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Sew Sampler Box September 2018 Sneak Peek!

Get ready for something extra scrumptious in the September Sew Sampler box! We can’t wait for you to sink your teeth into this ‘sweet’ box. Leave us a comment on the blog and let us know what you think it could be.

If you are not yet subscribed, and want to join in on the fun, be sure to do so quickly because boxes ship out around September 20th!

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    1. Not sure what to except from the Sept box as our Aug box hints were all about the sea even the ads in the box was all about the sea and the fabric and pattern had Nothing to do about the sea or even water. It had feathers and non of the fabrics were sea tones. So not idea about sweets.

        1. I agree. Ugly fabric. The last two boxes have left a lot to be desired, $30/month down the drain. I’m waiting to see what the next 3 months have, I hope the box content improves.

        2. I agree! Nothing to do with the sea, even the nautical rope in the picture. I think you missed the mark on this one!

        3. We haven’t even gotten our September box. I did like the fabric in the August box. The fabric was a refreshing change from the same old color scheme we are given month after month. Keep up the good work Fat Quarter Shop!

        4. I was so disappointed in the box I got yesterday. The last few boxes have been pretty bad so I cancelled my subscription.

    2. Tired of the fruit and flowers….too kiddish for me. Title of box does not correspond with contents….misleading indeed.

      1. I agree. So much cutesy fabric and colors! I waiting for something more grown up that I can use in my home!

    3. I loved the fabric for the box on August. But the pattern definately left me uninspired.

    1. I was not at all I’m pressed with the August box. If this months box isn’t better I may cancel monthly subscription after receiving for almost two years now. Please about some fall flannel or early American theme. It just seems all the same now fruit and flowers.oh well, just gotta wait and see

      1. I also will cancel my membership if the coming box is not better. I did like the little cutting mat. But I take old cutting mats and cut them into small ones.

    2. It may look like Badda Bing, but it will actually be some off the wall Ugly fall or halloween fabric. The Way The Sew sampler boxes have been going 🙂

    1. I agree! I’ve sent my feelings for a year and nothing has changed. Last month I did not get the box. First time since they began the program. 😞

  1. It’s Badda Bing by Me & my Sister and it’s a really cute collection but I don’t know why put it in the box this month. For me (and it breaks my heart to say this) summer is almost over and the cherry season is gone. I don’t wanna have a summer collection now I would love to have something I could use for my autumn sewing and something neutral in black & white for an elegant Halloween or as a more manly box (Metropolis by Basic Grey perhaps?). After you posted the sneak peek last month I’ve cancelled my subscription because I don’t like the Artic farbic and this right now doesn’t make want to sign up again, sorry.

    1. I think these boxes are prepared and arranged months ahead of time. I always love something to work on for the future! Cant wait for this one to arrive.

  2. I agree it is probably Badda Bing. I like that, but hoping this winter they will have more ‘murky’ fabrics. I would love a box with the Moda Grunge Stars or anything By Tim Hotz Eclectic Elements. Or anything by Jo Morton. The Metropolis that ‘Hildy’ suggested looks good too. I hesitate to say that, because I know there are people on this blog that dislike any negative comments. I am not being negative. I am just trying to make suggestions.

    1. Oh, Pat. Those are wonderful suggestions. 😉 I just looked them both up and I am now in love with Tim Holtz – Eclectic Elements. So fantastic!

      1. Tim Holtz fabric makes cute cosmetic bags. I ordered Metropolis for a rug and just finished a quilt with lots of Grunge so July and August were a great change from what I have been working on. Love getting the SS each month for lots of reasons previously mentioned. I don’t think it’s Batta Bing because that would be to obvious…maybe? Who knows? That’s half the fun! Thanks FQS!

  3. I agree it’s probably Bada Bing which is super cute and fun but also was hoping for more of a fall theme. I’d also like to add that we’re gett a really great deal at a really great price so I’ll take whatever FQS is putting in our boxes and save this fabric for next spring/summer, if it is indeed, Bada Bing.

    1. I am replying to myself….yeah it probably is Badda Bing…..I just got a good look at the cherries…..❤️

  4. Anytime you post what I think it is an obvious clue, I’m wrong so I’m going to guess it’s NOT Badda Bing. Can’t wait to get it!

  5. This will be my first box and I have no idea what to anticipate. I’m just anxious for it to come.

  6. If it is the Badda Bing I will be sooo happy!!
    loving me some cherries!
    thanks FQS for what you send love it all 🙂

  7. Well, I don’t really care…well, i do :)….some I like better than others, but I’m always so excited to get the box. It is a fab price and I feel like most anything I will use….at some point. I could actually use some of those bright cheery prints in my collection… We shall see!

  8. Mmm maybe a jollybar cakemix pad/ with Bada Bing since I remember some hinting of a me and my sisters sew sampler on one of your YouTube videos 🤞🏻

  9. I’m thinking Bada Bing also, can’t wait to see the project. looking forward to it. Thanks FQS.

  10. Can’t wait to get it – the date is my birthday and what a great gift it is going to be! Can’t wait – I love every box and find new toys to play with and new ideas to do…Anything will be fantastic to me…thank you and God bless,

  11. Something cherry! You guys do such a great job. I love the surprise box I get each month. I was craving a lemon pound cake, but now, I might just put some cherries on top.

