What to Pack for a Quilting Retreat + FREE Packing Checklist

What to Pack for a Quilting Retreat + FREE Packing Checklist

Quilting retreats are fun whether you’re going to make some quilty friends, catch up on your projects, or just relax. They’re an opportunity for you to focus on your quilting and maybe learn something new.

Keep reading to see which items I’m packing for an upcoming quilt retreat, and get a FREE Sewing Retreat Packing List!

Here are some sewing essentials I’m packing to take on a week-long retreat.

Sewing Essentials


Foundation Papers

Sewing Station

Don’t forget – the most important thing is to bring what you like to use at home so you can work comfortably and efficiently! Everything on the Sewing Retreat Packing List is there as I’ve dialed in what works for me, but you can add the notions and supplies that work best for you. 

Project List

It is sew important that you have your list of projects figured out before you leave! From that you can select what patterns, and supplies to pack, and it also helps your productivity.

Here’s an example of what I’ve planned for a week-long retreat. I’ve listed them on my printed packing checklist:

  1. Great Granny – 20 Blocks
  2. Great Granny – Square in a Square
  3. Great Granny – Bonus
  4. Great Granny – Pillow
  5. Snail Trail – 36 Blocks
  6. Scrappy Strings – 80 Blocks
  7. Bliss QAL – Start
  8. Dwell – Log Cabin
  9. Moda Blockheads 4
  10. Great Granny Tablerunner

Sewing Retreat Packing Checklist

To make things even easier I’ve created a FREE downloadable Sewing Retreat Packing List. You can print it out, write things in, and check them off as you load up your luggage or your car for the journey ahead.

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Happy quilting!

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  1. I really enjoyed all that you packed for your upcoming retreat. Mine will have to be modified a bit as there are 3 going in my mini-van. There was 4 and I thought I might have had to leave my clothes at home but due to circumstances she can’t go, so there is no fear of me being naked. LOL

  2. I’m surprised FQS hasn’t started sponsored quilt retreats! That would be fun!

  3. Thanks for the list. It will help me when I get ready for a retreat in about 3 weeks. So much stuff. I think you forgot the starch.

    1. I’m thinking she probably pre-starched all her fabric before she goes. Kimberly is SEW efficient. But what a great checklist!

  4. This is a great list! Another thing to add is cleaning and oiling your sewing machine (per manufacturer’s instructions) before taking it to the retreat. A well running machine is worth its weight in gold to me!

  5. Thanks for the list. I love the container you have all your items in. Is there a pattern somewhere for that?

  6. I have a tool box that is always packed for retreat with all the essential tools, rulers cutters, blades, thread etc. I do not remove any of these things from this tool box at home while at retreat if do not have something I need I make a list and add that to it when I get home last time needed plyers so not have them in tool box. do not forget first aide kit.

  7. I love this list. I can use this for weekend house, hard to keep items for both houses. I would also add to the list a good seat cushion.