Make Your Quilt into a Wall Hanging with a DIY Quilt Sleeve

Make Your Quilt into a Wall Hanging with a DIY Quilt Sleeve

Are you looking for a creative way to display your quilt? A hanging quilt sleeve is the perfect solution! This simple DIY project will transform your quilt into a wall hanging and can easily be completed in an afternoon.

In this blog post, we’ll show you how to add a quilt sleeve to your quilt so you can proudly display it on your wall. Let’s get started!

Supplies & Cutting

We’re making a quilt sleeve that will be about 4” tall. It’s suitable for most quilts, but if you plan to use this for a quilt show entry, check the quilt show guidelines beforehand because they usually have a specific size requirement. All you’ll need is some fabric (and you can decide if you’d like it to match the back of your quilt, like we’ve done here) but it won’t really matter because it’s on the back! Then it’s time to measure and cut the fabric for your sleeve.

In this tutorial, we’re adding the quilt sleeve before the binding goes on, so that it’s integrated with the quilt. Before the binding goes on, cut the quilt sleeve fabric 8.5″ wide by the width of your quilt minus ¾”. For instance, if your quilt is 40” wide x 60” tall, you would cut your sleeve fabric 8.5” x 39.25” (40” – ¾”).

Now that your fabric is cut to size, you’re ready to move on to sewing the sleeve!

We attached our quilt sleeve to the Apple Pie Quilt from the 2023 Liberty Box. It was made using Stateside by Sweetwater for Moda Fabrics.

How to Add a Quilt Sleeve to Your Quilt

1. Start by folding the sleeve in half, right sides together. Stitch both ends closed, making sure to backstitch at the beginning and end of your seam.

Note: Our stitching line was hard to see so we added some red stitches.

2. Then, turn your sleeve right side out and press the edge so it’s nice and flat. It’s ready to be attached to your quilt!

3. Lay your quilt out flat with the back facing up. Center the quilt sleeve along the top edge, and baste it to the quilt, with a quarter-inch seam. Use pins or clips to keep the sleeve in place while you stitch. The basting stitch will hold the sleeve in place while you attach the binding, effectively encasing the raw edge of the quilt sleeve within the binding. To baste turn your stitch length up to four or five or use the basting setting on your machine.

Here you can see the quilt sleeve ready for basting.  To make sure you could see the difference between our sleeve and quilt backing (which are the same fabric) we added a blue tint to the fabric. The fabric does not come in this shade.

4. Next, bind your quilt as usual, making sure that the edge of the sleeve on the back is included.

5. Once the binding is complete, you’ll attach the bottom edge of the quilt sleeve to your quilt. With the sleeve flat against the back, use pins to mark where the bottom edge is. Then, bring the sleeve edge back up about a quarter inch. Pin it, and then hand-stitch it in place. This extra room for a dowel rod will help the quilt hang straight. Be careful not to stitch through to the front of your quilt!

That’s it! Now you know how to add a sleeve to your quilt and hang it up. With just a few simple steps, you can transform your beautiful quilt into a stunning wall hanging! You can also watch how to add a wall hanging sleeve to your quilt in this video from the Fat Quarter Shop Youtube Channel.

To see more methods for turning your quilts into wall hangings check out our videos with Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings and Sherri McConnell.

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And now for a giveaway! Here’s your chance to win the 45mm Olfa Rotary Cutter and the Sweet Acres Fat Quarter Bundle! To enter, leave a comment below telling us the first quilt you’re going to turn into a wall hanging (or what your first one was).

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Happy sewing!

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  1. My first quilt to get a sleeve will be the Evergreen sal I’m working on. After that I’ll add sleeves to my previous wall hangings. Thanks for the instructions!

    1. I’m working on a robins nest quilt panel and will make it a hanging quilt using this method.

        1. My first quilt to get a sleeve for display will be of canning jars that are full of vegetables and fruit. When I first seen the sample I was totally in awe, my sister cans alot of vegetables and it is perfect for her.

          1. The first quilt I added a sleeve to was the Valentines Heart quilt I did with Corn Wagon Quilt Co. I hang it in February.

        2. I made a tshirt quilt from my late son… It was my 1st attempt at a tshirt quilt. I wish I had known About this hack.. Would have made it so much easier, but I have it hung and looks good

      1. I will be adding a sleeve to my FQS Haunted Halloween Mystery Quilt-a-long. Such fun!!!

      2. My first wall hanging was a Mariner’s Compass quilt in Christmas Fabrics with a touch of gold metalic fabric inside the Prairie Points border. It was so pretty.

        1. I have a small quilt designed with blocks made of cubes. This was a good reminder of how to attach a sleeve to it. Such fun 🎉 Thank you

      3. I am working on adding a hanging sleeve to a patriot quilt. Your tutorial was very helpfu.

        1. I have small wall hangings. I am going to do all of them as I sew. Thank you for the easy directions.

          1. This explanation of adding a quilt sleeve is perfectly simple and easy to do. Thanks for sharing. Again, I have leaned a couple of new tricks to make my quilts into hangings. Thank you.

      4. As a new quilter, I’ll be adding a sleeve to a summertime floral wall hanging I recently completed. I’m excited!

      5. Great tutorial, thank you! I’m also looking for a method to add a sleeve after I’ve done the binding.

        1. Currently making a quilt with embroidered squares as the focal…it’s a QAYG project which will have a hanging sleeve as I hope the recipient will hang this gift in her classroom.

    2. I made a snowman quilt with a sleeve for hanging. I plan to use more in the future. Thanks for the easy instructions!

    3. I’m going to add the hanger to the Friendship Star Quilt which will be my very first hanging quilt! I. So excited to see those friendly colors and cute design on my wall each day to greet me!

      1. I have an American flag quilt I made some time back that is perfect for this sleeve so I can display it on my wall instead of the back of my couch. Thanks FQS for all of your tips and videos!

      2. I will be putting a quilt sleeve on my Evergreen quilt. I have used a sleeve before on Patriotic wall hangings I had done and donated to a veterans facility. They looked so pretty hanging on the wall.

    4. I finished my Apple Pie backing on the 4th of July. Still need to quilt and bind. Thanks for the reminder about the sleeve and great directions!

    5. Nice tutorial and a great way to hang your work so it does not get weighted down and become misshapen. FQS scores again with great ideas.

      1. I inherited an unfinished quilt from my Mom-just a small wall hanging. When I finish it it will hang in my sewing/guest room. Thank you for the inspiration.

      2. Nice easy tutorial. Thanks for sharing. I love mini quilts and have made several with hanging sleeves. My first wall hanging one was from n my Love Notes.

    6. My first will probably be the Apple Pie Quilt from the 2023 Liberty Box. thanks for all the great videos

    7. First quilt I put a sleeve on is seafoam and orange batik quilt. It hangs in my bedroom. I think of the beach when I see the quilt. Have like 5 more quilts in the ways in my house. Makes the house so cozy and warm feeling.

      1. My first wall hanging I can’t recall as it was many years ago. I next plan to make skeleton quilts for my 2 daughters. One’s a nurse, one a doctor.

    8. I’ve several artsy moose and bear wall hangings to piece and applique and this tutorial is just what I needed. Thank you.

