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Moda Designers Love Bella Solids

No white after Labor Day?! Who are we kidding! We love white, and so do Moda Fabric designers. White fabric is the doorway to so many options for unique color combinations! But with a variety of white solid options, it can be difficult to tell the difference between white hues in the Moda Bella Solids collection, especially when you’re looking at a fabric swatch on your computer or screen.

Today, we’ll show you some photo comparisons of Moda Fabric Designer’s most-used whites and their favorite solid, accompanying colors!


1. Me & My Sister’s Designs along with Kate Spain often use White Bleached (SKU# 9900-98).

2.  Bonnie & Camille, Sherri McConnell, and Vanessa Goertzen’s go to is Bleached White PFD (SKU# 9900-97).

3.  This solid may be mistaken for a true white, but is more of an ivory color! Joanna Figueroa and Sherri McConnell use Ivory (SKU# 9900-60).

4.  Sweetwater favors Porcelain (SKU# 9900-182).

5.  American Jane and Minick & Simpson’s favorite is Etchings Stone (SKU# 9900-178).

6.  Jen Kingwell often uses Fog (SKU# 9900-282).

7.  Brenda Riddle and Bunny Hill prefers this Off-White hue (SKU# 9900-200).



Now that we’ve got our basic whites distinguished – let’s throw in some color! Here are some of Moda Fabric designer’s favorite solids to pair with classic whites:

1.  Ruby Ice (SKU# 9900-169) and Bleached White PFD from Bonnie & Camille.

2.  Pastel Blue (SKU# 9900-247) paired with White Bleached as used by Me and My Sisters Designs and used with Graphite (SKU# 9900-202) as chosen by Kate Spain.

3.  Cherry (SKU# 9900-230) with Porcelain from Sweetwater.

4.  Celery (SKU# 9900-72) with Off White by Bunny Hill.

5.  Gray (SKU# 9900-83) and Fog pair well from Jen Kingswell.

6.  3 Sisters Pink (SKU# 9900-145) paired with Etchings Stone used by Minick & Simpson.

Now that you’ve got a handle on commonly used whites in the Bella Solids collection, what project will you take on? Check out our free quilt patterns for inspiration! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!




  1. Fog is my new favorite "white". I am using it for the first time in my moda modern building blocks quilt…it has a perfect hint of gray!!

  2. This is one of the most helpful posts you've done. Without a live quilt shop close it's hard to imagine what else could be used and be diff. Thanks. Needed those product numbers.

  3. I have really appreciated your post on the different 'white' background fabrics. It has been difficult for me to venture outside of my usual white or grey. I just might find a new favorite. Thank You :)!

  4. I was really interested to read this post! I just ordered a full bolt of Porcelain recently, because I noticed that this shade was part of a Sweetwater bundle I had. I'd love to see more posts like this…solid selection is as much fun as shopping for paint shades, and a whole lot less messy!

  5. This post was extremely helpful. I too would love to see some articles about different solid colors used. I don't have a quilt shop anywhere near me that sells Moda solids and I never know what shade of a color works best with different designer collections.

    I save any color information that I can find. Camille Roskelley once listed her favorite solids in one of her blog posts a few years ago. I often refer to that article to remember which solids work with Bonnie and Camille fabric collections.

  6. Excellent post! I'm sure everyone is happy to see this for future comparisons. I dislike buying white because I'm never sure how bright or dull it might be once it's deliver. This will help me tremendously! Thanks so much ????