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How to work with Textured Backgrounds

Solid backgrounds work well in quilts but have you tried a textured background? We did a post about white backgrounds using Bella Solids from our favorite Moda designers and, with the recent influx of cross weaves and linens, wanted to do a follow up to that post with textured backgrounds! While we love solids, the subtle variegation of color in these different substrates gives a softer feel to the color. Here are some of the favorites of our quilty friends and fabric designers:

  1. Grunge Basics Gris Grunge Yardage (SKU# 30150-278) from Mon Ami by BasicGrey for Moda Fabrics
  2. Metallic Essex Yarn Dyed Fog Yardage (SKU # E105-444) from Essex by Robert Kaufman Fabric
  3. Cross Weave Black on Grey Yardage (SKU # 12119-53) from Cross Weave by Moda Fabric

Now that we have some of our favorite backgrounds, the question arises: what can you make with them? Here are some coordinating patterns that you can use these backgrounds in:

  1. Grunge Basics Gris Grunge YardageIt’s Sew Emma’s Summertide Pattern uses this textured background to make the foreground fabrics pop!
  2. Metallic Essex Yarn Dyed Fog YardageViolet Craft uses SKUs from the Essex collection to use as background in many of her quilt patterns!
  3. Cross Weave Black on Grey YardageCamille Roskelley’s favorite background that can be found used in many of her patterns, including the iconic All Bundled Up and Cakewalk Quilt Patterns! It’s also the background fabric used in the 2019 Charity Quilt, the Threadology Quilt!

Now that you’ve got a handle on some of our favorite textured backgrounds, what project will you take on? Check out our free quilt patterns for inspiration! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Happy Quilting!

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  1. Just wondering if you have found that the cross weaves fray more than the regular cotton fabrics… it would seem with the slightly looser weave, that it might.