Sew Sampler Box March 2019 Sneak Peek!

Who’s ready for a sneak peek inside our March Sew Sampler box? No, it’s unfortunately not a trip to Paris but we are revealing the theme for this box! Experience new and exciting products and fabrics at this Paris French Market this month. A box that’s both classy and sophisticated, curated with you in mind.
Any ideas what we might have included? If so, we’d love to hear so leave us a comment on this blog!

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    1. Vive le France by French General for Moda fabrics – Paris is consistent with France. But, photo does have a very “Spring” feel to it, and colors don’t match with the photo.

  1. POM POM de Paris by French General might be an idea. Thanks for all of those fabulous Sew Sampler Boxes.

  2. Please be Day in Paris! I got the Faded pattern by Zen Chic and am waiting to see the fabric I get to order to go with it!

  3. The only thing I can think of is a “Day in Paris” fabric by Moda but it’s not out til April?? Can’t wait regardless!

  4. I just saw a new fabric, Someday by Riley Blake. It was beautiful, and even had one fabric with cute chickens and another with a very Parisian scooter. Very french country colors. I would be so happy to find it in the sew sampler box💕

    1. I think you could be on to something, Jean! The colors are right, and the little chick would go along with the eggs in the clue picture. I would prefer this fabric more than some of the other fabric guesses!

      1. Ooh, good point about the eggs, Cindi! I think Jean might be right. I’m sure I will love whatever it is!

      2. Yes, this makes sense. I’d never heard of it. Definitely fits with the pic—flowers, chickens and the pretty blue.

  5. The Pom Pom de Paris would be nice. Different fabric colors from the usual! Also like the Someday by Riley Blake. We’ll see what they choose to send.

  6. I’ve loved each one of my boxes and anything from or associated with Paris thrills me I went there in 1978 spent 4 wonderful days there!! Although it wasn’t the cleanest city I enjoyed it all the same!!! Keep up the great jobs FQC! I love Moda and Riley Blake fabrics so bring it on🥰

  7. clueless as usual! LOL but can’t wait to find out. I so love these presents that appear in my mailbox every month!

  8. So I just opened an email about the Sew Sampler box with a Paris theme and I am actually IN PARIS reading the email!! I can’t wait to get this box when I return home!!

  9. This is just gonna be a wild guess…such as the others…Vive La France by French General/Moda. What ever it could be…I’m sure it will be a great surprise!!!! 🙂

  10. Actually….LOL, if “Jean Cox” is correct, I would just be soooo happy!!! I love Minki’s fabric lines!!!!!! “Someday sure does fit this w/the “eggs” after I read this (after my original post) and I’d be doing HAPPY DANCE!!!! 🙂

  11. Someday by Riley Blake would be so cute. it is the colors for sure. i can only hope. i just can’t wait. 11 more days. i have no patience for this. a

  12. I think it is Viva La France by French General in a Layer Cake along with a cake mix from Moda. The theme of the fabric explains the French clue as well as the flower. The eggs would explain the layer cake and the cake mix recipe.

  13. I am fairly new to quilting and February was my first box, I was so excited! This waiting thing…ugh…cant it be time for delivery already! All the suggestions are amazing and I cant wait to see what amazing items are in the new box.

  14. I’ve never been one to peek or beg to know what I got for Christmas or my birthday. I don’t know if it’s my age (76) or what but this is driving me nuts. It’s only my 2nd box to open. I can’t imagine what I’ll be like by the end of the year. Thank you Kimberly or who ever came up with the sew sampler bod but it is GREAT. !!! Love it. Having so much fun.

  15. I’m so excited! I love everything about Paris. That’s where my husband proposed to me!!! My favorite icon is the Eiffel Tower. Can’t wait to see what’s in our box.

  16. Last month was on the modern side, it would be nice to see some fabric on the “shabby chic” side this month. But I find a way to use the fabric no matter what the theme. Last month’s fabric, pattern, and paper templates were gifted to a friend who loves bold colors and would like to venture into quilting.

  17. I think it will be French General type fabric with colors of blue/green like the jug. What pattern? Don’t know but can’t wait.

  18. Sure hope I’m wrong but France General is my guess. The colors are so dreary in that collection! Your teased picture is bright and spring like so I’m hoping no French General!

