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The Quilt Keeper over-the-door quilt rack is here!

As quilters, we tend to accumulate quilts. Lots of them! You might store them in a basket or cabinet, on a quilt ladder, or pile them on a bed. The quilts we create are so nice to look at that it’s a shame to hide them away. The fix is The Quilt Keeper quilt rack for storing quilts, comforters and blankets. It’s a simple solution for storing and displaying quilts. Read on for a fun giveaway!

This beautiful design is easy to install, and the removable metal bars are easy to use. You can easily slip the bar under your quilt and hang it up. Unlike quilt ladders, there’s no reaching up to place bedding on high rungs. The Quilt Keeper creator, Ellen Taurins, shows how easy it is to use.

The Quilt Keeper with two Cascade Extenders will hold three quilts! It doesn’t take up any room on the floor since it fits over a door.

Ellen Taurins invented this clever quilt rack in her search for a better way to store quilts and blankets without climbing ladders and digging into storage boxes.

After a trip to the home goods store and some serious DIY ingenuity, the early prototype of The Quilt Keeper was born. Now, Ellen has brought her design to market for others to use and enjoy. Thanks, Ellen!

Quilt Keeper Giveaway

We’re giving away The Quilt Keeper with two Cascade Extenders (made to hang three quilts). It includes two hanging door hooks, adhesive foam and quilt bar, plus two Cascade Extender metal hangers. To enter to win, leave a comment below letting us know how you like to organize and display your quilts. One winner will be chosen randomly, announced here on the blog on Monday, June 12, and contacted by email.

Good luck!


Close my eyes, scroll, scroll, scroll, open my eyes, and see where the cursor has landed. That’s how I randomly chose Connie Leydig as the winner of this giveaway! Congratulations, Connie! Please check your email for a follow up from Fat Quarter Shop so we can mail your prize to you.

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  1. I have many quilts suitable for display. My favorite way to display them is over the railing. I can display 2 at a time if I offset them. That way I can see a lot of the top one and some of the bottom one. When not on a railing, I display them by folding them and stacking them in my armoire in the living room. Quite a display of many different colors.

    1. I am a new quilter, I have been storing them in a closet. This is a much better idea❤️.
      Thanks for the opportunity!

      1. I have lost count as to how many quilts I have in my home (never mind how many I’ve gifted over the years). I have two quilt ladders, a large basket and a few over the backs of sofas and chairs! Also at the foot of every bed!! Running out of ideas to display them!! This over the door quilt rack is an ingenious idea!! Well done!

        1. I would love to hang my quilts on the door in our family room. It would be so fun to have them where myself and others could see them.

          1. I love displaying mine over a door in my sewing room but also on different chairs and couches in my sewing room and den.

          2. Great idea and beautifully designed…this would be perfect to hang/display my grandchildren’s personalized took me awhile to complete them but I wanted each of them to have their own quilt when they spent the night or weekend. Thank you to Lori Holt for the idea from your book..Spelling Bee😊

          3. Most of my quilts are in my closet or a cedar chest. I would love to get all my quilts organized.

          4. What a great idea for displaying quilts! I have mine displayed on a ladder. Bottom shelf of my glass curio cabinet and several wooden wall racks that hold one quilt each. Would love to have the over the door hanger!

          5. This is a wonderful way to display quilts. Most of mine are in a closet right now, but I would love to display them where they can be enjoyed.

          6. I try to display as many as I can, but I also have a designated storage cabinet to put when not on display.

          1. My quilts are largely folded and stored in a closet when not in use. This rack is a wonderful way to enjoy them all.

          2. Mine hang over the back of my dining room chairs- we rarely use the table, so I don’t have to move the very often. When I do, folks get a chance to admire them- some mine, some antique

        2. I store my quilts everywhere, on a ladder, on the back of the sofa, hanging on walls, and on the beds. I love your idea!

          1. This is such a clever way to store beautiful quilts. Would love to use it in my guest room so guests can pick an quilt of their choice.

        3. I would like to be entered in the giveaway for the quilt over the door rack. Thankyou

        4. I’ve been looking at ladders but this is perfect. Hope she gets lots of orders and can manufacture these.

        5. We moved into a new house and the upstairs bannister railing presents the PERFECT place to display one or even a couple quilts! Coming in through the front door, the quilt(s) are in full view from the upstairs railing😊 Sitting at the kitchen island also allows for quilt admiration time!

        6. I currently display one as a wall hanging and 5 more on a quilt ladder. What do I do with the other 63, lol?? Stuff and tuck wherever I can find room, of course! Would definitely be able to put this system to work! Great idea and thank you for the opportunity!

        7. I have a quilt ladder and rack but not enough floor space so currently my quilts are stored in “quilt storage bags”. I miss seeing the beautiful colors and designs. 😞 I love the idea of storing them on an over the door rack.

      2. I have just begun my quilting journey! I have made about 6 so far with plenty of fabric to make many many more! So far they are in a closet. I would love the over the door hanger!

        1. I have very little wall space and store some of many quilts in a cabinet and in the closet. This over the door hanger is an awsome idea and would be wonderful to change up andp display quilts for all to enjoy!

      3. I have to quilt ladders that I have quilts displayed on.But I also have some in decorative baskets,hanging on the wall,on my tables and also on a spare bed.I would love to have one of these it would free up a lot of space that I’m in very short supply of.

      4. I have two quilt ladders and also an iron end table with a large open shelf. I have several folded up on the shelf of the table. Also, several extra chairs wear a seasonal quilt over the top edge!

      5. I love this idea. I have quilts all over the house, on the backs of chairs, the foot of the beds, in baskets, and on the couch, ottoman and anywhere else I can find.

    2. I like to lay quilts over the back of sofas and love seats and folded at the foot of a bed and on a small brass standing quilt rack in my family room.

    3. I have several quilts folded and on end in a galvanized tub on the hearth.

    4. I can only display my large quilts by folding them along the top of our couch. For wall hangings I use Quilters Hang Up. This would be great to have!

      1. They are EVERYWHERE. In our house!—walls, buckets, sewing room, tubs, stacked inside an old tv wall unit, draped over the sofa & chairs…even hanging out on the front porch wall to honor our American flag quilt!!

        1. Most of my quilts display over the backs of chairs and sofas. Some are folded over the ends of our beds. The over the door hanger is a great way to display!

    5. I have quilts from 4 different grandmothers, mother in law and my own mother(which I didn’t even know she made until she passed away). This sure would help in displaying some of them! I have just been placing them on railing.

    6. At the moment I hang my quilts over the banisters on the landing. But this is a much better idea.

    7. I love to drape them over my stair banister and the couches. This is an awesome idea that doesn’t use for space.

    8. I love displaying my quilts in many ways. At the end of beds, on the beds and over the end of the bed frame. Some ready to be finished, it reminds me to finish the quilt!

    9. I have them rolled up in basket… hanging over doors… some on a ladder.. l love Kimberly

    10. I have a large basket with the quilts rolled up. It works good and an expensive way to store them.

    11. I love to place my quilts at the end of the beds! It’s easy to decide how much or what part of the quilts to display.

    12. I usually just fold and stack quilts. I would love this over the door way to store them

    13. I have a display rack on dining room wall that will hold 6 quilts and a curtain rod in living room that I rotate quilts on and I also like to keep a folded quilt on the back of my couch.

    14. I have many quilts on beds, over the back of the couch, stacked in a cabinet and a quilt ladder. I would love this over the door quilt hanger. ❤️

    15. I always need ways to store my quilts. I have them on chairs couches, on beds, in dressers and closets. This looks beautiful.

    16. I am a new quilter and have only quilted a small wall hanging that I currently use to cover my sewing machine. However, as quilters seem to do, I am currently working on a jelly roll quilt called Log Cabin with Hidden Stars and a free pattern called Summit. So I will need to have a place for display soon!

    17. I just started quilting in October and have almost 40 quilts I store them anywhere I can and go to consignment shops for cabinets

    18. I have a couple quilt racks that each hold 3 quilts. Most of the quilts I’ve made have been given as gifts. I love to rotate the order the quilts are displayed on the rack.

    19. I’ve push pinned small quilts onto the wall. I don’t have a good way to display quilts. This hanger would be awesome for that purpose. Love the design!

    20. I like to drape my quilts over the backs of a sofa and loveseat. Smaller ones I like to hang on the wall. I change them all periodically but have the ability to display more would be great!

  2. I have 3 quilts on a quilt rack, quilts on beds, quilts in a basket, on a small ladder, on the sofa and a chair on the kitchen and dining room tables, on the nook bench and in a 3 tier basket rack. That doesn’t count the ones in the quilt cupboard. They are EVERYWHERE 😂😂😂😂😂

    1. I have a wide wall ladder, two cabinets plus rolled up quilts in baskets to store my quilts and I am running out of room. The Quilt Keeper will help with my storage problem.

  3. My daughter, DIL, and sister bought an old gun cabinet. My sister chalk painted it and her husband installed shelves in it for my quilts. It is a lovely piece but doesn’t hold all of them!

    1. I have a wooden quilt hanger that I hang seasonal quilts on! The rest of them, I rotate displaying them on my couch.

  4. I have quilts on a ladder, a bookcase and a cabinet. I also display a seasonal quilt over a bannister in our foyer.

  5. I like to display my quilts on ladders, quilt racks, in baskets, on chair backs, and beds!

  6. Most of my quilts are just folded and piled up on a chair, not the best way to use them. Have been looking at the Quilt Keeper system for awhile, would love to win one.

