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Sew Sampler February 2020 Box Reveal

Were you ‘lucky’ enough to get to travel to Mackinac Island with us this month? This box was sew charming and packed with some new and exciting products you might have never seen before! We can’t get enough of how stunning the fabric is in this scrappy table runner. A show stopper for sure! Let’s unpack this box together and see what was included.

Mackinac Island Charm Packs by Minick & Simpson for Moda Fabrics

Named for one of Minick & Simpson’s favorite places, Mackinac Island warms us through winter with hearty red, white and blues. Full of broad strips and bright stars, Laurie Simpson has also sprinkled in some wonderful dots, florals and ginghams for good measure.

Love the collection and want to see more? Check it out here.

Meet in the Middle Half Hexagon Template by Lissa Alexander
Sew Sampler Exclusive

Take the ‘hex’ out of hexagons with the Meet in the Middle Template by Lissa Alexander, exclusively designed for the Sew Sampler Box! This notion transforms 5″ square Charm Packs into harmonious hexagons with no y-seams.

80wt Aurifil Thread #MK80-2250

Make it a red letter day when you brighten your sewing with this rich red 80wt thread by Aurifil! This fine, light thread is terrific for hand sewing, English Paper Piecing, applique and even free motion quilting. This bold red is sure to leave a hint of happiness in your next quilt.

Diagonal Seam Tape by Cluck Cluck Sew

With the Diagonal Seam Tape as your guide, you can ditch the marking pens! This handy washi tape from Cluck Cluck Sew adheres right onto your sewing machine and features two 1/4″ seam lines and a red center line. Whenever you need to sew down the center of a diagonal seam, simply align the corners of your fabric piece to the red center line and go.

Meet in the Middle Quilt Pattern by Lissa Alexander
Sew Sampler Exclusive

Take comfort in this classic hexagon design from Lissa Alexander! Using a simple stitch and flip method, these shapes take form with an easy “meet in the middle” technique that you will happily put on repeat. Enjoy this bonus pattern from Lissa’s latest book, Sisterhood of Scraps!

Goodness Grows Stay Rooted Block #11 by Sew Sampler

This year, we invite you to let goodness bloom and flourish in your heart, block by block! Our Goodness Grows Sew Sampler quilt was designed by Corey Yoder of Coriander Quilts, and it is an exquisite garden of beautiful flowers and fruits. With each block, we hope to leave you sew inspired to make good things happen in your heart and surroundings, to cultivate your own personal garden of good.

A limited number of Quilt Kits and coordinating Applique Thread Sets are available now. Watch the Goodness Grows Block #11 Tutorial.

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    1. As a Michigander, I was absolutely delighted with this months box! Cannot wait to make the project <3

    1. I know you can’t please EVERYBODY everytime, but I sure loved this box and can’t wait to use the hexagon ruler. Thanks!

  1. The thing I like least about this promotion is the negative comments so many unhappy people out there. This is suppose to be a pleasant surprise every month and so be excited about what you get. Not what you don’t like. A lot of iteams have made wonderful birthday gifts. Think out of your box and look forward to next month.

    1. Randy, nice reminder!
      I too enjoy the surprise, although sometimes I get items not of my style. However, I really like the idea of gifting those items to another quilter who may really enjoy it. I will look forward to next months surprise.

      1. I so agree. Gifts are a great way to use some items you may have already or don’t need.

    2. I loved everything!! Can’t wait to get started. I have eight kids, all grown up. These projects make great Christmas gifts. I like to give homemade gifts..

  2. Great box, the fabric was not one that I would choose, I like getting something outside my normal as it makes think of different ways to use it.

  3. I really enjoyed this box. I especially loved the 1/4” Washi tape. I’ve been using it and it’s helped with my 1/4” seam!!

    1. I love this month’s box. Am almost finished with the project and love the patriotic colors. The tape was in my shopping car. Nice surprise.

  4. Loved the charms— the colors of Mackinac Island and was thrilled to get 2 packages. Thanks for the template just what I can use, have lots of 5” squares from charm exchanges years ago and the runner pattern is just right for Christmas and Easter gifts in the future. Thanks for thread which I can always use. Saw the tape was new at our quilt guild meeting last week from the person which presented our program, what a treat to now have it. I do not do Facebook.

  5. I love all the items — it is true for me that I wouldn’t have picked up this fabric myself but I love it, the more than I play with it! The table runner pattern is also awesome — I am so glad to have some small projects to work on! Thank you!

