Butterfly Kisses January 2018 Sew Sampler Box Reveal

Sew Sampler Reveal January 2018


Spread your wings and fly away with us this month! We are floating with excitement to share with you the contents of January’s Sew Sampler box. If you are not yet subscribed, be sure you do soon to receive our February box!

Petite Butterflies & Berries 10″ Stacker by The RBD Designers for Riley Blake Designs

Dive into the delectable Butterflies & Berries collection! Adorned with pretty flowers, delicate butterflies, full hearts and sumptuous strawberries, this custom 21-piece 10″ Stacker will make a precious gift of love for the sugar-sweet people in your life.

View the entire collection here.

Cute Cuts 1.5″ x 6.5″ Rectangle Ruler by Bee in my Bonnet

This adorable acrylic ruler features pink shading to help you easily identify 1/2″ markings, and the textured surface on the back minimizes slipping. Use this ruler to make your Flitter Quilt come to life!

Check out our assortment of Cute Cuts rulers here.

Berry Sweet Just Pins by Just Another Button Company
Fat Quarter Shop Exclusive

Just Another Button Company has made these Fat Quarter Shop exclusive pins that perfectly coordinate with your Butterflies & Berries Stacker. The handmade clay buttons are sliced and mounted on stainless steel sewing pins.

Set includes three assorted pins. View some more goodies from Just Another Button Company here.

Bee in my Bonnet Bandages by Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet

All quilters find themselves on the wrong side of a rotary cutter or needle every now and then. Be prepared with a pack of adorable adhesive bandages that you will (almost) want to wear all the time!

Box includes 40 bandages.

Needle CarryCard by Emma Creation

No need to worry about stepping on pins and needles with the Needle CarryCard by Emma Creation! Each CarryCard is made of synthetic leather and is perfect for storing 6 individual needles on the go. They come in light green, red, aqua, and purple polka dots.

Colors will vary.

Flitter Quilt Pattern
Sew Sampler Exclusive

Give your quilt wings – butterfly wings! The Flitter Quilt pattern celebrates these delicate creatures with a whole swarm of beautiful butterfly blocks. Create and customize your butterflies with 10″ squares and watch your quilt come to life!

Bonus size option included.


Although we do our best to catch them, occasionally mistakes happen. This month’s Flitter Quilt Pattern has a wrong SKU listed on the back for your background and borders. We listed C120-Blueberry however, if you want to make a quilt like ours, you will need C120-CoastalBlue. Our Flitter Finishing Kit is correct if you want to pick up one of those. Sorry for any confusion.


Flitter Finishing Kit

Want to make a quilt like ours? We are offering a Flitter Finishing Kit that includes your cornerstones, background and binding. You will just need to select a backing fabric of your choice. We recommend this sku.

Basket Block #10 Recipe Card Designed by Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet

Sew along with us each month as we create these charming basket blocks featuring Confetti Cotton Solids by Riley Blake Designs! This pattern contains instructions to make 5 1/2″, 10 1/2″ and 15 1/2″ unfinished square blocks!

We’re sew excited for the 2017 Basket Sew Sampler Quilt, and we can’t wait to show you all of the fun block designs that Lori Holt has come up with! We’ve even put together a 2017 Basket Blocks Sew Sampler Bundle for you to purchase so that you have everything ready to go when you get your Sew Sampler box and recipe card each month!

Sew Sampler Subscription Quilting Box: June 2017 - Basket Block Fat Quarter BundleWe’ve got more fun in store for you next month, so be sure you’re subscribed to the Sew Sampler Box to get in on all of the treats!



  1. I loved everything in my box this month! I’ve already bought the finishing kit for the quilt. The pins were missing, but I let you know and you immediately sent them out. Thank you so much! I always get great customer service from FQS.

  2. I was disappointed with the contents in the box, with the exception of the fabric and ruler. I loved the fabric choice and the ruler is very handy. The pins, bandaids, and needle holder are not something I need and I thought the retail price for these items was very inflated, thus making the box look like an overall good deal when in reality the prices for these items were probably very cheap with an extremely high mark-up.
    I might try one more box, but I think I’m going to cancel my membership which is a shame because I do enjoy getting these boxes.

    1. A 21 piece 10″ stacker of Riley Blake fabric can run $21+, and a pattern (even pdf form) can run $5-10. Just Pins from JABC are not cheap-handmade at nearly $3 a pin.
      Just sayin’

  3. was disappointed in this months box with the band-aids and needle pouch but not everything in all the boxes are going to please me keep up the good work with the selections the pins were cute not my thing will give them to daughter she likes pins really look forwards to the box every month

  4. I was disappointed with January box . Needle pouch , 4 pins ,band-aids , just didn’t feel it was worth the monthly subscription .