  7. I display only a few of mine over the backs of chairs and sofa, as well as rolled and placed in basket.
    This over the door design is perfect.

  8. Hi. I have a few quilts in my living room in a small cabinet with glass doors. To see them. I have a small quilt hanging on my wall. I have another quilt over my couch. I have quilts on every bed in my home. And that’s after making so many quilts for my family and friends. This quilt holder would be perfect on the door of my sewing room. To display my most recently made quilts.

  9. Currently, my finished quilts are on the back of the couch, the back of the rockers, on the beds, and, sadly, not on display at all in cupboards and on shelves. I would love to win one of these Quilt Keepers. Thank you so much for offering!

  10. I like to display a quilt along the bottom of the bed. I also keep a large basket near both of my couches and change out the quilts each season.

  11. I have quilts stacked on a shelf with one displayed over the top shelf. I also like to drape them on the couch.

  12. I love seeing my quilts on display. With limited area, I rotate them seasonally. This hanger system would be wonderful to have.

  13. I have several hanging on the wall, but also use my loft railing to hang quilts on for view.

  14. I store my quilts in closets. I have some hanging on quilt bars in various rooms in my house that were made by my grandmothers, and great-grandmothers. Ones I’ve made are tossed on backs of couches and or chairs ready to be used.

    1. I have a couple of quilt racks that are full right now. Not sure what I’ll do with the ones I am working on now. 😀

  15. I display my quilts folded over the backs of chairs and couches and spread out on the beds. It’d be great to use the doors, too!

  16. Right now my king size quilts are folded on top of the dog’s kennel! There’s an additional quilt that folds down over the door to the kennel. It makes a cozy den for the Little Foxie! I have so many more quilts that this door hanger would work perfect for!

  17. I just this week sorted my quilt by Twin,Full, Queen, lap, wall and table runner. Hope I can keep it this way.

  18. I have a couple of floor quilt racks, but of course they really do not display them. I love this idea.

  19. I have 2 quilt ladders made by my dad, and they are full! I need another way to store all the quilts I’ve been making, this would be perfect!

  20. I have lots of quilts of various sizes on my living room furnitur. Having an over the door hanging rack would be great and useful!

  21. Right now I don’t have enough of my own quilts to store BUT I have 3 in the works and was looking to store them on a ladder. Also saw some people use towel bars in their living room so that seemed interesting. This door hang would be amazing!

  22. I have 3 of these with just the single holder and I love them!!
    I would like to be able to purchase just the extenders to add to the ones I have.

    1. I just clicked on the link and saw that the extenders are available-so excited!!

  23. I either fold my quilts and put them into a glass front cabinet or I have a flour quilt rack I put them on.

    1. I keep my quilts on a spare bed, piled upon, one on top of another. Not very interesting, A quilt rack to display them would be wonderful!

  24. Quilts are everywhere in my house! Folded on shelves in the common spaces, rolled in baskets, hanging on quilt ladders, over the back of the couch….they’re everywhere!

  25. I display my quilts a couple of ways. On is a ladder my husband made with fancy knobs. The other is on a small decorative bookcase. I even have one hanging on a shelf that has a hanging bar underneath it.

  26. In the past I have gifted my quilts with hopes that they will be used and love. Never really kept any. I am retired now and have been quilting more challenging patters. I want to show them off. I love this over the door method.

  27. I rarely have quilts to display because they are given away when finished, but I enjoy displaying runners on my buffet made from scraps of those quilts, so I always have something to remember them by. I would love to win an over the door quilt rack so I can keep some of my quilts at home.

  28. Mine are still packed in boxes as I hadn’t thought of a clever way to display them. This is a fabulous idea!

  29. That is such a great idea😍😍 I have so many quilts. I would put one on each of my bedroom doors. I love them.

  30. I have no place to display my quilts and this looks like a great idea. Far better than the closet.

  31. I display my quilts on quilt ladders, in glass cabinets and on the back of my couches. My wall space is limited so this quilt keeper is just what I need, Love it!

  32. I have this door hanger and didn’t know that there were “extenders”. I’d love to have another one and the extenders. I display my only “custom quilted” hand appliquéd on my hanger. I also have lots of quilts in baskets and some on the stair railing.

  33. I would first use this rack for quilt tops that are ready for finishing. Using a quilt keeper in this way would inspire me to complete my quilts!

  34. I have one quilt hanging on a wall on a quilt hanger my friend’s husband made out of a bed headboard. It is one of the last quilts I hand quilted. I have other quilts on the couch and loveseat backs. I have two quilt stands that each hold 1 quilt. The rest of my finished quilts are in quilt bags in the garage. I’d love to have a way to hang more quilts where they can be seen.

  35. I have so many in a cedar chest and then a big pile in my fabric room. I need more storage options. This one is great!

  36. I’d just like to be able to display several of our quilts. They’re so beautiful and each holds its own special story.

  37. I have a wooden quilt hanger on one wall of my living room and 2 metal wall hangers in my dining room. I switch out the quilts a few times a year on each hanger. I have always wanted the over the door hanger but was not sure about it only holding 1 folded quilt. Love that extenders are now available.

  38. I would love to be able to display my quilts instead of hiding them in the closet. Thank you for this splendid solution.

  39. I display my quilts on an antique drying rack, stacked in a curio case, and on a quilt ladder. I just love this over the door idea. Thanks for a chance to win!

  40. I love that idea! I currently use quilt ladders, but this over the door storage would be great!

  41. I have mine on beds, on chairs and couch, hanging from the walls in every room, folded in the linen cabinet and even a small on on the front door. I have a floor quilt rack that hold 2, but with two big dogs that shed constantly I have to clean them more than I like! Over the door would be perfect!!!!

  42. I love the idea of using wasted space on a door to display my quilts. They will always be in sight and not hidden away!

  43. I would use this on the front of my bedroom doors. Why hide a quilt behind doors? Love this idea!

  44. I’ve got my quilts hanging over chairs and half wall but always looking for ways to hang them! These would work great and look fantastic hanging more!

  45. I like to display all of my quilts, on beds, sofas, on the patio. I have been looking at the display for a while.

  46. I am new to quilting and working on my first one. I would love to display it in my home when it is finished (after I show it to everyone I know!!!).

  47. I am a fairly new quilter so I haven’t figured out a great way to display my quilts. I have a few on shelves in my craft room and one in my entry way. This item would be a great addition to my home and serve as a much better way to show off my work. Thanks for this consideration:)

  48. I put quilts on my dining room table and on the back of couches. I use an old quilt stand. I put small ones on a leaning ladder. And in the closet and in an old trunk. Try to bring them out for the appropriate season. I think the Quilt Keeper is a great idea!

  49. Ooh I love this idea. I currwntly have mone stored in a ceder chest and a few draped on the sofas. This would be amazing to just showcase the newest quilts.

  50. Oh my gosh, I need one for every door!!!! I have quilts on a shelf in laundry room, in a cedar chest, stacked on top of cedar chest, covering love seat and recliner and folded/ stacked in a chair in my sewing room (newest quilts).

  51. I store mine in Ikea Cabinet in my quilt room. This is a nice way to show off a couple, then change them every so often.

  52. This looks amazing! Currently, I have quilts EVERYWHERE! This will be one more display option!

  53. This is such a beautiful and clever way to display quilts! I currently use them on beds, draped over couches and stacked on display shelves. Have a few hanging on walls, as well. Fingers crossed for a win on this – I love it!

  54. I hang my quilts over my stair railing. I also have a quilt ladder in my bedroom. The rest are piled up on the bed in the spare bedroom.

  55. I display my quilts all through my house, on beds, chairs and sofa.I have always wanted a quilt rack. This over the door rack is a unique way to display them.

  56. I have given a lot of mine away. Still a fairly new quilter but looking forward to keeping and organizing what is to come!

  57. currently I store in a variety of ways. I saw this and have been wanting it ever since! I have a basket i put wall hangings or table runners in (saw on a live with Kimberly). Then for larger quilts I store over couch or on a bed. Was thinking about a ladder. Thanks for the opportunity for the giveaway!

    1. Since downsizing our living space two years ago I don’t have much room to showcase my quilts. Most of them are stored in a blanket chest. With this over the door rack I could actually display some of them.

  58. This is awesome! I have been looking for an antique cabinet with glass to store some of my quilts.

  59. I currently use an old ladder to display the quilts, but it is full! I would love one of these over the door racks. What a great idea.

  60. I have a loft overlooking my living room and I hang my quilts over the railing. I love the idea of displaying them over a door

  61. I have three! of these and can always use more. They are an easy way to see the quilts when I have no wall space to hang quilts – I do have doors!

  62. I have a quilt ladder to display my recent favorites, a loft railing for my bigger quilts, and adorning the sofa back in my family room,

  63. I display my larger quilts on a bed or folded on a bench, my lap-size quilts are seasonally hung on curtain rods attached to the walls in several rooms. Smaller quilts and other quilts are displayed over the backs of chairs. I really like this idea of hanging them on a door. I have two closet doors in my foyer that would be perfect places to display the over the door quilt hanger. Thank you for the opportunity to win one. Here is another idea for storing out of season quilts. I lay them out on a bed one on top of the other, then I roll them on a pool noodle. The roll is then placed in a bag that I made out of an old sheet. The roll is then slid under the bed. I have one roll per season.

