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Kimberly’s Holiday Gift Guide for Quilters

‘Tis the season to be jolly! That means decking the halls and spending time with loved ones, which means it’s now time to take care of your gift list, so you can enjoy more of the first two things! If you still need ideas for your fabulous quilter friends (Kimberly’s Stitch Squad, I’m looking at you), I have compiled some of my favorite gift-worthy items in this Holiday Gift Guide for Quilters to help you with your holiday shopping. Share this post with your besties because, you know, sharing is caring!

Foundation Paper Piecing Supplies

As many of you probably know by now, I love precision in quilting. When it comes to cutting and piecing blocks and foundation paper, our It’s Sew Emma paper pads do just the trick. These paper pads come printed in classic quilt block designs that you can use for almost any quilt! Each block is available in 6″ and 12″ sizes, and they are scrap and pre-cut fabric friendly. Triangles on a Roll triangle paper allows you to create perfectly accurate half-square triangle units without marking or measuring. And last but not least, wooden clappers are welcome addition to my sewing room. I can’t say no to a perfectly flattened seam!

Quilt Essentials

No matter what design or brand you get, most quilters will be thankful that you’ve made additions to their quilting stash. You can’t go wrong with Stitch, Lori Holt’s beautiful new fabric collection. It’s full of patterns and colors that can pair with almost any design. It’s Sew Emma’s Quilt Journal is where I keep track of my quilt projects in detail (I’m almost finished with my second one!).  Lori’s Kaleidoscope Quilt and Cross Stitch book holds unique patterns that both quilters and cross stitchers will appreciate. And you can’t go wrong with an adorable Sew Day Enamel Needle Minder, paired with these cute Little House Glass Head Pins!

Bits ‘n Bobs

This next section of my gift guide is for all of the fun little quilting notions that bring us a little bit of ease and joy in the sewing room. If you’re running short on time or patience, Seam Align Glue replaces pins and helps with precise seams. Plus, it sets quickly with the iron and is water-soluble! The Vintage Strawberry Mini Cutting Mat is super cute, and it’s perfect for trimming down all of those little units. I absolutely had to include two other things on this list: a project bag and thread cutters. The Keep it Quilty Canvas Project Bag is great for keeping all of my blocks safe and in one place (and any other projects that I need to keep track of). Stringblade Thread Cutters are so handy for snipping a thread or your chain piecing.

Measure Twice, Cut Once

These next couple of items are important gifts to give to aid your quilty friends in measuring and cutting with accuracy.  My go-to rotary cutter is Olfa’s Pacific Blue Splash 45mm Ergonomic Rotary Cutter. The blade automatically retracts for added safety, and can be used by both left- and right-handed quilters. The 2.5″ x 12.5″ Quilter Ruler by Creative Grids is a nice size to have around (one can never have too many quilting rulers!). Each ruler and seam guide has a non-slip back to make cutting and measuring a breeze. These Seam Guides make drawing diagonal cuts so easy!

Gifts for Everyone

And last but not least, the gifts that can work for everyone! Good lighting is crucial whether you’re sewing, stitching, crafting, or reading a book. My Stella GO Lamp is one of my favorite things ever (I have three in my sewing room)! The battery lasts for up to 11 hours, and it has really neat charging pad that works for mobile devices, too. Another gift I would recommend to just about anyone is Lori’s new 2022 Bee in my Bonnet Planner! It’s gorgeous with its silver-embossed cover and practical with 12 months of tabbed monthly planner pages, weekly planner pages, and pages for notes. And if push comes to shove and you simply cannot think of what to gift a crafty friend, a Fat Quarter Shop Gift Certificate will solve your shopping worries while still showing someone that you care!

I hope you enjoy “window shopping” this Quilting Holiday Gift Guide, and if you have friends with different stitchy habits, I also have a Cross Stitch Holiday Gift Guide for you that we released yesterday on the blog!

Please join me on Friday, November 5 at 9 AM CT on Fat Quarter Shop’s YouTube channel, where I will talk more about these items in depth PLUS some holiday quilting projects!

Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway

You can enter to win some of these holiday gifts by participating below.

