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Thank You for 20 Years!

This week we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of Fat Quarter Shop!

In June 2003 I launched a small business with a little website not knowing what I was getting into. I’d been quilting for 6 years and thought I was creating an outlet for my favorite hobby. My hope was to one day quit my day job as an accountant to work from home and raise a family. 

My idea was simple – as a quilter I loved fat quarter bundles but I couldn’t find them at my local stores or online.  So I created an online store to sell bundles no one else had. That was it.

Online stores were still a relatively new thing and I had no experience with websites or selling anything. There was no business plan, strategy, or grand idea. I knew I would do my best, be authentic in what I offered, and provide awesome service to all my customers. A wonderful person named Becki helped me buy a domain name and set up a simple website with products.  All I carried were fat quarter bundles, most of them I cut on my home sewing table.

This is the house in Austin where it all started.

What has happened since then I never could have imagined.  We went from selling just bundles to a full-service business and beyond in two decades. We’ve made an endless number of people happy and excited to quilt, stitch, and sew. We’ve started a publishing company, raised almost a million dollars for charity, built large communities on social media where quilters and stitchers connect, created 1,700 YouTube videos offering education and entertainment, and more.

What I am most proud of is Fat Quarter Shop has become way more than just an online store. We have an incredible company and dedicated team of employees doing everything from social media to customer service to shipping. We have loyal customers who are continuously interested in what we’re doing. We are a part of many of your lives on a daily and weekly basis through our social media, YouTube, newsletters and more.  It’s a community that we’re honored to be part of.

Kevin and I selecting fabric oh, so many years ago! We still do this together.

The list of people who have contributed and supported us over the years is endless. It starts with our very first customers twenty years ago and continues to people who may have just noticed us on social media today. We are nowhere without the dedication, hard work and passion of all our employees past and present. There are many others who have helped us along the way, including many within the fabric industry.

On behalf of myself, Kevin, and the entire Fat Quarter Shop team, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the past 20 years.

P.S. This week we’re celebrating with sales and some amazing giveaways – visit this post to learn more. I hope you’ll come back to the blog on Saturday, June 24 for a trip down memory lane.

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  1. Thank you for always being so kind and Congratulations to the 20th Birthday Anniversary to all of the family and the team. I am a Follower since the early days.

    1. A very Happy Birthday! 20 years! You’ve made a difference in American quilting. Thanks for all you’ve done, all the lovely fabrics you’ve found for us. Thank you.

      1. Congratulations! What a milestone for you! I do appreciate your lovely
        Shop! You carry all of my favourite fabrics , notions ,etc. I really enjoy your blog and the YouTube videos!! I signed up for the lasted Sampler box! Have had so much fun opening them. Have really liked everything so far!
        Keep up the good work! Happy Quilting 🥰

    2. I had to check for when I placed my first order and was surprised it was as recently as 2016. I thought I had signed up before then. Do you remember what year you first became a FQS fan Mareike?

    3. I love your business, your videos, your products, and your story. Well done and here’s to the next 20 years! 🥂🍾

      1. Happy20th!!! I love everything about Fat Quarter Shop. Your service is excellent and never have I been unhappy. Thank you for answering my questions when I have been in a bind or a mistake I have done. You are like family. Congratulations ❤️

    4. I love fat quarter shop. I’ve been quilting for many years and began doing cross stitch in the 1990’s but work and life got in the way and cross stitch was a thing of the past. I started watching online your website during the pandemic and here was a site doing not only quilting but cross stitch. I immediately signed up on Youtube and your blog. You have brought me up to date on the changes in CS. I now do the loup method which I never knew about years ago. I have learned so much from you and your team. Thank you. Linda from Brunswick Maine.

    5. I love Fat Quarter Shop! Yours was the first you tube I ever saw & I was hooked! Kimberly, you inspire me every week. From the start I think it was because you liked stitching on Aida best. That is my go to fabric because of my shoulder pain & eye sight. Yours & Lori Holt’s simple but lovely designs are wonderful. Here’s to another 20 years hon!