  12. I think it’ll be Badda Bing with the Shirley Temple pattern! If its going to be “sweet” there is nothing sweeter than “on the good ship lollipop”! If Im right…the theme will make a lot of sense in September.. August….not so much.. Can’t

  13. last mo was very disappointing for fabric. Agian. Im giving mine away. So far 90% of the fabric we have had, I have given away . I’m not a fan of “cuteizy”type fabric. If this is another “cuteizy line , I will be giving it away.Would like some fall fabric, or batiks.

    1. You might be happier with Quilty subscription box…more sophisticated fabrics. It is more expensive, but not if you actually like and keep the fabric.

  14. YESSSSSSS!!!!!!! Mary & Barb hit this one out of the park! Badda Bing! Soooo cheerful and it’s gonna be so sweet!!!!!!! LOVE!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

  15. I’m looking forward to the Sept box since it’s my birthday month! Maybe Badda Bing?!?!
    So excited!!!

  16. Badda Bing or Sweet Orchard–either would be great to herald the end of the summer fruit season.

  17. I am always happy to see my blue box arrive, my mailman even rings the doorbell to hand deliver as he knows I am waiting. Thanks for it all, even if I prefer not to use it, Secret Pal, here is a new item. Shall wait with excitement to see.PS Love making the chairs and lamps by Elizabeth Hartman.

  18. As a subscriber from Day One, I have always liked getting the fabrics because even if I choose a different direction, they can be incorporated into other projects like banana bags. I guess one has to look at the reasons for subscribing…I for one like getting a surprise, enjoy the notions, and being introduced to fabrics and quilts I might have missed. My comfort zone gets expanded, which for me is a very good thing…

    1. Well said Julie, I like surprises and trying new quilting things. Look forward to my box each month. I’m guessing Badda Bing, very cute fabric!

    2. I agree with you completely Julie. I can’t believe all the negative comments about this wonderful box of goodies. I love getting fabric that I may not choose myself. It opens me up to new experiences. You don’t have to use the patterns that come with your box. Be creative and incorporate fabrics with some you already have!!! I love my little blue surprise each month!!!

  19. I have no idea what could be in the box as this but s ky very first month. I can stay tjoighbi am very excited and can’t wait.

  20. I hope it’s Badda Bing with all those darling cherry prints. I’ve really been wanting I get some.

  21. These boxes are awesome! I’m just happy to receive one each month! You guys do a great job!

  22. I have also subscribed since day one. I feel I deserve a “surprise” each month. Sure, everything is not what I would have purchased, but many of the items have been a sheer joy! It’s an opportunity to see new notions and get patterns that you might not be aware of—if it were not for sew sampler. It might be fun to do some seasonal stuff—like Christmas in July or “fall into spring”, but nobody will ever “love” everything. And, nobody will ever finish every project in a month. I love those people who pass on the items they don’t love. You’ve made someone happy. Bravo!

  23. Badda bing will be fun. Just thinking ahead, please FQS, plan on cheeky down the road. You didn’t use swell Christmas, so please plan now for the “.Cheeky” line.

    1. I love getting the Sew Sampler box every month! Sometimes it isn’t fabric I would purchase, but I will use it or trade it at my scrap club. All in all I still give the SS a 5 star rating because there are always good notions, patterns, and we also get some sort of coupon. I think it’s such a great value and let’s face it if you give 10 people the same quilt pattern they will all purchase different fabric. There is no way to please everyone but I’ve been extremely happy with my monthly surprise! Thanks Kimberly and Carrie for putting them together for us.

  24. Wow! If you are not wanting a surprise and not every quilter will have the same tase, then don’t buy the sampler. I enjoy the boxes, if I don’t use the fabric now I will later.
    Thank you Kimberly Jolly, for providing us with these special sew sampler boxes.

  25. I am looking forward to getting my box if it is Badda Bing as I need something new, September1 is the first day of spring, here in Australia. Here’s hoping we can receive some fabric for summer quilts/projects.

  26. I think it has something to do with cherries, maybe badda bing collection. I am getting excited as this will be my first sew sampler.

  27. I’m hoping for farmhouse 2. August 2018 was my first box and I was disappointed. I will try a few more months and if not better I will probably cancel. 🙁

  28. I too was disappointed in last months box. I decided to use the fabric and pattern for a charity quilt.

  29. There is always the choice to unsubscribe if one is so unhappy with the boxes. I haven’t been getting them for a year yet, but I have loved them all so will keep ordering as I do through Paypal for both myself and my daughter.

  30. I look forward to it every month…I will learn something new and stretch my imagination and skills…yay! Bring on the cherries!

  31. Since when do you need fabric with shells, starfish and other beach themed items. The colors alone should spark some inspiration to make your own beach quilt

  32. I think those cherries were on my Mother’s kitchen wallpaper circa 1954! Anxious to see how the fabric will be used in the sampler box.

