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Learn How Tula Pink Designs Her Famous Fabrics

Fabulous fabric designer Tula Pink, of Free Spirit Fabrics, came to the Fat Quarter Shop studio to give us an in-depth, behind-the-scenes at how she designs her fabrics from beginning to end. In this three-part series, Tula takes you on a magical ride through Pinkerville, where imagination and fantasy reign.

In the first video, Tula Pink explains how she turns an idea into a story for a fabric line. Tula’s fabric collections tell a story of creativity and usually incorporate mystical creatures alongside attractive shapes and colors. You can check out Tula’s latest collection, HomeMade and see the story of quilting unfold before your eyes in bright colors and perfect prints. If you are reading via email, please click here to watch the video.

“Clearly, a little bit of magic dust goes a long way. And I’m not talking about pizza.” – Tula Pink

In Part 2, Tula shares with us her favorite part of the design process – taking an idea from a sketch to a colorful print. Tula shows how she begins her artwork, her thought process around scale, environment, and composition. Tula starts her designs by sketching on paper, then proceeds to add color through digital software. You’ll get to see the inspiration behind her famous Unicorn print from Pinkerville and how she designs such intricate fabrics that look good cut and pieced or as a whole. If you are reading via email, please click here to watch the video.

“I basically consider myself a professional doodler.” – Tula Pink

in Part 3 of the fabric design process series, Tula Pink discusses the stages of fabric production. Learn how digital designs and color swatches come to life in a fabric mill on the other side of the world. Once this stage is done, the fabric is ready to go out to stores like Fat Quarter Shop and then to quilters like you! If you are reading via email, please click here to watch the video.

“People wear a lot of black in my studio so I don’t attack them for color swatches.” – Tula Pink


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  1. Wow I now have an entirely new and expanded appreciation for all of my fabric! Thank you Tula for sharing your processes. Each one of the videos in this series had me totally absorbed and fascinated. Thanks again for your dedication, creativity and hard work!