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My Favorite Free Scrap Quilt Patterns for FQS Scrappy September!

Are you looking to get creative with your fabric stash this September? I’m sharing my favorite FREE scrap quilt patterns for Scrappy September this year. Using fabric scraps cuts down on waste, saves money and amps up creativity with different color combinations and designs. Read on to see the ones I love most!

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My Favorite Scrap Quilt Patterns

When looking for the perfect pattern for my leftover fabrics, I usually want a quilt that calls for almost entirely small pieces in the fabric requirements or cutting guide. Some advice for you, consider the size of your scrap stash and the scrap pieces themselves, then choose a quilt pattern accordingly.

From classic quilt blocks to modern designs, these scrap quilt patterns will inspire and whittle down those overflowing scrap bins.

Petit Four by Fat Quarter Shop

If you’re looking for something both fun and NEW for your project, the Petit Four Quilt Along is the perfect choice! Joining the quilt-along will give you the opportunity to connect with other quilters and keep you accountable throughout Scrappy September.

From October 2023 through April 2024, we’ll be sewing our way through this foundation-paper pieced quilt. We’ll have more details in the Petit Four Quilt Along blog post coming September 7. Until then, you can gather your scraps, the 4″ Foundation Paper Pad Set, and my Foundation Paper Piecing Starter Kit, so you’ll have everything you need to sew along!

Rail Fence Quilt by Fat Quarter Shop

The classic Rail Fence is where 2.5″ fabric strips rule the day. Quilters of any skill can find their dream quilt size with this free, downloadable layout guide. And if you love piecing patchwork quilts, the Rail Fence Quilt Pattern will surely become your go-to.

Rail Fence quilts can appear traditional or modern depending on fabric choices, and you really can’t go wrong here. Learn how to make your own in our Free Rail Fence Quilt Pattern blog post!

Log Cabin Quilt by Fat Quarter Shop

Log Cabin quilts have been a favorite among quilters for generations. The beauty of this design lies in its simplicity and versatility. Using fabric strips in different colors and widths, you can create stunning 4″6″, or 12″ Log Cabin quilt blocks that showcase your scrap stash beautifully.

If you plan to make a Log Cabin quilt, consider using our Log Cabin Quilt Size Pattern Guide. With its timeless appeal and endless design possibilities, the Log Cabin quilt is the perfect choice to turn scrap fabrics into stunning and meaningful quilts.

Star Streams by Fat Quarter Shop

The FREE Star Streams Scrap Quilt Pattern is a great way to use leftover fabrics from your quilt projects to make a new quilt! Have you heard about the Star Streams Scrap Quilt Pattern? It’s a beautiful and mesmerizing design that will make your scraps shine!

The pattern is written for classic piecing, but you can use foundation paper for improved accuracy. If you don’t have any of these papers, you can get them from Fat Quarter Shop! You can read all the Star Streams Quilt details in My 2023 Scrap Challenge blog post.

The Brick House Scrap Quilts by Fat Quarter Shop

Three quilts for the price of one, except they’re all free! I love the many options with the Brick HouseBig Brick House, and Bitty Brick House 2022 Scrap Quilt Patterns. 

Brick House Quilt by Fat Quarter Shop for Scrappy September

If you’ve been following along for the last couple of years, you know how much I love the Brick House Scrap Quilt and that I have put it into my permanent rotation for using my scraps and fabric cap sets. You won’t regret choosing one of these as your next stash buster!

A close up of the Brick House Quilt for Scrappy September

BONUS: Scrappy Strings from Scrappiness is Happiness by Lori Holt

If you love scrappy quilts, you can also check out Scrappiness is Happiness by Lori Holt for even more scrappy fun. Scrappy Strings is just one of the many incredible designs made for using up your scrap pile in Scrappiness is Happiness! It’s another one of my favorite scrappy quilt designs!

This year I’ve taken scraps from various fabric collections to make the Scrappy Strings Quilt from Scrappiness is Happiness.

Gift Certificate Giveaway!

Now that you have a great selection of patterns to choose from, I would love to know which pattern you’ll be sewing your scraps up with! I’ll be checking on your progress throughout September as you post on Instagram with #FQSScrappySeptember. You can post your scrap stash, your quilt progress and your finished projects.

If you post between September 1 and September 30 using #FQSScrappySeptember you’ll be entered to win one of three $25 Fat Quarter Shop Gift Certificates. You can enter as many times as you like throughout the month sewing with any pattern or stash-busting technique. I will announce the three winners on Instagram on October 2.

Share with Us!

