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Announcing the Best Friends Quilt Along

We’re putting the “sew” back into your social life with the Best Friends Quilt Along! Invite one, two or all of your quilty BFFs to create a beautiful quilt together.

Make it a modern-day quilting bee as a block swap for everyone to piece their own quilt or pool your blocks together into one quilt to share. No matter which way you do it, every stitch of this friendship quilt will be fun and fulfilling!

The Best Friends Quilt Along will last for five weeks, from January 7 – February 4, 2021.

For this quilt along, Lori and I are each sewing half of the blocks to make a complete quilt. More than the finished quilt, this quilt along is about the process of making it together (from afar).

2021 marks the 10 year anniversary of our friendship! I was introduced to Lori Holt just like everyone else. This awesome quilt designer in Utah was doing these amazing quilt alongs online, and I was following right along like the rest of her fangirls. I had never seen anybody make quilts like hers, and I just loved them. I spotted her at the 2011 Spring Quilt Market in Salt Lake City and did not even hesitate. I went right up to her and introduced myself!  “Surprise” is probably a nice way to describe her reaction because she had no clue who I was, but that was just fine. I told her how much I loved her work and went on my way.

Afterward, I managed to get her phone number and invited myself over (yes, I know!) to her house to film some videos for our YouTube channel, which was new at the time. We had started to email as I asked for color and fabric advice on her quilt alongs, so I wasn’t a complete stranger by that point!

The very first time we filmed at her house, she mentioned talking to a few publishing companies to put her quilt along (Quilty Fun) into a book, but she wasn’t feeling certain. We had just published our first It’s Sew Emma book (Simply Fat Quarters), and so right away I said we could do it!

The rest is history (in this case, our story! 😊)  I’m so happy to have a BFF like Lori. We couldn’t be more different, but it works for us just great! If you could measure friendship in quilts, we would need a few hundred bolts. In the meantime, this Best Friends quilt is our little way of celebrating 10 years of quilty friendship!

About the Quilt

The quilt is made from four classic blocks – Log Cabin, Economy, Pineapple and Courthouse Steps.

The FREE Best Friends Quilt patterns include fabric requirements and instructions for 6″ blocks and 12″ blocks. 6″ blocks make a lap-size quilt that measures 48.5″ square. 12″ blocks make a queen-size quilt that finishes at 96.5″ square. This is ideal for a “swap”, guild or friendship project because the papers make your blocks turn out the same size!

Visit the Best Friends Quilt Along page for the complementary fabric bundles. You can use the Fabric Requirements as a general guide if shopping your stash, as this quilt is perfect for using scraps. The 6″ foundation paper pads are good to use with 1.5″ strips and 5″ squares, while the 12″ foundation paper pads pair well with 2.5″ strips and 10″ squares.

For the finishing touch, some ric rac adds a nice detail to the bound edges, and we’re using Large Vintage Trim in Riley Coral to match. If you want to see how to add Vintage Trim to quilt binding, check out this tutorial.

The quilt is made from 4 different foundation paper piecing pads: Log Cabin, Pineapple, Economy, Courthouse Steps. The pattern is written for use with Foundation Paper Pads by It’s Sew Emma. We find that there are a few tools that come in handy, such as:

We’ve put together a quick tutorial to show you how to use the foundation paper. This Economy Block tutorial employs the same basic technique used for each of foundation paper pads, and each one has a video tutorial to show you how they work.

Supplies for the Lap-Sized Quilt

Supplies for the Queen-Sized Quilt

Who’s Sewing Along?

We invited some quilty friends to sew along with us and they’re sharing their progress along the way! You can follow them on social media for inspiration and tips along the way!

Hilary Jordan, @byhilaryjordan
Carol B, @cattrio4me
Tina, @tina1802
Marisa Wilhelmi, @marisawilhelmidesigns
Jen Van Orman, @heritage.threads
Haley Anderson, @happinessinthemaking
Vicki Holloway @vickilhollowayquilting
Angel, @halo.inspirations
Kristie, @crosshatchquilts
Jessica Dayon, @jessicadayon
Amber Johnson, @gigis_thimble
Lori Holt, @beelori1
Kimberly Jolly, @fatquartershop

Join us for the Best Friends Quilt Along!

Right-click to download the image.

You can share the badge above to show you’re participating. Be sure to hashtag your progress with #BestFriendsQAL on Instagram and Facebook so we can see and share your work! Lori Holt will be sharing updates on her blog, Bee in My Bonnet, and Instagram page so be sure to check those out!

Please join us back here on The Jolly Jabber on Thursday, January 7, 2021, for week one. We’ll sew the Log Cabin Blocks! I’ll also be showing the blocks each week on Livestream each Friday at 9 AM CT, so don’t forget to subscribe to the Fat Quarter Shop YouTube channel to catch the fun!

Until then, Happy Quilting!

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    1. Piggy is Kimberly’s dog. He is a pug. Lily made “Super Piggy” as a graphic to use when thanking people for contributing money “Super Chats” during the livestream.

  1. I’m confused by this paragraph from above: Please join us back here on The Jolly Jabber on Thursday, February 4 for week one. We’ll sew the Log Cabin Blocks! I’ll also be showing the blocks each week on Livestream each Friday at 9 AM CT, so don’t forget to subscribe to the Fat Quarter Shop YouTube channel to catch the fun! Should the start date be Thursday January 7th?