  2. Happy Birthday to my favorite online shopping store – Fat Quarter Shop! I hope you have many many more years of successful operations and thank you for all the freebies and videos, ya’ll are rocking this!

  3. You and your business has made my inability to drive and to walk with a walker have made my mailbox a life saver and filled my days with my favorite hobby.

  4. Happy Birthday! I am sure these 20 years have just flown by! Congratulations!

  5. Congratulations on your 20 year anniversary. Thank you for the awesome service and products you have.

    1. Congratulations on 20 years! Amazing! I love your shop and it is always my go to place for quilting and cross stitch. I am a recent customer and one for life now. Thank you for your fast courteous service and huge selection!

  6. Happy Birthday to Ray Quarter!!! Keep up the great work and thanks for everything!

  7. Congratulations! As a quilter, I am so happy that your business is there for us. As a happy retiree from the business world, it is such an inspiration to see how your business started and has grown. As a woman, I am proud of the success you have achieved. Here’s to many more years for Fat Quarter Shop and enjoy every minute of it! Cheers! 🥂

    1. Congratulations! I absolutely love the FQS!Thank you for being a consistent source of inspiration and supplies for the quilting and stitching community!

  8. Happy 20th Birthday! 🎉Wishing you many many more!
    FQS is my absolute go to. Thank you for the wonderful job you do!

  9. What an amazing journey you have had. When I started quitting a few years ago Fat Quarter Shop was one of the online shops I checked out and is my favorite today. Great company and great customer service. Thank you for all your hard work putting this company together.

  10. I love The Fat Quarter Shop. The fabrics are beautiful and high quality. Orders are always packaged beautifully and service is great. Also love watching the videos. Happy Birthday!!!

  11. Happy birthday! Thank you for all the free quilt patterns and tutorials!They are a blessing for all quilters but are especially helpful for new quilters.

  12. Congrats on 20 years!! I love browsing and shopping at your shop!
    Your customer service is top of the line and y’all are much appreciated!!

  13. Your customer service is awesome. Recently a friend placed an order with FQS. She was thrilled by your service as she mentioned it several times! Congratulations on your anniversary!! Your company is great!

  14. Happy Birthday FQS!!! I have purchased fabric from FQS off and on for years but then a bit over a year ago as I was watching one of your quilting YouTube videos you mentioned the FlossTube for cross stitch. I had cross stitched back in the 80’s but had not done so since. Anyways – your FlossTube got me back in the groove with cross stitch and I am loving it along with quilting. I am a CPA in the state of KS so quilting and cross stitch is an outlet from that stressful work. I purchase more than I can keep up with but I tell everyone I am buying for retirement (7 more years!) – LOL

  15. Thank you so much for all the things you do for us and
    everyone who quilts. Best wishes on twenty years and
    hope you have twenty more.

  16. Your shop does a terrific job of describing the fabric and the photos are excellent! I’ve never been disappointed in the fabric because of the shop details and color! What I am thankful for, as well, are the free patterns! Your tutorials encourage me that I can do this. Thank you, Kimberly, Kevin and staff!

  17. Congratulations 🎉 I love watching your videos and your fabric choice are amazing.

  18. Thank you for being a part of my quilting and cross stitch journey. I have learned so much from watching and sometimes rewatching your YouTube videos. I am a better quilter and cross stitcher for it. You are an inspiration!

  19. I found FQS about 8 years ago…it’s my favorite online store and I try not to miss the livestreams, the tutorials and see the posts…it keeps me excited to start another new project…happy birthday!

  20. Congratulations! I love your store! You are all so friendly and helpful!

  21. Kimberly and Kevin, CONGRATULATIONS on 20 years of business!!! I love your online shop. All the fabric I have ordered is of excellent quality and exactly as described!! I have reached out with questions several times, and have always been so very impressed with the help I always receive. Your employees, and you, go above and beyond. Thankful doesn’t adequately describe how I feel about the Fat Quarter Shop and all you do. May God continue to bless each of you in the years to come.

