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Kimberly’s Holiday Gift Guide for Cross Stitchers

Christmas snuck up on us this year! The holidays should be spent with family and friends, not buzzing around finding gifts! If you’re still trying to decide what to gift your crafty friends who love cross stitch, look no further. This is the ultimate gift guide to help you maximize your time with loved ones instead of stressing over what to give them. These gift ideas for cross stitchers start with what you need to get stitching and round out with different notions that add fun and flair to your stitching experience.

You can shop my Cross Stitch Holiday Gift Guide with my personal favorite cross stitch notions that double as great holiday gifts.

Cross Stitch Cloth

First things first – you can never have too much cross stitch cloth. I am now firmly on Team 14 Count Aida and stitch almost exclusively on 14 Count. When I am stitching up my Stitching with the Housewives patterns, I almost always use Chalkboard Black 14 Count Aida. I know some people don’t like stitching on black fabric, but for me, it highlights stitches and colors just as well as a white or lighter shade of fabric! I also love stitching on Pale Grey Gingham and Beautiful Beige.

Needle and Thread

All you need to cross stitch is needle, thread and fabric, but over time I’ve adopted other notions that make my stitching experience easier and more enjoyable. Needle minders are one of those things! My favorite is the Quilty Barn Needle Minder. Another favorite is the Mind Your Own Beeswax Thread Conditioner. Running your cross stitch threads through this wax coats your thread to prevent catching and knotting, and it smells so darn good. My go-to pair of stitching scissors is the Sweet Snips 3.5″ Fabric Scissors. I store my cross stitch needles in the Stay Sharp Needle Case! It’s super cute, and it keeps my needles organized (and all in the same place!).

Floss Organization

If you know anything about me, then you’ll know how much I love organization. I also love floss! So cross stitch organization isn’t just essential for me as a stitcher – it’s also really fun! My new storage staple is the Floss ’n Store Acrylic Storage Box. Keeping track of the floss you’re using is easy with our exclusive Floss Flower Thread Bobbins, Lori’s new Farm Fresh Eggs Floss Drops, or It’s Sew Emma’s Stitchy FlossBitties Floss Drops. I would recommend the Stitchy Stars Floss Keeper if you’re looking for a larger floss keeper!

Must-Have Cross Stitch Notions

Okay, now to my favorite part – the things that I didn’t know I needed till I had them! Cross Stitch Line Keepers always help me keep track of my stitches, especially when working on larger patterns. My Cross Stitch Journal (which I love love LOVE!!) has been my saving grace when it comes to keeping track of my cross stitch projects and stitching supplies. Stitch Card Boxes are the perfect place to store everything cross stitch – from your patterns, fabric, floss, and your Stitch Cards! A couple of other cross stitch notions that I adore are It’s Sew Emma’s 1.5″ and .75″ Cross Stitch Finishing Dots. Let me tell you… if you’re looking to FFO a stitched finish, these are a game-changer! These tape dots are durable and archival quality.

Cross Stitch Gear

Everyone loves accessories (even cross stitchers)! My favorite t-shirt at the moment is my Cross Stitch University T-Shirt. It’s extra soft and is a sweet reminder of Cross Stitch University (when I wear it, it feels like I’m repping my school spirit without having to go back to school, LOL). What a perfect gift for someone watching our beginners guide to cross stitch tutorials. Another accessory that would make a great gift is the Stitching with the Housewives Yeti cup (I love this one)! Lastly, some of my favorite project bags that we released this year were the Mad for Plaid bags. They’re really pretty, and the colors match almost anything!


And that’s my list! I hope you find it helpful during your holiday hunt! For my quilty crew, I haven’t forgotten you! Check out my Quilting Holiday Gift Guide tomorrow on the blog for some gift ideas, or head over to the Quilting Holiday Gift Guide and Cross Stitch Holiday Gift Guide at Fat Quarter Shop.

Please join me on Wednesday, November 3 at 9 AM CT on Fat Quarter Shop’s FlossTube channel, where I will talk more about these items in depth PLUS some holiday cross stitch projects!

Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway

You can enter to win some of these holiday gifts by participating below.

  1. A $150 Fat Quarter Shop Gift Certificate
  2. Stitching with the Housewives Yeti Cup by The Real Housewives of Cross Stitch
  3. Denim, Red and Teal Stitch Card Boxes by Lori Holt
  4. Mad for Plaid Project Bags by It’s Sew Emma
  5. Magnetic Needle Cases by It’s Sew Emma
  6. Cross Stitch Line Keepers by It’s Sew Emma
  7. Sweet Snips 3.5″ Fabric Scissors by Fat Quarter Shop

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    1. All I’m asking for this year is fabric, patterns and cross stitch gift cards. I love a gift card so I can sign up for clubs as they come along.