  64. Many of my quilts hang on the walls and over railings. This is another great way to display them.

    1. I am always looking for new space saving ways to store my quilts. The pool noodle idea is wonderful. I am always running out of space and making bags to cover them, so they don’t get dusty would be easy to make Thank you for this idea

  65. I have two quilt racks plus I have a few on a spare bed. I also have them on the back of my couches and chairs in the living room but I still have more so I would love to have this quilt rack.

  66. I have a quilt stand and can only display 2 quilts at a time. This is a wonderful idea to display more. Or even use to display quilt tops waiting to finished. Thank you so much for the chance to enter your giveaway.

    1. I keep my quilts folded nicely and set on a storage chest that has been handed down from my grandmother, to my mother, and to me. The special quilt that my mother made is prominently displayed there.

  67. This is a great idea! I recently moved into a smaller home and this would be perfect. I have only 3 walls I can hang quilts for display and a wall rack that is in a corner spot so I can display 4-5 quilts there. I hope this rack in in your shop!

  68. I’ve used up my quilt ladder and drawer space. This would work beautifully over my entry closet doors framing the entry way!

  69. I mainly display my quilts on beds or over the backs of chairs. I’ve been searching for a way to display them that doesn’t take up a lot of space.

  70. I would be so blessed to receive this over the door quilt hangers because sadly mine quilts are folded on top of a little end table in the corner of my bedroom. I have one quilt displayed on my couch but, I would love to hang quilts on every door of my house. These are such a great idea.

  71. Oh wow! I love that idea. My quilts are all over (furniture, beds, walls). What a great way to show them off.

  72. I display my quilts anywhere and everywhere I can! Beds, back of couch, wall, quilt racks, quilt display case. I even have one as a shower curtain!

  73. I currently just leave my quilts in a closet unless they are being used. This rack would allow me to decorate with quilts!

  74. I have many quilts and am still searching for a way to display and keep them availablefor using as well. Right now some are folded over the couch or chairs. This looks like the perfect solution!

  75. I have limited floor space so this is a new option while still being able to see the quilts, albeit behind a closed door in my sewing room. It is a better alternative to other storage options and will serve as a new way to decorating with my quilts.

  76. I have quilts on ladder. I hang a couple on the wall and the back of the couch. There is always one on my bed. The rest are rolled up and stacked on the floor. All which I rotate by season.

  77. I love the over the door rack! I have a quilt hanger my dad made that I love. Being able to display quilts vs being in a cabinet brings me joy!

    1. I usually have quilts on my beds and then near my couches for naps and snuggly tv watching. Any beyond that are folded and in various closets until it’s time to gift one. A rack like this would be a wonderful addition to my home.

  78. I hang my quilts over bars & chairs and wherever I find a spot. But I definitely do not have enough places and so this rack would be awesome!

  79. My mother was a quilter, and I have them displayed on quilt racks and the bed, and a glass quilt cabinet. I would love to display more of them. This would be perfect!

  80. Most of my quilts are put away but this would be a wonderful way to show them off!

  81. I love my quilts! I hang them on the walls, they are on my beds and over chairs and the sofa! But, I don’t have enough room to display them so an over the door hanging system is perfect!
    I store my quilts by season and by color! Most of the quilts I make are gifts but I have some favorites that I keep!

  82. I have a quilt ladder, a quilt cabinet and a quilt closet to hold my many quiltsand quilt tops. I would love to display then on my nsewing room door to see what I have done and what I need to finish. This over the door hanging rack sounds perfect!!
    Please consider me.

  83. Love your quilt hangers! I put 2-3 over my banister. Would love to have these door quilting hangers!

  84. In a pile unless I give one away. Need an easier way to store them since I have a little room as my sewing space.

  85. Love your quilt hangers! I put 2-3 over my banister. Would love to have these door quilting hangers! Would be fun and easy to store.

  86. I have ladders and beds to show them off. However this product is awesome!!! I’ve been wanting one for a while. Hope FQS Carry’s them….I need more than one 😆

  87. What a great idea! Mine are on racks all over the house. But this is such a neat way to keep quilts organized and displayed.

  88. What a great idea! As I live in a small house, this would be a wonderful way to display my quilts.

  89. My quilts are displayed all over our house – three are hanging over the rails at the top of the stairs, four are in the dining room on a quilt ladder, one is hung in the entry hallway on a wooden rod, two more are in the family room over the sofas and two antique quilts are spread over the futon in the basement to keep them unfolded! My goal is to keep moving my quilts from one place to another as “art objects” and to refold and rearrange often.

  90. I really don’t have a way to display them so they are shoved in the closet. Would love to have this!!!

  91. I currently don’t have a way to display my quilts, but I love this product. I will have to save up for one since I recently moved into my own apartment

  92. I have several rolled up in a large basket and of course on the bed, and over the couch and chair to.

  93. Love to display my quilts- Christmas ones usually go over the backs of sofas. and I have an small quilt rack but love the quilt hangars you have! They are perfect

  94. I love the idea of over the door. I have very little floor space. Perfect!

  95. I have wanted to display quilts in my sewing area which is a small space. I give many of my quilts away, but this quilt hanger is just perfect for displaying a few of my quilts. Thanks so much for bringing this to my attention and for offering this opportunity.

  96. I would love to have one of these quilt hangers. What a clever idea! I display my quilts in a cabinet about 30″ high with glass top and sides that I bought at a quilt show years ago. I also have a beautiful 7 foot quilt ladder from “Built by Briick” which holds seven quilts (they have smaller ones too). I also have a small quilt rack that holds 3 quilts and can also hang some on the railing above the stairs. But there is never enough room, so hanging on a door is a great idea!

  97. I hang my quilts on a small floor quilt stand where you can’t really see much of anything. I’d love some of these to be able to show them on doors.

  98. I really like this way to display quilts- since I only have a few completed, the ability to add on to display is excellent. 🧵🪡📍

  99. I like to rotate my wall displays of quilts. This cascading door hanger is brilliant!

  100. I display them on the back of the living room couch and chairs as well as the beds. I change them with the seasons or holidays

  101. Most of the quilts I’ve made have been gifts or for charities. The 2 I have in the house are being dragged everywhere by my kids.

  102. Quilters are some of the most inventive people ever- always coming up with new tools and ideas to make quilting more fun and user friendly!!! I love this quilt rack and could certainly put it to good use!!! I have three Designer Mystery Quilts that would look wonderful on the rack!!!

  103. What an amazing idea. We keep our quilts folded on the back of the couch or behind closed doors in the guest room. This would be so helpful to keep the away from the pets that love to cuddle in them!

    1. I have a cabinet with glass doors where I put folded quilts. I also have them on the back of sofas and chairs and folded at the foot of the beds.

  104. This quilt hanger is amazing! I have so many quilts and display them all over. On the back of every piece of furniture, in a glass cabinet and on all the beds.

    1. Hi Connie, You are the winner of this prize! Please check your email to confirm delivery information.

  105. This is brilliant! I have a few ways I like to display quilts. I have. Quilt ladder for some that I like to display seasonally. I also like to hang them from curtain rods as a wall hanging. But most of all I like to drape them over couches to be used. I love seeing my family wrapped up in a quilt that I made!

  106. Finally! Something quick, easy and pretty for hanging our quilts. I’m counting how many doors I have in my house to put one on!

  107. It would be so fun to get my quilts out of the closet and out for display. This over the door hanger would be perfect!

  108. Since I don’t have much wall space, I love to display my quilts on chairs, rolled in crocks, and simply folded on shelves 🙂

  109. I have 2 quilt ladders that are full but don’t have room for more ladders, so the quilt keeper would certainly come in handy. Thanks for sharing this idea and a chance to win one!

  110. I have three quilt racks to display quilts but that isn’t enough! I have at least 30 quilts piled on a bed. I love the idea of this door rack!

  111. Such a great idea! I have a ladder but over the door is even more space efficient!!!!!

  112. I have an oak hanger in my living room, as well as a ladder and traditional quilt rack. I love the hanger… great way to display without requiring floor space!

  113. I’ve been looking into quilt storage ideas, and this post comes at a great time! I usually drape mine over a couch/recliner based on season, but was recently looking into a ladder. However, I love this over the door hanger! We just moved into our new home and the Quilt Keeper rack would make a perfect addition to display my quilts and making our empty space look more like a home!

  114. I use a quilt ladder, but it is full. My others are folded on the bed. This looks awesome!

  115. I put my quilts all over the house to display. I store them in my closet folded.

  116. My husband made a wooden hanger that holds a quilt across the top so the entire quilt is visible. It’s perfect for displaying my seasonal quilts. I also use two ladders, two floor stands, the back of every couch/chair, and every bed. I still need more places and this door hanger looks perfect. I would be thrilled if I won this!

    1. I’m a very new quilter of finished quilts.. I have them either on bed or in closet. Would love this form of storage to display several that are in the making.

  117. I have quilts hanging over my sofa, chairs and on a quilt rack. Also quilts are used on the beds and stored in a closet. This over the door rack looks great! Crossing my fingers!!

  118. I have so many quilts that just sit in a closet! I’m thinking of getting a basket like Kimberly has shown to roll some up and have out.

  119. I have made many quilts for my cottage which is small with very little closet space. Most are stored under the bed in space saving bags which you suck the air out of. Unfortunately we forget what we have in the bags! I would love to be able to store on the back of the door.