    1. Linda – if you are interested in selling the January farmers box I would be interested in buying it.

      1. Linda, you might try the Facebook Sew Sampler Swap group if you’re looking for something like that.

  6. Love ❤️ the box and especially the charm packs of Mackinac Island. I’ve been admiring this fabric line – thank you

  7. Thank you for this box. I enjoy all the items. Looking forward to making the table runner. I do have a question. My subscription started with October 2019. I have missed some of the previous Goodness Grows blocks. Is there anyway to get them? Thank you!

    1. Hi Kathleen. The Fat Quarter Shop sells the patterns you are missing for $4.98 each or you could go to the Sew Sampler Facebook page and see if anyone is looking to sell theirs. I love these blocks, too!

  8. I like getting the boxes as some of the items and projects encourage me to step out of my normal selections. The items I cannot use will be donated to a charity/ or church quilt group.

  9. Loved what I got. If I ever get something I don’t like, I have plenty of quilt friends to gift to. Mackinac Island fabric reminded me so much of where I am originally from. Michigan. I have been there many times. I am a newby, but I would like to forward on to people what my mother used to always tell me, If you do not have anything nice to say, then do not say anything at all. I live by that rule most of the time and all of the time in social media.

  10. This is my second box. I love the fabric in both boxes and the miscellaneous items. It’s like Christmas 😁

  11. I loved everything about this box. I might purchase solid red,white, and blue fabrics and use them with these charm packs to make a picnic tablecloth.

  12. Kathleen, yes you can. Go to FQS web site, under search type goodness grows patterns and they should all be there. I think they are around $5.00 each. I’ll take anything from Minick & Simpson anytime. Love their fabric. Will use for different pattern, but I’m sure someone I know would love the pattern and template. Thanks for another fun box!

  13. LOVE IT!! I love the fabric, thread, patterns and half hexie template. Thanks for a great surprise! FQS team is the best!

  14. I know you can’t please EVERYBODY everytime, but I sure loved this box and can’t wait to use the hexagon ruler. Thanks!

  15. I loved the fabric in this box! I actually had already purchased a charm pack of Mackinac Island, so I was excited to receive TWO more! Aurifil thread is always great to receive in our Sew Sampler box, too! I would love to get a spool of thread every month. I can’t wait to try the washi tape.

  16. I love how the pattern uses the red, white and blue fabrics in such a balanced way. Very often the color distribution in a collection can be a challenge to lay out in a balanced way. This pattern is a perfect match for the collection. I can’t wait to make it up. I also love that it is red, white and blue without looking like it’s only for Fourth of July. I don’t usually buy patriotic colors because I never like the prints well enough. This collection is great because it so much more versatile. Of course the half hexagon template is great for putting together a lovely table runner making it look much more complex than it really is. The thread was wonderful also. I’m sure I will get plenty of use out of the washi tape. Great job on this box Kimberly and crew. I’ve been a long time subscriber and still look forward to my fun surprise every month. I started this subscription because I am the family bookkeeper and the bills just seemed to come so fast. Even though they each only came once a month it felt like no time at all in between. When we anticipate something good time feels so much slower. So this just really balanced out my time perception really well. I can’t exactly explain what all it does but it seems to add a touch of calm and peace to my busy, busy life. Peace and happiness to all!

  17. I loved this box. I travel to Mackinac Island every May for a Needlearts Seminar.Loved the Mackinac fabrics.

  18. Even though this box was not my style and I probably never would have bought any of these products on my own, I loved it! I joined this club for exactly that reason. I want to get out of my comfort zone, explore new tools, play with fabrics that are not my style. I really look forward to saying, “Who am I going to give this to when I’m done?” I enjoy the surprise!

  19. This months box looks amazing…. I am so excited ( and impatiently) waiting to receive it…. come on international post

  20. I loved the box again. The fabric is beautiful and I can’t wait to make the table runner. Thank you for adding Aurofil thread. The packaging each month is very nice!

  21. This box was great, perfect for me! I liked every single item. Like another subscriber said, receiving the Sew Sampler boxes forces me to think outside my comfort zone. I dropped out for a few months due to time pressures (my father’s death, settling his estate, a move) and really really missed it. It’s kinda like that song is “the Music Man,” about the Wells Fargo wagon—I look forward to the surprise, something coming, something special just for me. And there are always items I can use and am glad to know about. Plus I appreciate the finishing kits and usually buy them, too. Please keep up the good work!!

