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Sew Sampler Box March 2020 Sneak Peek!

Wondering if our March Sew Sampler box will ‘measure’ up? Trust me, you won’t be disappointed with the thoughtful selection coming your way this month! Today we bring you a little sneak peek inside this show-stopping box. Did we actually include a tape measure? No, we didn’t, but it is your sneak peek for the month. What do you think it could mean? Comment on this blog and let us know.

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        1. I agree with KimberlyRae. I hope it’s any size creative grid ruler-they are the best!

    1. Mm I would love it to be Tula pink but as per the live stream they said the fabric will be shipping to quilt shops in June I think. I may be wrong. Would fabric be in a SSB before it hits stores ?

      1. Homemade is actually in stores starting now. Shops are receiving them as we speak. 😁 Her next line of True Colors is the one arriving in June. Just enough time for me to save more money because there LOTS of colors for that one.

      2. There have been multiple times that FQS put fabric in the SSB that hasn’t been released to the general public yet, at least not in their store.

    2. I would love to see the measure up ironing board cover in my sample this month!

  1. Those polka dots look just like the ones on my Bernina Tula Pink machine 😉. Love her homemade line. How exciting!!

  2. OH my gosh! Do you think it could be Tula Pink? I would be thrilled out of my mind!!! It’s too long until the end of the month!!! But if it’s not, I am sure it will be something amazing.

    1. I’m looking at my mailbox as I type this. Its gonna be a long two weeks before I see that box arrive, especially if it’s Tula Pink!

  3. Agree with everyone above, Tula Pink Homemade is the only thing that came to mind.

  4. It’s totally Homemade by Tula Pink!! You even have a nod to her pom pom coordinate in this pic. I can’t wait!!

  5. I would love to receive a surprise from Tula Pink when I open the box! So much fun!!!!

      1. I don’t think what she said is necessary negative. She’s just expressing the fact that she’d like something else. I’m not a huge Tula Pink fan either.

        1. Not a Tula Pink fan either – but the sewing connection looks cute…I’ll see if I keep this one…

      1. I’m not a big Tula Pink fabric fan, either. Nothing against her personally, just not my style of fabric. But, I love getting the box and appreciate all Kimberly and her staff do for us. And, as the saying goes, you can’t please all the people all the time.

    1. Not everyone is a fan of Tula Pink designs. They can be hard to work with if you prefer smaller, more subdued prints. I think it’s perfectly okay to state her hope that it’s not Tula Pink. It’s not a negative statement, IMO. It’s merely a statement of her preference.

      1. The wording struck me as negative. It’s hard to read intent in a comment on the internet, so I took it at face value. No harm, no foul.

  6. Yes, the clue does lean towards something from Tula Pink. Maybe the small Measure Twice small bag and/or her new limited edition surgical seam ripper. Any of Tula’s hardware would be a welcome addition to my quilting toolkit.

    Whatever it is, it will be a great surprise! I love receiving my Sew Sampler Box – it is happy mail! 😊

    Thank you for all you do – Kimberly & Kevin and the FQS crew!! 😊

  7. Measure Up by Moda, a pattern to make a canvas bag or bin with a polka dot lining.

    1. I’m awful at guessing. But after almost 2 yeard, I haven’t received anything I haven’t just loved. When I saw my first Tula Pink I wasn’t real sure about it. Then I stepped out of my comfort zone and have made a couple of things that are so cute. Everyone loves them.

  8. Maybe som hand sewing or quilting needles or sewing machine needles along with 120” tape measure.

  9. Maybe som hand sewing or quilting needles or sewing machine needles along with 120” tape measure.

  10. I think it has to with fabric.
    Measure twice cut once.
    Scissors/ blades/cutter/marking pens.

    Or cute cute fabric

  11. I too think it’s Tula pink, those large dots are a signature of hers. I’ve only just restarted my subscription with the February box and love it 😍

  12. Whatever it is it’ll be wonderful as always. Monthly boxes never fail to please!

  13. If it’s Tula Pink, I’ll be tickled pink! Love these monthly boxes, even if the fabric isn’t always my style…it’s so nice to get a surprise! Just a little gift to me, from me! ha!

    1. I agree! I love the modern brights, and boxes are typically more traditional. I have already received my pre-order of Homemade from FQS, but I’d be thrilled with more! Even though a lot of the fabrics/projects I’ve received from the Sew Sampler box aren’t really my style, I love working on the variety of small and quick projects. It’s gotten me out of my comfort zone and gives me more projects to practice FMQ and ruler work.

  14. I’m not a Tula pink fan at all! Nothing wrong with it’s just not my taste. Please no tape measure I think we all have enough. But maybe there will be a ruler or something.

  15. I’m not a fan of the bright prints of Tula Pink. Did some searching…maybe it’s Little Snippets Jelly Roll Bonnie & Camille??? I just hope parts of the box are fun and useful if I’m not able to use the fabric.