    9. I will be putting the hanging sleeve on the Harvest Wishes panel quilt. Thank you for all your great videos and blog posts.

    10. I make my hanging sleeve exactly this way too.
      Would love the chance to win the Sweet Acres FQ Bundle & 45mm Olfa Rotary Cutter.
      Thank you FQS for your informative tutorials & tips, they are very much appreciated.

    11. I am using Lori Holt patterns from Farm Girl Vintage. I am making a variety of 6 inch blocks. It will make a great wall hanging.

    12. I would love to hang my Christmas Mystery quilt and make some more for my family too! It’s adorable. I also asked my hubby to help me find a wall in the house where I could hang a quilt and change my quilts as I wish.Happy quilting!

  2. I’m planning to add a hanging sleeve to the Halloween Mystery quilt. It’s the perfect size! I’ve hung many quilts before, but haven’t used a hanging sleeve yet. Thanks for the tutorial.

  3. I add a hanging sleeve to every quilt I make. Why? So I’m ready when someone from the guild asks if I have any more quilts I could bring to fill in gaps at the quilt show! Ha!

  4. my first quilt to have a sleeve will be a sailboat one I made. thank you for instructions.

  5. The first quilt I ever put a sleeve on was a Lori Holt – Farm Girl Vintage quilt. It won 1st place at my guilds quilt show! I gave the quilt to my daughter who proudly displays it on her wall. At Christmas time she hangs a different Lori Holt quilt (that has a sleeve) on the wall that was made from the Vintage Christmas book.

    1. My first quilt sleeve was created for the Spools Quilt made from the pattern fabric and pattern received in a Sew Sampler box. Also, referred to as a “Happy Box” in my quilt group!!

  6. I think the first quilt I put a sleeve on was my Patch Abilities wall hanging of a cat. I normally put sleeves on all my wall hangings and most of my bigger quilts as I don’t know when I might want to put one in my local quilt guild’s sho.

  7. I have been looking into the best way to hang my Heart Felt from the FQS sew along. thanks for the tips

  8. I have been doing lots of wall hangings with sleeves so not sure when I did my first one. If I don’t put a sleeve on it them (because they are also for the table – I use clips with rings attached to hang then on my bar. It is nice to get small projects done !

  9. I’m going to make a sleeve for my mini swoon quilt. I made it a couple of months ago and have never made a sleeve for a quilt before. Thanks for the great tutorial!

  10. I will definitely put my first quilt hanging sleeve on my Apple Pie flag quilt! I already have the perfect spot to hang it!

  11. I am excited to add this quilt sleeve to the Calico Garden quilt. Thank you for sharing this very useful tip.

  12. What a fantastic idea!! Thank you for sharing. I will have to try this with my Scrappiness is Happiness QAL quilt. I haven’t bound it yet, so there’s time to add it!! Thanks again!!

    1. The first wall hanging I made was of a Christmas tree and I used tape to hang it up! I think I could go back and undo some of the binding and retrofit one of these sleeves onto it. Thanks so much for this information.

  13. I’ve always wanted to hang a quilt in my house and thanks to y’all and this tutorial I can!

  14. This post came at the perfect time! I just completed a small barn block (with a barn quilt) that I wanted to hang; but, I wasn’t sure how to do it. Thank you so much!

  15. 1974 🙂 Had a quilt in a church show in Tigard Oregon, one of the church ladies showed me how to do it, just like you showed on the blog today. Thanks for sharing with new quilters.

  16. I have several wall hangings that I have added the hanging sleeve — the last was the Apple Pie and my backing and sleeve look just like yours except I cut that binding on the bias so I would have diagonal strips.

  17. I want to make a smaller Sewing Machine wall hanging. I got the Thimble Blossoms pattern, now I need to pick my fabrics and get started!

  18. I’m going to finish a log cabin quilt into a wall hanging. I started it years ago and just have to quilt it then bind it, adding the wall hanging sleeve too.

  19. The next quilt to get a sleeve will be a “landscape” quilt from a class that I took.

  20. I appreciate the information – I’ve done hanging sleeves previously and always like having reminder instructions. In the past I have forgotten to sew in the sleeve with the binding☹️

    1. Oh how fun! It’s been so long since I’ve made a hanging sleeve. It’s on a 34 x 34” piece of wall art in a southwest theme. Still attached and hanging evenly. I must have done a great job . Thank you so much for this great tutorial and opportunity .

  21. I now add a quilt hanger on most of my quilts. My first one was the Charming Christmas Tree quilt that I added a hanger to.

  22. My first quilt was a four block quilt sampler that I made for a class at a quilt shop. Of course, I was so proud and wanted to hang it in our living room. It has been replaced by other quilt hangings through the years, but I still have it and put it up in the rotation every once in awhile. It is a reminder of how far I have come in my quilting!

  23. Haunted halloween is going to be my first quilt,for sleeve. Thanks for the tutorial.

  24. My daughter has a great wooden quilter hanger with a shelf on top. I have made her numerous seasonal quilts that she hangs and decorates the shelf above it with the holiday. I have put sleeves on those quilts. The most recent one was a tulip quilt that I made and put a sleeve on! I

  25. I have a paper-pieced wallhanging that I made in a class. It needs to be quilted but once that’s done, I’ll be adding a hanging sleeve when I bind it. I already have a spot for it picked out in my new studio.

  26. Thank you so much for showing how to make a hanging sleeve, I think my “Stronger Together” qal quilt, definatley deserves a hanging sleeve to show off how beautiful it is. And thank you FQS for all your qal’s you share with us.

  27. I put a sleeve on the first quilt I ever made, an adorable house pattern made with redworks fabric. Then i quilted it to within an inch of its life, LOL. I had to find instructions on line for the sleeve.

  28. The first quilt sleeve I made was for a spools and scissors quilted wall hanging in my sewing room. I did it differently and can’t wait to try this method. Thank you for these detailed instructions.

  29. The first quilt I will add the sleeve to is the Halloween Mystery Quilt. Finishing the quilt is my next step, so this post is timely!

  30. Building a dedicated quilt studio and will be hanging quilts at the top of the 10ft walls.

    1. I made a small (7×5) grape cluster cross stitch that I quilted into the center of a log cabin that became a wall hanging for my friend who owns a winery.

  31. I have a Scrappy Trip Around the World that I just love and am so happy to see this tutorial to make it a wall quilt! Thanks for sharing!

  32. THANK YOU for sharing this information for a quilt’s hanging sleeve. This is slightly different from the way I have been making them for years and I like this approach very much. I hope to use this method on on the quilt that I will make with this adorable fabric Sweet Acres that is in the giveaway that I hope to win.

  33. I enjoyed this tutorial. One of the first quilts to which I added a sleeve was from an
    Eleanor Burns pattern in her 40th anniversary book – log cabin blocks with pieced blocks. I used all Moda grunge fabric purchase from the FQS. I had just joined the local guild and needed to enter at least one quilt into the guild’s show. I followed their directions but this was much easier to follow. Thanks

  34. Thank you for showing how this is done. I have never put a sleeve on a quilt before, but I plan to do one now. I have a Christmas panel that I was planning to use to make a quilt this year. I will add a hanging sleeve to it so that I can display it for the holidays.