  22. Congratulations 🎊 on 20 years. Thank you for your passion, the ease with which you teach, and your authenticity! You allow me to believe I can make any block and have a beautiful result, just like you! Wishing you continued success!

  23. Congratulations on 20 years. You are the on-line shop I turn to for all my needs. Your products are always quality and customer service is awesome. Here;s to the next 20! 🙂

  24. Happy birthday! I’m not your biggest customer, but your service always makes me feel that I am. Thanks for all you do.

  25. It is us who should be thanking you! You make it so much easier for us to enjoy doing all the things we love to do! Happy anniversary and many more! 😘😘😘🎉😘😘🎊💕

  26. Happy Anniversary! You have created a wonderful community and I am just one of your many very happy customers in Canada! I love your products, customer service and especially your Youtube videos where I have enjoyed learning so many skills, and seen so many beautiful creations! Also LOVE the specialty boxes I have ordered from the FQS!

  27. Thank you for creating your fabulous business.
    Love all that you do. Wishing you continued great success.

  28. I have learned to quilt so much better following your tutorials. I thank you and congratulations on your 20th, a great,great website.

  29. Congratulations! You are my go-to for quilting supplies….I visit your site every day. I appreciate your tutorials and free patterns. The Sampler boxes and special holiday boxes are so much fun. I am wishing you more successful years.

  30. Thank you! Wish I could support you more but at 87 I can only sew so much. I was very pleased with my few orders from you. Keep up the good work you all.

  31. Thank you for being my go-to shop for fabric and quilting goodies. Congratulations on 20 years of providing happiness for so many quilters!!

  32. I arrived at the party late! I discovered FQS late 2021. After watching for 4 months, I bought my first sewing machine. Within days I sewed through my finger..a lesson well learned. Since then I have slowly learned how to sew by viewing FQS. Thank you Kimberly for sharing your passion. Happy Birthday!

  33. Congratulations Kimberly and team! I know Fat Quarter Shop has been a blessing to so many like myself that have no where close to us to purchase beautiful fabric and notions. I’ve learned so much from your tutorials as well. God continue to bless you as you bless others.

  34. Congratulations on your 20th Anniversary. I remember when you started having a booth in Paducah and people rushed to get to it. I’m not sure who the gentleman was that was behind the booth keeping it stocked and answering questions but he was a gem, and very patient with the crowd. For several years I subscribed to your monthly fat quarter service and loved your selections!

  35. Happy Birthday & 20th Anniversary. I found you through social media and have been in awe ever since. I’m not a customer yet, but it’s in the plans. Thank you for everything y’all do and share.

  36. Thank you all for being so enabling (😄). Every time I shop with you has been a wonderful experience. Happy Anniversary/Birthday, I hope you have another 20 years of success.

  37. Happy birthday to Fat Quarter Shop.
    I’ve enjoyed your videos and the many purchases I have made from Fat Quarter Shop.
    Such quality items.
    Thank you for being there for us.
    Sandy Roe

  38. Congratulations on your wonderful business! I always look forward to seeing what is new on your site. I have been very satisfied with everything I have ordered from you company. Keep up the great work!

  39. Happy 20th Anniversary to FQS! I appreciate your store and videos so much! Thank you for your wide variety of fabrics and notions, fair pricing and consistency.

  40. Congratulations to all of you on your success!!! Thank you for the great service, tutorials, products you have shared with us! Here’s to 20+ years ahead!!

  41. Congratulations!!! Your an inspiration to couples everywhere! I LOVE your company for all your tutorials and super deals for whatever i’m looking for… This is a huge help to this “old gal”… ps.. the hubs and I are married 55yrs July and walked the halls in High School… it’s a challenge but so worth it! Hugs, GrammaBabs

  42. Congratulations on 20 years, thanks for sharing your story, from love of a hobby, to having a supportive spouse and turning it in to wonderful business that it is. Makes me inspired to keep supporting your company. Best wishes for many more.

  43. Happy Birthday FQS! I look forward to watching the cross stitch each week on YouTube. I’m leaning so much!
    FQS is my go to for all of my cross stitch stuff. You’re level of service is outstanding!
    Keep up the great work and bless you all for everything you do!