  33. Love the monthly surprise. How lucky we all are to receive this monthly box. Love the FQS and i think they do a great job….If I don’t use what is in the boxes…i share with family and friends….They are thrilled

  34. Im not a fan of Bada Bing either, but then not every fabric has to be for something for me. If that’s what’s in the box,I’m sure I can make something cute for someone else!

  35. I was disappointed with the Aug. box didn’t seem like we received as many things was not what I was expecting. Hope Sept. box is spectacular .

  36. This will be my first ever box, so I hope it’s cute! I also hope for some neat notions or thread or something.

  37. I love all of the boxes I have received. I like getting a surprise in the mail box. The August box did seem a little light, but I did enjoy the rotary cutter and the “ruler”.

  38. Badda Bing for sure! Pretty and cut. Think I was hoping for Clover Hollow which is a new release. Maybe next month? Or French General? I would have loved to have it be one of the new French General Panier D’Amour Embroidery Sampler Kit … something totally differmt from a fabric sampler … hint :: hint … 🙂 Pat

  39. I hope it has something fun in it. I was totally disappointed in the August box. Thinking of canceling if doesn’t get better in September.

  40. My guess isn’t original, Me and My Sisters, Badda Bing. Love the colors they use. I have been getting the Sew Sampler Box for about 1 1/2 years. It is my surprise for me each month. I don’t love everything but evidently, who does BUT, the quality for the price is amazing. I am also doing the Barn Block Quilt and it is a challenge, which I am loving! I am also proud to say at this point I am all caught up! I really love this service from FQS. You all rock!

  41. How about apples since it is the season. Doesn’t matter as every sampler box I have received is “sweet”

  42. I realize not everybody is going to like every months selection I feel you do a wonderful job filling each months box. Sorry people have to be so harsh about their dislike. I would not like to have to decide every month on what to pass along to us. If you get one bad apple in the bunch does that mean you don’t buy them again. We are getting great things in our box every month so quit being so negative

  43. I am hoping for Farmhouse 2. Would love some fabrics out of the pastels range. Love some Jo Morton.

    1. I agree! They can’t please everyone, every time. I just like the surprise of the box and I love the new notions. Last month wasn’t my favorite but that’s okay!

  44. Of course guessing Badda Bing… and that works for me… I’ll add to my new stash of Badda Bing precuts I’m saving for a little winter-time playtime!

  45. August is the only month I have been a bit disappointed. That’s in regard to the fabric coordinating with the fabric. They had nothing to do with one another. Elizabeth Hartman and her fabric are over-rated. What do arctic prints have to do with a “living room chair” pattern?

  46. To add, I think there should be a good balance of holiday and non-holiday; as well as contemporary and conservative. Seems like a lot leans toward contemporary or modern quilting. I realize that’s the trend right now, but there should be a balance. Something for everyone.

  47. I’m surprised at all the negative comments! I personally loved the August box, and while I’ve had boxes that weren’t my fav, that’s the nature of subscription boxes. I’ll pass the things that I don’t like on to someone that will love them and that’s fun for me.

  48. No guesses. I am also surprised at all the negative comments. One knows more or less what will be included each month . I and my daughter both subscribe and open the boxes together (like Christmas presents they are a total surprise). The August box was very good _ no Pin. I enjoy the new notions, most of which I would never have purchased myself but most of which I use constantly. I have purchased precuts of all types since I started quilting and look forward to the precut of the month. Keep up the good work!

  49. Hope the next box is better than the Aug box. Very disappointed. Not sure I want to continue. Will give it one more try.

  50. Badda bing looks great! I hope it includes all 33 fabrics. This spot is for guesses for this month not for you negative Nellies to complain! Save that for the survey and let us lovers of FQShops sampler box enjoy the positive vibes of other appreciative quilters. Kudos to all the FQS staff. Well done!

  51. I’m with Carolyn-save the negative comments for the survey! Even if I get a fabric I’m not sure about, once I make something with it I love it! If there’s something in the box I don’t want or already have I pass it on to a quilting friend who would like it! I LOVE my Sew Sampler boxes! They’re a treat to myself every month and I look forward to opening that little blue box every month!

  52. Food, mmm yummy 😋. I love nibbling while I sew, but I think that’s out of frustration 🤔😁

  53. I love receiving my box each month. I LIKED the fabric in the Sept. box and think I shall pair it with other “soft” colors – corals/reds/yellows. It pushes me outside my usual so I’m excited about the possibilities. Also loved the rotary cutter – can always use a new one.

    1. Ha ha ha! Bless your soul!!
      Who do you think youare…with all that freedom of speech stuff!

      1. I am supporting freedom of speech. It is frustrating to have people slammed for presenting their opinions for a BOX they pay for. I find comments very entertaining, as long as no bullies, attack those personally, for having opinions. If some people are upset by what they view as negative, perhaps avoiding comments is best, just read and write the survey where your own opinion is expressed.

  54. I’m really hoping that this month’s box isn’t another summery fabric (aka PLEASE don’t be Bada Bing). I feel like its time to move into the fall fabrics and I honestly LOVED the August box. The fabric was beautiful and a really nice change of pace. Oh well. Guess I need to wait and see!