  19. I hope it is French General and Moda’s new Vive La France! I love everything French General. I also love that milk jug. Any clue where to get one? It would look so cute in my kitchen!

  20. Bonjour, tous le monde! Oui, bien sure, it must be Vive La France, from Moda, however, whatever it is, it will be fantastique!

    Merci beaucoup, Fat Quarter Shop!

  21. Looks like April in Paris (in March) Spring is here and here in Colorado we are tired of snow and winter.

  22. Oooh, I’m hoping the March Sampler will include charm packs of Zen Chic’s new fabric line called “A Day In Paris”??? I scoured our sew expo and all our local shops and no one has it.

  23. It would be cool to get something from French General as it is different than usual! But I think it will be A Day In Paris by Zen Chic.

  24. Someday would be sewww nice to receive! I love everything Minki does!! I know I will love whatever is in the box, I’ve been recieving them almost from the beginning and I’ve been happy with everyone of them!!

  25. OKAY I cannot wait to see this one. I am so glad that I joined this group just 3 months ago. I love my box every month.

  26. What about Bliss by Riley Blake. And I wonder what other products will be in the box. Also, anyone else excited to find out what BOM will follow the barn boxes?

  27. I think it is Day In Paris by Zen Chic for moda. The colors in the picture match…. the eggs … eggshell color in fabric line. Excited to get my box!

  28. Does anyone know if we have to sign up or save our space by a certain date? I’ve been a member since box one and don’t want to miss it. I’ve had flu and may have hallucinated, but I thought I understood even members had to sign up now.

    1. I am not aware that we need to update our subscription. If you log into your account, click on My Account and select My Clubs, BOMs, and Pre-Orders on the left. Your Sew Sampler Box subscription will be displayed in the box. It should say “Active” if your membership is current. Hope this helps!

      1. They send me an email every month between the 16th and 18th to have me pay for my box ,I wish it was automatic payment because I’m afraid I might miss the email as I don’t always check my email daily,hope this helps

  29. Based on the France clue, I’m guessing something with the French General new line of fabric! Which I love!!

  30. Day in Paris by Zen Chic for Moda! New release in April and it has the same aqua color as the milk can. So pretty!

  31. Riley Blake’s Someday released in February — so that is looking closer but Fashion week highlighted Living Coral in geometric shapes with aqua and navy and of course there were floral prints. I am going with Living Coral mixing with the aqua colour of the milk can and Riley Blake’s Someday. Zen Chic which I love, love love A Day in Paris doesn’t start shipping until April.

  32. I think it will be A Day in Paris by Zen Chic and hopefully a special pattern by them, in their wonderful modern style!

  33. I hope it’s Painting Paris by Katie Pertiet for Wilmington Prints! It’s beautiful and classy. Kimberly did say classy and sophisticated. Can’t wait!

  34. I think it is Someday by Minki Kim because of the color of the can (which I love😉), the eggs and the pink peony. I sure hope so 🙂

  35. I visited Paris with a friend in 2006 & LOVE all things Paris! We even hosted a French exchange student twice. I’m hoping for that beautiful muted robin’s egg blue, a pretty toile, French words on fabric… I know I won’t be dissappointed…SO excited!

  36. I had to Google Someday by Riley Blake and I LOVE that fabric. I really hope that is what is in this months box!
    Any guesses as to what is coming for the new block of the month quilt?? My goal this year is to actually make the block each month.👍🏼
    I always look forward to getting my turquoise box in the mail.
    Excited for the March box!

  37. I agree with those saying Vive le France by French General for Moda fabrics, and I can’t wait to see those fabrics!! No idea on the pattern, but I’m happy with that fabric!

  38. I hope it’s NOT ‘A Day in Paris’ by Zen Chic. Personally don’t care for it. Color may match but don’t see what it has to do with Paris. I love anything French General and the Riley Blake ‘Someday’ is really cute. Wish I could find the blue jug in the picture.

  39. I hope it is A day in Paris. The colors in that fabric remind me of my trips to the City of Lights. Their cafes are colorful like that fabric.

  40. I’m excited,my first box,Vive le France by French General for Moda fabrics, but I will enjoy the mystery.

    1. After last month’s amazing box — thank you for turning me on to pineapple quilts — I’m waiting with great excitement to receive this box, my fifth. Every box I’ve received has been a wonderful treat!

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