  44. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I’m so happy for you all! I enjoy your videos, tutorials, blogs and your products! Keep up the good work!

  45. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I’ve been with you for well over half of those 20 years. Your employees are the BEST, always helpful, always accurate. I look forward to your daily Flash Sales and notions and fabrics of the month. Here’s to another TWENTY! 🎉🎉🎉

  46. Happy Birthday! So happy you ventured on this journey. I am always so pleased with my orders. You/FQS have made a great impact in the quilting community. Thank you. Congratulations!!

  47. Congratulations on 20 years! So very happy I found FQS and thanks for Kimberly’s flosstube inspiration and education. Still one of my “can’t miss” flosstube channels.

  48. Happy Anniversary! Your shop has provided so much inspiration and of course supplies on my quilting journey. Thank you!

  49. Congratulations on celebrating 20 years!!! Wow!! You have been my online connection from here in Canada for many years! Thank you!!

  50. Happy birthday thank you Kimberly and Kevin for the GREAT FABRIC STORE.I LOVE ALL THE KITS.I started sewing when I was 12 and now at 74 been quilting the last 10 years.sewing and quilting is the best thing to do everyday it’s good therapy for our mind and hands

  51. Happy 20th Anniversary FQ Shop! I’ve been making quilts for 14 years and have learned so much watching FQ videos. Thanks for all the beautiful fabrics you sell.
    Wishing you another 20 years + of success!

  52. Happy Twentieth! I very much enjoy shopping, receiving emails and watching videos from your wonderful shop!

  53. Congratulations to you all! Thank you for all you teach us. You are very talented Kimberly and I’m grateful to you for sharing your talents with us! We are so blessed! I appreciate that you are willing to give to the Make – A – Wish Foundation. You are helping to serve those that have troubles in their lives and you are lightening their burdens.

    Thanks for being a large part of the world of quilters!

  54. Thank you for creating such a wonderful business and doing it so well! Your customer service has always been outstanding – many thanks to them.
    You always manage to continue to bring such wonderful fabrics and notions to us. This only continues to recharge my passion to quilt.
    Happy Birthday!!!

  55. Happy Birthday! I am proud to support your business! So many businesses are in it for themselves, but FQS is always thinking of the customer and others through the charities they support! You have a wonderful team! Have a great time celebrating!

  56. Kimberly, you and your team inspire me every time I read the blog or watch a tutorial. Your customer service is fabulous. Just so many good things to say about The Fat Quarter Shop! I imagine if we met in person, we would be good friends –

    Happy 20th birthday

    1. Thank you for years of inspiration and hope. The fellowship of quilters is heartwarming. Happy Anniversary 🧵🧵🧵

  57. Thank you for all you have done for the quilt community over the years! I especially appreciate the prompt and dedicated service you and your lovely team provide. I’m so happy you and your family took the plunge and started the Fat Quarter Shop!💕😘🤗

  58. Happy Birthday Fat Quarter Shop!!!
    I have been a customer since almost the beginning. Your customer service has always been excellent & the variety & quantities of all products is impressive! Keep up the good work!!

  59. Although I use several other sources for quilting supplies and fabric, I am always happy with Fat Quarter Shop and the customer service there. Usually my orders are shipped in a very timely manner, and I always get what I have ordered within a few days. I enjoy watching the quilting videos and frequently get tips that are helpful when I piece my quilt blocks. It is wonderful that you are celebrating your 20 birthday! I appreciate all you, Kimberly, Kevin, and your super staff do! Thanks so much. Happy birthday and wishes for many more and much future success!

  60. Thank you for providing such excellent customer service (by phone, email or of course, on the web site) for maintaining such an amazing array of inventory, instituting a pre-order system and designing a web site that has fantastic filters to make finding just what I want easier than at most online shops. You’ve been my goto quilting supplier since 2016 and I am so glad I found you guys! Happy 20th, FQS team 🙂

    Sarah Yoffa ( @heirloominthemaking )

  61. Thank you for fantastic products, inspiration, and and jolly good time. Thank you for 20 years and to so many more.

  62. Congratulations to you and Kevin and your wonderful team! FQS has been my number one place to shop and a place I always recommend to people. Your talent and generosity shine through everything you do. You are an inspiration for quilters and cross stitchers and for anyone who wants guidance in doing good things. Your team is definitely a reflection of who you are. Thank you for everything!