  55. It is difficult to please everyone’s taste that is why when you go to an ice cream shop there is 30+ flavors. Sometimes the pattern in the box isnt my taste so i share it with someone in my quilt guild and then i use the fabric to make something else like a tote bag.

  56. Getting a surprise box in the mail is always fun for me! If there is something included I do not care for, I gift it. A lot of people are not as fortunate as we are and can not afford to purchase monthly surprise boxes!

    1. Hi Regi! I agree! This box is a blessing and something to be happy about. We sign up knowing that it’s a surprise that we probably wouldn’t have bought for ourselves.

  57. The Sew Sampler Box pattern was the problem in the Box. I mean, who wants to make a bunch of easy chair blocks? Not me. I was happy with the rest. But, the hints hardly ever match the box, and the extra top sleeve decoration and title does not go with the box contents. And, is a waste of paper/trees.

  58. I may have to unsubscribe to the comment section if it doesn’t get any better. There’s never anything useful in them so I end up giving them away. Every month it’s the same thing. Always dark and dreary and negative. I’d like to see more cheerful comments, like Happy and Positive, maybe even some Encouraging. If this month doesn’t get any better, this may be my last comment section. I know I say that every month, but I really really mean it this time. Really.

    1. …totally agree MargeW…the # of times words like…ugly, disappointed, waste, worst, over-rated…are used in this thread is astonishing…sure, people can post whatever they want..but why would they want to???? misery loves company, i guess…

  59. I have mixed feelings over the August box, even though it was a mess as far as not having anything to do with the sea, I did love the fabric and the wonderful Olfa cutter, the recliner pattern was hideous and a waste because I’m guessing the majority of people threw it away. I agree with others that said they would really like some fall or xmas fabric for September’s box not summer cherries. This is the 3rd year I had my fingers crossed for fall seasonal fabric and the 3rd year to be let down. Oh well, hopefully there will be other decent goodies like rulers or thread to make up for it.

  60. I don’t know why anyone thinks it’s not ok to be disappointed in the boxes and say so. They are NOT gifts. We are PAYING for them 😆. So I think it’s ok to hope that they are worth the dollars spent.
    I’m looking forward to this months judging by the clue. I DO agree last months was a bit of a mess. The fabric, the pattern, ugh. I have tons of rotary cutters but it will be put to work non the less. I am hoping for some darker colors for fall, maybe something more masculine so I can please the hubby with a quilt of his own or just something fall-ish.

  61. I have no idea because I’ve always been wrong, so I’ll hope for best. Some boxes I’ve loved and some not so much.

  62. This was the first month for my box and I too was dissapointed. I did NOT like the fabric with feathers. The other tools were nice. It is hard to please us all so I have hopes for better boxes in the future. Yes we are paying for these boxes. Maybe should have just bought fabric.
    I suggest maybe a Fall theme for September. We will see.

  63. I think maybe Bada Bing, doesn’t matter! Always look forward to my box, it’s a great surprise. Thanks FQS

  64. Sorry, that sneak peek was just enough of what seems to me the same color palette or theme over and over again, that I have cancelled my subscription. I was hoping for fall or winter but if everyone’s guess is badda bing. I’m out. As it it, other than the May box, I’ve not been happy with the boxes and I’m ending up gifting box after box of stuff to others, i can’t keep spending money on stuff I’m not going to use.

  65. I have loved all the sew sampler boxes that I have gotten. Can’t wait to see what September brings. If some don’t like the pattern then try another one. It’s a surprise every month.

  66. Love the surprise of getting the sew sampler box each month. I’m sure it’s not an easy task to try and please everyone. Thank you FQS for all the hard work you put into each box.

  67. I’m so torn! I cancelled and didn’t receive July for the first time since Sew Sampler started but was pulled back in by August in hope of an Elizabeth Hartman pattern. I was a little sad to not receive one but like the armchair pattern and liked the box overall. My biggest problem is not having the time to do the kits so now I have 2 years worth of kits and patterns and not enough time to make them. I’ll try one more month and see if I can make some sort of headway before I go back to work next month (while also trying to get some clothing done for myself). Otherwise, I might have to cancel again, and really, it would be for space and time. I do love the boxes, some better than others, but they’re generally pretty great. I guess the one request I would have is for more themed boxes for different holidays – not just Christmas.

    1. 👏did you see the limited edition Spooky Box? Not a Halloween fan usually but hopefully the pattern will be quick and easy to be ready for the holiday!!! Way to go FQS!

  68. Super disappointed in the August box and I can see I wasn’t the only one. Seashore/nautical hints totally misleading. Instead we got an easy chair and feathers. Hoping for more of a seasonal theme. My guess is Sugar Sack.

  69. Did not care for fabric and pattern for August but did love the rest. Looking forward to the cherry fabric.

  70. Not fond of Badda Bing…August box was ok. I think the Aug pattern could be cuter with different fabric…something from Free Spirit – Kaffe or Tula. I get the feeling the the patterns and fabric are what Kimberly Jolly would do for herself rather than thinking outside the box a litte…no pun intended.

