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Sew Sampler Box April 2020 Sneak Peek!

I think we could all use something sweet to look forward to and it just so happens to be Sneak Peek time for the April Sew Sampler box! No, we didn’t include an actual candy bar in your box this month, but it is a pretty scrumptious hint at what you can expect in our anniversary box this month. This month will come packed with new and exciting items as well as bonus coupons to commemorate our anniversary! Comment on this blog and let us know what you think it could be.

If you are not yet subscribed, and want to join, do so very soon because membership is now OPEN!

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    1. I think it’s a Jolly Bar (which is way better than a candy bar) of the At Home collection by Bonnie and Camille. At least that’s what I hope it is 🥰

        1. I’m hoping it’s Summer Sweet! We could all use a little sweetness during this time in our lives!

  1. Maybe a jolly bar of Apricot and Ashes? Ashes aren’t so sweet, but apricots surely are! Or Tranquility matches the colors in the sneak peak, and we could all use a little of that right now! No matter what it might be, every box is a SWEET surprise!

  2. I can’t even guess, I love surprises though. Keep up the good job. Stay safe and healthy.

  3. Of course, a Jolly Bar! Maybe in Summer Sweet? I am looking forward to receiving that happy little teal box of quilty goodness! 😊

    1. Happy Anniversary! I love everything about Sew Sampler Box. My guess is At Home by Bonnie and Camille. But can I just say how excited I am to start a new block of the month? I loved Goodness Grows!

        1. I just saw that my April box shipped so I am reading these comments. I love the block of the month, also, and am looking forward to seeing what’s new this month. All of my Goodness Grows blocks are done and my quilt top just needs pieced together. Happy Anniversary! I truly do love receiving the Sew Sampler box.

        2. I joined a little late and missed the first 4 or 5 blocks of goodness grows, do you have any idea how I can get those blocks?

  4. I like the idea of the Summer Sweet in a Jolly Bar but I would be happy with At Home as well!

  5. New and exciting- I’m guessing a Jolly Bar 2 book with of course a
    special jolly bar!!! Now that would be sweet!

  6. I’m guessing an AT HOME jollybar, by Bonnie and Camille, and a Mug from Moda. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY SEW SAMPLER ✨

  7. I hope it is a jolly bar. I’m always excited to get my box, but will really be happy to get it his month with everything going on.

  8. A jolly bar of At Home by Bonnie & Camille, and maybe a new Moda tumbler! I’m really looking forward to celebrating Sew Sampler’s Anniversary!

  9. At Home or Summer Sweet Jolly Bar, hopefully the finishing kit is included for the project as well!

  10. I am hoping for a Jolly Bar! At Home, Bloomington, or a Corey Yoder fabric would be wonderful!

  11. The fabric may be At Home….look at the zipper pouch tutorial blog entry (04/05/20). The flowers that decorate both blog post titles are the same! 😊

  12. Could be At Home, but also possibly Homestead April Rosenthal. We all are or should be unless essential at our home sweet homes. Definitely a jolly bar which I’m glad. I do like the jolly bars. They give such a great option for having some of a fabric line that you can actually make a nice size piece of many different things. I prefer quilts myself. Yet you don’t have to invest as much money in the fabric as a layer cake or fat quarter bundle. Super nice when there are so many amazing fabric lines all being released at the same time. It’s so hard to choose which ones to pick and how do you let the others slip away. Ugh. Regardless super excited to see what we get again this month.

  13. I’d love a Tranquility jolly bar…maybe the panel for a medallion center quilt pattern…?????

  14. Finally some variety!! Usually everyone guesses the same thing and it takes the surprise out of it .

  15. I’m going to say jolly bar of At Home with Camille. If you happen to look at the floral pattern in the sneak peak, it is the same floral pattern shown on the tutorial for the zipper pouch. Which happens to be the Camille line. :). Either way, I’ll be thrilled my box!

    1. I’m happy just knowing it’s coming just love the surprises 😊
      Happy anniversary keep up the great work and stay safe

  16. I agree with a jolly bar of “At home” by Bonnie and Camille.The colors also match those of the zipper pouch on the next post using Camille’s fabric. The candy bar could be a reference to a jolly bar. We haven’t had a jolly bar or Bonnie and Camille box for a while now too. What a timely release for such a beautiful collection.

    Did anyone else notice the irony that “at home” was designed for release at a time no one could have ever predicted that many people would actually be “STUCK AT HOME” due to COVID-19? For me it is a timely reminder to cherish my home and family, and the extra time I have to be with and nurture them.

