Sew a Fabric Flower Bouquet Wrap from Linen

How to Create Your Own DIY Fabric Wrapped Bouquets

DIY fabric-wrapped bouquets are a beautiful, creative, and sustainable way to add a special touch to your floral arrangements. In this blog post, we’ll share a step-by-step tutorial for sewing your own DIY fabric bouquet wrap.

A reusable bouquet wrap made from linen fabric is an easy and affordable way to cover your bouquets and give them an elegant and timeless look. Keep reading to find out how to make one!

Our fabric of choice for this project is Essex Yarn Dyed Linen by Robert Kaufman. We love the neutral look with a hint of texture! The Essex Linen fabrics by Robert Kaufman are a blend of 55% Linen, 45% Cotton, and they come in a wide range of styles suited to quilting, apparel, and home decor.

The Regular Essex Linen comes in 56 beautiful colors. It’s nice to add to quilts for added texture, and Elizabeth Hartman has several quilts that use Essex. The Essex Yarn Dyed Linen has more texture created by weaving white and colored fibers together and comes in over 40 colors. Yarn-Dyed Homespun has the boldest woven texture of them all, which is so pretty to see and feel. For added sparkle, there’s a collection of Metallic Essex Linens and even a heavy Canvas fabric that’s ideal for home decor.

The Essex Collection Color Card is useful for seeing the full range of Essex Linen fabric swatches.

DIY Bouquet Wrap Supplies

With just a few items, you can make a beautiful fabric craft to wrap your flower bouquet.

Steps to Make a Reusable Bouquet Wrap

After selecting your fabric, you can prewash it if you’d like, but this step is optional.

1. Hem the edges of your fabric. We used a Clover Hot Hemmer to set a fold about one-third of an inch wide, then folded and pressed again.

2. With a matching thread (we used Aurifil 50wt in Light Sand), sew a line all around the hem, about a quarter-inch from the outer edge to secure the hem.

3. Repeat this step on all four sides of your fabric.

How to Wrap a Flower Bouquet

Wrapping a flower bouquet is quite simple and only takes a few steps.

1. First, turn the square of linen fabric so that one corner forms a point. (Linen wrinkles easily, but that’s part of the charm.)

2. Then, fold the bottom up. This creates a pocket for your flowers. Tuck the stems of the flowers into this fold.

3. Pull the sides of the fabric over and cut a 30″ length of ribbon. We used the Stitching with the Housewives Black 0.75” Ticking Stripe Ribbon and love how it looks with this Flax Linen!

4. Tie the ribbon around your bouquet wrap, and it’s ready to gift!

Creating a reusable bouquet wrap with linen fabric is a great way to make an eco-friendly, beautiful accessory for any occasion. These bouquet wraps are perfect for everyday use, special events, such as weddings and anniversaries, or an extra touch on a hostess gift. With a few basic supplies and some patience, you can make a beautiful and unique bouquet wrap that you can use again and again. After the bouquet is received, it can also have a second life as a washable napkin or table topper under a vase.

Fabric Giveaway! – CLOSED

Updated 5/10/2023: Congratulations to Katherine K Morvay our giveaway winner!

And now for a giveaway! Here’s your chance to win the Essex Collection Color Card and 2 yards of the Essex Linen fabric of your choice! To enter, leave a comment below telling us your favorite flower!

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Happy Sewing!


  1. Lavender is my favorite flower. I love the way it looks and smells. It’s very versatile and can be used in all kinds of decorating and displays.

    1. Lilacs are my favorite. Their scent is just heavenly and takes me back to my childhood in the Midwest where they grew in everyone’s yard.

  2. What a wonderful idea to give to someone who loves flowers. Thank you for the idea.

  3. My favorite flower is gladiolus. I love how they grow straight up and stand for moral integrity, and remembrance.

  4. As a Texan (born and raised), bluebonnets are my Favorite flower. Seeing those miles and miles of bluebonnets on the highways and back roads in the spring give one’s spirit a lift. They never fail to make Texas even more beautiful than it is already.