  1. A $150 Fat Quarter Shop Gift Certificate
  2. Little House Glass Head Pins
  3. 2022 Bee in my Bonnet Planner by Lori Holt
  4. 12″ Hardwood Tailor’s Clappers by Riley Blake Designs
  5. Square in a Square Quilt Block Foundation Paper Pad Set by It’s Sew Emma
  6. Stitch Fat Quarter Bundle by Lori Holt

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    1. Can’t wait for Kimberly’s next Quilting Livestream!! Some of my favorite items from the gift guide are a tailor’s clapper, the seam align glue, Kimberly’s favorite pins & anything by Lori Holt!!

      1. There are so many wonderful things at Fat Quarter Shop!
        I would like to try the Seam Align Glue, Little House pins, a Gift Certificate would be awesome, etc…
        Thank you for always having great customer service!

      1. I use the triangles on the roll…they are fantastic! Need to try some of the other papers

    2. I can’t wait for this giveaway♥️ You are the most generous person I’ve ever known♥️

    1. Anything from FQS is a score! I wouldn’t mind a FQ Lori Holt bundle or the clappers or the, well anything!!!

    2. I am just getting started in quilting and could really use a clapper – Would also like to start using a planner!

  1. I always love a Fat Quarter Shop gift certificate, it is so much fun! And the needle minders are so adorable, I can never have too many!

  2. Clappers are amazing. New fabric is always a treat (I like when others choose something that speaks to them – it gives me a chance to work with something different than my go-to style.)

  3. I love gift certificates to my favorite quilt shops. I’m also adding Jen Kingwell’s Quilt Recipes to be list.

    1. The clapper is something I don’t have that I would love, however, I would love so many of these ideas for Christmas. I think I will copy the entire list and give it to my hubby for his shopping list! (Along with your cross-stitch ideas too)

  4. i love using the new triangles. i paper piece a lot, and this is no different. it makes it fast. i have always wanted a clapper also.

  5. Thanks for all you do! You are a wonderful company and I thoroughly enjoy both you YouTube channels. 🙂 These are all great gifts I would love to have.

  6. Love shopping at the Fat Quarter Shop. Would like to try a clapper. I currently use a cast iron bacon press to flatten my seams

  7. What a fun giveaway…. enjoy your blog posts and I love all of Lori Holt’s quilty items.

  8. What a great assortment of Christmas gift ideas! I’m so grateful for all I’ve learned from you.

  9. I have the best family in the world. Each Christmas I send them my FQS wish list and they replenish all my quilting essentials (needles, blades, triangles on a roll, etc). I will be adding a clapper to this years list.

  10. I really can not remember quilting without your triangle papers. They make piecing so accurate. I love them. Also thank you for all your tutorials. You go out of your way for all of us. Happy Holidays.

  11. What a great list of gift possibilities! Thank you so much. I love my clapper (last year gift). What a cute needle keeper. Mine is always stuck in my pincushion with the pins. A new planner would be such fun – track progress, record ideas!

  12. All fun stuff! Love the triangles on a roll and can always use more fabric!! The Olfa rotary cutter is also my go-to…

  13. Gift certificates are always my go to! That way the person can get what they want and you don’t have to infer if the person will like it. I’ve been wanting to try the clapper. Might have to add it to my list.

  14. This is a great list of gift ideas. I’m making some door prizes for my guild’s holiday party, and this list gave me some ideas. Also the great giveaway is quite generous. Thanks

  15. Anyone would be absolutely over the moon to win any of these wonderful gifts. I know I would! Thank you for your generosity
    and great customer service.

  16. The Square in a Square foundation papers would be my choice! That is a most vexing block, and seems to be in so many quilts I choose.

  17. Can always use a gift card from FQS! Love my new acrylic floss storage box. It’s so nicely made! Not sure what I will put in it but it’s great!

  18. So many things to try! I really appreciate that you think wholisticly. Not just multiple crafts but a wide range of supplies for all varying abilities, styles and desires. We certainly do not all have the same way of accomplishing our tasks and certainly do not all have the same styles. You have thought of it all. Thank you so very much for your open mind.
    Now just to find the funds to stock the crafting pantry with all the yummy goodies.
    To the upcoming holiday season.