  35. The very first quilt I made was a wall hanging. It was the Christmas in July quilt from 2019.

  36. I plan to add sleeves to all my quilts from now on! What not? You’ve shown us a very simple way to do it, and it won’t interfere with simply using the quilt if I decide not to hang it. Thanks for a simple and easy-to-understand tutorial!

  37. I will add it to the back of the Halloween Mystery quilt that I just finished. Thanks!!

  38. My sister gave me a quilt that I plan to hang. Should I take apart the binding on the top first? Thanks for the great tutorial!

  39. This is exactly how I make my hanging sleeves…first used it on a Christmas wallhanging in about 1997 or so. I still use that pretty quilt every year!

  40. The first quilt I’m going to do as a wall hanging is going to be my fall quilt that I’m working on

  41. I made a quilt of the 12 months of the year and put a hanging sleeve on it. It is hanging in my sewing room.

  42. I made a birthday wall hanging for my daughter this week and I’m up to a point where I could do this. I’m so glad I read your post

  43. Perfect timing! I was just getting ready to bind my Apple Pie wall hanging and wondering how to hang it. I had enough backing to make the sleeve. Thank you!

  44. My first sleeve was to the Sew by Row Quilt (Lori Holt). My next ones are going to be the Evergreen SAL going on now and the Haunted Halloween SAL we just finished up.

  45. Thank you so much for sharing this tip on hanging your quilt.😍 as a fairly new quilter ill take all the tips I can.I agar love gas and all the beautiful fabric. The service is superior!

  46. Great tutorial – I add sleeves when I can so I can display my quilts throughout the house

  47. My first quilted wall hanging was from a panel called “Secret Windows.” This was also my first time for straight-line quilting. Learned so much from this project!!

  48. Gosh, it was probably1983/84! We were stationed in Italy with no TV, and only my 1 year old daughter, library books and AFN radio to occupy my time while my husband worked shifts, many into the nights. I had a precut quilt kit I had ordered from Keepsake Quilting, in a range of blues, for a “Trip Around the World” doll quilt. I hand-stitched it in the evenings he worked, while listening to Radio Mystery Theater and plays on albums checked out from the library. It now hangs, from a sleeve, in the upper hallway of my home. Soon to follow, by machine, we’re my daughter’s quilt and myriad baby quilts for our friends.

  49. Thanks for the excellent pictorial. I am bookmarking this post so it’s easy to refer to when needed. The first quilt I’m going to attach a sleeve to is a Dresden quilt I am working on now. Perfect timing as I can attach to the quilt with the binding. Thank you FQS!

  50. I will be adding a sleave to a 4th of July wall hanging that I completed just prior to the holiday.

  51. Thank you. I will try this on a wall hanging I bought traveling in Alaska. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished project in my sewing room as a reminder of a great trip.

  52. Thanks for the excellent tutorial. I’ve learned so much for your tutorials over the year. I really appreciate them. My one and only quilt (there will be more) I added a sleeve to was a quilt my friend gave me. It is a small quilt I can either hang on the wall or use as a table mat. It’s red, black and white, and so cute.

  53. I love the Sweet Acres bundle, such beautiful colours … would make a lovely quilt.

  54. Just finished Stars and Stripes by Amy Smart. Now I can add a sleeve from your great tutorial and hang it while it’s still July. Woo Hoo!

  55. I add sleeves on all wall quilts, of course! But,in addition to sewing the top of the sleeve into the binding, if there is a border a couple inches down from the binding that is straight across, I sometimes pin the bottom of the sleeve just over the border and then stitch in ditch on the front ( very carefully!) through the quilt and the bottom edge of the sleeve. That way – no hand sewing!

  56. Such a great post! Hoping to do this with my Halloween wall hanging I just made with you guys.

  57. Nice and simple tutorial. Thank you.
    The first quilt I added a sleeve to, was a small quilted block featuring a dachshund, in honour of my doggy friend who had passed away.

  58. I am making a fall quilt from a panel and I think it will be a perfect wall hanging, especially since I now know how to do a hanging sleeve on the back.

  59. I will be making two of the Evergreen quilt along pattern and both will be Christmas gifts. Both will be able to hand on a wall.

  60. I am going to make your left over jelly roll strips quilt and it will be the first time I add a sleeve for hanging a quilt simply. Thank you kindly for all you give us in the way of information and support. FQS is the best in the industray that I know of at getting orders out quickly and I am grateful to you for all these bonus service items. Kindest regards!!

  61. I’ve been wondering how to do this forever! I would love to hang my mystery snowflake quilt from your Christmas mystery quilt 3 years ago! I’m excited to do it!!!

  62. My mom, who made hundreds of quilts during her lifetime, taught me how to make a quilt sleeve. She put a sleeve on almost every quilt she made. I usually add it after the quilt is finished, but I think I’ll start incorporating it before the binding from now on. I love to hang quilts in my home. Thank you FQS!

  63. I will be hanging my grandmothers red and white red work that she embroidered. I never knew she sewed quilts until I found it in her attic with a note saying she made it. Such a treasure for me.

  64. Too long ago to remember the quilt names! Have added many hanging sleeves over the years… nice instructions.

  65. Ok I love your all your great ideas and this one is going to be one of my favorites because I have trying to find a way to this for over a year and now I can hang my wall hangings properly, So thank you, thank you, thank you.

  66. I would like to do the sleeve on my new liberty box quilt. I need to get that one started soon, I’ve been working on other projects to get done. Thank You

  67. Can’t wait to try this on wallhanging/quilt I’m making for grandson born last month. It didn’t get finished because I broke my right wrist 6 weeks agoand sinceI’m right handed, everything is on hold.

  68. I’m working on a wall hanging quilt now. Using a Lori Holt pattern and using up some of my many scraps. Will be adding a quilt sleeve.

  69. Thank you for the information! I plan to add a sleeve to my Haunted Halloween wall hanging!

  70. I think I would love to make a sleeve for my Row by Row Quilt I made by Lori Holt. If I ever finish my Figs and Shirtings, I do plan on it ( I’m even making one simultaneously in Holiday colors. Thank you for the inspiration.♥️

  71. The first quilt I added a hanging sleeve to was one I did many years ago. It was a maple leaf quilt pattern by Debbie Mumm. I was so pleased that it turned out OK and hung the quilt in my bedroom. Since then, I’ve added hanging sleeves to several finished quilts but I prefer to add them as I’m doing the binding.

  72. Thanks for the easy to understand directions and great pictures! I’ve never made a hanging sleeve before, but I’m going to give it a go on the Halloween Mystery QAL. Wish me luck!

  73. I have three quilts ready for binding and this will be the perfect finish. Thanks for the tutorial and giveaway opportunity.

  74. I’ve never made one with a hanging sleeve before… but I’ve got a lot of quilt tops just waiting to add one to!! Thanks for the info.

