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Sew Sampler Box November 2023 Sneak Peek!

November is purr-fect for brisk walks and sweater weather sewing, and the November Sew Sampler box is just the thing!

Don’t miss out on this box! If you aren’t yet subscribed and want to join, do so very SOON, so you don’t miss this month’s cut off date for sign ups!

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  1. Well I know I’m going to love this one! We have 3 black cats – just got the third one two Sunday’s ago!

    1. I just re-resigned back up for the box again last week and am going to receive this box. Looks like I am going to love the fabrics. I decided to get the box again because I miss getting the fabrics and some of the notions that I would never buy on my own.

  2. I might have to resign up for this one. I just lost my first dog of 13 1/2 years on 10/29/2023. She was my best friend, and the best dog I could have ever asked for.

    1. I’m so sorry Jennifer. I was devastated when I had to have my dog put to sleep. He was amazing. I fostered his breed (Great Pyrenees) as a tribute to him and to help find them a better home. Out of the 3 I fostered we kept 2, I couldn’t let go of the 2nd as he was afraid of everything. Best thing I ever did. I hope you find peace and a new love to fill your heart❤️

      1. Thank you so much Sheila for your kind words. I love to hear you fostered your pups breed in tribute and gave two dogs a great home to feel safe in. I had my dog through so many milestones in my life , that it hurts to know we will no longer be on adventures together anymore. I said I would never get another dog after her, but I now understand why so many people get another one after this happens.

        1. I am so sorry Jennifer Atiq, I lost my baby boy Blue last February, he would have been 4 on October 25. I miss him every day & cannot even think of getting another dog.

      2. So sorry to hear, my heart goes out to you. We just lost our sweet girl unexpectedly, she was only 4 years old. We are heartbroken also.

      3. Oh Jennifer, most of us can relate, won’t share my stories as they are just as heart- breaking as yours. Relish all your sweet, loving memories of your BFF, weep as needed, then think of all those dogs sitting in cages at rescue shelters. My son rescued one for me and now he is my BFF.

  3. The new Tula Pink line that is just coming out. It has dogs and cats and these are her colors. I am sew excited!

  4. Besties by Tula Pink – but I wish it were Roar! Cats think they are lions – so maybe you got your shipment really early! If that’s the case then I’ll take 4 boxes please 😉

  5. I chose the wrong time to renew. The last 3 months that I wasn’t in on were so good I decided to renew. I don’t like Tula Pink fabric and have no use for dog/cat fabric 😞

    1. I’m feeling the same. This presents me with a good time for a break from the box. I’m going for the Jolly Box instead!

    2. I agree 💯. It seems like all the December SS boxes for the last 3 years have been disappointing. Whats up with Tula Pink, not a fan here!

      1. I agree with the other “not a tula pink fan” I enjoy fabrics that are more muted/soft. I understand that it’s ultimately Kimberly’s choice for which designers she selects but please ENOUGH Lori Holt and Tula PinkI would think all of us that support the FQS should be heard.

    3. Well, if it turns out to be dog/cat fabric – maybe you can sew a quick pet bed to donate to your local humane society or give to a friend with a pet. Little kids would love a place mat of dog/cat material. I gave the fishing fabric to a quilting buddy – she loved it for her grandkids that fish. There’s always someone who will take that fabric. There’s a sewing store in my area who teach sewing to lower income people. I donate extra fabric to them and they always appreciate whatever they get. I also sew for a couple charities. I like at least 95% of the fabric we get so I love these boxes! The notions are usually great!

  6. Oh I love Tula Pink and I hope this is her fabric!! I’ll for sure see what’s sent. I’m having a hard time keeping up tho🤷‍♀️ Still so much fun to get a present every month. Love the FQS🩷

  7. OMG I can hardly wait to get this one, I have 3 cats (all rescues) and a Rat Terrier/Jack Russell (Also a rescue),that I have already made Quilts for, but ya know you can never have enough of them, animals or quilts. Lol

  8. I have been wanting to do the “Happy Flowers” quilt by Atsuko Matsuyama for my 2024 project and if it’s Besties, that might be a perfect place to start, as the colors seem perfect and the animals would be so fun to fussy cut. So excited to see what we get.

    1. The vibrant splashes of color used in Tula Pink designs are fun to work with, but the “Besties” animal prints are strange. Not crazy about them, but the coordinating prints in the line will be useful.

  9. I was so disappointed to see Tula’s new Bestie’s fabric did not include a pug! Still I do love her fabrics and the happiness all her bright colors bring to a quilt, or bag, or whatever!