  71. I think I will stop to check the blog for sneaky peak or concerning the box because I am in Canada, I receive my box later than US Folks and don’t have the “surprise”. And with the comments I read for september box like “worst box ever” with the highest conversion US-CAN fund + the shipping of 13$ US month …. I will really calculate if it value the cost!

  72. I was thrilled to get last months box. I have wanted the rotary cutter for a while and I not been able to get it in the UK. The ruler being multi functional will be useful to keep near my machine. The fabric is not really my palette, I prefer the pretty colours that so many are unhappy with, I will use it as a blender/background it will not go to waste. The pattern is not for me but I can adapt it for a cushion to gift. I will keep my subscription as long as I can, even if my postage is $16. Keep up the good work FQS.XX

  73. Very negative comments here. Let’s remember that individuals took the time to design these fabrics and arrange the boxes with goodies. I’m enjoying the boxes since I’m a new quilter.

  74. I’ll admit that August was not my favorite box, and the hints were very misleading on what would be inside the box. However, I didn’t subscribe to the Sew Sampler mystery box to get everything that I would normally love and buy, I subscribe so that I will start thinking outside of my normal “box” of creativity. So a big thank you to Sew Sampler, Fat Quarter shop and Elizabeth Hartmann. I can’t wait to make your quilt!

  75. I have been receiving the box for almost a year now and I will say that the August box was a bit of a disappointment. The notions of course are always wonderful – who doesn’t love a good rotary cutter! But…the fabric, although very beautiful in the softer tones left out the best pieces like the Bears and Snow Covered Mountains. If those would have been included then I would have been happier with the box. The pattern….well, it just didn’t make any sense… Just my two cents. Also, what survey? I’ve never received a survey.

  76. I think there will be a specialty ruler in it by Me and My Sister? I just want to say very happy with the splash pink cutter last month.

    1. FQS sends an email asking us to rate each item in the box fròm hated it to loved it and gives us space to inclide coments. If you don’t receive, contact them to include you.

        1. Carolyn…do you get a survey every month? I have gotten a few surveys..maybe once every 6-8 months. And none of them are for a specific box. They have generic comments and questions, such as do you like to receive “fabric, notions, thread, etc.” or the type of precut you like. I have never seen a monthly, specific box survey since I started the club 2 years ago. I wonder if a lot of people also do not, hence we truly believe the 2x a year surveys are not helping. Thanks in advance! 🙂

          1. Hi Mandy, I will bring this to the Sew Sampler team, you should indeed be receiving an email survey each month. Hopefully we can resolve this for you!

          2. Hi Mandy, we checked and it seems you are receiving the monthly surveys, and clicking on them. Let us know if you are having any trouble with them!

          3. Well, this is very strange, because I can guarantee you that I am not receiving monthly surveys; therefore, I am not clicking on them. The only Sewing Sampler-related emails I get are posts from the blog and the notice to pay through PayPal. Is there a number or email I should contact, because that is very strange. 🙁

        2. Okay…I literally just got a survey email about August. So, not sure if something was turned on, but I am about to take it. 🙂 Thanks again!

          1. Amy…apparently, there is supposed to be a monthly sewing sampler survey. I was not getting it; I was just getting those twice yearly generic ones. After I said something, I finally got one. I would recommend emailing them to let them know you are not getting them:

            I am assuming that most people on this blog comment section were not either, because there were a few people that always stated that the negative comments should be saved for the surveys. I am assuming a lot of people (as was I) were thinking, “how the heck would that help when I get a yearly generic survey?” Good luck:)

  77. I hope they send us Washi Tape (maybe ‘Badda Bing’ washi tape?). 2 months ago I never heard of Washi tape. Now I see it all over. It is probably just the blue painters tape with a pretty design on it, but I’d like to try it.

  78. My guess is im going to be very disappointed again this month, if so it will be my last month.i would sooner spend $30 getting something i would use instead of gifting or throwing it away.

  79. Hi Cheryl, I really don’t understand why people use blue tape or washi, could you tell me it is used for what in quilting? Thanks. And,yes, Washi tape are cute 🙂

  80. I have only recived 1 survey & have recived around 14 boxes so the only way to say it u like box or not is in the sneek peek once a month

    1. Hi Tina, we have checked and while you are on the email list to receive the surveys, it looks as though your email server, Yahoo, is bouncing them back. You can try to mark one of the emails you received from us as “safe sender”, that may do the trick.

  81. I am fine with bright fabrics since I want to add to my bright collection, espically the dots and checkered, not the more juvenile prints. Wishing for a Bloc Loc, they are wonderful quilting tools, made in America! I would like to see more of a sampler of fabrics, as I have mentioned in the survey. Laundry Basket would be amazing in the Sampler Box!

    1. I would LOVE to get a BlocLoc! And I agree – change up the fabrics so we aren’t constantly getting the same colorways and patterns.