  75. Thanks for giving me the push I needed to get the sleeve on the back of the horse quilt I made for my niece. The binding is already on it but this gave me just the right amount of info I needed to get myself in gear instead of procrastinating another minute!! I can always count on Kimberly and her crew!!! Thanks a bunch!!! -Betsy

  76. My first quilt to turn into a wall hanging was a Double Wedding Ring quilt many years ago. Appreciated the refresh on making a hanging sleeve! I plan to turn the Evergreen Mystery quilt into a wall hanging. Thanks again for the tutorial!

  77. I have a Dresden Plate quilt that I made with some beautiful batiks. I am just getting ready to quilt it and now will be putting a hanging sleeve on it so that I can display it on the wall better. Thanks.

  78. This was very helpful!! I’ve just finished a quilt using our three grandkids art work and wanted to display so that will be my first quilt sleeve attempt!

  79. The first quilt I turned into a wall hanging was one my son won in a raffle at his school’s Holiday Craft Fair. I think he was 8 or 9 at the time. It’s still hanging on my family room wall many years later!

  80. Super useful tutorial! I did not know how to make a hanging sleeve and those quilts lose half the design being put over a dowel rod on a quilt hanger. I plan to put a sleeve on my Apple Pie wall hanging quilt and my Haunted Halloween and Evergreen Mystery quilt – actually all of the forthcoming wall quilts WILL have the helpful hanging sleeve!

  81. I am planning to make a Christmas hanging quilt using a pieced bordered quilt panel

  82. I’ve never made a sleeve, so thanks so much for posting this. Now I know I can do it.

  83. Probably the first wall hanging quilt I made was a little houses quilt. That must’ve been 15-20 years ago! I think this way to add a sleeve is very easy. You just have to plan ahead!

  84. Thank you easy instructions! I will use it on a Halloween witch wallhanging!

  85. I just finished a class sample for foundation paper piecing. Normally I make smaller quilts for my grandkids but this one I am going to hang in my sewing room. I am going to use a hanging sleeve to hang it.

  86. I am currently sewing the Brightly quilt pattern by Cluck Cluck Sew. I will definitely sew a hanging sleeve on the back of this quilt for hanging in my living room!

  87. My first quilt with a hanger was actually a holiday banner that I made to hang in a small rack-same concept just smaller. Thank you for the tips.

  88. The first 2 quilts that I plan to put a sleeve on are Haunted Halloween & Evergreen Mystery. I’ve never added a sleeve to a quilt before, but you’ve made it look simply easy to do.
    My plan is to learn this so I can put sleeves on many quilts going forward so I can hang them throughout my home.
    Thank you FQS!!!

  89. My first wall quilt was a pattern by Eleanor Burns of a Christmas Tree using log cabin blocks. This was when I first started quilting so I didn’t know about sleeves so I hung it with straight pins pushed into the wall. I have several wall quilts ready to be quilted right now and I have plans to make sleeves and hang them by Christmas.

  90. I’m going to add a sleeve to the Sparrows quilt I just finished. I think it will make a great wall hanging!

  91. Hi, I’m working on a Christmas WallHanging Quilt this week! The sleeve I will attach soon is of the same small flower print that I used for the binding! So attractive ! It was a snap to do following FQS’s video on YouTube! Thanks for sharing!

  92. The first quilt I will try this on will be the Evergreen SAL. The first wall hanging quilt I did was last year’s Halloween SAL. I used leftover fabric and made simple straps on the back to hang up.

  93. Thank you for the easy instructions. My first quilt to have a hanging sleeve was a Santa and Trees wall hanging that I finished last year after it sat around as a UFO for about 15 years, It is primitive, but finally got on the wall. I look forward to using your instructions with a Fall quilt this year.

  94. I think my first quilt to get a sleeve will be a quilt I’m working on for Christmas. It has lots of animals and trees and I think it could stay up longer than just Christmas so I’m looking forward to trying this out on this quilt.

  95. This is such a wonderful and informative company. I would love to win 😍😍😍

  96. My first quilt I hung was a very small apple that used black bias tape around the edge of the red apple . It was only about 8 inches square and I used the little squares that was folded in half in the corners with a wooden dowel between the corners. This was maybe 25 years ago. I was so proud of it.

  97. Hi Kimberly thanks for the sleeve info. I’m going to put one on the Owl-O-Ween mystery quilt. I just loved doing it and it’s the perfect size ! thank you❤️

  98. Ma première courtepointe avec manchon pour accrochage est une couronne de Noël. J’ai découvert vos tutoriels et j’adore. Merci Kimberley.

  99. The first court, I’m going to turn into a wall hanging is one of those sew samplers in the last month or two I haven’t decided which one yet

  100. Hi Kimberly,

    The first wall hanging I put a sleeve on was your Ultimate Beginner Quilt. I chose eight blocks and made 2 x4 long quilt in Amish inspired colors with a black background. I quilted each block with its own design. My husband loves this one but it was so much fun to make, I know I will make it again in other colors. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  101. The next quilt I’ll add a hanging sleeve to is a dream big panel. I love custom quilting those panels.

  102. That is great. I made a tee shirt quilt for my friend who’s so passed away young. He was an avid athlete so there were many sport shirts. She just called and asked me if I could make it so she could hang it. Since it is already finished I will undo the top binding so I can put the sleeve in( think it will look better done the way you say) and then just redo according to instructions. Thank you for all the good ideas you are always giving us.

  103. I want to make an airplane design quilt and turn it into a narrow wall hanging for my grandson.

  104. Now that I know how to make the quilt sleeve, I can’t wait to use it on the Christmas Tree mini quilt I am making for Christmas. It will look so nice hanging on my wall. Thanks for sharing the instructions and demo.

    1. Hi Mary there is not, but you might be able to print the webpage and save it! Hope this helps 🙂

  105. I love the quilt i’m working right now. It is Spring Mystery Quilt by Edita Sitar and it is perfect to hang on the wall!

  106. My first hanging sleeve I put on a quilt was for the Haunted Halloween and it turns out great! I can’t wait to hang it up!

  107. I have a Christmas quilt that I’ve always wanted to put a sleeve on and was I sure how to do it. Thank you for clear directions!

  108. We are buying a new house and it has a big blank wall that I can put season quilts on display. This sleeve will be a great way to display my quilts. I am working on Thanksgiving and Christmas quilts to be displayed. Thank you

  109. I add sleeves to almost all my quilts – even bed quilts if there is a chance I might want to display them on a wall one day. My next project is a large and long table runner with 5 Christmas stockings – I think I will hang it above my fireplace mantle.

  110. The 4th of July Sew Sampler Box quilt will be my first quilted wall hanging that will be showcased in my dining room.

  111. I don’t remember my first wall-hanging with a sleeve but I made a lot of snowmen quilts that have sleeves on them.

  112. I think I would like to add that to any quilt I would be keeping. Like some seasonal quilts. I could just change them out for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.

  113. I’m finishing up a carpenter’s star wall hanging that I will put this type of sleeve on.

  114. I made my son a periodic table quilt and I will do this so he can hang it on the wall.

  115. I’m fairly new to quilting and started during Covid. I’ve turned a guest room into a sewing room and need some wall hangings. I’ve decided to do a bird and now know how I can hang it! Thank you, perfect timing!

  116. In Feb., I made Moda Love Charm Quilt (32” star wall hanging). Recently found the backing material I wanted, so adding the sleeve is now on my “to do” list before summer is done. Thanks, FQS!