  5. I loved the box. Thought the band aids were super cute. The pins are sweet. Fabric was nice. Don’t need the needle case but what the heck. Can’t please all the people all the time.

  6. I was sorely disappointed with this box. I was hoping for the survey, but this will have to do. I don’t need or wAnt to embellish a pin cushion….the pins went right in the trash. As did the bandages… I’m not a 4 year old who wants designs on a bandaid!also, the fabric was so incredibly juvenile! Not allquilters are grandmas with 10 grandkids to make quilts for! I feel this box was a complete waste of money for me. Please give your subscribers good useful things, not stuff that isn’t selling in your store. Give us the latest and greatest, not the rejects! Please!!!!

    1. Wow. You may not be a 4 year old, but you’re throwing a tantrum like one. The survey typically comes out after the reveal.

      1. Marge – I didn’t think she’s throwing a tantrum. I thought she respectfully stated her opinion without trashing anyone….just sayin’.

        1. You thought that was a respectful way of saying the box was not to her liking? It was a rant, definitely not respectful.

          1. You’re welcome. I didn’t think it was fair for someone to label you for freely expressing your opinion. I understand we’re all not going to agree on the contents of the box and our feedback, both positive & negative, is something others want to know. As a business, I hope FQS takes all feedback into account for future boxes.

  7. I absolutely adore my January box! It’s so cheerful and exactly what I needed to make this cold, long January feel a little warmer. Personally, I love all the little treasures that just make me happy – the cheerful pins, band aids just for me (no more Angry Birds!), and the bright needle holder. And well, the fabric & ruler just spark my creativity. Thank you for putting together such a fun sewing box.

  8. I really enjoyed this month’s box! The bandaids are super cute and I will be listening for an “ouch” at my quilting class as a chance to use them will be fun! I’ll be able to use everything in the box one way or another – as with all the boxes! I believe it would be hard to please everyone all the time – so keep up the good work!! I think maybe some people are just spoiled, if they think every box will totally be what they want, needed or desired!!

  9. I thought the contents of this box were very cute, but not useful to me. I cancelled my subscription-I have enjoyed the year I’ve done this, but it’s time to move on. Still my favorite website to order from with amazing customer service. Thanks for all the hard work!

  10. I hope when you pay full price the boxes are better for .99 it was nice but not for almost $30.00. Hopefully next one will be nicer or I’ll be canceling

  11. I loved this box l have found that some items that l might not need or use work great for my other hobbies crocheting, knitting. The needle holder is my knitting bag to hold my darning needles , the sewing kit we got a few months is in there too as l take it when l go places. Love the cheerful fabric nice on dark winter day

  12. Goodness gracious! This was my first month and I am happy! For me, the fun in subscribing is being surprised by new products that I may not have tried before. Otherwise, I could just do the shopping myself! So, thank you and I look forward to the rest of the year! Chilling in Virginia…

  13. Not impressed and disappointed as this month was the deciding month to continue or not. Guess it’s a ‘not’. Good luck you all.

  14. I loved my box this month! Riley Blake is my favorite designer. Thank you for offering this subscription to receive each month. I work in retail and understand what you have to go through to offer this service and even though I may not care for an item or two occasionally, I am grateful overall for this service. I enjoy the surprise of it and it would not be the same if you knew ahead of time what you were getting. Keep up the good work and thank you for your exceptional customer service.

  15. Loved, loved this months box, everything in it! If your unhappy with the box then please move on and don’t spoil it for the ones that love it. I look so forward to these boxes and love getting all the fun stuff. There are so many boxes out there but this one is such a great value. And as my granddaughter always says (you get what you get and don’t throw a fit). Thank you Fat Quarter Shop your awesome!

  16. This was my first box, and I liked it. I get that not everything will be to my liking every month. When I was deciding whether or not to subscribe, I went back and looked at all the previous ones, and always wished I had those boxes! The fabric was really cute and the ruler was good. The pins were adorable. Bandaids—I’ll regift those at quilt camp. Overall I thought it was good. I can spend $30 a lot of other ways that aren’t as fun.

  17. I enjoyed this months box, and look forward to each box that comes, it’s like Christmas each month. I’m only on my third month and plan on using all the wonderful fabric from each month to make a very large quilt.
    Thank You
    Fat Quarter
    Irene W.

  18. I canceled my subscription, the fabric was the only thing to my liking. I have enjoyed the boxes, but the last few months have been disappointing.

  19. Wow! My son asked me a couple of weeks ago to make a butterfly quilt for his girlfriend, and he even asked if we could do it together! What perfect timing to receive a sew sampler box with just the right thing! I ordered the finishing kit and we’re ready to begin! How’s that for spending quality time with your 32-year old kid! 😃 Thanks FQS for a perfect surprise!