  82. I for one, was relieved that the august box had fabric in something other than the non-stop, five year old girl, primary palette of colors. Honestly Fat Quarter Shop, I get that Kimberly is in love with that color palette, I get that her best friend Lori Holt utilizes those colors in everything she makes, I think that their creations are wonderful and I can totally appreciate their taste in fabrics, but what about all the rest of us, THE CUSTOMERS WHO SUPPORT FQS FINANCIALLY.. We don’t want the same little kid colors month after month. Many of us are in love with tan and gray neutrals, deep rich primitives, fall and traditional Christmas fabrics and are getting ready to send our money over to one of the many, many competitors just to get something useable. I personally have only kept 4 of my fabric bundles from over 2+ years of being a member. I love all the other goodies, but enough toddler colors please.

    1. Carol I agree with you completely! I’ve actually been considering cancelling my subscription due to constantly receiving the same colorways and fabric patterns. A long time ago I got a box with amazing primitive fabric and I really wish that we could get more of that, or at least something DIFFERENT! I love last month’s fabric for the beautiful patterns(yay feathers!) and the much needed change in colors. PLEASE FQS, change it up!

      1. Carol & kristin i agree with you 110% i CAN NOT Stand lori holtz fabric line any that seems to be the only color way we get.I also have only used 2 of the fabrics in past 11/2.this box has almost same tools as before but in smaller scale.i really thinking about stopping box & just buy what i want 1st a month or at least fabric i would use

  83. For those of you not getting tbe survey, please notify FQS. They seem to be checking to see why you are not receiving it. I just got a new one. It is from Fat,me and titled What did you think of your August box? Hope this helps!

  84. I absolutely adore Kim Diehl everything. I know that I for one was blown away with that primitive bundle and was really hopeful FQS was going to start mixing things up, but then it was back to the same pink blue green combo month after month. I don’t get it. Even if you loved those colors, wouldn’t you get sick of sewing with the same colors day after day?

  85. I just received my box and I’m loving it! Don’t want to give anything away, The value is great! Thank you FQS!

  86. I just received my box! I can’t say I’m super thrilled, but I will put everything to good use. I won’t spoil anything by being specific. But there is a tool I certainly didn’t have before that made me happy. And the pattern is something I’m going to use with different fabrics for the upcoming holiday season! Always something new for me to try that I haven’t tried before so that always makes me happy! Hoping for different fabrics in the October box, but overall I always love getting my monthly box!

    1. When I saw the pattern, I immediately thought that it would be beautiful with with red & green Christmas fabrics. Can’t wait to try i!

  87. I received my box yesterday – First I want to say getting these boxes makes me feel like a kid at Christmas! When I come home from work there it sits … an aqua box on my porch and I get so excited. Usually I let the dog out first thing but on Sew Sampler delivery day – the dog has to wait until I open my box!

    As far as this month’s box goes – Now that’s what I’m talking about!! Everything is useful and I feel like I got the value I have been looking for. Great job putting this on together!

    With winter coming on soon – a project using flannels would be great in October or November’s box! I can’t wait to get whatever you have planned.

  88. The only thing in the whole box I will use is the rotary cutter. I don’t sign up for subscription boxes to get yardage of blank white fabric. Once again small fabric bundle in a childlike color palette and a specialty ruler that is for a pattern I will never make. July and August were so much better, I really thought FQS was stepping up and starting to make these boxes special again, but no, back to same old, same old….

      1. In response to DJ and Marge, If your little bubble worlds of lollipops and rainbows cannot handle that in reality not everyone will comment positively on this blog then maybe you shouldn’t expose your delicate selves to it. Your need to judge my comment is a perfect example of a first. world. problem.

  89. I received my box yesterday and I was blown away with everything in it! My favorite box so far!!! You don”t have to add anything to complete the cutest project but thread! You hit it out of the park this time!! Thank you so much!!

  90. I was really happy with last month’s box. It was my first time receiving it and I thought the value for the price paid was well worth it. I thought the fabric was pretty. I like whimiscal happy prints and I like being surprised which is why I subscribed. My September box just shipped and I can’t wait to receive it!

  91. Olá, concordo que a caixa não era o que se esperava mas, meninas, não é assim tão feio o tecido,Que é feito da nossa criatividade de quilter podemos juntar outro tecido que faça realçar e fazer um otimo trabalho. Eu gostei até da ideia que vem dentro da caixa (os sofás).Sejam positivas!

  92. I understand that out of the many customers of The Fat Quarter Shop, not everyone is pleased with each Sampler Box. Some of them I’m not real pleased with but I paid for it so it’s not going to sit in the closet. I got my September box and really liked it. My only request is PLEASE no more rotary cutters. I have enough of them and my collection is getting out of control. LOL…Keep up the good work, Kimberly and staff.

  93. I’m glad I’m not the only one to dislike the September box! I wish they did more season appropriate boxes.

  94. Must admit I was rather disappointed with the sneak peak as that is not my favorite choice of fabric. However, when I got the box you surprised me with a complete project and I get to learn a new technique. I still am not in love with the fabric but look forward to trying the new technique. I can always give the quilt as a gift. It really was a nice box and will be fun to make. Thanks Fatquarter shop for opening my world to new things. That’s why I love your boxes.