  10. Maybe I’m looking at the wrong thing when I search for Tula Pink besties but I’m not seeing the flower fabric or dogs & cats in that line.

  11. I love all animals cats happen to be my favorite. Tulsa’s bright colors will be the icing on the cake. I hope you all are right looking forward to the mystery.

  12. Not a fan of Tula Pink. Hopefully there will be other things in the box that will be useful to me. I still look forward to the surprise

  13. Definitely Besties. I know Kimberly loves Tula stuff but the magic just is not there for me. Hope the rest of the box is useful.

  14. November 6, 2023 I never have a clue when I get the hint. But, I am excited reading your guesses.
    Jennifer, I know your pain and my 13 yo standard poodle is aging and I dread the day I have to say goodbye.

  15. I absolutely loveTula Pink!!!!! I have never been so excited to get my monthly box like this before!!!

  16. It’s Tula! Yeah! Love Tula! What a great birthday present for my BD this month!! Thank you FQS, love Sew Sampler!

  17. I am so excited for this box. I love Tula and can’t wait to see what pattern is going to be paired with this collection.

  18. One monthly box had fish fabric and it was such a waste of money. Now this. Please leave the animal fabric out of subscriptions. It for a very specific audience, not a subscription base.

  19. It’s Besties by Tula Pink. I’m not sure I am a fan either though I love dogs and cats. I’m hoping it will grow on me but I did hope it would be more of a seasonal fabric. With that being said, I have been so happy with my kits so far, so I’m hoping I will be delighted. It really will be hard to live up to October’s kit. Also, there are quite a few people that love the Besties collection so everyone will not be happy all the time.

  20. Looks like I’ll be giving most of this one away, just like when there were all the cat things. Not an animal person not having them growing up. This one will probably be a waste of $ again. Bummer.

  21. I’ll have to admit I’m not a Tula fan either, but I’m sure I can find someone to gift this project to that will love it . Love my sew sampler boxes every month. I re-gift some items every month if I have duplicates in my studio…the recipients love them.
    Can’t wait for the Holly Jolly box this month…

  22. This will be very fun if it is Besties! Her bold colors makes fantastic pouches, bags and fun accessories! Great gifts for the holidays!

  23. Besties by Tula is my guess as well. I love the rabbits and coordinating prints. I like the cats, too, but wish they were bigger. Last month SS box was one of my favorites this year. It has to be difficult to make everyone happy every month. I’ve subscribed for many years and always enjoy getting a surprise once a month! It is always a great value. If I don’t like something, I just regift it to someone I know who needs it.

  24. Sorry to all that have lost their pets. So have I. Not every one will be happy with the boxes each month. The surprise each month and the anticipation of what awaits inside is so fun. Have fun with whatever it is.

  25. Love the different fabrics that I probably would not have picked out myself. It makes me do different designs and experiment into quilting I love, but with nothing boring! Also, I can gift other quilters with items!

  26. I think it is besties. I am not a huge Tula Pink fan, but i never complain about the fabric. If i don’t like the box, ill sell it or donate what i can’t use. Her stuff is so bright and bold and not my style, but FQS does such a great job with the boxes I love them all.

  27. I am hoping it is Besties ! I will be pleased if it is. I love getting the boxes and the little surprise each month.

  28. Last month was the best one this year! I would have loved to see perhaps something with a holiday or winter theme. Tula just seems to earn a spot on the shelf. Too bright for me…

  29. So many great ideas for a quilter! I may need to ‘accidentally’ open this blog page on my ‘honey’s’ cell phone!

  30. Great gift ideas, especially for me! Kimberly doesn’t sleep so she has lots of time to come up with new ideas😃

  31. Love the surprise in each box..looks like bright, happy fabric. I happen to love Tula, could be really fun for me.

  32. Excellent, Tula’s Besties! On point Seasonal Apropos- Bright & Cheery Gratitude and Unconditional Love! Perfect, thank you FQS!

  33. Besties! We have lots of animals: a dachshund, 3 indoor/outdoor cats, 3 front porch cats, 3 barn cats, 5 longhorns, 3 horses and a donkey! So will love the new box if it’s Tula’s Besties!!!

  34. I am really enjoying these boxes. I am new to getting subscriptions boxes. Well worth the price. It is like Christmas every month. Thank you!

  35. I won’t give it away, but I received the November Sew Sampler and I am THRILLED!! Every item is purr-fect and it’s like getting a present just for me! Thank you!

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