  17. I am a new subscriber and the April box will be my first 🎉😃. I also hope it is a Jolly Bar and any fabric would be just wonderful. I’m looking forward to many more happy surprises. Stay safe and healthy everyone!💝

  18. Looking forward to tge April box, even though the March one hasn’t arrived yet! Apparently it left Sydney airport on the 6th April and is in a “facility” somewhere in Australia! Gavr in to temptatuon yesterday and lookef at the March reveal…

  19. I have used everything I get in the sew sampler boxes. The creative grid rulers are very good. I enjoy the monthly surprises.
    I use the boxes for scrap color assortment, write the color on the outside.
    Thank you.

  20. I just wonder…our “stay at home” time didn’t start until March. I think the sampler boxes are planned several months in advance. If our surprise is indeed from the At Home line, what a coincidence that would be. Most people guessed At Home, but I’m going out on a limb and guessing it will be something else. 🤓

  21. Jolly bar for sure! Though… didn’t we get At Home 5″ charm packs a few months ago? Has FQS ever repeated fabric collections in their boxes?

  22. I have just joined, I am thinking a jolly bar and I love all the material in previous boxes. Sew excited!!!!!

    1. My amount has changed from $29.90 to $31.93 this month. For what reason was it changed?

      1. I’m guessing they have added sales tax to the amount. I ordered something from FQS yesterday and noticed sales tax had been added.

        1. I noticed they added sales tax, mine says complete but there’s no tracking number even though they claim it shipped.

          1. Hi Ruth Anne! April boxes just started shipping out so you should receive your shipping notification today or tomorrow.

        2. Hello Janice! You’re correct – we had to start charging sales tax on April 1st due to a recent change in legislation.

    2. Hi Charlotte! Recent legislation has allowed states to mandate whether sales tax can be charged on online purchases shipping to their state and most states have enacted laws to take advantage of this. Based on the shipping address of your order, we may now be required to charge sales tax. We know no one likes paying taxes but it is important that we adhere to all applicable state tax laws. We’re so sorry for the inconvenience.

  23. Oh my goodness, could the new Jolly Bar Vol. 2 book be part of the April Sew Sampler Box?!

    I am really looking forward to getting my Sew Sampler Box of quilty goodness. Happy mail is always welcome!

    Thank you, Kimberly and Kevin & the FQS crew for all you do! 😊

    Please stay safe and well, everyone! 😷

  24. I always look forward to my box, I noticed increase but it doesn’t matter still good deal for the price. I love surprises, can’t wait. Happy Birthday this is your 4th birthday I think. Wish you all many years more!!

  25. Thanks! In the body of the email the designated BOX was referred to as the February sneak peak instead of April, I think the same thing happened last month.

  26. I’m hoping it’s Summer Sweet! We could all use a little sweetness during this time in our lives!

  27. A great deal of people are guessing Jolly bar At first I actually thought they meant some sort of cand. But know I see its a brand of fabric. Am I correct?

  28. I am sew excited to be a part of this! I would love anything at this moment in time!

  29. I guess I have been working on my stash for four years just in time for stay at home. I don’t think I would ever need to buy fabric again. But the idea that I have something new arriving is such a good surprise. I love this box idea so much and now that we have been at home I have made six quilts and plan on a lot more. Thank god I have a big family. I will be happy no matter what. Thanks so much for letting me be part of it. I can’t believe people complain about anything they get

  30. Anne – I’m in Oz too and haven’t received my March box either. Your lucky yours has left Sydney, mine left Chicago and ended up in the UK. Apparently it left there on 08 April!!! Only the camel caravan working maybe?? Hi everyone – stay safe and happy.

  31. No spoilers here! Just got my sweet little April box. I am delighted with everything in it. What a great anniversary box.

    1. It left Sydney on the 6th April, arrived at my house on Thursday 24th….still, it got here!Wonder how long the April box will take lol!

  32. Fantastic box, once again! Every item will be well-used. I love the featured fabric… In fact, I’m already working on a large quilt using it. Always really enjoy making multiple items in fabrics I love. Oh, and thanks for all of the coupons — not one will remain unused 😁. Thanks, as always!

  33. I received my Sew Sampler today – great box! I was happy to receive an item that I was thinking about purchasing. Thank you for the coupons; I agree with Mary R, they will be used. Happy Anniversary!! 😊

  34. Wow, I was a bit one the fence as to if I should continue with my subscription, BUT, this April box has once again captivated me to continue. Thank you. I needed this perk!

  35. Woah a surprise in my mailbox on Sunday! I too had been eyeing a couple of these items but now can check off my list and use the coupons for other things. 🙂

  36. This is my first Sew Sampler! I am so excited! Do you get a notification when it ships?

    1. Lynn, in response to your comment based on my experience was go to your FQS account, click Orders and it will have info of processing and shipped date. Did yours arrive yet?

  37. The fabric above appears to be the background fabric on the broken dishes quilt using moda ombre bloom. I would be very happy with that