  120. I have quilts layered up on a spare bed and I also have a huge stack in my bedroom! This would be wonderful for displaying them!

  121. I’m new to quilting. Right now I lay what I have over chairs but this is a great idea! Thank you for the opportunity!!

  122. How beautiful! This going straight to the top of my birthday wishlist! I display my quilts in a variety of ways. One of my favorite ways is to fold and then roll small quilts and stand them up in a basket I bought at an Amish family’s farm on a trip to Berlin, Ohio. The basket is huge so it holds a number of quilts, and it brings back a happy memory of a special trip with my son.

  123. Right now the only way I have to display my quilts is folded on the back of my chaise lounge chair. I have 3 that live there year round.

  124. I use a quilt ladder and lay them over my couch but I would love to have one these in my spare bedroom. Such a great idea!

  125. I have many stored in a cabinet and some of my favorites on a ladder and then seasonal ones my godmother made me on the wall.

  126. What a great idea. I am also thinking of hanging quilted seasonal decorative quilts on it, like my big quilted Christmas tree.

  127. I have two wooden quilt racks: one holds four quilts, the other just one. I love to rotate those on display, and the rest are either on beds, a couch or in a closet.

    1. I have a cabinet for most of mine but I have a curtain rod on the wall in my dinning room that us my favorite spot to hang/display a quilt. I try to stick with a season/holiday theme.

  128. I live in a smaller house with quilts on a quilt rack but it takes up a lot of room. Hanging quilts from a door would beautifully display them while giving me back some floor space! Great idea!

  129. This looks like a wonderful way to display a few more quilts. It’s always a challenge to deal with storage I a small home. Thanks for a chance at the give a way

  130. I have mine stored in glass-front cabinets, quilt ladder, and closet. The door hanger is ingenious!

  131. I display my quilts all over the house. I have a custom made (by my husband) quilt cabinet with chicken wire in the door, in our living room, along with a quilt rack made by my son. In our bedroom I have a 3 Quilt rack where I proudly display a 98 year old quilt made by my great grandmother. In my sewing room I have a quilt draped over a rustic door from the old homestead. So many quilts and still more spaces to display them😊

  132. I struggle because I have very little wall space. I fold them prettily and stack them on some of the shelves of the bookcase in my great room. I lovexseeing them, but have limited space.

  133. I have my extra quilts stacked on a chair in the living room. Not the ideal situation, but didn’t want to put them in a closet.

  134. As I live in a very small apartment the majority of my plethora of quilts are under my bed in storage bags. It would be such a delight to display them with the quilt keeper.

  135. The over the door quilt rack is a great idea. My quilts are stored on a floor rack, on beds, and hang over a second floor railing. Pretty well anywhere I can find to display them.

  136. I have so many quilts folded in baskets that this would be an awesome way to display them so they can be seen!

    1. I have 2 floor quilt racks, hang many on walls and have them stored everywhere. Any chance you have a quick
      Link to buy them. Iam not so lucky at games of chance.

  137. I’m fairly new to quilting and so far have gifted all that I have made. BUT, I have gotten some material and patterns set aside for myself. Hope to get them made before to long. Still working on some to gift. I do have an old fashion quilt rack/stand that stands on the floor and that’s where I’ll begin with displaying. Hopefully I can win this over the door display rack to display them. I love this thing.

  138. I have been storing mine in an old cedar chest. I bring them out and switch them around often in my living room, bedroom, etc. This over the door hanger would be wonderful to add colour and texture to a room and would give me an excuse to make more!

  139. I really love this idea. Currently I am not able to display my quilts, I place them folded in a closet and rotate them out for the seasons. I would love to get one of these so I could have more quilts out and ready to be used and loved

  140. I have 2 Quilt stands and 2 holders that mount to the wall. Then I have a quilt folded on the end of every bed. Swap all of these out with the ones folded in the linen closet. Would love to try one of these.

  141. I hang a few in my walls ,down the hallway on a quilt rack in my foyer and in my China cabinet in the dining room(seldom used).Love the idea of the over the door concept.Great idea and and way to store as well as show them off.

  142. I have one vertical quilt rack that holds 5 and one floor rack that holds 5. Now I am out of room so this new rack would be perfect! I have 3 doors to hang quilts on! I think I would put pool noodles on the bars to keep the quilts from getting creased though.

  143. I have many quilts. Some are hanging on walls and some are on beds. Many are put into pillowcases and stored in a cabinet. Unfortunately my cabinet is full and many more quilts are waiting to be quilted. The Quilt Keeper sounds great.

  144. I have a wooden quilt rack in my bedroom. I also have a wooden hanger on the wall in my living room for my wall hangings.

  145. Currently, I display my quilts by season and store them in bins. It would be wonderful to display more of them on the quilt keeper. Thanks.

  146. I store and display my quilts in a vintage cabinet with glass doors. So pretty to see them behind glass!

  147. Besides hanging on the wall, I hang one on a railing in my great room (steps to basement), I have some rolled in a floor basket, some on a ladder and some folded on shelves. This is a great vast to add additional displays.

  148. I am always looking for a better way to display my quilts. This sounds great. Currently I have my quilts stacked on top of the pie safe cabinet in my living room. Thank you to Ellen Taurins for your great thinking and determination.

  149. This is such a wonderful idea Mostly I shove my quilts in a closet. Not the best solution I could really use one of these!

  150. What a great giveaway! I just started making quilts and have not even thought of how I’m going to store them. This quilt rack would be perfect. Thank you to the whole team at FQS. Your awsome!

  151. I have them everywhere. Rolled up, folded, and hanging. I also give away to family and very dear friends. I love the idea of the over the door rack. FQS you are awesome for doing this!! Thanks for the opportunity and good luck everyone!!!

  152. Just retired a few years ago and picked up on quilting. I’ve quilted 3 quilts this year and have 4 projects wait to be cut. This would be the perfect solution for displaying them so family can pick which one they want for the night. I can quilt all I want.

  153. I have started a quilting journey, but I have only quilted a couple of things. I have cats and dogs and struggle with a place to put them. The over the door hanger is a great idea, easily accessible to share their beauty and keeps the quilt out of harms way 😊

  154. I am looking for better ways to display quilts so I can enjoy them better. This seems like a great way
    For those guest rooms.

  155. I love, love, love this! I have been going crazy trying to think of more places to put my quilts to display! I’ll have to save up my pennies to get a few or more! Thanks for this beautiful product Ellen and Kimberly at Fat Quarter shop for this giveaway! 🤞🏻😊❤️

  156. Sadly they don’t get displayed. They end up in vacuum sealer bags due to lack of space!! I love this idea of being able to hang them out where they can be used more! Especially in the guest room.

  157. I am always looking for ways to display my quilts. I have some in a basket and several hanging over a curtain rod mounted on the wall in my family room.

  158. I have a railing around the stairwell on the second floor. I have all sorts of quilts hanging over the railing. Also, on the railing between the bedposts at the foot of the bed. Love this idea to hang them with this frame on the back of a door – more room to display quilts!!

  159. I have one quilt displayed on a wall but all the others are in a closet or an armoire. These comments have given me many other possibilities. This over-the-door hanging system would be great!

  160. My favourite two quilts hang on the wall in my entrance hall, two are on sofas and three are on beds but the rest are stored in an old blanket chest which is very full! This looks a great alternative. Thanks for the opportunity.

  161. My quilts are mostly stacked in a pile in my sewing room. I do have a couple laid over the back of couch & chairs and some stacked in a basket. Love this door hanger quilt rack with extenders as a way to display our beautiful quilts. Seeing this makes want to get several for various doors in my home. A Big Thank You to Ellen Taurins for creating this, love it.

  162. Sorry I reread your post. I would love to win the Quilt Keeper. I am a new quilter and am finding I have no where to store my quilts. Thank you!

  163. I have a quilt ladder. It’s kind of ho hum. I have a wicker basket filled with rolled quilts to use on cooler evenings.

  164. What a wonderful idea and so useful! I currently use quilt ladders, and display quilts from quilt hanger hanging on wall.

  165. I have put my quilts everywhere there is a space. Right now they are bagged up and put in the RV in case we have to evacuate for fire season in California.

  166. I have two vintage wood ladders in our house with some of my quilts draped over the rungs…one in my sewing room and one in the living room. I would LOVE to have one of these over-the-door quilt display racks for use in the spare bedroom!

  167. I usually have one over the back of the sofa, but I love this idea of hanging off the door!!!!!

  168. I store my quilts in and on top of an armoire in my spare bedroom. I love this quilt keeper!

  169. I have wall space for one quilt and I have two or three that I especially like to hang there. The rest are wherever I can find a spot, beds, on backs of couches, on every open shelf! Lots of fun to see them around.

  170. I think this would nice on either side of the door. I have a few guest rooms and like to leave them some different size quilts to use but don’t have anyplace to really display them. This would be a perfect solution.

  171. This would be wonderful! Right now I have them on all our beds and given away a lot in order to have room. I would be so excited to be able to display!

  172. Hi, love the way this shows off quilts. I rotate mine on the bannister rail but that only allows a couple. On the back of the sofa is also a good place especially for the cat!

  173. My husband built rail display for the wall. I swap out the quilts on the wall since I have more quilts than the display will hold.

  174. This would be a great way to display my quilts. I have some hanging over the backs of chairs and couches. Others tucked away.