  5. My favorite flower is the pink stargazer lily. It’s so beautiful and I love the fragrance!!

  6. I love to grow dianthus in my flower beds. Their aroma is so sweet to me and there are a lot of color variations.

  7. My favorite flowers are Marguerites or white daisies. They would look beautiful wrapped in some green linen.

  8. My favorite tends to change with the seasons and even then I can’t pick just one! Lol! In the spring its tulips, violets and Lily of the valley. Soon it will be irises, zinnias and peonies. In the fall I love mums best! And black-eyed Susan’s.

  9. My favorite flower is any Day Lilly. Great idea and with specific instructions, it is a helpful use of fabric.
    I have done this before, wrapping packages of flower bulbs…most appreciated!

  10. I grew up watching my mother tend to her flower garden. The best memories because this made her so happy, to be out in the sun with her flowers. I remember her creeping Phlox the most as it always filled in the gaps in the garden. That would be my favorite garden flower.

  11. This bouquet wrap is absolutely beautiful. I can’t wait to make one to wrap around a bouquet of peonies. Thank you for the pattern.

  12. My favorite flowers are hydrangeas. Since their stems and foliage are larger, I will use your direction but make a larger square, giving ample room for the leaves and bloom to lay gracefully.
    Thank you for the simple and elegant way to display and give flowers!

  13. What flower isn’t my favorite !!! Lilacs were my Dad’s favorite, so they remind me of him. In the early spring, lily of the valley are always a welcome fragrance. But I will choose poppies because of the poem, In Flanders Fields by John McCrae. It makes me remember all the many soldiers who lost their lives fighting for our freedeom . . . something we should never forget.

  14. My favorite flower is the Lily of the valley! Such a heavenly fragrance. Love the idea of presenting a gifted bouquet in the linen wrap.

  15. Daisies made up my wedding bouquet and cake topper. In my garden, they are long lasting and vibrant!

  16. The gardenia is my favorite. I love the fragrant, creamy color of the flowers. This is a beautiful line of fabrics and an eloquent way to present flowers.

  17. It’s a toss up between peonies and roses for my favorite flower. No question that linen has to be my all time favorite fabric for garment sewing, hand embroidery, and quilting.

    1. The Iris is my favorite flower. It reminds me of my late grandmother as she always had them in her yard

  18. Fresh, clean, simple, bright, joyful carnations are my favorite flower!! They are the happiest of all the flowers and always create smiles!!

  19. Yellow roses, tulips in any color and daisies are my favorite flowers. Can’t choose only one. Lovely idea for presenting someone with a bouquet! Thank you.

    1. Congrats Katherine you’re our giveaway winner! Please check your email!

  20. I love the Columbine, colorado stste flower. It is so lady like it makes me think of the pioneer women braving the tall snow capped mountains of Colorado (God’s Country).

  21. Flower favorite? Its like asking which child is my favorite! I hold a special place for columbine and my variety of daffodils is great, I miss my old peony at my old house, and my azaleas. I tend to find ANY flower amazing and love to just look at them. My daughter in law does too and we try to go to real professional gardens just to enjoy time together and appreciate the flowers.

  22. White & yellow roses. When my husband was alive he always sent me roses in those colors. It’s nostalgic to think about. I love RK Essex linen. We got some in the Threadology charity quilt & in a sew sampler box by Elizabeth Hartman. The quilt was called Banana Leaves. It’s so cute! Thanks for everything FQS y’all are the best!

  23. Such a great idea. I have always been partial to pink carnations, though I do love all flowers. ♥️

  24. Perfect flower combination, all my favorites: sunflowers, daisies and baby’s breath. Thank you for the suggestion of the metallic fabric. Res is my favorite color, hope the manufacturer adds other color selections!

  25. This is so pretty and a fresh take on a bouquet of flowers. Makes me excited for summer blooms

  26. This is a nice idea. I like Freesias for their fragrance and vibrant colors.

  27. Very organic my favorite flowers are peonies and tulips I love the way cut tulips move in a vase and peonies are beyond beautiful.

  28. Sun Flowers are my favorites flowers, they come in a variety of colors,heights, petals, leaf shapes and I love the way they follow the sun as they turn their heads to thank the Lord for another wonderful day to show his glory.