  95. I had cancelled my subscription for a few months but found that I missed it. This is my first month back and I like it and will try the project. Anyone who has stopped enjoying the boxes I would suggest you pause for a few months and see if you miss it, and come back if you do. I love the fabric this month too.

    1. I’m excited to try a new technique too. I love that I have everything I need in this box to complete the project. I am saving my fabrics though and using Christmas fabrics to make the tabletopper! That way I learn a new technique and make a holiday themed project at the same time!

  96. When I saw the pattern, I immediately thought that it would be beautiful with with red & green Christmas fabrics. Can’t wait to try i!

  97. Another rotary cutter? Let’s try a different tool for October. Wool or flannel would be nice in fall/winter boxes.

  98. LOVE the September box! I really like that you included material for the binding and backing!! That’s perfect as it allows it to hit the ground running, and not having to go somewhere else to buy batting. So thank you for that. I also love the cool notions. Love when you send the rotary cutters, and other goodies!! Thank you!

  99. I am new to quting and the subscription box. I love the September box! I love the rotary cutter also. I knkw most quilters already have all the fun tools. However, for me I need it all and love getting some essential quilting needs.

  100. Love the September box. I will make this project for a Christmas gift. I had wanted a small rotary cutter so this is a great treat. Well done. ❤️❤️❤️

  101. FQS has done it again. Another spectacular SS Box. I love the pattern, fabric, background, and binding. I am so excited to get started on this project and have the binding and background to complete it. With no quilt stores in a 90 mile radius this is so awesome. And that tiny rotary cutter, exactly what I needed for my English paper piecing. Love, love, love, September’s box!

  102. I love the September box! Everything in the box is something useful. I’m not going to spoil the surprise for anybody though.
    With that said, let the complaining begin 🙄

  103. May be my favorite box yet! Love everything, especially the fabric to complete the quilt top. Thanks so much for all your hard work in putting together the box. I might get a little more fabric so I can make a four square baby quilt. How cute would that be!

  104. I absolutely love the September box. The last few boxes were not my favorites, but this one is awesome. I will definitely be using everything!!! I am actually exited about the project. I was going to buy some of the items in the box, so this one was made just for me! I have been a little bit disappointed at some of the boxes, but I realize that you can’t expect everything to be exactly what you wanted when you are ordering a surprise box. I still love receiving my surprise box each month. It is my special little treat. I get to receive 2 boxes this month since I ordered the Spooky box. I can’t wait to see what will be in the Spooky box. I hope everyone enjoys their box this month!

  105. I have saved every one of my sew sampler empty boxes and I use them to store my fabric scraps. They are so pretty, and they stack well. I can’t bear to throw them away!

  106. Another disappointing box, Like nothing in it. these boxes are getting worse every month..I’ve had this box almost from the start and I can really see the changes, they where Great, now not so much

  107. I m so happy with the sew samper program. IT must be the fact that im brand new to all of this and when you start out at zero anything is just awesome. I to live my miles away from a brick and mortar store so to be abel to see the new lines of material and products at such a great price is a a big bonus for me. MY over all goal is to learn from (you tube and fat quarter shop) to make product i can sell in order to pay for surgery i need desperately so any new fabric, notion or pattern just makes it that much more possible for me to win in the end so, many many thanks and encouragement to FQS your staff, team and even the Kimberly stitch squad for all the of advise and encourgament much love from this girl in any color!

  108. I agree that last month’s fabric was not nice. Gave mine away, too along with other fabrics sent over the months. I am seriously considering cancelling. The first year, the boxes were great! Now not so much. I have been in the program since it started and for the last 8 months have been very disappointed in the boxes with the exception of maybe one or two.

  109. Thank you for all the treats in the September box! I love the fabric, tools and pattern. I am planning to make the project very soon.

  110. Love the September box. Looking forward to making it. Your patterns always teach me something new without overwhelming me, as I am a beginner. I am in love with the fact that we got the finishing kit this month!

    Whether or not I always love the fabric isn’t such an issue for me, because if it’s not quite my taste, the finished project makes a lovely gift for someone else, and I still had the fun of putting it together.

  111. September was only the third month for this box. The Song goes, two out of three ain’t bad but when it is 2 out of 3 not positive, that ain’t good. I am already thinking about cancelling my subscription. I realize they were different sizes, but a rotary cutter two consecutive months.

  112. I am making the project, Cherry Pickin, the project in the Sept box. I was able to cut 11 more wedges using the project fabric by sewing the right and left side scraps together, as well as the top and bottom leftovers scraps together. By carefully cutting and sewing the uncut edges together, I was able to make an extra block. The project seems wasteful of fabric, otherwise is turning out cute. Thank you SIL Carolyn for suggesting this!
    I am fine with the box this month, happy to try a different brand of rotary cutter. Was easy to cut into the fabric, since not my style, will make a nice donation or gift.

    1. Could you show a photo or give more details on how you cut this to get extra wedges – it is hard for me to visualize. When I saw the pattern I thought it wasted a bit of fabric also. Thanks.

