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Snail Trail Block Tutorial

An assortment of blocks completed using foundation paper piecing

The Snail Trail block was created in 1935, but the swirling shape and intricate piecing can make it daunting, especially for new quilters. Snail Trail Foundation Paper will have you creating those hard-to-make blocks quickly and perfectly!⁠

Video Tutorial

Today Kimberly is showing how to make this block without going as slow as snails! Watch the video for the tutorial, tips, and tricks for an easier time using foundation paper piecing.

This new foundation paper pad come in two sizes, 6″ and 12″. It’s beginner-friendly and gives you simple measurements and cutting directions to achieve point-perfect and impressive blocks every time.

Snail Trail Block Supplies

An assortment of supplies Kimberly used in creating her blocks

You’re ready to get piecing once you’ve got your supplies, including the foundation paper in your selected size! If you get stuck, refer to the directions on the paper piecing pad or back to Kimberly’s video tutorial above to refresh your memory.

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⁠These blocks will shine no matter what fabric you choose to use. Do you already have any ideas? Have you used foundation paper for hard-to-make blocks before? If yes, what have you made? If not, let’s get you started today!⁠

Share your Snail Trail blocks and quilted creations with us by using #SnailTrailFPP by tagging @fatquartershop on Facebook or Instagram so that we don’t miss anything you make. If you want, share as your using the foundation paper piecing too!

Need some inspiration? Check out our Classic & Vintage Quilt blog to see how Kimberly finished some past Snail Trail blocks with a Creative Grids Template.

Happy quilting!


  1. Thank you, Kimberly for this tutorial on making the Snail Trail Block! I have tried and had trouble to make this block. I will try to make this with these wonderful foundation paper pieced papers! I love these foundation paper pieced pads!

  2. Thanks for the video. I’m wondering, can you press the blocks with a dry iron, after removing the paper, if you’ve used the glue pen? I’m getting ready to order the foundation paper and the add a quarter ruler and wonder if I should include the glue. I like that the glue allows placing two pieces at once.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Kathleen, you can! Generally speaking, the glue pen you use to set the blocks won’t burn or gum up your iron.

  3. The fabric you used is so cute! What was the name of that fabric line, please?

  4. Thanks for sharing your tutorial. I have been wanting to make a Snail’s Trail for a long time. You make it look quick and easy.

  5. i am going to just love making this block. However on the the pattern you have a Print LC Cutting and Background LC Cutting. I cannot find the toggle to download.
    I am unable to buy your foundation paper, unfortunately.
    Please can you show me where i can cut the cutting instructions.

    Thank you.