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Sew Sampler Box November 2022 Sneak Peek!

This month’s Sew Sampler box is on a roll! We want to share an exclusive sneak peek inside our unforgettable November Sew Sampler box with you. Beware of spoilers!

Don’t miss out on this box! If you aren’t yet subscribed and want to join, do so very SOON as our membership is close to being at capacity.

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  1. Looks like Cinnamon and Cream with a triangles on a roll project and new labels to keep them closed. Think this will be a good one!

    1. Labels to keep them closed would be awesome! I’m tired of keeping mine in the ripped plastic packaging 😂

      1. Forget Me Not Jr Jelly Roll. Stickers to use to label triangles on a roll, flying geese etc. and I wish that brown wooden looking thing would be a clapper. Just have to wait another couple of weeks to find out.

        1. Rebecca,
          Wow! I’am impressed that you got the name of the fabric correct. Way to go. I absolutely LOVE this months block

          1. Oops!! I absolutely LOVE this months box. I really really love the fabric and the pattern for it. I have already cut my fabric out for the table runner.

  2. Cinnamon and Cream. No doubts. The hint of green fabric showing in the picture with the stickers is from that line. And 5” finished triangles on a roll.
    Sounds delightful!

  3. I never have guessed the fabric selection correctly just hope it is something other than flowers and pink. But I am very excited to try triangles on a roll.

  4. I think you are all right with the triangles on a roll stickers.
    Would love it if the fabric line is cinnamon and cream.
    I also see something slotted in the corner, maybe a ruler holder?

  5. Looks like we definitely will be receiving triangles on a roll. I’m thinking Cinnamon and Cream too.

  6. I am so excited about the triangles on a roll. Those are on my Christmas list and now I will get to practice with them. Whoop whoop picked just for me! Thank you!

  7. Yep, yep, cinnamon and cream!
    Triangles on a roll. Can’t wait to see the pattern. I have lots of cinnamon and cream so a little more will just sweeten the pot!!!

  8. i am also hoping for fig tree. and the hint of 1 1/? of ribbon. sounds wonderful. stickers for the triangle paper with sizes on them will be great. sometimes i think i enjoy organizing my sewing things as much as sewing with them.

    1. Hi Eva! I just wanted to say that I LOVE your enthusiasm. Can’t wait for everyone to find out what is in the box later this month!

  9. YAY! Excited for the stickers to help identify size of TOAR so I don’t have to unroll each one to check.

  10. i enjoy reading the suggestions that might be in the Sampler Boxes. Since I don’t use triangle squares on a roll and I already have plenty of fabric in the color way that has been hinted at, I have cancelled my subscription to the Sew Sampler Boxes. Instead, I will await the specialty boxes like the Liberty box. Though I will miss the patterns that are usually included, I am sure that they will come up later on the website.

  11. The little bit of fabric shown definitely looks like two of the cinnamon & cream collection – then there’s the Triangles on a Roll – not sure of the little bit of words that can be seen: “bon . 1/? Yards”. Could be Fig Tree Ribbon like Karen suggests. The bit of wood could bea pressing clapper. Looks like a good November box for sure!

  12. Usually love all the surprises inside but the little green boxes are great to cover and use to store fat quarters in. Just the right size.

  13. Definitely Cinnamon and Cream Ribbon, and the TOAR washi stickers. Other than that, perhaps a Jr Jelly Roll and a bag pattern???

  14. I know I’ll like it whatever it is but secretly I’m wishing for a clapper in this box or in one soon and maybe one of those blue planners like Kimberly uses.

  15. I know I’ll like it whatever it is but secretly I’m wishing for a clapper in this box or in one soon and maybe one of those blue planners like Kimberly uses.

  16. Nice, not one of my favorites but still a nice box. Not what I had anticipated and somewhat confused by one of the items that seems very unrelated and not sure what it would be used for??? Won’t use another one of the items but will pass along to someone who will. Looking forward to the unboxing where all will hopefully become clear. Thanks FQS!

  17. Kind of disappointed by this month’s box, but it is a “mystery box”. Can’t love them all. There are some items that I would certainly use.
    I think I got excited by all the guesses about the sneak peek, which didn’t turn out to be correct!
    Looking forward to the next box!

  18. Love the November SSB and will put all the items to good use. Thanks FQS. Can’t wait for the December box.

  19. Not my favorite box. I was disappointed that the fabric was not Cinnamon and Cream and I don’t have any use for the ribbon or the stickers. Maybe you could give us some ideas for the ribbon. The fat eighths are pretty, just not what I was hoping for after the sneak peek. I do like the triangles on a roll. Items like that are always appreciated.