  63. Happy Birthday. You guys are amazing. Thank you for all the tutorials. I learned how to quilt with your channel during Covid (as I’m sure a lot of filmes did) and it saved me. It gave me such calm. I am forever grateful! ❤️
    Happy Birthday FQS!!

  64. Congratulations! FQS is my go-to for the best fabric ever! Thanks for serving us so we can serve others. God has surely blessed you, and through you, blessed us.

  65. Thank you for all your hard work and attention to detail. Best on-line shop by far. It is always a pleasure shopping with you. Thank you also for all of your extra videos, patterns and fun projects.

  66. You first started about the same time I got into quilting. FQS was the first online shop I purchased from…I lived in a small town in rural Texas and local quilt shops were just starting; (found that out be buying a can of paint) didn’t want to drive 50 miles for fabric…My how times have changed and I have been with you off and on since then. Thanks for all you and your family and work family have done to inspire people like me and the beautiful fabric, wonderful notions and all y’all do. Happy Twentieth !

    1. Happy 20th Birthday!
      I love ordering fabric from you and so happy that you ship to my village in Israel!
      It’s so easy to be able to find everything in one place with amazing customer service.
      So glad I found you guys ❤

  67. Happiest of “20 years” Birthday to Fat quarter shop!
    I love to watch the video’s and of course buy on Fat Quarter shop too !
    Thank you and many more years to come !

  68. Congratulations on 20 successful years of an amazing business!! Your family business has made a big impact on so many lives and continues to be a positive force on both the quilting world as well as for charity. Bravo!!

  69. Congratulations on 20 years! You are the company I turned to several years ago when I started quilting, and continue to. Your social media content has been so helpful. The customer service department is always top notch!

  70. Congratulations on 20 years of being the best fabric shop! You are my go-to shop for fabric and all things to do with quilting. Thanks to everyone at FQS for all you do!

  71. You guys are the absolute best! Everything you do is top notch. You maintain a friendly atmosphere and have made us feel like part of a large family. I always know I won’t be let down by you. Anytime there has been a problem with an order I have placed, it is quickly fixed. I love getting my orders from you because they are packaged so nicely. The sew alongs I have participated in are done so well. Congratulations on your success! You’ve all worked hard to do a quality job!

  72. Congratulations! What an accomplishment! Many brick & mortar shops have come & gone in the past 20 years but you guys are still going strong. For me, you carry what I love — MODA! I love that you always donate to charities throughout the year, each & every year. Your YouTube tutorials are great! Your generosity in the free QALs & SALs along with your huge selection of free patterns is amazing. Your customer service department cannot be beat! I recommend your website to all my quilty friends! I hope you’ll be around for another 20 years. You’re my absolute fave❣️Well done! 👏👏

  73. I feel like over the years you have become a friend and I like the thought of supporting a friends business ventures. I’ve watched you grow into a marvelous supportive source for all my creative adventures. I enjoy going to your website and blog on a daily basis. I watch all your you tube videos and it feels like a friend is talking me through my projects. Happy Birthday and Thank You, continued success.

  74. Your beginner quilting series is what inspired me to start quilting! I love how great of a teacher you are and how easy you make it seem for beginners!

  75. HAPPY Birthday FQS!!I have learned so much from your videos. Your customer service team are the best. Wishing you many more successful years.

  76. Congratulations on your 20th! You’ve been an inspiration to many. Thanks for all you do!

  77. Happy 20th Birthday Anniversary. I have only recently found your videos but they have been a huge help and so much fun to watch. Thank you to all the staff for all that you have done. May you have many, many more years to come.

  78. Happy 20th! I placed my first order with you in 2013 and have been a loyal customer ever since. Your customer service is outstanding!