  175. What a great way to display quilts and thank you for such an awesome opportunity to win one! I like to display my quilts in a variety of ways. I am still new to quilting and don’t have many to display, but those I have are hung on my ladder, in my small glass door cabinet, and my minis are displayed in a wicker basket. Winning this would definitely encourage to make more quilts! 🤣
    Wishing everyone the best of luck 🤞🧵🪡

  176. I am happy to find such good company for the dilemma of where to put our treasured quilts. This design is amazing and I’d love to win one!

  177. I hang small quilts on my walls, swapping them out frequently. I keep a quilt on the couch and on the bed. Table runners, mug rugs, and placemats are on the tables as appropriate for the season. Quilted bench pillows are on the bench by the door, swapped out monthly. Sadly, my large quilts are mostly stored away in closets. I would love to display the over the door.

  178. This is just what I have been looking for. I have way too many quilts in closets where they can’t be seen. I do try to rotate quilts on the back of my sofa displaying ones to coordinate with the seasons.

  179. I display my quilts on the back of the couch, on an old quilt stand that I picked up at a yard sale, and on the railing of our staircase. I love this idea of hanging them up on the door!

  180. I have wooden racks all over my house, a beautiful glass front quilt case & quilts on the bed and couches. I only have doors left to hang quilts so this would be perfect!

  181. At present I tend to have my quilts layered on the beds. There is 4 on my bed right now and I won’t mention how many in the spare room, but I will rotate them as I was the sheets, putting the most recent on the bottom. This makes it difficult to appreciate them all together but at least I get to look at them😁

  182. What a new and fantastic idea for displaying your favorite quilts. Oh how I wish to win this giveaway!

  183. I practice ” rotational quilt displaying ” in my house. This is a fabulous way to display more quilts !

  184. At this point I’m insulating my walls with my quilts. This hanger would we great for my door.

  185. This would be so nice. Right now I have a quilt ladder that holds 4 quilts. The rest are in a closet.

  186. I try to bring all my quilts out at different times of the year. I hang some and some I put across the end of a couch. I realized that some are just not getting their time to shine. This quilt system would let them play more often.

  187. I really need more ways to display quilts because I have so many. I like to store them flat on the guest bed & it’s a big pile. Also some in closets. This is a wonderful idea.

  188. For now, I keep my quilts in an antique glass front bookcase handed down in my husband’s family. One or two quilts will go on beds.

  189. I need one of these for every interior door in my home. I still think even with that I would have many quilts piles left. I would love the link to request one on my gift list.

  190. The Quilt Keeper would be great to organize my home! I have quilts in a closet that Iwould be able showcase!


    Thanks for a chance to win!

  191. Love to be able to show off my Quilts, my Moms and Grandmothers, but that is also a great way to store them. Just spread them all through the house on the doors

  192. This is such a great idea. I would need one for every door in the house and out in the studio. So many quilts and not enough places to display them.

  193. I do have some quilts that I made to hang on the wall but having a way to hang on a doorway would be great!

  194. Up to now most of my quilts are in a linen closet except for the ones that are in a bench my husband made for me that is open on the front for my quilts. Recently I’ve started pulling some out of the closet and I’m stacking them on top of an antique chest that is in my entry way.

  195. My hubby had a quilt ladder built specifically for a tall wall in our house. It’s in our family room and it is used constantly.

  196. I currently have only one basket for displaying my quilts, however I do display some on a guest bed. I suppose the main way I showcase my quilts is the back of my couch. The rest of them are kept in a closet. I would love the opportunity to see my quilts all of the time on the back of a door. What a genius idea!

  197. My house was not built with enough walls to display my quilts but I do have doors. This sounds like a great solution to my dilemma plus it keeps me off ladders so I feel safe. Would love to win this and be able to share it with my quilting friends.

  198. Omg the idea of being able to display quilts on the door is a brilliant idea. FQS you always amaze me with the ideas you come up with. Right now I display my quilts on a tobacco ladder that my husband made for me that is in my living room.

    1. I like mine where I can see them–on quilt ladders and racks and glass-front cabinets. I love this over-the-door option.

  199. I have a quilt rack my husband built for me, a quilt ladder, and they are on the couches, tables, etc. Love to see them!😊

  200. My husband built me two ladders for my finished quilts. One has mine on it, the other has a couple that my grandmother made and the quilt she and I made together when I got engaged we finished it before she got sick. I have one other quilt on display. It’s a baby quilt that I made in my grandmother’s memory for my firstborn because she passed away before he was born. It is just hanging on a wall with safety pins and nails.

  201. I hang mine quilts over railings, have some on the wall and others are draped or folded over couches and chairs, not to mention the bed quilts. This looks like the perfect way to store quilts that aren’t in season.

  202. I gift most of my quilts, but the ones I have would look great hanging on one of these hangars!

  203. I currently have quilts in baskets in my family room, and 1 or 2 folded on beds in the bedrooms. I have more quilts than beds so this would be fantastic to have to display other quilts.

  204. These would be perfect for all the quilts I make for my family. My sister displays hers and I know her daughters and daughters-in-law would really love to have one or two. What an amazing idea.

  205. What a great idea to make good use of the space we already have to display quilts using The Quilt Keeper! I personally have 3 doors in my sewing room and The Quilt Keeper would be a great addition to the decor of this room. I could display my quilts on a rotating basis and could enjoy my creations even more!

  206. I have quilts on beds and as table toppers. But I love this idea to add a new way to display some more quilts! How smart!

  207. I have two quilt racks that I display my quilts on. This over the door quilt display is awesome though. I really love this idea. Could use one in each bedroom. Working on a lot of quilts that need to be displayed.

  208. The quilt keeper looks like a magnificent idea, that is also gorgeous! As I am getting older, I realize all the quilts I have “in storage” are not getting the love and attention they deserve. I want to enjoy them more, and if I had the quilt keeper, I could not only embellish my surroundings, but I could relish the memories of making of each quilt. As we know as makers, each quilt has a story. It is time to get them out and show their beauty and share their stories.

  209. I have two quilt racks that my father made that are best suited for smaller quilts. I love the quilt keeper on a door because there’s nothing to dust or move when vacuuming.

  210. I have various ways to display my quilts. I hang a large quilt in my living on a curtain rod attached to the wall. I have my twin brass bed headboard in my sewing room with antique quilts draped over it. I have a wooden quilt hanger my dad built, as well as a quilt rack. I also use hang ups for on the wall in my craft space. I also drape over chairs and the couch and roll up for storing in a large antique stone crock. They’re everywhere!!! HA

  211. All the quilts I’ve ever made have been given away. I’m in the process of making my first quilt for myself and would love a way to display it. I’m also planning to make more for myself to keep in between the ones I will continue to give away. This item is super cool and I’ve never seen anything like it.

  212. I don’t have a good way for storing quilts … they’re mostly just folded & over the top of the couches or in piles in bedrooms

  213. I hang a couple and have a couple thrown over sofa and chair. I switch them out. Thanks for the chance. I love the hanger.

  214. These would be ideal for living in my retirement center apartment to make a nice display.

  215. I have had my eye on this for awhile. I didn’t know about the extenders but like it!

  216. I display a few on my guest room bed but they do end up getting covered with other things when I’m cleaning up the livingroom or sewing room! I would really love one of these over the door hangers! Would work great! Pick me please!!!

  217. What a wonderful way to display quilts. Currently my quilts are stored in closets when not in use. I would love to hang this on the back of my bedroom door so I can look at my quilts as I go to sleep.

  218. I display them rolled up in a basket and two on a floor quilt rack. Love the idea of over the door.

  219. Love this idea for additional quilt storage. I use old ladders around our home , this would look wonderful in my studio for tops yet to be quilted.

  220. I have an antique basket that was my grandmothers and i fold them and put the in the basket.

  221. I bought a small cabinet to put my quilts in. I also have one hanging on the wall and put them on the backs of the couches and chairs. Others just sit in a pile in my craft room.

  222. What a great idea. I currently display more than store and have been looking at getting a ladder but I like this idea even better. It doesn’t need a wall and floor space.

  223. I have an old wringer washout stand I like to stack my quilts on. I’d love to try your new door hanger!

  224. I’d love to get this for my daughter. She doesn’t have a lot of space to store quilts and this would allow her to have an out-of-the-way place to display them.

  225. All of my quilts are folded and stacked on a wire metal shelf I bought at Target. I do have a curtain rod on my sewing room wall that I use to hang quilts to display. I change them out with the seasons.

  226. I have several ways of displaying.

    Over a couch
    In a glass case/trunk
    On a hanging shelf
    On a wire rack hung from wall

    I’ve not found a ladder for displaying but also wouldn’t know where to place it in my home, but this could be used on several bedroom doors, displaying them and making them accessible for use. Would love this!

  227. What a wonderful addition to any quilters home! I am envisioning it on my guest bedroom door. A guest can enjoy seeing quilts or use one on a chilly night.

  228. I have one quilt ladder and a free standing wrought iron quilt ladder. I have some hanging on the walls and some over the stair railing! Like everyone else I have so many to display. I noticed this quilt hanger a few weeks ago. I’d love to display my quilts on one!

  229. I have quilts everywhere in our home. I have three quilt racks, plus I have quilts on our chairs, the sofa and the foot of the beds. I recently put quilts in a large wicker basket. Quilts are also displayed on two wooden wall mounts. I hang quilts on the walls using adjustable curtain rods. I’ve been looking for racks for our doors, and this over-the-door quilt rack looks amazing.