  20. So sad to see all the complaints. When I get a box, if there is something that is not my taste, or i just don’t like, I end up saving it to re-gift to a friend. This past Christmas I gave a friend a nice amount of Sew Sampler items that I decided to part with, my friend was elated with the things that I gave her. Just goes to show that something you don’t like may be loved by another.

  21. This is my first box and I thought it was rather fun. In the description of the subscription it was noted that some may be more desirable than others but it would all even out. I can always find a use for each item (especially the cute band-aids!!). Thank you FQShop! I can’t wait for the next one…

  22. I would like to add a different perspective to the above debate. Last month I would have agreed that I didn’t get value for money, but this month I believe I have. I live in Australia and I pay between $48.00 – 55.00 Aust Dollars depending on exchange rate. So for me this box is more about am I getting good value. In Aust you can pay between $35 – $45 (approx $28 – $36US at current exchange rate – where as they are cheaper in US shops) for a junior layer cake 21 pieces – 10″ squares. For a full layer cake you can pay $55 – 70 Aust dollars.
    Just going by the current exchange rate for the price of each item listed in the box the total is US$61.80 coverted to Aust $76.75. I understood the idea of this box was to put in notions that you may not have seen or may not buy for yourself to let you know what is out there. Would I have bought the band aids (bandages), needle case or pins for myself, – most likely not. But now I know there are quirky ideas out there for if I am looking a a gift with a difference.
    So for me this month – I can say between the junior layer cake the quilt pattern and the ruler (which I have always wanted one that size) I got my value’s worth. (This is going by what I would have to pay in Aust for these 3 products)

  23. As usual I start with – it’s feedback people, good or bad and not complaints. We are allowed our opinions whatever they are and when you call it complaining you too are complaining.

    I liked this months box. I wasn’t very happy with the last 5 boxes. The item I personally didn’t like was the pins which to me looked like cheap erasers. The fabric had hearts for Valentine’s Day (yay) plus the fabric colors go with lots of boxes going clear back to box one 2016. I like getting any ruler which is something I have been asking to receive more of. I’m 60 and I liked the bandages they’re fun and I’ll be using those. I can do without patterns which are not usually my taste, however, I liked the one this month because the butterfly represents the kind of cancer I had and still have to deal with.

    Pretty happy this month which can not be said for most of the 2017 boxes. I’m still not quite ready to quit the program and still holding out hope for improvement for those of us in it from box 1. Thank you FQS.

  24. I think the box was great this month! So much better than last month (could do without bandaids but, they will get used-no more plannerss or note cards either please). I just hope the finishing kit comes in before our coupon expires. I keep asking about that but, haven’t gotten a response yet.

  25. the only item in this box that i can use and liked was the ruler.I will probably cancel boxes if the next month or so are not better. I found the items over priced.

  26. I loved this month’s box and ordered the finishing kit the same day and I already received it. I know you can’t please everyone but overall I’ve been please with my subscription and thank you for all the hard work of putting it together. Its something I look forward to getting each month.

  27. Just curious as to what people do with their empty boxes. I know I can store projects in them, threads etc. Just looking for some other ideas.
    Thanks in advance

    1. I use them to organize and contain projects (as I tend to have several going on at once!). I put a post-it label on the outside so I can look and see which one I want to pull out and work on. Eventually I finish one (ha!) and move a new one into the box. Or I break them down and recycle.

  28. First off, FQS has the THE best customer service! I really enjoyed ALL the Sampler boxes from April 2016 till recently…something has happened. Please review by comparison the contents of the first year boxes compared to the ones recently offered which are not the same standard. As a result, I sadly cancelled my subscription today, and I have been looking at different subscription boxes.

    1. I agree with you, Betty T., I have the same observations and had also sadly cancelled. Also thought the customer service is good and will continue with other clubs from FQS. Hopefully they will come up with another fun club that would interest me.
      I just don’t understand why some people had to scold and shame those who are disappointed and are giving their honest feedback in the hopes of improvements.

  29. HA! OMGOODNESS, I was beginning to b affected by the crowd… Yes, go back and see the first box… April 2016 was not my first box, but I forgot, It was the excitement of getting a surprise each month, getting sewing items that I wouldn’t try myself. The last box is equivalent if not more than the first box. the best part is…
    Thanks you for the opportunity FQS!

  30. Why does your blog scroll down by itself?
    I have never had this happening before at any blog I read, never seen this before and am having a hard time reading it, not to mention typing this comment, have to stop typing all the time and scroll up again…

    1. Hm! I have not heard of or experienced this scrolling issue. Are you on the specific post page for this post? We do not have any auto-scrolling features that i know of. Please let us know if you experience this again on another post?

  31. I am still waiting for my January box. All previous boxes have arrived within two weeks but not this one!

    1. Hi Jan! We have tracked your package. Not sure why it is taking longer to arrive this month, but it should be en route to you now.