      1. Not computer savvy enough to add photo, and I didn’t take any. Hope this can help.

        On the drawing of block wedge cutting in the instructions, and all blocks cut using the template, as shown on instructions, being careful not to over slice. Then, a couple of seams will need to unsewn to be able to sew, using the far left and right vertical rows, sewing the two uncut sides together, right sides together. Do the same for the top and bottom row. Be sure to iron seams open as instructed. Easy peasy!

        There still will be scraps, but by using this method, an entire 4 th block can be made using one packet of 5 inch squares. When laying out the 5 inch squares, I placed fabric squares knowing the two sides seams would also be matching up, and the top and bottom row. I scattered colors as much as possible.

        Hope this helps those interested in makinga fourth block, and not so much fabric waste.

  113. Love, love, love, everything in this months box! Appreciate the time put into selecting our items each month! I’ve been getting these boxes for over a year now and almost didn’t sign up because of all the negative comments on how the boxes weren’t as good as they were in the beginning, but I looked up each and everyone of the boxes from the beginning and couldn’t see the decline that they talked about so decided to give it a try and so very happy that I did. Sure everything isn’t always to my personal taste but that’s to be expected, these boxes aren’t personalized for each of us. I get the chance to step out of my comfort zone and try so many new things… for now I’m going to keep being excited when I get the notification that my box has been shipped and wait for the blue box to appear in my mailbox!

  114. Wow Linda, your review sounds exactly like an employee or friend of the FQS. I realize that they plant several random positive comments per month to try to offset the many negative ones, but this is a little too formulaic. Next time you might want to be a little more subtle.

    1. Wow! Seriously??? You feel that it’s only fair if it’s negative? I’ve always looked at the glass as being half full…you obviously look at it as being half empty! If your that unhappy with it unsubscribe!

    2. Hi Linda, I feel exactly the same as you express in this comment. Living in Canada I’m French Canadian, so sorry for the grammatical mistakes), the shipping cost and the conversion funds US-CAN, I think twice before subscribe to something from the US now. I was reluctant to subscribe because the comments here are very negative since a few months. And, I go to Youtube and check for Unboxing. I found that it’s seems to be a very nice box and decide to give it a try. And I don’t regret it. I love my little box and I am always excited to receive it. I don’t understand why the majority of persons, here in the comments, say that the August box had an ugly fabric. It’s a personal taste for sure, but if you are not welling to receive something different from what you are buying normally, don’t subscribe to a “mystery” box! To ma part, the fabric of August, I like it! Yes, it’s neutral, smooth, pale, but the little feathers look very cute and, since I didn’t like the pattern in the first place, and it’s a premiere from Elizabeth Hartman that I dislike for me, I think the box worth the price. And, then, I check the pattern with the picture of the quilt finish. And finally think that the armchair pattern look great in picture, much more than on the sketch on the front pocket of pattern. With the Artic Fabric, this pattern and quilt is PERFECT for a man! I am pretty sure that my husband, or Step Dad will love it for Christmas! I haven’t receive my September box but, yes, I am anxious to receive it and NO I am not a friend of the owners or be paid to make this comment. I just felt the need to assert my point of view that joins yours. Have a nice day! 🙂

  115. I have every box since the Sampler Boxes started. Some I like and some I don’t like but NEVER would I say any of the nasty remarks and make some of the acquisitions being made. When I signed up I realized that the Sampler Box was a mystery box. If you want to stop your subscription, please do so the rest of us don’t have to listen to your petty remarks.

  116. This is why I subscribe to the boxes.

    For the last twenty months, I have been nursing my father through a long and painful terminal illness. It has been hard, draining and distressing, and in August, he finally passed away.

    I bought the subscription box because every month, I had something nice to look forward to in the post. Every time I received the card in my PO box advising me of a parcel, and the post office chap brought out one of those little blue boxes, it put a smile on my face. I have never expected to like everything in every box, but I have received some pretty things and some useful things, and when I was spending hour upon gruelling hour sitting in a hospital beside a dying man, it reminded me that I had a hobby. I have made a table runner for my mother for mother’s day. I have made multiple dog bandanas from a fabric I personally disliked, but which my daughter loved. I have used almost every single scrap of one of the fat eighth bundles which I really adored. I’ve put some things in the bin, and some things aside. Oh, and I have used the blue boxes for storage, and as canine teething aids when the dog was a pup.

    Anyway, that’s the reason I get the box. If I want something specific I can always buy it.

    1. so sorry for your loss, Natalie…went through the same thing a few years ago…so important to have a positive creative distraction…

  117. Was excited to be a part of the sew sampler program. Was willing to try new things, but alas month after month so many things that were not to my liking. Nice idea to make as donation project–but enough is enough. Have stopped my membership.

    1. You have my sincere sympathy. It is very, very hard. We did the nursing at home up until the last five months, and it’s an act of lo ve and sacrifice that can’t be underestimated.

  118. Natalie Thank you for your heart warming response. It was truly uplifting. I’m very sorry for your loss. I have received these boxes and have enjoyed and put to use all the boxes and their contents. It’s people like you that make this world a better place.I sincerely hope FQS continues to provide those of us who appreciate their efforts with many more years of enjoyment.