We are sew excited to see what you make from your fabric stash this September! Share your scrappy creations with us on Facebook and Instagram, and tag @fatquartershop so we can see and share your work.

What are your favorite tricks to working with or organizing your fabric scraps? Don’t forget to leave a comment below telling us.

Happy Quilting!


  1. I’m a retired teacher so I took the plastic drawer rolling organizers that I used in class to organize my scraps. Each clear drawer is a different color. Within each drawer are stacks of different size squares following the Lori Holt method. Separate drawers hold strips, triangles & leftover orphan blocks. Every quilt I make I add in some old scraps to personalize the quilt & make it unique.

    1. I want to make some of the brick house quilts and the scrappy strings. I also love the Star quilt! Thanks for sharing these ideas!!!

  2. I have tin laganza pans that I use after I cut a block. I started using the Design Boards and they work well too, but I only have so many of those. I bought the tin pans at Sams in a pack of 30. the pattern will go on top of it and then layer the next one. Super easy and organized.

  3. I am going to start working on a string quilt with a rectangular foundation paper so my ending design with be diamond shaped.

  4. I am getting ready to start Scrappy Strings. I have been collecting strips from my friends other quilts for awhile. My best organization tip: do not let your scraps pile up. Cut them up and put them in containers.

  5. I love the Petit Four medallion quilt and have all of the paper already! Some are from Sew Sampler Boxes. I’m going to make it, then expand it by adding more borders.
    Now I need to get my scraps organized for sewing.

  6. I love the brick house! I am absolutely using that with my scraps. I may make a table runner or placemats, but we’ll see what the month brings.

  7. I love your newest scrappy design, Star Streams. Brick House is a fun scrappy design as well. So I intend to use one of these patterns. Thanks!

  8. I’ve been saving scraps for Scrappy Strings. I’ve been cutting different sizes of strips and storing them in a project bin. September is as good a time as any to start my blocks!

  9. My precuts addiction developed during the pandemic and now I’m hooked! Began using clear plastic shoe boxes to store leftover charm squares and jelly roll strips by color values or genres. They’re easily viewed without opening boxes and digging through containers.
    Really appreciate tips and tricks posted by all!

  10. Rail fence! I have so many left over jelly roll strips. I will be printing off your brick houses pattern – this could become a new go-to for me as well. It’s so cute!

  11. I’ve always wanted to do a house quilt and this is my chance. I am also excited about using my scraps. Can’t wait to start

  12. I want to make a scrappy strings quilt. I’m not super comfortable combining different designers or collections, but I think I can easily do a “controlled scrappy” with the TONS of @loriholt fabric I have.

  13. I did the Brick House for my 17year old grandson- which he absolutely loves – so i’d like to try the string quilt.

  14. I’m addicted to quilting. Just sent two more off to the long arm quilter. I am now working on a quilt that is called ugly quilt or sick quilt. It is the same idea as the string quilt just using shorter pieces. Happy quilting to all.

  15. I’m passionate about quilting and recently dispatched two more quilts to the long-arm quilter. Currently, I’m engrossed in crafting a quilt affectionately known as the “ugly quilt” or “sick quilt.” This project follows the same concept as a string quilt, but with shorter fabric pieces. Wishing joyful quilting endeavors to everyone!

  16. I absolutely love the PetitFour quilt and will definitely sew along with you. I already have most of the papers needed, and I love doing FPP. So many scraps to use up! I’m also doing a hexie project to make pillow shams to go with the quilt I’ve nearly finished using several French General collections. So basically I’m redoing my bedroom decor. I love having scrap projects to turn to for a change of pace.

  17. I was gifted a laundry basket full of men’s silk tie scraps and will be making a rail fence quilt with varied strips. I first washed all scraps in hot water and put in dryer on hot. This way I was able to eliminate non washable scraps and avoid laundering issues in future. Next I ironed on lightweight fusible interfacing and will cut varied size strips and sew them into blocks. I am really excited about this project!

    1. Hi Betty! I just had to reply and say that is so cool! If you use social media please be sure to tag us in photos of your finished quilt. It sounds like such a unique and cool idea I’d love to see it! 🙂

  18. I am finishing up Scrappiness is happiness with the last 5 squares to go. I am also starting pat Sloans chicken salad with left over Lori holt material. (Keep it in it’s own container until I have enough to do a project. Do the same with Corri Yoder fabrics. I have made several Scrappy quilts because I have a collection that I keep adding to with each new quilt that I make. Happy scrapping ya’ll

  19. Scrappy strings is my absolute favorite block. Any size, any colors, they always look fantastic!