  16. I’ve been buying polka dots like crazy lately! Love them.
    I just read all the guesses. I want one of each haha!

  17. I have a Tula seam ripper i like, but beyond that.. hard to imagine working with her fabrics. But, who knows.

  18. I’m guessing Homemade by Tula Pink!!! And hopefully, there will be a paper piecing project included✨

  19. I’m not a big fan of Tula Pink either, so I’m hoping it will be something else….. But the Mackinac Island fabric last month was a hit at my house, so I can’t be too disappointed if it is Tula Pink. However, new cutting blades are always a welcome surprise, so if they are EVER at a loss as to what they can include….. Hint hint!

  20. Well not sure what it will be but I’m always glad to receive my sew sampler box. It makes me happy no matter what I receive!!

  21. I was told by my local quilt shop that Tula comes in Monday. Yeah. I have coming a yard of everything. Can’t wait. Love this line coming out. It is my all time favorite of hers yet.

  22. I think it may be some of the new material coming out with sewing items or ruler measurement, something that has to do with all our fun sewing project. I don’t worry to much about it because I am always so surprised with what ever I receive.

  23. I have no idea! I enjoy all my #sewsamplerbox every month. I appreciate all the efforts & thoughts it takes to put together a monthly collection & hope it’s a hit. Thanks to FQS for all the fun!

    1. Little snippets was January 2019!
      I would love a new 120 inch ruler…mine accidently
      got snipped!

  24. It’s always super fun to anticipate what’s coming in our box every month. No idea what it could be…

  25. Well I am a Tula fan and if it is Homemade I’ll be happy to take it off your hands if it is not your cup of tea. I love the sub boxes because it gets me out of my comfort zone and forces me to use colors and patterns I would not usually go out and buy. Happy Sewing everyone 🙂

  26. I will be thrilled to have Tula Pink! I love her colorful, creative fabric, and notions, so hoping my box is filled with Tula Pink! I will admit, the more I try the notions in past boxes the more I enjoy using them, how did I ever get by before? I LOVE sampling both the fabrics and notions!

  27. The first box for the Sew Sampler year started with Tula Pink items and fabric. Would they close it out with her stuff? Either way, it’ll be fun when it comes!

  28. I love getting the “Sneak Peek” email.
    Next comes the bill. And I have to say, never in my life have I so looked forward to getting a bill!
    Oh, the anticipation of the happy blue box!

  29. Not sure. I know I’ll be pleased, regardless. Not everything I’ve received during my year-and-a-half or so of receiving the boxes has been to my taste, but I faithfully make the projects and find either that: (1) I love something finished that I wasn’t sure about when it was pieces in the box or (2) a friend loves something that isn’t “me” and takes it home absolutely delighted. In other words, it’s always a win-win. This month… who knows? I’m guessing that it involves Moda’s tape measure canvas, but I’d also really enjoy Tula’s upcoming line. Really enjoyed last year’s Tula box, and I wasn’t sure until then that her designs were for me. Tried it, loved it.

  30. Tula Pink’s Homemade would be great! I love this line in her fabrics!

  31. I’ll love everything, no matter what’s in the box. It’s such a delight for me each month! FQS does such a great job of putting it all together.

  32. Whatever it is will “measure up” with me! As a fairly inexperienced quilter, the monthly projects and new tools are all just adventures for me that are beyond my limited comfort zone. New lines of fabric, new color schemes, new techniques…it’s all wonderful. And, it gives me something to practice my free motion quilting on that wasn’t created for a specific purpose I’m too afraid to mess up! I’ve only been in this a few months, but it is really helping me. Thank you FQS!

  33. Is that ribbon???
    I am so glad to have a subscription to the sew sampler. It brightens my day when it comes, and I almost always say to myself, ‘I wanted to try that!’

  34. I sure hope it Tula Pinks Homemade. I’ve never bought any of her fabric but I’ve been wanting to. I just can’t decide. This would help so much. Fingers crossed that it’s Tula Pink.

  35. Looking forward to the next blue box in my mailbox. I am looking forward to whatever excitement you want to mail my way. Thanks for the peek preview and all that FQS does for The Sew Sampler.

  36. Inches for vintage
    Centimetres for modern
    A mixer this month?
    I will be happy either way

  37. Maybe Tula Pink’s new line? The back drop looks like Moda Grunge polka dot. Since the hint is it’s not a measuring tape, maybe washi tape or a sewing kit with the measuring tape in it?

  38. Just a shot- Moda Grunge “Hits the Spot” tied with the famous tape measure ribbon. A fat quarter set, charm packs?

  39. I just watched the YouTube video on Tula Pink’s Homemade line. That’s what it has to be.

    1. I agree. The measuring tape gives it away. Watch the YouTube video on the new Homemade collection by Tula Pink.

  40. I’m not usually a Tula Pink fabric fan, but I do love the HomeMade collection and hope it’s the show stopped in this month’s SSH 😊

  41. Maybe Lori Holts tape measure? A new ruler? Tape measure fabric? Can’t wait to find out 💁‍♀️🧵❣️ I always look forward to each new box every month! Such a treat😊

  42. A baby Bernina ? Yes ! but more likely Grunge Dots or Home Made collections…always an awesome Sampler box !!

  43. I think I’ve got it. It’s the Tula Pink small notions bag or her coordinating “Homemade“ ribbon, or both 😃