  230. I like to display and use my quilts on the back of the couches and foot of my beds. I also have a quilt ladder for display.

  231. I absolutely love this idea! Right now the few quilts I’ve made are in a basket. I’ve only been quilting a year and made six quilts, but I should be doubling that this year and have been looking at ways to display my handiwork!

  232. I have quilt racks and ladders and still have quilts I would like to display. I have also displayed in another house on a curtain rod which I loved because I have seasonal quilts,

  233. Wow!! What a great idea. I have a quilt i wanted to hang on my sewing room door. This is perfect. You are absolutely right that I have quilts all over my house and this is perfect. Just trying to decide how many I want.

  234. I display quilts on floor racks a ladder and my husband hung a curtain rod with clips above my bay window. If I want to let in more light I just slide the quilt to one side.

  235. Most of my quilts are in an armoire. This is so clever, I could have one in each bedroom!

  236. I like to display my quilts in my Gram’s glass front hutch that I have of her’s, on quilt ladders, beds, wooden quilt shelves, draped over a couch or chair, on tables & beds.

  237. Thus is a genius idea. I love it. I “display” my quilts like everyone else it seems – her and there, on beds, sofa backs, folded on a shelf….

  238. This is such a fabulous idea! I have so many quilts rolled up and hidden away in storage. I would love to rotate them monthly using a hanging system like this! Thanks for the chance to win one!

  239. I have them in a couple of ladders, but it’s difficult to display them in my loft. This would be a great solution!

  240. Such a great idea! It is space saving, tucked away, lots of storage room and best of all, if it is in your guest room, your stayovers get to enjoy your beautiful quilts too.

  241. I have lots of quilts in my head. So far, the quilts I’ve made are on beds. When I finish some of the quilts that are in my head, I will need a place to display them and the Quilt Keeper sounds perfect! Thank you!

  242. I display my quilts on every couch and chair I have. I met this wonderful woman at the quilt show in Sarasota last winter. I should’ve bought one at her booth.

  243. Currently, I am storing my quilts on our guest room bed. Unfortunately, only the top quilt can be seen. I would love to be able to hang three quilts at a time. Thank you for the opportunity to win one.

  244. I store my quilts several different ways. My husband built me a quilt ladder that I store 6 of my favorite quilts on. I also have several quilts adorning some of the walls in my house. Other quilts are packed away in quilt storage bags under my bed. I can see how the Quilt Keeper would be a great way to store/show beautiful quilts.

  245. I store my holiday quilts in a closet. I have some hanging on display and some on a ladder. I like the idea of hanging some on a door!

  246. I’ve only been quilting a few years so don’t have too many yet! I currently have them stacked on a shelf in the closet, a few stacked on the spare bed, and a coup,e draped over furniture. I like how this hanger displays but doesn’t take up floor space. It would be perfect in my condo.

  247. I have given away all the quilts I have made and finally decided this was my year to make and KEEP quilts. I have one ready to quilt, and two ready to cut. This hanger would be amazing for them!

  248. I don’t really have a good way to display quilts. Quilts in use are crumpled on couches and beds, and others are folded and draped over clothes hangers on a garment rack in my sewing room. A quilt keeper would be an improvement.

  249. I usually have at least one on the bed and sometimes one folded up at the foot of the bed. I have a few piled up on the trunk at the end of the bed and others on the couch. I have a lot of minis on the wall but mostly just folded and stacked up as I have a small apartment. I would really love to win one of these!

  250. I generally store them on a bed, piled up or folded on chairs or a quilt rack at the end of a bed.

  251. Currently I display 2 quilts in my living room. One on the back of the sofa and one on the matching side chair. I done have much room to display in my craft room so this idea is perfect!

  252. Now I only gave one quilt hanging over my door. With this rack I can hang three!!

  253. I have a small display cabinet, wold love the over door option. Thank you for the opportunity!

  254. I display some of my quilts on a quilt rack but have so many that I also layer them on a bed in a guest room so they don’t have to be folded. The bad thing about that is when you have company you have to take them all off the bed😂

  255. Due to space limitations I only display quilts on the sofa and sometimes on the recliner.
    This is a marvelous idea.

  256. Storing quilts has been an issue for me, as my house is small, and has lots of open space with few walls for quilt ladders or cabinets. This idea is awesome! Over the door solves several problems for me, and will allow me to actually display quilts that are now in drawers.

  257. Displaying quilts is so challenging! A couple of mine hang over the over-large footboard on our bed. If I find a pattern I especially like, I make a smaller version and hang it on the wall behind the couch. There are also baskets of quilts and afghans in almost every room in our home! And of course, a quilt on every bed. This quilt keeper looks like such a lovely way to expand and protect quilts while letting their art shine!

  258. I would love to display my quilt in this fashion, great option for us who have very little storage. LOVE IT

  259. Right now most of my quilts either drape the back of the sofa or my rocking chair. The rest are stored in a closet, and I’m not sure what to do with them. I love this quilt keeper idea. What a great way to save space and show off my quilts at the same time.

  260. I use one on my couch daily and two are on a blanket ladder. I’m a newby.

  261. I’ve a few on couch backs, more than a few gifted ones are on the beds of loved ones, and the bulk of them are in closets. My unfinished quilts are sadly in a stack in a closet.

    Were I to win this brilliant display hanger, more quilts would be displayed. In fact I am looking at three doors that lead into my craft room. I’m going to have to start a ‘saving for quilt hangers’ bucket.

  262. I have a couple of ladders and a couple of baskets I roll my quilts and put them in. This looks really neat!

  263. right now I put one on a shelf, and the rest go in a closet, so it’d be nice if they weren’t hidden and able to be displayed. lovely idea for a small home with limited storage.

  264. I love organizing, even tho to see my studio you would not know it! I have a small quilt chest that I keep the quilts I inherited from my mother. The quilts that I make are on our beds and folded on top of a shelf that was used to place pillows and suitcases. I love this quilt rack!

  265. Most of my quilts been given away. I have one over the back of my chair and some on my beds. Others are folded and stuffed in closets. This is a wonderful way to display them. Thank you for this opportunity.

  266. I love to see quilts folded and stacked on chairs, in bookcases, and would love to see then hanging on doors with this quilt keeper. Thanks for the chance to win.

  267. I have a number on display – one that I change up every few months hangs from clips on a large curtain rod in my family room, three hang over the rails on a antique ladder and a few on every couch and footstool.

  268. I have my quilts in a Chiba cabinet. I bought a quilt ladder in Amish country in Ohio, but cost to ship was too costly so had to return. This over the four rack loos like a good alternative.

  269. I’ve been thinking recently that I would like to have something to help “show off” my completed quilts and considered looking for a ladder to use for that, and then, lo and behold, here in my favorite quilt store is the perfect answer. The Quilt Keeper! Needless to say I hope I’m drawn for the prize as it will be perfect for my use! Thank you for having it for a give away!

  270. I have most of my quilts stored in a plastic storage tote. I have some in quilt bag, a few on quilt ladders and some on beds. I love to change them out for seasonal and holiday times of the year. It is very laborious to switch them out. My mother told me to stop making quilts, make something else. I’m addicted!

  271. I enjoy folding or rolling up my quilts for storage, so I can see and enjoy them

  272. I usually keep my quilts in a cedar lined chest.
    If I make a table runner, I put that out for display,
    I would love to win that quilt rack. It looks like a great
    solution for displaying your quilts.

  273. I have a walnut quilt display case with glass sides-love it & it is full!!
    I have purchased a gun cabinet & hope to have a couple glass shelves installed. Also have quilt racks on every available wall in our home-love to display quilts seasonally!

  274. I display quilts over chairs, on beds, a quilt ladder plus many folded in a glass display case. Over the door hanger would look great on the double doors into my sewing room!

  275. I only have 1 quilt rack which holds the quilts I make and my grandmothers quilts. I’ve only been quilting since 2020. What a great idea to hand them over the door on a holder. I would love the opportunity to be able to do that.

  276. I love the look of this new storage rack! I currently store them in a pile on a cabinet and over a railing

  277. I think this is a fantastic way to store quilts. I would love to have one for every door in my house!

  278. I own 2 of these hangers and they are perfect for display in my garage studio. I placed them on the back of 2 doors that lead into the garage. We are moving to NM, so I plan to get the extenders for these in our new place, which will be a much colder climate. I’ll “need” more for the bedrooms now!

  279. I have a quilt floor rack in my family room and a wall quilt hanger in my kitchen. The rest of my quilts are piled up everywhere. I would love to see a few more hanging from doors with this quilt keeper. Thank you for the idea and a chance to win.

  280. I love this!I live in a small mobile home so my space is limited. I have one room with my material, iron board and cutting table and my bedroom has my bed with my sewing machine table along the wall. I make it work. Lol I have my quilts on my bed, closets, and sitting on a table. I would love this to be able to display them and so I have a excuse to make more with the room I would have. Lol

  281. Currently, we have quilts on the beds, over the backs of sofas, and folded in each of our recliners for quick snuggle access. Would love to hang them on a rack for an uncluttered appearance, but still have them readily accessible. Thank you Fat Quarter Shop for all you do!

  282. I have a quilt ladder, and a quilt rail I hang a quilt in my living room. I also hang quilts in my sewing room with hooks. I love this sea of an over the door hanger. You can never have too many quilts. Each one has a story and love to be displayed.