  117. The first quilt sleeve we did was for a kaleidoscope stained glass quilt. My husband and I made it together. We had a lot of fun doing this together

  118. I made an American flag quilt as a wall hanging. I put it on my front door every July.

  119. My very first quilt (in 1989) was a small wallhanging and the ladies in my quilt circle taught me how to make a sleeve exactly like the method you showed today. It’s a great way to show your quilts and all my quilts that are not bed quilts get this type of finishing on them.

  120. My very first walk hanging is going to be the Liberty box! After serving his country for 29 years in the Army! My son has retired and I thank him and every veteran that served, it is a debt we can never repay! This flag is going to his home along with a quilt of valor ♥️ I love the USA and the people that have fought for our freedom!

  121. Nice instructions on sewing shut and then turning it. Why I didn’t think of that myself I don’t know. I love quilts hanging all over my house and have for years. I use curtain roads, dowels, decorative hangers, metal arms from antiques, etc with a sleeve. Thanks for the post!

  122. I recently purchased a couple of Kim Deihl’s mini quilt kit. I’ll now be making a sleeve on the back to display them in my sewing room. This tutorial is perfect timing!

  123. I don’t remember my first wall hanging that I made, there have been so many!! What I learned here will be a game changer for me. I would turn the short ends under a quarter inch twice on each end and top sew the seam. After folding in half longwise, attach as you describe. It made two openings for the hanging rod which made no sense, now I have a great solution!! Thanks!

  124. I will add this hanging sleeve on a patriotic LoneStar wall hanging I made for my son as soon as my long armer is finished with it!!! He will love it!!!

  125. Thank you for showing us how to add a quilt sleeve, the instructions are very clear and well written, just like all of Fat Quarter shop instructions are. I’ll give this a try on my next wallhanging quilt.

  126. My first quilt wall hanging was Stitchin” Addiction. I have that hanging in my sewing room. I just last year did a temperature quilt that is a wall hanging also.

  127. I have not done one yet, so I’m going back to the recent Halloween wall hanging and do that. Then I’ll do Evergreen. Thanks Fat Quarter Shop for being such a good place to learn and shop!

  128. I mostly make small quilts & wall hangings, so have made many sleeves! But I didn’t know that you are supposed to bump the bottom folded edge up 1/4 inch!

  129. I have never used a quilt sleeve before, but your instructions make it so easy and I have just added quilt hanging hardware to each side of my bed, so I will be using your instructions to hang my quilts. Thank you so much.

  130. My first quilt that I turned into a wall hanging was Witch’s Night Out! Thanks for the tutorial!

  131. This tutorial could not have come at a better time!! I just finished (yes, finally, 2 years later) my Sew Happy “free from FQS” Quilt pattern by Lori Holt! I plan to hang it in my crafty room up high on a wall. I didn’t know how I was going to do it …but now I do!! Thanks, Kimberly and all at FQS!

  132. My first quilt was a memory wedding quilt for my son and his now wife. The bride’s mother had called me 4 months before the wedding, asking if it would be completed by the wedding, so it could be held over the bride and groom at the wedding, traditional for the Jewish faith. It was a push, but I had purchase a quilt sleeve, and had the quilter add it to the back. It now proudly hangs in their living room wall! Thanks for your directions so now I can make my own. I so appreciate all your ideas and never miss a video, Kimberly.

  133. I will use the evergreen mystery quilt a long to put a sleeve on. I can’t wait to see it hang on my wall.

  134. I will be adding a quilt sleeve to my block of the month quilt to hang at Christmas. I really like all your tutorials and have learned so much. Thank you!

  135. My first quilt I put a hanging sleeve on was last year’s Halloween quilt along. Thanks for the tutorial and everything you share with us…much appreciated.

  136. This will be perfect for Evergreen quilt once finished! Thanks for the DIY.

  137. Hanging sleeve info has been helpful. Will make one the the Evergreen wall hanging. Love the mystery quilt sew a long.

  138. I am going to start with my Halloween quilt! It will look great in the foyer during trick or treat! Hopefully will be followed by other holidays. Thanks for the tutorial!

  139. I plan on making a sweet baby wall hanging. All of these goodies is a fun giveaway.

  140. I plan on putting this on my newest Christmas quilt Evergreen so that I can display it around the holidays. I just don’t have enough surfaces to lay them on so hanging seems like a good idea.

  141. I have actually made several hanging sleeves on small and medium sized wall hanging quilts. The first one I made was for a wall hanging that went over my couch. The quilt had several ‘firsts’ with a variety of techniques that I tried, including mitered corners, a label, and a hanging sleeve! I was proud to hang it in my front living room.

  142. Perfect timing! I have entered a quilt in our fair for the first time ever and I have to have a sleeve. I willbe adding one to my Moda Blockheadmade from Butte4cup and Bloom. Kinda nervous 😊

  143. I’ve never made a sleeve for a quilt. These instructions seem easy to follow so I’m anxious to try it on a quilt I’m making for my husband. It is called “A Cabin By The Lake.” It is such a pretty pattern I want the sleeve in case we decide to hang it part of the time. Thank you.

  144. The first quilt I made into a wall hanging was a Christmas quilt by Art to Heart.

  145. I want to make a sleeve to hang a quilt my great grandmother hand pieced and quilted. My plan is to add the sleeve when I rebind the quilt. This will be my first quilt sleeve.

  146. Fabulous tutorial, so easy too! I think I’ll try it on my Evergreen Christmas Mystery Quilt when it’s done!

  147. I have been looking for a printable instructions on doing quilt sleeves. Do you have a pdf?

  148. Thank you for this great tutorial! I may do this on the back of the Evergreen quilt when it’s done, but I’m also thinking about adding some wide borders and making that one a couch snuggle quilt!

  149. My first wall hanging will be the Bountiful charity quilt. I love making this project!

  150. Trying again. Technology isn’t always my friend. My first wall hanging will be the Bountiful charity quilt. I love making this project!

  151. Trying again. Technology isn’t always my friend. My first wall hanging will be the Bountiful quilt

  152. I have a Christmas quilt that I haven’t worked on in years. It’s all machine applique. I haven’t finished all the parts but I’m done so I’ll use what I have and make a wall hanging instead of a full size quilt. Hopefully I’ll finish by this Christmas season.

  153. I enjoy learning lil thing like how to make a sleeve for hanging! Always learning here!

  154. The first quilt I made a wall hanging was a SAL with Jacqueline Steves called Silver Linings. It’s one of the very first quilts I made. I have since learned more about color and value. It also had embroidery blocks, a skill I have more experience with.

  155. My first hanging quilt will be a patriotic one to honor the memory of my veteran husband. He passed away recenty.

  156. I’m finishing up a large quilt, Paris in the Fall, made from French General fabrics…. I think I know just the spot for it to hang, using this great tutorial to help!

  157. The first rainbow quilt I make, still debating which pattern. So many lovely options!

  158. Thank you for sharing. I have a small hand stitched quilt I made with heart blocks that would be perfect to use as a wall hanging. 😊

  159. My first wall hanging was a fall quilt with falling leaves. I then made a Christmas tree wall hanging. I hung them with triangles in the corners-top and bottom. Now I know how to place a full sleeve. Thank you.

