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Sew Sampler Box May 2023 Sneak Peek!

April showers bring May flowers, and May is flowering with fantastic notions in the Sew Sampler box! We’re excited to share this month’s Sew Sampler box sneak peek with you. Beware of spoilers!

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    1. I agree. Fruit cocktail. I have a feeling we will be getting a floral pink magnetic pin cushion too.

      1. This is a really great box! It’s been a long time, love the notions and fabric. Good job 👏

  1. Those greens look like Fig Tree Fabrics, but the blues are not in their normal range, except for Fruit Cocktail. So that’s my guess.

    1. I agree with you ladies! I get so excited about these boxes I just love them now to start using them lol!

  2. I think it’s Sunny Side or Reading Nook. I’d love it to be Fruit Cocktail but to me that’s not flowering related to the pictures.

  3. I think it’s Fig Tree just by the colors. Always love getting the Sew Sampler box.

  4. I was between Peachy Keene and Fruit Cocktail but since Peachy Keene isn’t out until October I’m guessing Fruit Cocktail as it has the stripe shown plus flowers. Tough one this month…

    1. I wish it would be Wild Blossoms cause it’s so beautiful, but I think it’s probably Fig Tree.

  5. I hoping for Fruit Cocktail too!🤞🏻However, I’ll love what ever comes in the box😊

    1. I don’t think there is any of that blue in Robin’s Dandi Duo. It’s screaming Fig Tree to me.

  6. Totally stumped. I agree it is like fruit cocktail, but there’s a white print with an orange in it, in the picture, that just doesn’t look like anything from the collection. Also, Fruit Cocktail has been out for a while– usually it’s something newer. As always, I can’t wait to get my box!

  7. Maybe lighthearted or One fine day?
    Not sure at all, but excited to see.

  8. I don’t care which one it is. I am new to quilting, having made my first quilt last fall for my son’s 23rd birthday this past January. This is my first box, and I can’t wait to tear into it and see what’s there!!

  9. Don’t want to guess because for me it takes the fun out of the surprise. Looks yummy though! Anxiously awaiting my return from vacation to see the May Sew Sampler sitting on my kitchen island, for me to open. Happy quilting!

    1. I agree, and I’m kinda excited about it!I have many scissors, but no pinking shears. This would be a useful addition to my sewing room.

  10. Wow, this one is hard. I’m leaning toward Peachy Keen, even tho it’s not due to release until later, we often get new lines prior to release. Whatever it is, I’m going to be excited to receive! 🙂

  11. Looks like fruit cocktail to me. Wild Blossoms doesn’t have a blue & white stripe as far as I can tell. But who knows?! Looking forward to finding out.

  12. I’m guess a fall floral line – one that just arrived at FQS and arriving at other shops now – ready for Fall projects! The pinked edges says Moda to me! As far as notions goes, could be a floral designed bobbin storage or thread catcher or ??? Imagination can go wild with ideas but the excitement is bulding!

  13. I have no clue – looked around & tried to find material with those flowers on both sides of “May” but couldn’t find anything close. The fabric does have pinked edges which could be a Jelly Roll since their edges are pinked. Not sure if they would send pinking shears since they are pretty big & heavy but who knows. Will just need to wait & see. Loved April’s box!