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The Best Rotary Cutters for Quilting

Are you in search of a rotary cutter to use for your next quilting project? If so, you’ve come to the right place! This blog post is your guide to rotary cutters and will help you find the best rotary cutter for quilting and sewing. We’ll look at several types of rotary cutters available and their features. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced quilter, this guide will help you find the best rotary cutter for your needs.

Olfa 45mm Rotary Cutters

If you’re looking for a quilting rotary cutter that offers comfort, precision, and safety, the Olfa 45mm Deluxe Rotary Cutter is a great choice. We love this ergonomically designed rotary cutter for its comfortable grip and titanium-coated blade. It’s a rotary cutter designed with efficiency and safety in mind.

When you’re ready to start cutting for your next quilting project, just squeeze the handle to engage the blade. When you release the handle, the blade will store itself for safety. Another popular version is the Olfa 45mm Large Classic Rotary Cutter, which is an ambidextrous design with a high-quality tungsten carbide tool steel for unparalleled sharpness and superior edge retention.

Olfa Splash Rotary Cutter & Quick Change

The Olfa Splash Rotary Cutters come in five different designs, including four different colors and one ergonomic style. Thanks to the quick blade change feature, you can simply slide the blade-lock down to release the old blade, load new blade, and re-secure blade-lock to begin cutting again. This gives you efficient and precise cutting for all your quilting projects!

Take a look at the Aqua, Red Lori Holt, Navy, and Fairy Floss Pink Splash rotary cutters!

Like the other 45mm rotary cutters, The Olfa Splash Rotary Cutters are ambidextrous, which means it’s good for both left-handed and right-handed quilters! This includes the ergonomic cutter, and you can see how in this short video. The design of these rotary cutters allows them to pair well with Stripology Rulers.

See the Olfa Splash Rotary Cutter in action with the XL Stripology Ruler!

Olfa 60 mm Rotary Cutters

Olfa’s 60mm Rotary Cutter is able to cut through six layers of fabric and difficult materials. We love this rotary cutter for working with thicker supplies like flannel or canvas fabrics! The blade is made of high-quality tungsten carbide tool steel for unparalleled sharpness and can handle cutting through several layers of fabric at once!

Like the other Olfa Rotary Cutters, it comes in a classic shape and an ergonomic version. Check out the video below to see why Corey Yoder prefers the 60mm Olfa Rotary Cutter.

You can also see our how to change a rotary cutter blade reel tutorial in the Learn How to Make a Quilt video from the Fat Quarter Shop YouTube Channel.

Olfa 18 mm and 28 mm Rotary Cutters

The smaller Olfa 28mm Quick-Change Rotary Cutter and Olfa 18mm Rotary Cutter are both excellent for use on cutting curves for your quilt piecing or cutting out fabrics for garment sewing. The Olfa 18mm Rotary Cutter is especially good for applique work and miniatures.

Rotary Cutter Safety

Knowing how to use your rotary cutter safely is important to prevent any injuries. The first thing is to make sure you’re cutting on the correct surface. Cutting mats are the safest option to place the fabric on when cutting for your quilting projects.

Additionally, Your blade should always be kept retracted while not in use. This prevents any accidental cuts that could happen when picking up or handling the rotary cutter. When you are ready to use your rotary cutter, make sure that your fingers are away from the blade as you extend or release it.

It is important to remember to never force a cut with the rotary cutter! Instead, let the blade do all the work for you.

To get the cleanest cut possible, keep the rotary cutter aligned straight along the cut line or ruler that you are using. Make sure to rotate the fabric if needed in order to keep your hand away from the blade, and plan each cut with safety in mind.

Learn more about safely using a rotary cutter in the Ultimate Beginner Quilt series for Fat Quarter Shop’s YouTube Channel.

Whether traveling to a quilting retreat or organizing your sewing space, we have everything you need for the perfect quilting experience!

Cut To The Chase Rotary Cutter Case

The Cut to the Good Stuff Rotary Case is a hardshell, zippered case with an elastic band and mesh pocket for storage. It’s large enough to fit two 60mm rotary cutters or some thread spools, scissors and sewing accessories you can’t live without. With a light but rigid EVA shell, tote your things about without a worry and just “cut to the good stuff. It comes in lime, pink, and blue.