  19. Lovely gift ideas! Gift certificates are always great! Thank you for offering this generous giveaway.

  20. Love Fatquartershop! I would really like a Stella lamp and you can never have too much fabric!

  21. This is such an attractive way to suggest and display holiday gifts! You have gathered a great group of products.

    1. I didn’t realize I was supposed to write which gift I would like. The clapper is a great tool and I would love to have one!

  22. Love your quilty gift ideas Kimberly. I’ve been looking for a new rotary cutter (mine is very old and it is a pain to change the blade). I just put your favorite cutter on my wishlist!

  23. It all looks great! The clapper is my favourite as I use a stone from the beach now, which is not ideal.
    Would be awesome to win as a Christmas present.

  24. Love Triangles on a Roll! Have been wanting a tailor’s clapper! I enjoy Lori Holt and Kimberly’s videos.

  25. I’m really excited to try out the triangles on a roll. And all the needle minders I’ve seen are so cute!

  26. I keep looking at the clapper and the lamp would be perfect next to my couch so that I could have good lighting when sewing down bindings! I was surprised not to see one of the cute tumblers in your lists.

  27. That is a GRAND bundle of sewing goodness, everything is perfect regardless of ability. The Fat Quarter Shop is tops in making their customer feel empowered.
    Enjoy your holidays.

    Miss Sue

  28. Great gift ideas. I’m making my list and checking it twice to make sure I have everything!

  29. I REALLY want them ALL! But …. if I must pick, I would love that blue splash rotary cutter, and the fat quarter bundle by Lori Holt. Everything you do is so wonderful! Thank you for this opportunity! ♥️🪡🧵

  30. I want them all!!!!! I love that you are now the Triangle on a Roll owners, and that we are getting such creative foundation piecing sizes and designs from you! Love all you do, Kimberly and FQS!!!!

  31. Triangles on a roll great!!!
    Wooden clappers super great!!!!
    Can’t do without rotary cutters.

  32. Everyone can always use an extra clapper! Those are the best tool that has been added to my quilting tool box 💕

  33. Such great gift suggestions, and also great suggestions to beef up my own quilting supply. Thank you Kimberly and FQS staff for all you do to keep us quilters busy and informed!

  34. I plan to order your “Quilting Journal by It’s Sew Emma” to complement my “Cross Stitch Journal by It’s Sew Emma,” Kimberly. I will be SEW organized. 😀

  35. I just started quilting and I like anything that can help me improve and build my stash. I love the foundation papers for helping with accuracy and would love for Santa (aka, nice husband wink wink) to gift me the master triangles on a roll bundle. I’m so grateful to Kimberly and the entire FQS team for everything they do – I have learned so much from the FQS videos and can’t wait for the holidays to find more time to quilt, quilt, quilt.

  36. This is a very nice idea for sharing with my friends who love to sew and quilt! There are so many wonderful products that I need to add to my list. They all would make exceptional gifts this Christmas. I love watching the weekly videos and continue to learn more everyday! Thank you for making my day joyful during this pandemic.

  37. I would like to have the Foldi Go rechargable Light. I like to take my cross stitch with me when we travel and the lighting isn’t always good for stitching.

  38. I’m a fairly new quilter and still building a stash. I’ve told my family that any “quilty” gifts are most welcome! My favorite gift would be fat quarters, but I really NEED a good light.

  39. The holiday gift guide is great ideas for any quilter! I will have to give the list to my husband. Fat Quarter Shop you are the best thanks for all that you do!!!

  40. Love that Stitch Fat Quarter Bundle by Lori Holt. It would be good for winter sewing projects.

  41. I love FQS , the one thing I would add is a sew sampler box subscription. It’s the gift that keeps giving!

  42. The holiday gift guides are great! I haven’t tried triangle paper yet, so that would be fun.

  43. Those are all fabulous suggestions! The Stella light would be amazing to have to stitch by, my old eyes aren’t what they used to be!! Thanks to Fat Quarter Shop for being so amazing!!!