  79. I remember when you first started. At that time it was difficult to find the fabrics I liked. When your shop opened up, it was like a breath of fresh air. I could find the fabrics and more at your store. Congratulations on your 20 year anniversary!! Who would have thought that the quilting industry would grow like it did! You’ve done great growing with it. We went from ‘where can I find the fabrics I love’ to ‘there’s so many great fabrics to choose from, how do I decide?’. Thanks for all your hard work and great customer service!

  80. Happy Birthday. You have a great shop and offer so much. Customer Service is excellent, choices in items to buy is great and of course your videos show how to do everything. Thanks for all your help in the past years-did your beginning quilting video and learned so much. Thanks again.

  81. I just discovered you folks a few months ago. I did the beginner quilt series and now I am totally addicted! Thank you so much for opening up a whole new world to me, I am loving it, thanks to you.

  82. Thank you for being online You have helped me through some times when I did not think I would finish the quilt I was working on. congradulations Happy Anniversary

  83. Happy 20th Anniversary! I love your site and fabrics. Such inspiration!
    Thanks for your wonderful support to the quilting community.

  84. Congratulations and Happy 20th Birthday. Thank you for being a great company. I love ordering from you and your customer service is wonderful. There is always so much fun and learning from your videos and web site, ordering is easy and almost always available. Love your company and my definite go to.

  85. Happy Birthday!! Congratulations on 20 years of excellent service. Your selection of fabrics is top notch as is your customer service.
    Sending wishes for another successful 20 years

  86. I remember you from a Lake Jackson TX quilt show booth you leased, what must be a bazillion years ago. You were such a lovely young lady. I’ve watched you grow and grow and grow….. LOL. It has also been my pleasure doing so, purchasing on-line and through your u-tube lives. Congratulations to Kevin and you and the entire FQS staff for 20 years of becoming a treasure to all us quilt makers and cross stitchers!

  87. 20 years! Congratulations to both of you and all the staff. I’m so happy to have found you and hope to still be purchasing wonderful fabrics from you for the next 20 years. Your staff is wonderful, kind, and quick to respond all great qualities of a great business! Here’s to another 20!

  88. Congratulations to all for a job well done. Thank you for being a lifeline for me, and I’m sure others. You have much to be proud of, and so deserving. You are so appreciated.

  89. Congrats on 20 successful years of meeting the needs of stitchers and quilters! I always look forward with excitement to receiving the well packaged orders in the mail. Wishing you many more years!

  90. Congratulations! Your website inspired me to start quilting. I tried one of your shortcut quilts and I was hooked! Thank you for a wonderful website that has everything you need. Continued success to you!

  91. Happy Birthday! I started quilting about that same time and was thrilled to find your company. Many of my quilts come from fabric purchased at FQS. I also started cross stitching again after watching your videos. Your wonderful customer service keeps me coming back. Have a wonderful celebration!

  92. Congratulations Fat Quarter Shop on your 20th birthday! I started quilting in 2019 and yours was the first place I bought quilting supplies from. I used the Ultimate Beginner Quilt as my ‘gateway drug’. I knew nothing at the time and am now ‘Kimberly Taught!’ Love your YouTube videos and social media presence. Thank you so much for all that you do for quilters and stitchers (I started stitching because of Cross Stitch University)! Here’s to many more years of FQS!

  93. Happy 20th Birthday celebration, Kimberly and Kevin, Fat Quarter Shop. You have taken my quilt level to new heights. Love your site, videos, and quick customer service…’s to 20 more!

  94. Dear Kimberly, Kevin and staff,
    Congratulations on your20th anniversary! You are amazing and so inspiring. Thank you for all you do and offer to us quilters. My guild is using your Ultimate Beginner Quilt as a tutorial to ensure that each quilter will make and have a quilt!
    Happy quilting!
    Ann Nora

  95. Congrats! As soon as we got “the Internet” at work (1993 or 1994) I ordered charm packs from you! Still shopping with you.

  96. Wow! 20 years and going strong … I remember when I started quilting maybe 10 years ago(?; your online store came up when I was browsing for fabric. I’ve been a fan ever since. Congratulations on a very successful business and cheers on many more years to come!