Rotary Cutter Giveaway – CLOSED

Update 4/14: Congratulations to our winners Patti Marques,
Susan Currie, and Elaine M! Check your emails!

And now for a giveaway! Here’s your chance to win an Olfa Splash Rotary Cutter and a Cut to the Chase Rotary Cutter Case in this blog post! To enter, leave a comment below telling us which rotary cutter you use the most or have on your wishlist!

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    1. I use the Olfa class in or ergonomic 45 mm the most. Keeping blades sharp is my hardest problem.

  1. Ooooo, I would love to add Lori’s red one to my collection of Olfa cutters! 🥰

    1. I would love a Splash- easy to change blade! I always put the blade I on the wrong side on the others.

  2. I use a 45 mm classic ergonomic version. I’ve had mine for years. Love it! The Fair Floss Pink version.. so pretty and it’s calling my name!

    1. Siempre uso olfa..aquí no llegan esos colores tan bonitos como el rojo..gracias..
      Yo utilizo varios tamaños, todo depende del trabajo que esté haciendo..para cortar guata sin dudar la de 60mm

  3. I am excited to try the 60! The 45 is my normal go-to but after watching Cories video I am going to give it a try!

    1. I have tried several rotary cutters but always return to my Olfa Splash 45. It is my go to friend.

      1. I prefer the ergonomic type with the squeeze handle. Is has worked best for me.

  4. I always use the Olaf Rotary Splash 45 mm. I have the pink and teal ones. I have never tried the 60 mm or an ergonomic one.

  5. I use my Olfa classic and ergonomic 45mm rotarycutters the most. I still have me breast cancer awareness ones in pink and love them, except for the nut loosens more often on the older ones. I need new light pink ones….Olfa, please!!!

    1. I love my 45 Olfa cutter which I have two. I also have a 18 and 28. Thinking about a 60 cutter.

  6. I use the Olfa duluxe ergonomic 45 mm. rotatory cutter. Couldn’t quilt without it.

  7. I use the Olfa with the protective blade cover. The older kind I once let my finger slide over the blade. Thank you for all you do for the needlework community.

    1. Patti, congratulations you are one of our winners! Keep an eye on your email and respond back to get you prize!

  8. I have several different rotary cutters, but my current favorites are the two Olfa Splash models. I have the fairy pink and the red one that came in the 2022 Jolly Box for Christmas. They are easy to use and don’t take up much room when I’m traveling.

  9. I use an Olfa 45 mm ergonomic rotary cutter but would love to try the ergonomic 60 mm.

  10. I use a really old OLFA 45mm, still have to unscrew and take apart to change the blade! I’ve had my eye on the pink OLFA Splash for ages. I should just take the plunge!

  11. Thanks for the excellent information! The Olga 60mm cutter is my go-to. I should probably try an Olga Splash 45mm to see if I’d like it. I also need to invest in a case. They’re cute and practical.

  12. I use the Olfa Splash.. So easy to hold. I also have a Marti Mitchell one buy haven’t mastered using it yet.

  13. Thank you for offering the giveaway. It’s so generous! I’ve used the same cutter, an Olfa 45 mm, for more than 30 years and I love it. My very first cutter that I quit using soon after I bought it was a Dritz, also 45 mm. I also have a tiny Olfa but rarely use it.

  14. I have the ergonomic Olfa 45 mm, but would love a 28 mm to help me more accurately cut blocks for quilting. I’m a newbie and need all of the help I can get! 😊

  15. Where would we be without rotary cutters? I wonder when they were first used? How old is the rotary cutter? No question we’d be lost without them!

  16. I received the red Lori Holt Olfa Splash rotary cutter in the Sew Sampler Jolly Box 2022 and I love it!! All of the colors are so pretty though.

  17. My favorite cutters are the 45 mm Splash cutters- closely followed by my 28mm cutters. Sure wish the small ones were as colorful as my 45 mm ones. I have purple, red, aqua and lots of yellow cutters in every size. Love my Olfas

  18. I have the olfa 45mm, but would love a turquoise splash to match my sewing supplies!!

  19. I started quilting when the Olfa rotary cutter became available, early 80s. As soon as I saw the Olfa deluxe ergonomic rotary cutter, I bought, tried and loved it.