    2. I love the floss ‘ n store box. I am definitely requesting the the cute floss flower bobbins. Love the sweet snips too. I can’t have too many snippers as I misplace them all the time. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  1. I love so many cross stitch items from FQS it’s impossible to choose a favorite. I have been getting the Stitch Quarterly since it began and LOVE it. Especially the notions that I wouldn’t have thought to buy myself like the line keepers or floss bitties. Thank you FQS!

  2. Such great gift ideas! I love the 3.5” snips! I need to purchase more so I can have them in each project bag!

  3. I’m forwarding this post to my husband and kids—of course some of the items are already on the FQS Christmas list I’ve shared with them. My Floss ‘n Store came last week, and it really is as awesome as Kimberly says it is. One of the things that impressed me is how heavy and sturdy it is—it’s an organizing tool that will last forever!

  4. Kimberley, Your list is so wonderful that it’s hard to choose what I want! I’ll take some of all! Or better yet, I’d choose a gift card and buy what I want throughout the year.

  5. My husband always asks for my Christmas wish list and fat quarter shop gift card is always what I ask for. 💙

  6. The new floss keepers by Lori are so cute! Shaped like eggs with bees on them. I especially like there are two holes. I use one for the bulk of my thread and another for the section of thread I am using.

  7. Love all the accessories for cross stitch from the FQS. They are well made and well thought out. Big fan of Kimberly’s floss tube on Wednesdays!

  8. I love my new floss keepers by LorinHolt, and the stitch card boxes, as well. But, I really love it all!❤️🥰❤️

  9. I love your Christmas ideas and would be happy with any new stitchy goodies. Love your shop and your videos are so informative. Thanks to you and your team for such a great shopping and learning experience.

  10. I love all the accessories. Any could be useful! Thanks for opportunity!of course the gift certificate would be a bonus then you could buy all these goodies! Such a great list!

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    So hard to choose!

  12. I should be embarrassed to admit that I already have most of these products, but I am totally not! My eyes are always on FQS gift cards and that Housewives tumbler!

  13. The card boxes are great. Haven’t cross stitched for awhile. I should get back into it. Thanks for the generous giveaway. So fun.

  14. I’m going to ask Santa for alllllll of the Aurifil red flosses this year. He can never figure out what to put in my stocking, and this is REALLY what I want.

  15. Beginner cross stitcher here and am thoroughly enjoying this new hobby thanks to your cross stitch university videos. Can’t wait to learn more.

  16. Thanks to Kimberly I am now a cross stitcher! I have watched all the Flosstube shows and jumped in with Lori Holt’s Flea Market Flowers. Thanks for everything you do. I look forward to watching all your Youtube shows! Fall on the Farm Club is at the top of the list for me!

  17. I love all your gift ideas!
    I watch all your videos too and enjoy all the cross stitch ideas you share.

  18. Needleminders and Cross stitch cloth are on my Christmas list this year. I’ll probably have to explain what they are but I’ll just refer everyone to your shop!

  19. Been shopping with FQS for years, but this last year was something special. Thank you for fostering such a great creative community!! ❤️

  20. Received my acrylic floss box today – it is soooooo nice!
    Thank you for all the videos and wonderful service at FQS!

  21. Kimberly,
    I thought I knew how to cross stitch but I have learned so much following your tutorials and blogs. You are an inspiration and you have a great team handling your shipping and customer service!

  22. Santa is hopefully bringing me the acrylic storage box, more snips, cloth and storage bags and of course floss floss floss. Im also hoping Santa brings me a new lap stand this year. Im been showing it to..Santa..over and over. I think he got the hint.

  23. I’m putting the storage solutions on my Christmas list; love the Lori boxes and the acrylic storage.

  24. I love cross stitch patterns,fabric,floss and the bags that everything goes into. Notions are also a weakness for me.

  25. Love anything cross-stitch and there are so many more options for wonderful flosses and cloth that weren’t there in the 80’s when I started my work. Thanks for showing such special ideas for gifting and shopping. I can’t wait to try some new products.

  26. The Fat Quarter Shop always has the cutest notions and ideas. thanks for helping us be creative.

  27. I have a few of these already, but I would love them all! You have such cute stuff and it helps incentivize me to keep stitching and quilting even when I don’t always feel up to it. Thanks FQS!

  28. I had not seen the finishing dots before. I will definitely put those on my wish list, along with the great cloth.

  29. Thanks for all the ideas! I am going to send them to my son and daughter so they know what to get me for Christmas! Thanks again!!!