  44. I want a clapper and a GC would be great Bc I’ve been obsessed with cross stitching lately!!

  45. I would love to see the clear boxes that the Aurifil threads can stand up in. Please show in a live stream on floss tube or on quilting Friday live. Thanks

  46. I love the foundation paper I recently purchased the economy block and Flying geese. I think I need to revisit all these paper products for upcoming purchases.

  47. I would really like to do a project with Stitch fabrics, and would love to have some new rulers to help with that! And the clapper would make it easier too!

  48. I love the Stitch line…or anything Lori Holt! And I need a light for cross-stitching. One that can be recharged would be awesome!

  49. I absolutely LOVE those clappers!! What a generous give away, Kimberly! Thank you for your generosity!

  50. Great Christmas ideas! The quilting journal might be my favorite gift from last year. It’s really helped me organize what I’ve done and plan to do. Attaching fabric swatches helps too since I don’t keep most of my quilts.

  51. These are all great gift ideas. The one thing I would want is another clapper! They really work to make your block flatter.

  52. I love your Blog Post because I learn from what you make and what Lori Holt has put on here to. I like all the items on the give away.

  53. I would love the Quilt and Cross Stitch book as well as the Rulers and Rotary Cutter. Above all else a Fat Quarter Gift Certificate would be supreme 🙂

  54. I have been wanting to try the triangles on a roll and the foundation paper pads for a long time now – those would be amazing Christmas gifts. I also think Lori’s planner is elegant and beautiful and has been so thoughtfully designed with quilters and stitchers in mind.

  55. Such great ideas for gift giving, I’ve been working on my list of ideas for my special quilting friends. Thanks for the inspiration & the wonderful tutorials.

  56. I love everything and have most because I’ve been around awhile but I don’t have a clapper! Would love one. Who wouldn’t want a gift certificate, I could buy a clapper and more fabric!

  57. I am completely in love with my Tailor’s Clapper! It has been the best notion that I’ve purchased in the last several months.

  58. Love love love everything Lori Holt. You and she do great tutorials that help us become more accomplished. Amazing package, what a chance to win wonderful items! Thankyou

  59. You can’t go wrong with ANY of these gift ideas! I’ve grown to love the foundation paper pads and the Acorn precision glue in particular! And of course, my quilty journal. I’ve completed 17 quilts this year, with many more in the UFO stage. 🙂

  60. I would love any of the items in this package as a gift! My husband doesn’t think of pins as a gift but when I compared them to a power tool as a gift he understood why I always ask for them

  61. Love all the creative grid rulers. Can never have enough. FQS gift certificate is always a great gift.

  62. I can always use more fabric, during the winter it gives me something to do when it’s to cold to get outside.

  63. Any of the paper piecing items are on my list, along with the clapper, to add to the 2 I have and love! Actually, anything from Kimberly’s suggestions would be a welcome addition to my quilting notions.

  64. A girl can never go wrong with anything quilt that comes from the fat quarter shop. I really do need new pins though.

  65. I’m asking for the quilter’s cut and press, olfa endurance blades and the 12″ clapper!!

  66. I recently bought several Lori Holt rulers from Fat Quarter Shop and love them. I’ll definitely plan to ask Santa for a more rulers this Christmas!

  67. Love everything in the package!! Love y’all do giveaways for all the quilters out there!

  68. My mom likes my Gypsy Sit Upon so much that she keeps borrowing it. I think I may need to get her one of her own for Christmas.

  69. These are on my Christmas list for my hubby to purchase. I haven’t tried the triangles yet, so I’m excited to try them.

  70. Wow! What an awesome give away! I’m in need of some more fat quarters to round out my stash edges.😂😉

  71. Wow! Kimberly & Kevin, this is a very generous Giveaway!! I Love your Fat Quarter Shop!! I found Pat Sloan in Dec 2020 and through Pat I found your Shop!! I have learned so very much this year! And…I am Grateful to FQS & Pat both!! May you have an amazing Christmas Season!!

  72. My wish list contains new heather ross fabric bundle, making time bundle and some Lori Holt design boards.

  73. Love love love using the clappers. I have the 12” and the 6”. On my wish list is another 12” one. Thank you Kimberly for all your wisdom. Pressing seams open is my go to method.