  20. Wonderful information. I am a new sewer. I have a cheap cutter just to get started. I would love an upgraded cutter of any color!!

  21. I own 2 Olfa rotary cutters – the traditional one and a Splash cutter. They are both great, of course. The one I wish I owned, however, is the Deluxe, because of the safety design.

  22. I am new at quilting and would love a 45mm olfa rotary cutter an the green case is awsome

  23. Thanks for all the information and a chance to win! The Olfa Splash 45 in red is just gorgeous!

  24. I use the Olfa Deluxe 45mm cutter because the blade is exposed only when I’m cutting fabric. It can be used right or left handed.
    When I show someone how to cut fabric with a rotary cutter, my first words are how to use one safely.

  25. I use Olfa’s 45mm ergonomic cutter the most, but I also love the Olfa Splash. I have the teal one. I’d love the pink one. I’m also thinking of trying a 60mm one.

  26. I use an Olda 45 Classic. Love it! Really like the pink one!! I would like to get a 60 and try I pinking blade.

    1. I use the 0lfa 45mm ergonomic rotary cutter. I really like it. At some point I would like a 60mm rotary cutter.

    2. Susan, congratulations you’re one of our giveaway winners! Keep an eye on your email and respond back to get your prize!

  27. I use the 45 mm red one by Lori Holt but I would like to try the ergonomic one that Kimberly uses.

  28. I think I have one of every brand
    Known to man! I prefer the ergonomic Olfa or the Omnigrid that open when you push down so I won’t get cut myself if I accidentally drop it I won’t cut myself!

  29. I have the Olfa 45 mm rotary classic cutter. Would love an ergonomic 60 mm rotary cutter with a case!

  30. I use my Olfa 45mm from forever ago! Now, after watching Cory Yoders video, I want to get a 60mm cutter and try that! And the 18mm cutter looks interesting for cutting curves! I have a 28mm cutter but I have never seen an 18 mm cutter! Let’s go shopping!

  31. The first rotary cutter I bought was the Olfa 45mm which has the squeeze handle and red button. These two safety features have saved my bacon. I still have this rotary cutter (have changed out the blade, of course 😉). I have the 28mm Olfa rotary cutter which I love using when cutting single layer fabric. Thank you!

  32. I love Olaf! I have one and two other brands and use the Olaf for the larger cutting.

  33. I own and use all three sizes of the Olfa Cutters! I have used them for many many years and now find it very difficult to ever cut with the scissors!
    I love the new colors!

  34. I’ve had my 45 Olga cutter for years I just realized I need a small one for my smaller cuts of fabric.

  35. Hi Kimberly;
    I have 2 deluxe cutters; one a 60mm, the other a 45. I also have a purple “splash” 45 and a couple of the tiny ones. I’ve used all, but find the deluxe 45 to be my favourite. Just wish it came in beautiful colours too. They’re the best!


  37. I’ve been using Olaf cutters since I started quilting many years ago. I mostly use the 60MM cutter but love the small diameter blades for cutting curves and small pieces.

  38. I use the Olaf Splash 45mm in pink and have a spare blue. I’d like the 18mm for Appliqué.

  39. I have numerous sizes to use depending on what I am doing! I love the 18mm for FPP, the 45mm for daily quilting, and the 60 mm for quilt cutting! Olfa is my favorite brand. I love the Olfa Splash. I have the navy and light blue, but am so tempted by the red!

  40. I have a variety of brands that I use, but I love my little 28 mm olfa for trimming blocks. The aqua or pink splash would be fun to have!

  41. I love the Olfa Splash. I have it in both pink and turquoise, but may have to get the red one too..such a happy color. The Splash is light and easy to use and I don’t struggle when changing the blades!

  42. I use the Olfa 45mm Deluxe ergonomic rotary cutter – have used for several years. Like the safety and the ergonomics of it.

  43. I use the 45mm the most, would love in it pink or red! But the small 18mm might also be a terrific addition to my toolbox!

  44. I use crickets, they have a hard time going through 2 layers cleanly. I love the different colors. I need a new cutter . Thank you for this post. The pink are my favorite and this cutter will be my ne ct purchase.