  160. Thank you for the quilt sleeve instructions. I need to add one to my liberty box wall hanging. Really enjoyed the box this year.

  161. Did a sleeve back in 2002. Had to look up info on how to do it. Wished you were around then, it would have been much easier. Had to make it fir a quilt show to display my yo-yo quilt of 700 pieces. Did win rd over all!!!😊All I can say love the Fat Quarter shop and love all my purchases. Thanks for the tutorials. So helpful👍🏼

  162. Sorry, needed to check my spelling. Quilt was of 7,000 circles and took 3rd. Place over all.

  163. I’ve used a hanging sleeve for several of my wall hangings. They work great.

  164. Thank you FQS Team for another great suggestion! I’m planning wall hangings for Christmas gifts this year. I’ll definitely be using this idea!

  165. My first wall hanging was an embroidered lady sewing on a treadle machine with a couple of pins in her mouth. I hand quilted it with crochet thread. This bundle would have endless possibilities!

  166. My first quilt that I used as a wall hanging was a challenge quilt I made for my local quilt guild. It wasn’t a winner, but I was very proud of it!

  167. My first quilt hanging was made in the first class I ever took. The class was offered in our towns Community Ed program. It was an Apple themed one ad it was all done with templates and sewn/quilted by hand. I learned a ton of technique and think everyone should take a hand pieced quilting class. I hung this quilt with so much pride. Now I am hooked on quilting and have several hanging in my house.

  168. I’ll be adding a sleeve to my Apple Pie quilt. Just need to decide which direction I want it to hang. Thanks for the sleeve instructions.

  169. First quilt to have a sleeve will be All the Trimmings Christmas quilt.loved the Peppermint Bark fabric used for the quilt. Looking forward to displaying it! Thank you for all you tutorials they are so helpful!!

  170. I will be putting a sleeve on the Destinations Texas Lone Star Poster Panel wall hanging I did for my son. We recently became Texans and my son’s school mascot happens to be a long horn.

  171. I have been hanging full size quilts with large binder clips, but now I will have to try adding a sleeve to the next one instead!

  172. I just finished a basket quilt in red, white and blue. I will put a hanging sleeve on it to display on a quilt rack that my brother in law made for me.

  173. I almost always put a hanging sleeve on my quilts to go on the wall. Thanks for all the tips Kimberly. My quilting has improved by doing your free BOM patterns

  174. I’m going to add a hanging sleeve to Evergreen, for sure. And I will add them to my condo door seasonal blocks. Thank you for all the kindness you demonstrate. You are a great role model.

  175. My first pocket sleeve will be a lone star wall hanging. 1 year in on quilting. I love everything I have done so far.

  176. Well seeing this and always wanting to try one. I think my first try will be Evergreem Christmas Mystery. Thanks for the lesson. I hope I can do it.

  177. Thanks for the measurement help. I like to hang all my finished quilts so that I can admire them before they turn into a bed or lap quilt. It makes for a nice rotation for decorating.

  178. I am going to add a sleeve to my Flag day (tumbler) quilt from the Summer Memories by Susan Ache. I plan to make all the quilts from the book.

  179. Great hanging sleeve tutorial! I have a Fig Tree pumpkin quilt that I’m going to turn into a wall hanging.

  180. My first wall hanging was a garden patch from a very old quiltmaker magazine. I gave it as a gift so I really should make a wall hanging for me

  181. My first wall quilt was a Christmas sampler and I hang it every year! My favorite wall hanging is my pumpkin quilt using All Hallows Eve by Fig Tree. I’ll hang that up in September.

  182. I’m going to try this on my Flower of the Month wall hangings from years ago. Right now there are triangles in the corners and safety pins along the top holding the rod in place!

  183. The first quilt I put a hanging sleeve on was a Storm at Sea pattern I made in a class

  184. The first quilt I would like to make into a wall hanging is a set of Lori Holt quilt seeds – Prairie Flowers. This blog came at the perfect time ! Thanks FQS.

  185. I’m working on the Jolly Holiday quilt by Lella Boutique. I’d like to add the sleeve to that quilt. I think my granddaughter would like to see Santa hanging on the wall! Thank you for all your videos!!

  186. My first wall hanging was also my first paper-pieced quilt, Frog’s Fine Day (2021). I have made a fractured flower that hangs in my sewing room, as well, and as soon as I get the binding and the sleeve on my Van Gogh Irises (Secret Window), it will hang in our living room, hopefully by this time next week. Last weekend, I started my first applique quilt that will hang in my sewing room. I can’t wait to see it on the wall!

  187. Thank you for all your hard work on keeping us educated. This is a useful post on hanging sleeves. Enter me in the giveaway.

  188. I think this would work great on the temperature quilt when I have it completed! I have enough unfinished smaller quilts that I could easily add it to as well. Love that it is right in the binding!

  189. I’ve been quilting for a long time. The first quilt I ever turned into a wall hanging using a sleeve was a house quilt I made from a pattern from one of the first quilt magazines by Better Homes and Garden. It hung in our old house for a very long time.

  190. My first quilt with a sleeve is a small hanging of a sewing machine. It is hanging in my sewing room.

  191. The first quilt I made into a wall hanging was a panel quilt of a map of the US National Parks. I made it as a wall hanging to be able to track the parks we have been to.

  192. Thank you so much for this information. I struggle at times not knowing an easy, practical way to add a hanging sleeve to the back of my wall hangings. This is such a easy peasey way. Thanks so much!

  193. I will use this method of making a sleeve to hang my Haunted Halloween mystery quilt – it will be the perfect quilt for a wall hanging! Thank FQS for such wonderful quilts and ideas!

  194. I have my aurifil color builders quilt ready to be quilted and it is perfect to be first to get a sleeve.

  195. I love doing wall hangings for my craft room. My first was Lori Holt’s Sew Happy Sal.

  196. I have been making the Midnight Haunt wall hanging. I need to quilt and bind it yet. I will definitely use what I learned here to attach a hanging sleeve to the back. Thanks!

  197. I am joining in on the Evergreen mystery see along and this will definitely be on that quilt! Thanks for the tutorial!

  198. I am joining in on the Evergreen mystery sew along and this will definitely be on that quilt! Along with try to attach one to the back of my snowflake wall hanging. Thanks for the tutorial!

  199. I’ve been putting sleeves on wall hangings for years but I see your method is a lot better than how I’ve done it. I didn’t give myself the larger room for the dowel. I’ll do it your way from now on. Thanks for the instructions they’re great for beginners to learn right away and people like me that love to learn new things.

  200. I have a quilt that my sons great-grand mother made for him, over 50 years ago, It is the perfect quilt for this project. It has never been used but it would be a lovely gift for him, now that he is grown and has an appreciation for family history.Oh yeah, I would love to win the give away.

  201. Thank you for the instructions. I have a Fall quilt finished that I want to hang which has been sitting in my quilt room as I didn’t know how to do this. Your email is perfect timing! Thanks

  202. The first quilt I put a sleeve on was for the birth of my son. I have been putting sleeves on my quilts and wall hangings for years and hang them up like pictures in my home for display.