  283. I store each quilt that is not on a bed in a pillowcase in the closet. I give away almost all my quilts.

  284. I have two ladders for my quilts. I also change out the quilts on the back of my couches and on all of the beds. It just makes me happy to be able to look at them! I think the idea of the door hanger quilt keeper would be a wonderful addition to add to the way I display my quilts. Quilts make the house so cozy….

  285. I have my quilts folded and stored in a closet. This holder would be a great way to display my quilts.

  286. My quilts are stacked in a closet unless g going on the back of the sofa. This would be a great way to hang quilts I. My hallway downstairs.

  287. We have a hanging quilt rack/shelf. Each season and holiday, we hang a new quilt and the shelf allows for some additional fun decor! Other quilts are stored in cabinets (with glass doors), baskets, or closets.

  288. I live in an apartment so space is at a premium. This is a great idea and would be a wonderful way to show my quilts off!

  289. Quilts are displayed on walls, ladders, draped over furniture, in baskets, and folded in stacks here and there. I really like this over-the-door hanger!

  290. My favorite way to display my quilts is on furniture: beds, sofas, chairs and in cabinets.

  291. I use a couple of wooden floor quilt racks to display and hold my quilts (but hubby complains they take up too much space). I would love this over the door quilt rack … it looks amazing.

  292. I have one on a small ladder by the fireplace, some folded and put away. Recently purchased a wrought iron wine rack to display a few small quilts in… to get them made. I have 2 vintage summer quilts that would look fabulous on that door rack for the season.

  293. I only have the back of chairs, sofa and the end of my bed to display my quilts…this over door display would be super!

  294. Mine are either stored in a closet or folded up by the coach ready to use. This looks like such a great idea!

  295. I stored my quilts in a linen closet and enjoy displaying them on a wall in my dining room, and most times make a runner for the diningroom table to match.

  296. I have a ladder, a Barringer bookcase, a pile of quilts that need a home, and also a spare bedroom that has quilts hanging from the footboard.

  297. I keep quilts in a basket in my living room for snuggles, movie nights etc. All of our beds have a quilt on them as well. I’d love to use this hanger to display more quilts–it would make it easier for me to rotate them each season!

  298. I hang a quilt in the stairway above the landing, in the living room, the entry and the kitchen all the others are folded on racks in a closet and so sad to be in the dark! This is an awesome idea!!!

  299. I put them on the back of couches, on the foot of beds and hang some on the walls.

  300. I have my quilts in big baskets all over the house. Some are on beds. I would love to win the over the door quilt display!

  301. This is such a beautiful way to display quilts! I greatly appreciate the opportunity to possibly win this! Currently, of those not in use, I am able to display a couple of quilts in my sewing room. The rest are folded in my spare bedroom dresser drawers.

  302. I like to see and use my quilts so they’re tossed on chairs and beds. And they get switched out seasonally with those stored in the closet.

  303. I currently have one quilt ladder that I have covered with quilts. Otherwise, I have some on the beds and the rest in a chest.

  304. I display quilts on ladders, beds, and chairs. The Quilt Keeper gives me more places to display that I haven’t used yet-DOORS! It’s genius!

  305. This is a genius idea! I have very limited wall space in my home for a quilt ladder, so I’ve just been displaying on the couch and in a big basket. I love this look!

  306. I display my quilts in many ways. I have them on the beds in my home and also at the bottom of beds. I use an old wooden ladder to display, baskets with small quilts over the edge and rolled inside. A childhood red wagon with quilts rolled. Hanging on walls. Have glass door antique cabinets with quilts folded inside.
    Change out quilts on walls, end tables and dinning room table for each season and holiday.

  307. A variety of ways. Two hanging on walls, a couple draped and a small stack on a shelf.

  308. I have very little wall space to display quilts so I love this, especially with the additional extenders!

  309. I would love to have this quilt organizer! I’m working on my first two quilts and have wondered how I would display them. This would be perfect!

  310. I have my quilts everywhere. I lots that are rolled and stored in a huge woven basket, on the back of the sofa, hanging ingredients over my juliet balcony railing as well as on quilt racks.

  311. I store them over the couch and chairs, in a closet, and stacking them on top of each other on the guest bed. I would love to hang them on the doors!

  312. I usually toss them over the couch based on which season it is. Love the door hanger.

  313. Thie products looks like a great solution for displaying some of my quilts. I would love to win this.

  314. Unfortunately, I don’t have a perfect way to display my quilts. I haven’t been calling long and find it difficult to display them to my liking.
    Currently, I display small items on tables and I’m using larger quilts on my bed.
    I would love to have a quilt keeper to display my quotes

  315. This over the door quilt keeper sounds like heaven! Currently most of my quilts are stored in a zipped fabric container in my closet. Some haven’t been seen for a few years, except to refold. Only two large quilts are hanging on the wall, along with some mini quilts on my sewing room walls.

  316. Most of the quilts I have made have been gifted. Right now my many unfinished quilt tops are in my sewing closet 😉

  317. I hang mine on a quilt ladder , over the couch . I have a rod in my hallway that I change with the seasons . Thanks for the opportunity to win .

  318. I don’t have a place but this over the door keeper would be an awesome start. Thank you FQS for all your ideas and fun!

  319. I have a hard time displaying my quilts because of a two story entryway that gets too much sun on the walls! My daughter has a beautiful wooden quilt hanger with a shelf above to display seasonal items. I make her a lot of quilts. So far I put them on beds under the bedspread so as not to fold them and get them faded in the sun. So this idea is amazing as I have doors that could hold my quilts that I have spent so much time on. I do give a lot of quilts away. As my daughter in law says. It’s my love language.

  320. I store mine in pillowcases so they can breathe. I do have a few I have hung on ladder rungs. This idea is great bc with limited space it’s a winner.

  321. I store mine in pillowcases so they can breathe. I do have a few hung on ladder rungs. This idea is great bc with limited space it’s a winner.

  322. Nothing makes me happier than bringing a quilt out of my closet to display on my couch. But over the years after making and accumulating several quilts, it becomes hard to choose. I would love to have something like this to hang in my guest room to isplay many at once.😉 I am originally from Indiana and now I live in Florida🌴I have many visitors throughout the year and my guest room gets used frequently.
    I used to work as a nurse, but I had to retire early due to a genetic eye disorder that overtime has caused legal blindness. I can no longer see to drive, but I still have enough close vision to sew.
    ( You can imagine how excited I was when Lori Holt came out with her line of Readers🤓)
    Like most quilters, Fat Quarter Shop has become a staple in my house with all the wonderful tutorials Kimberly has shared🥰She has taught me so many techniques,🪡 that sewing has become a must almost everyday🤗. I can not Thank Kimberly and Fat Quarter Shop enough for all their hard work and dedication that makes my sewing life so much fun and easier. 🥰❤️❤️

  323. I have been looking for another way to display my quilts–some quilted by my husband’s aunt, some by my mother, grandmother and grandfather, some I quilted, and some I rescued from flea markets and other such venues. I want my quilts displayed and easy to pull off a rack for people to use. I love this over-the-door rack!!

  324. I have several places I can hang this over the door quilt keeper. That’s what I love about it. That I can move it around each season showcasing my quilts. I’ll start with my sewing room closet door to keep me motivated on my current projects.

  325. I have my quilts thrown over the back of chairs, but I really do not like that. Also, I crochet 🧶 and have to store or put them in chairs or on beds. This is such an ingenious idea for showing both quilts and crocheted afghans. I just love this product!

  326. I have 3 overloaded quilt ladders in my office/guest room and a quilt rack in my bedroom that I am surprised hasn’t fallen apart! Along with the tops waiting to be sandwiched hanging on the back of 2 doors. I need help and this would be ideal!

  327. I don’t have enough quilts to store any. But I’d love to display the. Using the Quilt Keeper!

  328. I store my quilts on an old wood quilt rack that was given to me. I would love this rack!!

  329. I have a pile of quilts on a chair in the bedroom. Would be nice to display them on this over the door hanger.

  330. I would love a Quilt Keeper, perfect for over the door in my Sewing Studio

  331. I have seen this quilt rack and ever since, I have wished to have one. Like everybody else, I have quilts stashed and stacked everywhere. Thank you so much.

  332. I store my quilts on wooden ladders in three rooms. Love the over-the-door wrought iron rack! Thanks Fat Quarter Shop for offering this new concept.

  333. I display my quilts on the back of my couch and over a neutral colored chair. I change them seasonal to make my room come alive each season!

  334. I live in a small apartment and I lack space for my quilts. I would love to have this to display my quilts ❤️

  335. Love this idea! Some of my quilts are on the couch, walls, beds and in piles. Since it takes me awhile to bind (least favorite) I can hang on sewing room door until I’m ready.

  336. I am fairly new to quilting. I have made some for grandchildren but now have made several I want to keep. This would be a lovely way to display them.

  337. My favorite way is stacked in an antique wooden cabinet, that my grandparents used to keep player piano rolls in. But, it’s full!

  338. I love to use a quilt on each bed. I have two quilt racks that I recently loaded with quilts and put in the living room so that I can enjoy seeing my quilts every day. I also have one quilt on a rocking chair in the living room. My grandson’s full-size play quilt stays folded on the couch between visits. When he is here it is in the floor for him to enjoy. I would love to win this. I would put it in my son’s old room where they stay when they are visiting. I would hang several special quilts on it.