  45. I have the small olfa and love it for curves, and i use the 45 ml Olfa for regular cutting. Love your post, really interesting read. Always looking for a cutter so maybe a new one would help. PInk/green, i like all colours.

  46. My Olfa Splash and quick change rotary cutters are my favorites. I have the ergonomic cutter but squeezing the handle hurts my hand after a while,
    The endurance blades are great!

  47. I have several Dritz cutters with the ergo handles as I have RA. I would love to win and try the Olfa Splash. I did buy a 28mm for a curvy project but haven’t used it.

  48. My most favorite & used Ofla
    Rotary cutter is the one w/ quick change & split safety covers! Having only half the blade exposed keeps me in better control of my cutting.
    Plus is fits my hand perfectly!

  49. Love the fat quarter shop! Kimberly is so helpful with her tutorials on FB. And really love olfa rotary cutters. Have a blessed Easter

  50. I have the Olga 45 ergo, and it’s the only one I’ve ever used. My beef is how every brand of blade I’ve ever tried goes dull or gets a nick in it so quickly.

  51. I have the 18, 28 and 45mm. Love them all! I keep the 18 and a small mat next to my machine for quick use. I am interested in trying the 60mm.

  52. A new rotary cutter Olfa Splash would be great! I’m torn between the Aqua and Fairy Floss Pink. 😃 . It’s not only pretty to look at but I love the quality and durability of the rotary cutter and its endurance blades. I could use it on the upcoming Vintage Kite project!

  53. I really enjoy the 18mm Olfa rotary cutter, when cutting around small shapes, for appliqué. I have 3 of the hard cases for the other sizes & would love another one for this wee rotary cutter.
    I also use the old gold multipack blade cases, marked “Used Sharp” (Retired RN), for the used blades; I use them when cutting paper or poster board/foam core board materials.

  54. The cases look perfect. With grandchildren it makes it safer when they are at my house. Less likely to pick it up and get cut.

  55. I actually use all types/styles or the Olfa Rotary Cutters with the exception of the Olfa 60mm. I have that on my wish list. My favorite is the Red Lofi Holt 45mm. I love the colors red and purple, so now I need to find an Olfa 45mm in purple!

  56. Love the splash cutter, 45mm. The easy way to change the blades makes me do it more often!
    Would love to try the 28mm.

  57. My favorite rotary cutter is actually a Fiskars one with a comfortable grip shape. I have an Olfa one, too, that has a wavy blade in it. I am ready to try out an easy change model, it’s always so confusing trying to figure out how to put the blade on when it’s time.

  58. Love the Splash rotary cutter. I own two of them which isn’t enough! HA! Love how safe and easy it will s to change the blades. I use the 45mm splash most often but use a 60 mm for thick fibers.

  59. After reading this article I am convinced I need a new rotary cutter I love them all

  60. I use the 45mm ergonomic cutter the most often but I would LOVE to have the red Lori Holt cutter.

  61. I would love to try the ergonomic cutter. I love the pink cutter so I can see it!

  62. I love the Olfa rotary cutters! Would love to try the Olfa 45mm deluxe ergonomic rotary cutter, for the safety of it! And the Olfa Splash Fairy Floss Pink would look so cute in my sewing room💕

  63. I use the 45 but I may try the 60 after watching Corey. I also watched the stripology tutorial after Corey recommended it. This is going on my wishlist. Thanks for always having these tutorials so we can learn all the ways tools work! Happy Easter!

  64. I love the the olfa ergonomic rotary cutter that – if I let go the blade is retracted and you can push a button to lock it

  65. I love the splash 45 mm rotary cutter. I didn’t think about the smaller rotary cutters being better for cutting curves. It makes sense. I think I will have to give the 8mm and 28mm cutters a try. Thank you.

  66. I love my Olfa 45mm Ergonomic Rotary Cutter but would like to try the Fairy Floss Pink Splash since pink is my favorite color.

  67. The Splash rotary cutter is on my wish list. I am new to quilting and love the idea of the quick blade change. I lost a part on my last rotary cutter trying to change the blade. I use the decade old excuse “my dog ate it” to describe explain it. I am going out to get a 60 mm rotary this week for recovering a chair. Thanks for educating me on the differences!