  97. Congrats on your 20 year birthday I was introduced to you from Pat Sloan in 2020. Your customer service is great. You have many wonderful projects and awesome merchandise and I enjoy your videos. I love your mystery boxes and sew samplers. Many blessings to you and your staff, to your company and to another 20 year celebration ❤️

  98. Happy 25th! Love your shop and all of the ways you help us with our quilting and cross stitching’

  99. It’s happy everything when it comes to FQS. Congrats and please know your shop is perfect in every way. You are always my first stop for fabric and supplies. Every year I see the growth and appreciate the videos and free patterns which always inspires me. Thank you!!!!

  100. Congratulations! I’m not sure how long ago I started buying from you, but close to 20 years. Thanks for all you do!

  101. Congratulations on 20 years!!! I have learned so much from Fat Quarter Shop over the years and customer service is the best. #1!!!

  102. You did something right all these years! One of my favorite online shops. Congratulations.

  103. Congratulations on your first twenty years. God’s blessings on you as you begin your next twenty years and beyond. I have never been disappointed in what you have on your website. Keep up the great work with what you have to offer.

  104. Love the selection that you provide and there always seems to be lots of variety. As a Canadian using your on line services, it has become almost too expensive to purchase with the added currency exchange and transportation fees. This saddens me as you have always been my go to location for fabrics I just couldn’t find elsewhere. Congratulations on surviving 20 years in business, it has to be a labour of love .

  105. Oh how young for 20!! Happy, Happy Birthday…..I certainly hope that you have many more! I have learned so very much from watching your tutorials and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that! Keep up the great work and I wish you many, many more years. Congratulations!

  106. Happy 20th Birthday ❤️
    Thank you for wonderful quilt and cross stitch shopping hauls.

  107. Congratulations on your 20 year anniversary. I’ve always received wonderful service.

  108. I made my first quilt using a book I bought – “Beginner Quilting”. That quilt was ok and the recipient still has it to this day. I wanted to learn more so I started searching You Tube. I found videos by Kimberly Jolly from the Fat Quarter Shop. I was very impressed and have been a customer and avid supporter ever since. The moment I see something on the website I order because I know it will no doubt sell out. I have been very pleased with fast shipping, packaging of my items, Kimberly’s videos and blogs, Customer Ssrvice, and her overall enthusiasm. I also get a chuckle from her “little stories” when she posts a new video. Thank you to Kimberly, Kevin, and the entire FQS team for everything you do. You honesty, integrity, and kindness is above reproach. Congratulations on 20 years and I would venture to say that – “the best is yet come”.

  109. Congrats and happy birthday! It’s hard to believe how time has flown by. When I got back into quilting back in the late 90’s. Then it was just getting popular to order fabric on line. That’s when I found your website and enjoyed enjoyed browsing and ordering. Happy Birthday again!!!!

  110. Happy 20th Birthday!!! I hope there are many, many, many more to come!! ❤️❤️🎉🎉🎉

  111. I discovered FQS about 5 years ago, and while I’ve purchased from other online shops, I am primarily an FQS fan now because of your incredible selection of items, the fact that you also carry cross stitch supplies, the fantastic customer service, but more than anything, I appreciate everything over the past three years that FQS has done for us as customers and viewers.

  112. I have become a better quilter from watching you all these years. I may not use everything you’ve taught me on every quilt. But when things are not going right I think on the points that I’ve learned from you and go back and correct what’s wrong. At least I can figure out what I need to do to fix it, for that thank you Kimberly.

  113. Congrats to You and Kevin and the entire FQS team. You’ve built a great company that I enjoy doing business with! Just all around stellar!

  114. Congratulations on 20 years! Quite a milestone, top notch customer service and fast service. Especially like the kits in which Fat Quarter Shop is generous, so I can always make a least one mistake, lol.

    To many more years!

  115. Happy birthday! You are right, you attention to detail and customer service are what keeps bringing me back to your online shop. May you enjoy many more years of fun.

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