  29. My favorite flower is the sunflower. I planted some last year and they look amazing!

  30. Beautiful and just in time for giving away our garden flowers! My favorite flower is the humble zinnia….such a cheerful flower.

  31. I have so many favorites, but peonies are always a favorite for fragrance and beauty. They remind me of my parents and grandparents because they were always plentiful in their flower gardens. I love the idea of a linen wrap for the flowers and that it serves a table scarf or napkin too.

  32. My favorite flower is the iris. I love how they come in so many colors and are some of the first flowers to bloom here in Louisiana.

  33. I really like lilacs, ht wish they would flower all summer long. So I guess my most favorite then would be geraniums because of their vivid color and strong presence! Any flower bouquet would look lovely in your linen wrap.

  34. I love the vibrant red geraniums ~ especially when they are in clay pots on a porch bannister or window sill.

  35. Oh, my! How haven’t ever thought about it? Omw to the sewing machine!

  36. I have 2 favorite flowers, Lilac because they remind me of my Great Grandmother and daisies because they are a happy flower.

  37. Love this idea! Anything that leads us to think more about sustainability is a win in my book, and when it also makes a beautiful gift? Genius!

  38. I love daisys and carnations because they both last a long time.

  39. What a great way to gift fresh flowers! I would love to fill my Essex linen wrap with sunflowers.

  40. My favorite flowers are hollyhocks. This is a clever and elegant way to give them as gifts. Thank you for all your free resources and inspiration!

  41. It’s hard to choose one flower. I like azalea, peony, tulips, & hydrangea.

  42. My favorite flowers are DAISIES! I carried DAISIES and white rosebuds in my wedding bouquet 47 years ago this month. A sweet memory.

  43. its has to be a Stargazer Lily for me….not only beautiful, but the fragrance!!

  44. Lilacs in the spring are my favorite because they smell wonderful and I know warmer weather is coming.

  45. My favorite flowers no contest, peonies. Growing up I remember their amazing scent and beauty. My great grandmother had several amazing red peony bushes and one white bush that her grandmother brought with her when she married.

  46. What a clever and fun idea!
    My favorite flowers are hollyhocks in the garden and daisies for in our home 🙂

  47. My favorite flower are violets. Especially when they appear in the middle of a lawn.

  48. My favorite flower is the blue rose. My second favorite are Shasta daisies.

  49. I love Hydrangeas! They come in such beautiful colors. I love it when then colors mix. Blueish and purple together and the pinks are gorgeous also. I bring in the white tipped in the green and put them in a vase. It makes a lovely centerpiece.

  50. I love flowers but carnations are my favorite. There are so many colors and the slight spicy fragrance is heavenly!

  51. My favorite flower is the Alstroemeria for its lasting ability as a cut flower. My other favorite is the peony for its beauty and wonderful fragrance. But, I do love all flowers whether scented or fragrant.

  52. Tulips are my favorite flower. Wish they were available year round!

  53. I love roses. I have five rose bushes of different colours, I love roses that much. But I will love a bouquet of any kind of flowers. For my wedding I had tiger lilies with white roses.

  54. Daffodils are my favorite flower. I just love the bright yellow colors. It is also one of the first signs of spring. It is a sign of all the beautiful things to come.

  55. What a beautiful idea. I will use it for my niece’s graduation bouquet!! Thanks

  56. When I was a little girl, I watched my mother plant Iris bulbs around the base of a Maple tree in our yard. A few years later we moved and she dug up a few bulbs to plant at the new house. When I married, she gave me a few bulbs to plant in my yard. When I moved many years later, I took some of those bulbs with me to plant around the base of the tree in my current home. Three years ago she sold her house and moved into an independent living community. Every Spring since she moved, I bring her a large vase of Iris blooms. She turns 91 this August.

  57. Thanks for the tutorial-this is a cute idea! Peonies are my favorite flowers!

  58. Pansies and the smaller violas are my favorite flowers. They were a favorite of my mother and her grandmother. I live at a high altitude and I always have success growing them.

  59. My favorite flower is the Gerbera Daisy, so bright and cheerful! Thanks for the tutorial.