  68. Oh let’s see… it’s too hard to choose…The rotary cutter I’ve been using since, well when I made a quilt while waiting for my second child to arrive and he got here in April, 1983, is the Olfa 45 mm with the yellow straight handle. Together with my yellow Olfa we’ve gone thru a couple of miles of fabric slices. Maybe I could use a new Splash rotary cutter for a quick change option. A new rotary cutter case would help keep the littles fingers away from sharp blades too, which would help as I watch our 3 grands each day and there’s no place to hide a rotary cutter that they can’t reach! (ages 5,4,2 And 1..opps! that’s 4. We had a visitor this past week).

  69. Thank you, Fat Quarter Shop, for all the education you provide to us to keep us safe and functioning well.

    1. I love my Olfa’s! The red Lori Holt will be a perfect gift for my friend!!!

  70. Love my olfactory 45 mm rotary cutter. After watching the video would like to try the 60 mm. Thank you for the opportunity.

  71. I love my 60, but now I’m second guessing… do I need a 45? I feel like I’m cheating on my bestie!

  72. I have used the Olfa Splash 45mm for years…love it! I would like to try the ergonomic one. Seems easier to use but maybe harder to change the blade?

  73. I have used my Splash aqua cutter for many years. It is easy to see on my worktable. But sometimes you just need to change things up and i found navy Splash. But it tends to hide from me. I bet the hot pink Slash would like to play on my table!

  74. I’d like a pretty quick release one. I use a standard yellow screw one. Do like the 45 inch size.

  75. I love my Olfa rotary cutter. I need the red splash for my stripology rulers. ❤❤❤❤

  76. My absolute favorite is the 60 ergonomic rotary cutter by Olfa. It has been my go to cutter for several years

  77. I currently use a Fiskars rotary cutter, but I definitely have my eye on one of those ergonomic Olga cutters! I love the idea of the blade retracting when you let go—what a great safety feature.

  78. I love the Olfa Splash because I use both hands to cut fabric. Would love to try a 60mm.

  79. Used the 60mm for several years. Love the retractable/ squeeze handle.
    The case is a great idea!

  80. I have the 60 and 45 mm olfa rotary cutters. I’d love to add an 18mm to my collection. The best rotary cutters.

  81. I use the Splash 45mm most often, but I just ordered a 28mm so I can cut curves more easily

  82. Quilters Select makes the best rotary cutter by far! And their rulers are the best too!!

  83. I LOVE my Olfa rotary cutters and Endurance blades. I have all of the Splash colors. Plus the Anniversary Ruby cutter. I have an ergonomic 45mm that I use in my To Go sewing bag. I love it. I use these with my Stripology rulers without any problems. I love the carrying case. It is a great way to store a cutter and extra blades. Thank you for the informative post.

  84. I learned a lot from this article! It’s obvious that I need a variety of rotary cutters! Thank you!!

  85. I am new to quilting and am learning something new every day. Olfa makes a great rotary cutter and I would love one!

    1. Elaine, congratulations you’re one of our giveaway winners! Keep an eye on your email and respond back to get your prize!

  86. I have always used the Olfa rotary cutters. I currently have a Olfa 45 mm ergonomic cutter. My very first Olfa cutter was purchased around 1988-89. It was a 28mm blade with a brass screw that held the blade. I used it so much the blade wore a groove in the brass screw. 😀 I can not do without my Olda rotary cutter!

  87. Rotary cutters are amazing! I love my Olfa ergonomic one, but the Splash one’s are really cool! Thanks for the giveaway.

  88. Great information. I love my rotary cutters. I will have to try the Olga brand. Thanks

  89. I just bought the teal and the navy blue olfa cutters and they are wonderful!

    I was thinking I need to complete the collection with the red and the pink!

    I don’t know what it is about the olfas, but they feel FAR superior to my other rotary cutters.

  90. I love the ergonomic Olfa rotary cutters because of the built in safety feature of releasing the handle and the blade automatically retracts.

  91. I love Red and I love the Olfa 45 rotary cutter. I and in need of a new one.

  92. I have several different brands of rotary cutters. But the Olfa is by far the best. The ease and comfort is by far greater in the Olfa. Love,Love,Love it.

  93. I woukd lo e the Olfa Splash 45.I love the option of the easy quick blade change