whatever she had on hand. I hope you show some great tips, wait, I know you will!! Goal set!

  15. I have three bucket list goals for 2023
    1. learn to make a collage quilt ( even tho I am pretty sure this will be a one and done item)
    2. take a convertible back pack bag making class with my friend ( first outing in 3 years due to covid)
    3. I am working on a quilt to enter in my STATE FAIR. I am IN IT TO WIN IT!!

  16. My goal is to clean up my sewing and quilting rooms. It is so bad. I have piles of fabric every where and boxes of supplies so bought from FQ shop.Lol!! And I just retired. So I plan on getting lost in my sewing and quilting rooms.!!!!

    1. You go girl. Would love to see your backpack project. I was thinking on state fair too but first got to get my skills up to par. Love your goals.

  17. My goal is to Start quilting. Newbie here and I watched Kimberly for a year now. Getting my room done and setup for some awesome fun.

  18. I’m aiming to get comfortable with curved piecing this year. I have a few projects in mind, and one is going on retreat with me!

  19. So many goals for this year! (1) I’d like to try applique and English paper piecing, (2) Use at least one of the many templates I’ve purchased, (3) Sew at least one project from the dozens of quilting magazines and books I’ve collected ( and will continue to collect!) since I started quilting a couple of years ago, and ofcourse, (4) Schedule some time out of each week to sew! Good Luck to Everyone with their goals!

  20. I want to be put in contact with the other person who is going to do the orange peel quilt. I bought the pattern two years ago but did not realized that it was paper piecing. I bought the material, sent for the templates,(wondered why got a customs deceleration form for a package from Australia), I’ve cut majority of the pieces out and that is where I am. The whole quilt is paper pieced, it is totally overwhelming. I see that somebody else bought this pattern. I need somebody to stop me from pulling all my hair out.

  21. My challenge will be quilt as you go quilt, rag quilt. I also want to try cross stitch . I bought the Be Mine cross stitch pattern and supplies. i hope to have it finished by next year. i have never done cross stitching before.

  22. My challenge will be to make a collage quilt by Emily Taylor and a flower quilt by Melissa Bula. Along with working on a quilt along with Edita Sitar.

  23. I have always wanted to make a Irish Chain Quilt. Corey Yoder has a QAL this year for this, so I will definitely be making one with her.