    1. Thank you for pointing that out Karen! I meant to say January 7. That’s the actual start date.

  2. Oh MyGosh. I cannot wait to do this sew along. I have all of Kimberly’s foundation paper and I absolutely love them.

    Happy Quilting to You All

    1. We have the fabric requirements available for you here

      These are the basics. The Bee Backgrounds are used for the blocks, and the Best Friends Bee Background bundles are used for the large white corner squares and areas around the edge of the quilt. Of course, you can always make this from fabrics you have on hand. These are our suggestions for those who want to re-create the look of Kimberly and Lori’s quilt. Please let me know if you have anything else I can help you with!

      What You Need to make the Lap Quilt:
      • Bee Basics 10” Stacker
      • Bee Backgrounds 10” Stacker
      • Best Friends Backgrounds Fat Quarter Bundle
      • 5/8 yard C6405-CORAL (Binding)
      • 3 1/4 yards C6391-GRAY (Backing)
      • Riley Coral Large Vintage Trim #STVT-2656

      What You Need to make the Queen Quilt:
      • Bee Basics Fat Quarter Bundle
      • Bee Backgrounds Fat Quarter Bundle
      • Best Friends Backgrounds One Yard Bundle
      • 1 yard C6405-CORAL (Binding)
      • 8 7/8 yards C6391-GRAY (Backing)
      • Riley Coral Large Vintage Trim #STVT-2656

    2. I love the dresden flower in the background of your photo. Is that available as a pattern?

  3. I love Lori and all of her things she makes. But I have to say that getting questions answered, understanding everything that is being said, trying to purchase items, etc. is very hard, very hard. I am not a novice at quilts or other things, but help is very important. Sorry. Mary K. Ingram

    1. I’m sorry about that Mary. We try to respond to blog comments within 24 hours. If there’s anything specific I can help you with please let me know.

      1. For the large quilt, you could get by with 5 yards for the setting alone, but we’d recommend 8 total yards for the setting and background on the blocks. For the small quilt, you can use 2 yards for the setting and two 10″ stackers for the blocks (or 1.5 yards of background and 1.5 yards of prints).

  4. So your fabric requirements seem to only cater to those buying from y’all. If we are shopping our stash, how much total background do we need?

    1. Hi Juddaca, For the smaller quilt, I would go for about 8 Fat Quarters for background in the setting/finishing. For the larger quilt, we recommend an 8 yard bundle to make it exactly like ours, but you could get by with about 5 yards.

    1. No, I’m sorry but we don’t have a package like that. You are welcome to sew it without foundation papers if that makes it easier.

    1. You can starch if you like, but when using foundation papers Kimberly does not use starch because the paper gives the structure to the fabric.

  5. I would love to know total yardage for the background. I would like to do just one fabric for all of the background. Can anybody tell me that? Its a beautiful quilt.

    1. For the large quilt, you could get by with 5 yards for the setting alone, but we’d recommend 8 total yards for the setting and background on the blocks. For the small quilt, you can use 2 yards for the setting and two 10″ stackers for the blocks.

  6. Thank you for the info on yardage for the quilts. It really helps those of us on a budget and/or shopping our stash.

  7. This is going to be great since I started doing log cabins 6″ in Jan when Kimberly started. Unfortunately I was in the hospital for about 2 months and didn’t get my sew-jo back till July. I had to catch up on DM2019 & Bloomington.
    But I’m so happy to be healthy again & my first project in July was seeing the #jellysnowflake I made 2 & finished the DM2019 & LaCasita in the #sewsamplerbox. I’m looking forward to the best friends qal & Moda log cabin starting today. Y’all are the best in customer service and I can say that because I call a lot lol thank you FQS for making me happy! 💘 😻 💜 💛 💚

  8. I was wondering, the image that we are aloud to download, I have an embroidery machine- is it permissible for us to stitch out a quilt label for ourselves using the image to put on our quilt?
    I would love to make one for my bestie and I for ours

  9. Will there be a Facebook group for this sew along? I’m participating in Sewcialites and loving it. I’m hoping to share a similar experience with my sister with BFF sew along. If so, how can I find it? Thanks everyone at FQS for these wonderful sew alongs!

    1. There won’t be a Facebook group for the sew-along- but Kimberly will be updating and talking about the sew along each week on our Friday Livestream!

  10. Hi, I have gathered my friends, but I only have the 6″ papers and of course they all want to do the queen! Are the cutting measurements the correct size for each strip if you don’t have the foundation papers for the Log Cabin Block? I can’t get the papers here by tomorrow. I really want to keep my friends engaged and start tomorrow if possible. what should I do? I am cutting 5 kits so really need some advice. Thanks for yet another great quilt-along by the way!

    1. If you’re not using FPP you can google 6″ finished block (and the name of the block) or 12″ finished block, and find instructions pretty easily. I hope that helps!

  11. Do we go to the Jolly Jabber blog each time to find the pattern? Confused as were to find it gong forward.

    1. The blog is a great resource for finding all of the information in one place, the pattern, recommended fabric, sewing details ect! Whenever we release a new pattern we post it here first- and then will notify everyone through email, Facebook or Instagram!

    1. You do not need to sign up! All you need to do is buy the fabric and whatever supplies that you need and start sewing along each week! Each week of the Sew Along we will be releasing a different free pattern for each block. Just keep coming back to the blog to stay updated!

  12. Please also post your videos on Rumble. I would definitely subscribe to your Rumble channel !

  13. Hi
    The foundation paper is not working for me it’s a great product but it’s just me. I wanted to ask if someone could help me with fabric sizes with the 6” economy block without the foundation paper.
    Thank you