  203. I’m going to try adding a sleeve to my Evergreen quilt along quilt. I am so excited to try this new to me step !

  204. My first quilt that I turned into a wall hanging was an appliqued Great Blue Heron standing in water – I took a class at a quilt expo to learn the technique of making improv curved background and making things (like the heron) from a photo with layering fusible applique, then thread painting to finish. It had special meaning to me because great blue herons come to my creek every spring and stay for the summer.

  205. This is just the information I need to turn my next project into a wall quilt. Thank you for this tutorial.

  206. I have used this method for years and it is simply the best! Next quilt I use it on will be a sew sampler wall hanging quilt for sure. Most quilts I have made lately are bed sized. No wall space for those!

  207. My first wall hanging quilt was a Valentine’s Advent calendar I made.

  208. The first quilt I added a hanging sleeve to was a small Christmas quilt I entered into a local quilt show. I didn’t win a ribbon but the experience was fun and now I have a quilt I can hang during the Christmas season! Thank you for your generosity and all you do.

  209. Nice tutorial! I used a similar method for a couple of pieced snowman wall hangings I made for gifts several years ago.

  210. Oh this is perfect timing! I am having my panel from Lella Boutique quilted this week and I wanted to display it for the Christmas holiday so this will be exactly what I do to my quilt. I can’t wait to try this and see how it turns out. Thank you so much for showing how you do this.

  211. Your tutorial for the hanging sleeve is the easiest one I’ve found to follow and understand – thank you!
    Will be adding a hanging sleeve to a quilt I just finished – Sliding Shoji Screens from Robin Pickens. I’ll hang it behind my living room couch.

  212. My first quilt that will get a sleeve is my bee vintage quilt by lori holt, which I am currently working on. Great tutorial!! Thank you.

  213. I just finished a barn panel quilt that I’m going to try this method to add a hanging sleeve!!

  214. I love the flexibility of having a Quilt to use for multiple things, including a wall hanging. The very first one I sewed the wall pocket into still hangs at my mothers house. It was a little fly by the seat of my pants type of activity…this is a great tutorial for those doing this for the first time.

  215. First instruction I have seen teaching me this technique, so straight up, thank you.
    My first quilt to get my first sleeve is my poppy quilt that I made for remberance of our Aussie Anzacs. I haven’t had it quilted yet because I was waiting to figure out this sleeve thing. I want to hang the quilt from my front verandah on Remberance Day (11th Nov)

  216. I’m not sure which was first, a scrappy flag, a Christmas tree, or a scrappy heart, but my next to get a handing sleeve will be the Apple Pie wall hanging from the Liberty box.

  217. I’m finishing up a sudoku quilt in Kansas Troubles that will need a quilt sleeve.

  218. I’m going to hang the first Christmas quilt I made… warts and all. I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I made it 20 years ago. I just got a sewing room and it’s going on the wall for Christmas.

  219. I am just finishing KimberlyBell Boardwalk for my lakehome and will definitely use this method to hang this AMAZING Quilt in our stairwell. Thanks for making this so easy!!!!

  220. I want to hang the Friendship Star table topper by Lori Holt. I just ordered the kit and I think it would look great!

  221. I’m going to make on for a Christmas Sampler swap I did with some quilty friends.

  222. Pefect timing for my green, white checkered flag wall hanging! Thank you. Race on! 🏁 😊 🏁

  223. I love this idea. So simple. Not sure why i always thought it would be difficult to do. Thank you for these simple instructions.

  224. This is so cool! I am a new quilter working on my sscond quilt and I think this is perfect way to “show off” my second quilt! Your fabric colors are qujte jazzy, as well!
    Thanks for this hanging tip, i wil keep checking i to see other tips for #3 and beyond!

  225. I had just pulled out a WIP/UFO over the weekend and decided I need to finish it up…it’s my first wall hanging quilt which was a pattern from a quilt box subscription. I just didn’t know how to make it hangable. Your tutorial is PERFECT TIMING! Thanks! 🙂

  226. i only have put a sleeve on 2 quilts. The very first quilt I made was a log cabin and I put a sleeve on the back. That was ages ago! The last quilt I finished was this year’s Liberty box and I also put a sleeve on the back.

  227. My first quilt to get a hanging sleeve will be my Sew Sampler Barn Block Quilt. It is hanging on a curtain rod with clips but it seems to hang wavy, even though it is not, I think the sleeve will help it straighten out, or at least that the plan and hopes.

    1. Congratulations Julie! You are our giveaway winner. I’ve emailed you requesting your address, so we can send your prize. Please reply ASAP!

      I hope your plans for your quilt sleeve work out! 🙂

  228. I have two wall hangings that I will quilt and then add a hanging sleeve. One has machine applique on it and once quilted will have buttons added on. I have the binding cut and ready to sew.

  229. Thanks for the great tutorial for a quilt hanging sleeve. Now to figure out how to sew bottom part by machine.

  230. My first project(s) with hanging sleeves are our collection of advent calendars. I’ve completed two of them but I need to finish 2 more this year so each of my children have one for the holiday season!

  231. The next quilt I will put a hanging sleeve on will be “Another 12 Days” by Suzy Quilts which is a block of the month at my local quilt shop.

  232. I hang my quilts with an Eddy Crest quilt mount, so there is no need to add a hanging sleeve – at least, not for the quilts in my home. If I were to enter a quilt in a show, it’s good to know I have this option. Thank you!

  233. The first hanging sleeve I sewed on was an antique christmas quilt that I wanted to hang on the wall during the holidays.

  234. I made a40ish inch square quilt, paper piecing, 1.5 inch squares throughout- and there are 13 turtles and 12 lily pad blocks. 2015-2023 quilt in progress. Darn right it’s getting a sleeve!!

  235. I’ve made sleeves for my quilts before but why had I not thought of basting to keep it in place while I hand stitch. Thank you for the great idea.

  236. My first hanging sleeve using this method will be on the Evergreen quilt. I have made similar hanging sleeves, but the directions here make for a much more professional looking finish. I will definitely keep this as a reference. Thanks Kimberly for sharing this. I have used several different methods to add some kind of way to hang a quilt, but it will be nice to add this method to my list of ways to finish a hanging sleeve.

  237. My first wall hung quilt was a mosaic of a California Poppy using the technique developed by Tima Tarr

  238. Thanks for your always super helpful tips, I did a sleeve like that once, and it worked great for a few years.
    Looking forward to your next advice 😍

  239. I am making a new gift for my brother, and will use this method for hanging it

  240. My first quilt that I made into a wall hanging is a black and white with red accent Carpenter star

  241. I have never made a sleeve before and I am working on my first wall hanging. Perfect instructions!
    Thank you I

  242. My first quilt will be the Evergreen quilt I am making now with the sew-a-long. Thank you for these easy instructions.

  243. Thank you for showing this! I will definitely try this on my next wall hanging!!

  244. The first wall quilt I ever made was years ago, an anniversary gift for a sweet couple. This is a great tutorial, thanks!

  245. Thank you for this tutorial! I’m a breast cancer survivor and a brand new quilter. I plan to make a breast cancer awareness quilt, and will use these instructions to add the tab to make it a wall hanging.