  74. I love everything! Couldn’t do what I do without Kimberly and the Fat Quarter Shop

  75. I love the Sew Emma Sewing Journal so much that I ordered a second one. Also, those stringblade cutters are so much sharper than the cutting dohickey on the side of my sewing machine. They’re the bomb!!

  76. Everything and anything! Would love to have a clapper and of course the fabric by Lori. I would also love to have the large ruler by creative grids. Thanks so much for your videos. Yhey have been amazing for a newbie like me!!

  77. So much inspiration! I have countless ideas but never know where to start. Can’t wait to work on new projects.

  78. I am making pillow cases with some fancy stitches, granddaughter church dresses and some flannel nighties, and table runners for gifts.

  79. More quilts. I’ve already made more than we can use, gifted many too, but I can’t stop!

  80. 2022 Bee in my Bonnet Planner by Lori Holt and the
    Stitch Fat Quarter Bundle by Lori Holt are now on my Christmas wish list. Any gift certificate would be great!

  81. The it’s sew Emma paper pads. I seem to do more paper piecing in the cold months so I’ll be ready for this. Thank you , this is absolutely so kind and generous.

  82. I love all things Fat Quarter Shop. As for the window shopping the Bits and Bobbins looks fun too me!

  83. I have a few more quilt clappers on my wish list. I love how big the Riley Blake clappers are. I also have some triangle paper on my list.

  84. Great ideas! Now to decide what gift and what to keep for myself! Love that you have a wish list on you website😊

  85. My favorite on-line store and I visit it almost every day and usually more than that. Love the foundation papers.

  86. I’d love to build my fabric stash! I really like my planner, clapper, and triangles on a roll.

  87. Always good ideas to keep in mind! Thank you Fat Quarter Shop for all you do! Love the inspiration!

  88. I keep trying to list things in a planner to have a record of what I am completing. I love the foundation papers!!

  89. I would be more than happy to receive anything on this list for Christmas!! I’ve made a list of things to get my mother, who is also an avid quilt. Kimberly and the FQS certainly know how to feed my addiction! 😜🥰

  90. Oooo! What a fun collection of quilty needs!
    I’m going to print it out and give it to my husband for Christmas ideas!

  91. Definitely want that portable light. I frequently take handwork upstairs while the TV is on, and there’s never quite enough light there.

  92. I discovered Triangles on a roll and will be gifting them to my quilty friend this Christmas. 💕

  93. Triangles on a roll would be fun to sew up with the help of that. All of these things would be great to get for Christmas gifts!

  94. Love FQS! And listen to Kimberly live Wednesdays and Fridays while riding the stationary bike – makes exercising a breeze. Always a happy day when it begins with Kimberly!

  95. My hopes is to get a Lori Holt Planner. I have never used one and I think it’s time I learn to get organized.

  96. I would be thankful to get anything from the giveaway. It will help me to be a better quilter. Even if I do not I appreciate everything FQS and Kimberly has done to improve me.

  97. Foundations for flying geese is brilliant! I always have trouble with mine getting wonky 🙂 Definitely need more light for aging eyes too. Thank you Kimberly for the chance to win!

  98. What a great giveaway!! I love all Lori Holt’s products. The clapper would be super handy. The gift certificate would be awesome, I would be able to get any Lori Holt items I don’t have already!!!!

  99. All these products are wonderful!! I love sewing for Christmas. This year I’m making reusable bags for the grandkids:)

  100. I love everything that Fat Quarter Shop sells! I’ve ordered some Lori Holt crazy quilt papers, a clapper, Jolly Box, fat quarters, jelly rolls, etc, etc, etc, 😄

    1. What a wonderful collection of goodies to make any sewer happy . I know I would love quite a few of those. Great job

  101. The triangles on a roll are on my list! Just love how they make piecing so much easier.

  102. FlyingGeese papers look like a winner my book. It’s all about the accuracy and consistency.

  103. Any of these goodies would be great to find under my tree. Lori’s fq bundle is number 1. Thanks for the ideas.

  104. So many wonderful things at Fat Quarter shop. On my wish list is a clapper, the 2.5 by 12.5 ruler, and the light. I really need to get a light so I can see my projects better. I just started sewing a year ago so I’ve slowly been building up my supplies.