  22. Did you think every box to meet your expectations? It is a mystery box and you knew that going in that you would get things you might not like. Judging from the other responses this box was well received by most. You sound like a child throwing a temper tantrum

  23. I’m a big fan of Minick and Simpson so I loved the fabric choice and the table runner design.

  24. Love love love this month box everything was beautiful and what I love to get. Keep the good work.

  25. This is my 6 th sew sampler box and definitely my favorite
    Everything was great can’t wait to make the table runner

  26. FQS always does a great job with each Sew Sampler Box. Maybe not always ‘my thing’ but I have recieved so many wonderful notions that I never knew I needed and beautiful, high quality fabrics. It really is like Christmas just for me each month!!

  27. I loved the charm packs and everything in the box. The tape was on my purchase list and I’ve already put it to good use. Thank you FQS for the nice surprise. Keep up the good work for all of us that are like kids waiting for that time of the month!

  28. Thanks for the AWESOME surprises that you so gracefully arrange in the wonderful blue box. It was a sheer delight inspecting each item. I am 100% satisfied with your February creation. Looking forward to the March Blue Box items.

  29. The boxes are a surprise every month. My husband knows when my box arrives to let me know my present is here so he can enjoy a happy smile.

    When I get items like this month I gather whatever batting and backing needed so I have a kit for retreats. That way I’m all set. Keep up the good work, you all brighten my life.

    Items I may have are gifted to my quilting friends.

  30. You can’t please everybody, but you sure pleased me! These boxes are a great value and it is such fun to look forward to a surprise every month.

  31. I really liked this months box. I am a big fan of the tape. These
    charm packs were so pretty.

    When the fabric doesn’t suit my taste, it works great in my charity quilts. I enjoy working with quality fabric. It’s important to me to know the charity quilts will last.

  32. Thank you for this awesome box of goodies! I loved everything in it! The fabric is beautiful and I actually had it in my cart so it was a wonderful surprise! Loved the thread, pattern & hexagon template. This is my 2nd box and am just so pleased so far. 😊

  33. Love, love, love this box.
    The fabric is beautiful.
    It’s great fun waiting to see what will come in the boxes.
    I love suprises.

  34. If anyone needs some of the patterns, I have most of them. I would be willing to share.

  35. The tape was my favorite item this month. I almost purchased it last week, so I am glad that I waited. I liked the other items too except for the fabric. I will just break up the charm packs and use them in others scrappy projects. It always amazes me how some fabrics that you don’t really like can shine when you add them to other fabrics that you do like. I am fine with not always liking everything 100% because if that is what I really wanted, I would just place an order for those items. I do like the element of surprise and in most cases, I do like just about everything.

  36. Love this box! Love the fabric and the best is two get two packs. I always welcome a ruler or template and thread. It’s a keeper.

  37. This box has so many fun stuff in it. In fact I have finished pieces my table runner now it’s time to quilt it.

  38. This box is probably my favorite and I’ve been in the program for 2-3 years. I don’t always like everything that’s in my box, but I always like some of it, and I love being surprised every month. Keep ‘em coming!

  39. I really like the fabric selection, I am a EPP person since I was 7 years old and will use the template for cutting out fabric for my paper pieces.
    I also love aurifil thread.

  40. I for one absolutely Loved the fabric this month!!!! But if for some reason this months fabric was not to your liking …..PLEASE consider donating it to a local quilter or quilting group who is making QUILTS OF VALOR for our Veterans. Thanks!

  41. I loved the fabric and nice to get a pattern for a small project. The Minick and Simpson fabric was beautiful. Would have liked fat quarters or strips for a different project I had in mind but overall I am satisfied. I used Minick & Simpson’s Grant Park fabric a few years ago to make my first tuffet and loved it. Noticed similar prints in this collection.

  42. I have had my box for a few days but was waiting for some quiet time to open it up. Again I am so delighted with everything in it! I just love having this wonderful surprise every month. Sometimes the items are out of my “norm” so it is great that I am in possession of them and it gives me new opportunities to try them. Disappointed in the negative comments as if there has been anything that I already have or really would not use I gift it to someone who would really like it. Great job FQ Staff for putting hard work into this and each monthly box.

  43. I loved this box so much that I have already started making the pattern. I love handmade, quilted, table runners and use one that I’ve made constantly on my coffee table. To me this box is a great value. Thank you.

  44. I loved this box so much, I hugged it when I received it. I immediately ordered the additional fabric needed to make the table runner and can’t wait to get it done and use it on Memorial Day and 4th of July! Your boxes are just simply outstanding and they bring so much joy to me when I receive them!! Thank you, Thank you!