  246. I made a Carpenter Star wall hanging and it will be the perfect quilt to use your tutorial to put a sleeve on to hang it.

  247. I’ve only been quilting 3 years but, I kept the first quilt I made, A carpenter’s star! That will be the one I make into a wall hanging! It’s not perfect but I love it! Thank you for sharing this technique!

  248. I am finishing a heart quilt/wall hanging and will be putting a hanging sleeve on it.

  249. I am just now starting your Halloween mystery. It will be my first walk quilt.

  250. Great directions! I will use this on a quilt I might put in our guilds upcoming quilt show! Thank you!

  251. My first hanging will be a small quilt that I didn’t have enough material to make it larger. It happens to quilters all the time. Fabric that is so Beautiful, but u have a limited amount ot it. Make it a wall hanging for someone to enjoy.

  252. Great tutorial. Saves time sewing the sleeve raw edges at the same time you are put on the binding. I also love that you included the hint about moving the bottom of the sleeve up a quarter inch. This gives a little slack in the sleeve and allows the quilt to hang smoother.

  253. I think I will be trying thison the Revel quilt I just finished. It is a big quilt but I think i will try it any way. I have been wanting to add a sleeve on a quilt for a long time. Thanks for the info. I am definitely going to try now

  254. I have never made a hanging sleeve. My first will be the Apple Pie quilt from the July Liberty Box.

    My fingers are crossed it will work out!

  255. I’m going to make the flag quilt from the show sampler box my wall hanging. Normally I just use text to put up a quilt but this is gonna be so nice for none of that show. It’s gonna hang on my front porch. I can’t wait till it’s finished, thank you for all you do Kimberly I’ve learned so so much from you and that starching method is fantastic .❤️

  256. Thank you so much for this info. Our local quilt show is requiring sleeves this year so I was planning on looking up how to do it. You guys are the best.

  257. Love this easy way to make a sleeve! Thank you for the detailed instructions. My first quilt to add the sleeve will be the Evergreen quilt.

  258. I pieced a nursing quilt that I purchased as a kit last year at a sewing and quilting expo. I plan to finally quilt and hang it in the high school clinic where I am the school nurse. This will be the first wall hanging that will actually be finished and hung. I think the students will get a kick out of it.

  259. I was thinking about making American quilt to show my pride for the US just be able to hang it and leave it up or if not that a flower quilt with make it really nice too there’s quite a few different ideas right through my head but I would put a sleeve on it for hanging

  260. Thanks Kimberly for the tutorial. I’m off to make a few sleeves 🤣🤪🤣😅

  261. The first quilt I put a hanging sleeve on was Words to Live By. I’ll try this method of sewing into top binding edge on my next wall hanging. Thank you for the great tutorial!

  262. I make hanging sleeves for all of my mini quilts and use lovely wire display racks from Hobby Lobby to show them in my sewing room and home.

  263. Love this idea. I have a few Christmas wall hangings to finish with this. So much easier.

  264. My first sleeve was on an 8ft by 3.5 ft quilt of a rowing shell I designed, sewed and quilted for my daughter who walked onto a D1 rowing team. good think her college apartment had vaulted ceilings!!

  265. The firts quilt I made a sleeve for was a wall hanging I made last year for thanksgiving. I love this way better I will make them like this from now on. This would be a great gift my birthday is July 25.

  266. I am new to quilting but have trying my hand at a few patterns.
    The first quilt pattern I purchased was a Quilt Fox Design called Farmhouse Cross. It is a wall hanging size (46″ x 60″). Before receiving the pattern, I made a bible cover using one-inch pieces and how I thought the pattern worked. While it was nice, it was a hot mess. After that, I became avid fan of YouTube, including your channel. I finished my first attempt at the actual pattern and I am very pleased. There are many mistakes, but I treasure the quilt. I just read your post and plan to add a sleeve to attempt number two.

  267. The first quilt I make a hanging strip for will be Kathy Tracy’s Schoolgirl Sampler. I have it ready to quilt and will hang it in my guest bedroom.

  268. The first quilt I plan to add a sleeve is my American flag quilt. I’ve always wanted to display this one occasionally. Thanks for this tutorial.

  269. I absolutely LOVE this fabric! Planning to sleeve my next quilt, lori holt’s Hometown.

  270. Thank you for the instructions, I’ve always wondered how to hang a quilt.

  271. The first quilt I turned into a wall hanging was an art quilt I made when I first started practicing FMQ. It was only about 9” x 12” because I wanted to start small. Love how this one is designed! I will have to use this design for a larger wall hanging. Thank you!

    1. This was a great tutorial & really like this method. I have a couple Christmas wall hangings that I’ll use this technique. Thanks for sharing.

  272. I made a baby quilt for my great grandbaby. When I told my granddaughter that I was almost finished with it, she said that it was ok and that she has all kinds of blankets. You know that that QUILT is going to make a nice wall hanging! Lol

  273. I’m excited to hang my Evergreen Mystery KAL quilt as it’ll be my very first quilt! I’m having so much fun and it’s so doable for a beginner. Thanks!

  274. I really enjoyed your article. The wall hanging I am working on is very old. My best friends Mother made blocks for each of their children, herself, her husband and the family name. They had a very large family. This sleeve will work great for this.

  275. I want to make the flag wall hanging from the Liberty box. This is a great tutorial! I tried to make a quilt sleeve ages ago but was an epic fail. Now I know what I did wrong. Thank you!

  276. This was a great tutorial & really like this method. I have a couple Christmas wall hangings that I’ll use this technique. Thanks for sharing.

  277. I’m making a Halloween wall hanging that I can put your sleeve hanger on!

  278. I made an original quilt with embroidered blocks referencing things in my mother’s life for her 100th birthday. I will make a sleeve for it. Thank you for entering me in this drawing.

  279. My first quilt to get a sleeve is the wall hanging quilt I just finished, the Fall Shenanigans, a Halloween pattern. I am so happy to learn this method of making a sleeve and it works well! Thank you!

  280. My first wall hanging quilt was rooster quilt for my kitchen. I wish I had seen this tutorial before making it and will now go back and fix it.

  281. My first quilt that I will make a sleeve for will be Medley. I plan to give the quilt to my mother in law in a nursing home. It will be nice to switch out quilts on her wall. Add a bit of brightness to her day and give her visitors something to talk about.

  282. I’m making my first wall hanging, Valentine theme. I love this method of hanging!

  283. I’ve made a few sleeves on 12″ creations to slip on cute holders, and I machine stitch the bottom to backing before folding up to match raw edges to top edge (still allowing room for dowel as stated above).

  284. This is such a nice simple way to make a hanging sleeve! The first quilt I turned into a wall hanging was made from left over HST and was custumed quilted for me by a friend.

  285. I’ve been adding sleeves to my wall hangings, but wasn’t sure if I was doing it correctly. Thank you for the clarity.

  286. Thank you for this tutorial! I plan to use this technique on a shop hop quilt I’m finishing and a wall hanging my daughter made.

  287. Brilliant instructions to make a sleeve for a wall hanging quilt. Thanks a million.