  105. What can i say i love to quilt and i love to see all the wonderful things at the Fat Quarter Shop. Really need a folded corner ruler for starters.

  106. Love this!!!💕 The Fat Quarter Shop is my favorite online place to shop because y’all are awesome! 🧵🪡❤️

  107. The Stella lamp is on my wishlist. You provided some great ideas for gifts for quilting friends. The FQS rocks it always.

  108. I love to get all the things from FQS ❤️ TOAR are a recent favorite and I would love a complete set.

  109. My blocks are so much better when I use the paper and clapper. The gift guide is perfect for my quilting friends (and me).

  110. I love using the papers to make my piecing more accurate! They are especially helpful for the smaller blocks!

  111. I already got my quilty Christmas gift for this year- a new sewing machine. An upgrade from my $50 yard sale machine =)

  112. I would love to get the stitch by Lori Holt. I could then Make her Sew Happy Quilt. I also would love to get the foundation paper for square in a square. I would love all of it and use all of it. I would also share with my girlfriend Julie who just retired and loves to quilt.

  113. What a great, useful list! I just LOVE Fat Quarter Shop! You have a great variety of products and your customer service is outstanding. Thank you!!

  114. I’m definitely adding the flying geese, log cabin, and square in a square foundation papers to my wish list. Thanks for the great gift guides!

  115. I love the idea of the triangle papers. I would imagine the paper sort of stabilizes them until you tear the paper off.
    I have never used a planner before, so that may be an interesting new choice.

  116. I would enjoy using triangles on a roll, I’d rather use the larger triangles instead of the smaller triangles.

  117. What a great giveaway! Love your shop, quality products and tutorials. Love that you give back to charities too.

  118. I love everything about Fat Quarter Shop. Fast service, quality merchandise. I love everything Lori Holt. Would love to try the Foundation Paper Piecing–precision is so important to quilting success. The Bee in My Bonnet Planner would be a great way to plan projects and keep up with them until completion. The 12″ Tailor Clapper (which has been long awaited due to the pandemic) is the same superb quality from Riley Blake Designs and would contribute to the best possible appearance of my quilt blocks. And, the Stitch Fat Quarter Bundle by Lori Holt would be a dream to coordinate her colors and designs for her patterns. I’m looking forward to the next year with the Fat Quarter Shop. It has so much to offer to any stitching enthusiast-Quilting, Cross Stitch, fabrics, notions, videos. This is my go-to place for supplies and videos.

  119. Am brand new to quilting and found the tutorials on the site… Love the easy to understand instructions and variety of patterns…hard decision is on which one to choose!…Any of the gifts in the giveaway would be appreciated…the clapper press is a novel idea!

  120. This is such a generous giveaway! I started using triangle paper last year and it has completely upped my quilting game 🙂

  121. I would love some more paper piecing products! I haven’t done paper piecing in awoke and I’d like to try a project or two.

  122. I would love to have these!
    12″ Hardwood Tailor’s Clappers by Riley Blake Designs
    Stitch Fat Quarter Bundle by Lori Holt
    FQS is the best!

  123. Love the Lori Holt fabrics and the papers on a roll. The master set and the small sizes. Are on my wishlist!

  124. I am always surprised at how flat my seams are after using a clapper. It’s one of those things that once you’ve used it, you can’t figure out what took you so long to get one!

  125. Ooh, kinda coveting that clapper. I got one for Christmas last year and I really like it but that one looks longer, which sounds useful. I’ve also been wanting a smaller cutting mat, and that mini one is super cute.

  126. This is one of my very favorite pages to follow! Love all of the ideas and love the products! I’ve been wanting a clapper, but I also love the Bee in My Bonnet line! Oh, I do love just about everything 🤗

  127. I have Olfa frosted rulers, sewing edge stops, ABC 123 cool pins, and EQ8 on my wish list this year.

  128. I’d love it if Santa stopped here and dropped off a FQS gift certificate!! Or if I won it in this generous giveaway! LOL! So many spectacular prizes.