  339. Store quilts in a closet and beds, switching them out seasonally. I have had this over the door hanger on my wishlist for awhile, would be so cool to win one.😊

  340. I have 2 curtain rods where I hang quilts and change out for each season.
    In the great room I have a high quilt hanger (tall wall)which I also change out periodically.
    This hanger would be great for me to get some more quilts out of the closet.

  341. I haven’t been able to display any quilts yet. This would be a pretty way to do that. I had been thinking about a ladder for display.

  342. I always have a seasonal quilt displayed in the living room on a quilt shelf with a wooden dowel below it to hang the quilt. There are also a few folded on a shelf in the living room. Then in the sewing room some are folded on shelves, a couple hanging from curtain rods, and some rolled up in a basket. And of course, quilts in the beds! This over the door hanger would be another great way to display some!

  343. Ooooh, I love this over the door quilt hanger! Currently I have a wooden ladder where I have 7 quilts over four hangers, so three are doubled up! I also have drawers and baskets and closets with quilts in them!

  344. I like to display quilts over the back of chairs and folded up on shelves in our living spaces. I have a quilt ladder but i haven’t discovered the best way to use/style it.

  345. As I finish my quilts, they are stored in a trunk. A quilt rack would be much better so that I would be able to share my work with others easily! Love the idea!

  346. What a great idea. I could really use one of those or two or three. I have quilts displayed on a ladder and several stacked on a shelf that I would love to display on a quilt keeper like yours. Thanks for invented such a great idea

  347. I have struggled with the best way to display my quilts. I do have a ladder I use but it does not show off all my work! I have limited space to hang them so I have to just stack them on a chair!

  348. This woman is a genius, so creative! I display my quilts over furniture or railing!! Would love to hang this in my house!!

  349. I have them over: the stair rail, in closets, cabinets and a ladder. This is a great invention! Why didnt I think of that?!

  350. Right now mine are stored in a glass front cabinet. And for holidays I bring a corresponding quilt out and drape it over our couch to be used. I love this idea too! Thanks for the chance to win one! ❤️

  351. I would love the quilt keeper. I do have a large ladder displaying quilts, some on the backs of couches, but so many in the closets! This is a wonderful idea!

  352. This is fantastic! I currently store quilts in a big glass front cabinet, and on the beds.

  353. I have a rod on one wall in my living room and change that quilt with holidays and seasons. I have a hanging rack with 4 arms on a dining room wall to display my coffee quilts. I also have a quilt rack that sits on the floor. One quilt (just a top) is draped on an open door of a hutch and other quilts are on furniture and on beds. The over the door hanger would be great to get more quilts on display!

  354. I would love the quilt keeper. I do have a large ladder displaying quilts, some on the backs of couches, but so many in the closets! This is a wonderful idea!

  355. At the present time, I have my quilts displayed and stored throughout my home. They are on beds, in a basket, and hanging on a wrought iron ladder. But the space used most often are chair backs. I have a quilt hanging on a rocker in the living room, on the back of a recliner in the family room, and on the backs of the extra chairs in the dining area. I use whatever space I can, but this quilt rack would solve a storage issue I will have when I move to a smaller home next year.

  356. My husband built me a quilt ladder and I love it! Unfortunately, as I continue making quilts, I’ve ‘grown’ out of it! This is a fantastic new way to store and display more quilts!

  357. My son has made 2 quilt display racks and I also use a vintage ladder I found. I have several hanging on walls using curtain roads as well. I am always looking for more ways to display my quilts. Love this one!

  358. This looks awesome! I have limited space now that I had to size down where I live, and this would help so much. How clever able to put them over display on your doors. Fabulous idea! I could sure use this.🩷

  359. This would be perfect to display quilts on my coat closet door at the end of hallway ( plus it would cover up the ugly door 🤣)!!!

  360. I have some on a quilt ladder, one on a heart quilt rack, some in a pie safe, some on the couch and on my bed.

  361. I love this ingenious idea! It would be great for us as older apartment dwellers. 🙂 Thank you Ellen Taurins for coming up with such a wonderful solution for displaying our masterpieces!

  362. I store my quilts all over! On a ladder, folded up on top of furniture! This is a great way to store them! ❤️

  363. This thing is great. Wish I had the money to put one over every door in my house and display all my quilts. A clever of Ellen to create this awesome quilt rack.

  364. I’m buying a new house to make room for all my quilts! They are tucked everywhere;)

  365. I love this!! What a great idea for a better way to show off my quilts 🙂 I have moved three times in the last 5 years so several of my quilts have been in storage. I get to finally see them again in July and this will help me organize them once I get them out of storage.

  366. I have a beautiful old China hutch that has glass doors. It is perfect for storing my quilts that are currently not in use. I rotate quilts in and out of it dependent upon the season.

  367. My quilts are all over the house, draped over couches and chairs, hanging over railings and on a quilt ladder that my boyfriend built for me after I showed him a picture from Pinterest (what a great surprise!). This over-the-door quilt rack looks like just the thing we ALL need! Good job, Ellen Taurins!

  368. I store my quilts is a bookcase with glass doors. I fold them so they are side ways vertical so in little space many quilts. I had a latter, took uo too much floor space.

  369. I display my quilts on couch and chair backs, as well as using hangars on the wall. These over the door hangers would be much nicer, allowing me to display more quilts at once, but also making switching quilts much easier. What a great idea!

  370. I display short table runners on the chair backs of dining room and kitchen tables.

  371. I would love to have the quilt keeper. I have the perfect door to hang it on plenty of quilts to hang. Thanks for you generous offer.

  372. On a wall ladder, folded on chests, displayed on the piano, beds, guest room rockers & beds…. So many beautiful quilts! Over the door sounds fabulous!

  373. Most my quilts end up in storage because I have no way to display them. So this hanger would be a blessing to hang a few of my quilts.

  374. I hang my “youngest” quilt over a railing. I’d love to have the over the door hanger for a guest room.

  375. I don’t currently have any storage solutions. They are all over my house! I am drowning in quilts! This is a beautiful way to store them. I hope I win!

  376. Organization isn’t an issue because I seem to have given away almost every quilt I have made! My favorite display method is to hang on a rack or on the wall.

  377. I use quilt ladders, quilt racks, quilt hangers, the back of a chair, folded on a bench, on the bed, over the railing….I love having them in display!

  378. I love to display quilts on the oak quilt rack my father made for me. It holds three quilts and I have soooo many more.

  379. I store mine in piles in a spare bedroom. I like the idea of a door hanger better than a ladder which takes up wall space.

  380. I have three quilt racks on the wall, five small quilts hung on a piece of molding in a hallway and many over the backs of chairs and couches. There are lots more folded in a closet that I need to go through. I would love to win the over the door hanger, what a great idea! I need to go through the quilts in the closet and give some to my kids and grands! Thanks for a chance to win!

  381. I have one curtain rod in the dining room where I rotate displaying my quilts. Other than that, the quilts are on two shelves in my sewing room. Thanks for the chance to win the quilt hanger.

  382. I have a great many quilts. Up to now I have displayed them individually on oak quilt shelf racks. The remainder of my quilts are in handmade cabinets I use as side tables by my couches. This metal quilt keeper would enable me to display several quilts in one area. It is a perfect design for displaying multiple quilts.

  383. I have quilts hung, draped over couch, on a quilt ladder, and folded in a glass front cabinet.

  384. I don’t really have a good way to display my quilts. I rotate them thru the guest bedroom which is also one of my sewing rooms, so I get to enjoy them. I would love to win the door hanger. Such a great idea!

  385. I have a few quilts on a quilt ladder in the family room. I have others rolled up in a basket in the living room. The other poor darlings live in the closet in my sewing room.

  386. I would use this on the back of the door to my downstairs suite of this house where my younger brother & I live while Co-caregivers to our 96 year old mother. I would want something round over the rack rungs, like a cotton cloth covered “pool noodle”. I have several queen sized & a wedding anniversary photo quilt to hang.
    Right now, I drape them on my sofa, recliner & hang wall hangings on the walls @ the stairway landing to my suite.

  387. I have a Quilt Keeper and would love the extension pack!! Besides that, I have quilts on my couch and also use curtain rods to hang them on my walls using cafe hooks or I sew a sleeve on the back to put the curtain rod through.

  388. I display quilts and wall Hangings all over my house. I use them like pictures and especially like to hang them for every holiday.

  389. My favorite way to display is on the railing of my 2nd floor. I can display many of my beautiful creations at a tine and change them out for the seasons. I would like to add one of the quilt keepers to every door upstairs to tie in the look.

  390. I display seasonally on the back of chairs, on the stair railing, on the sofa arm. When not in use they are folded away.

  391. I am able to showcase my quilts several ways. I have a quilt ladder that holds 6 quilts. I also have a 2 story entry way in my house so I have a railing that I’m able to hang quilts on!

  392. I wish I had a long rail to hang my quilts on but I don’t. I display some on a small ladder from a bunk bed, have one or two over the back of a sofa, and large quilts over a quilt rack, with some in beds of course. Some wall hangings on the walls. I love table runners and change them for the seasons. This door hanger would be so nice to use in various rooms and looks like a variety of sizes could be displayed. Wonderful idea!

  393. I love this idea. I have been storing mine in boxes made to store quilts. The over the door hanging rack is perfect for my quilts. I will need more than one

  394. I have a quilt rack my father in law made me about 48 years ago, but no room for it now. Would love to have this!

  395. I’d love to hang my Lori Holt quilts that I have finished recently. They would look darling on the door that faces my living room so I could see them nicely displayed everyday.