  30. Hi, I Love so many cross stitch items from FQS! On my Christmas List this year: Aida Cloth, in several shades! Thanks for sharing a beautiful Giveaway for Christmas 🎄 MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL AT FAT QUARTER SHOP ! 🎄

  31. I like the needle minders – any and all – sort of collecting them now. I always like to try new needle brands too.

  32. Thank you for the gift guide. It really helps when I’m having trouble coming up with ideas!

  33. Love your gift guide! These items will be going on my wish list. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  34. What a great list of goodies. My favorite is the Floss ‘n Store Acrylic Box! I want several just because they’re functional, but oh SEW cute to look at!!!

  35. I definitely want to try try finishing tape and dots. I burn my fingers way too often!!

  36. These are great ideas – I’m making a gift basket full of cross stitch items so these are great suggestions! Thank you!

  37. Love the various colors of cross stitch cloth and always good to have several colors on hand.

  38. I love FQS and all your goodies! Now I just need to figure out how to make sure my hubby sees this post 🙂

  39. I love my Sweet Snips so much I’ve bought my mum some for a Christmas stocking filler and I bought the larger size for cutting fabric. They are one of the best pair of scissors I’ve ever used.

  40. Who could turn down a gift certificate from the Fat Quarter Shop! Top of my Stitchy gift list!

  41. A gift card is always a welcome gift. Half the fun is in the looking! Thank you for the giveaway and being so generous with your time, tutorials, and free patterns across all areas of stitching.

  42. Ready to go shopping for my Christmas and birthday! I make it simple, buy it and tell my hubs to wrap it! lol

  43. It would be lovely drinking my iced tea from a “Stitching with the Housewives” Yeti mug! Thank you Fat Quarter Shop for all you do and Happy Holidays to all!

  44. Even though I have only just started back into cross stitching after about a 25 year break, I have done pretty well at stocking up on the basic cross stitch supplies shown above. Some things are nice to have more than one though, like scissors, needle minders, and project bags. However, a gift certificate is always welcome!!!

  45. The gift certificate, Yeti and acrylic storage box and at the top of my wish list this year! I love the list you all made. Bring on the holidays!

  46. Thank you Kimberly for this wonderful post! Simply put, I want it all! You have nailed all the essential cross stitch supplies. I just found you this year and have so enjoyed all your posts, videos and especially the cross stitch university series. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2022! Thank you for reviving my love of cross stitch.

  47. What I’m really wishing Santa will bring me is the Quilty Barns pattern, needle minder, fabric, and floss! I love it and want to start it right away, but I’m trying to be disciplined and buy Christmas gifts for my family now.

  48. Needle minders are adorable and I love the new project bags! So many great products

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  51. The magnetic book stand, now on preorder has made it to my Christmas Wish List! I even love the cheerful yellow color for this stand!

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    FQS and Kimberly are awesome.

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    I am going to try to find more linen to work with.

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  63. These are such great gift giving ideas for the cross stitcher in your life! So many wonderful ideas to choose from.

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  65. I am just loving your shop. I use to cross stitch years ago but you have gotten back stitching again!

  66. I learned to cross stitch in a cross stitch club in junior high school in the early 80s, and still love the hobby to this day!

  67. I need things for finishing my projects…sticky board, ribbon, etc… and I’d love to increase my fancy floss options!

  68. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! I love FQS and would love to have any of your products!

  69. I’m love the new acrylic floss organizer. I just got one, it is very high quality! Just like other things developed by FQS

  70. I love the barn needleminder and the scissors. I can always use another. Seems like they disappear too easy in my stitching spot.

  71. The Cross Stitch University shirt and the Cross Stitch Journal are on my list this year. I have gotten back into cross stitching this year and have many projects in the works.

  72. OMG, Kimberly! How generous are you to offer such a wonderful give away! I use the line keepers ALL the time! Would LOVE to organize with that gorgeous floss keeper!!

  73. I’m hoping that my husband gives me a BIG FQS
    Christmas certificate! It’s what I ask for every year, and my one and only has always come through!

  74. its hard to decide what I need this holiday season since I love it all!
    The containers that come in 3 colors would really be great to hold my patterns that I have. Needle minders are always fun to have and definitely a planner would be wonderful!

  75. This is a GREAT list! I think I have just about everything on the list except the SWTH Yeti, and I can never have too many floss bitties.

  76. Love the new things I learned about on the blog and YouTube! They make things much easier for projects.

  77. Love how there is more and more cross stitch patterns and corresponding quilt patterns. Love fat quarter shop!!!

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  80. Can’t wait to get my hands on some of that chalkboard Aida. I love how it makes the colors pop- i use a lot of black in quilting too.

  81. I have been using the Home pins and the economy block papers. The pins are much better than the ones that I was using. Since I have been using some of the hints that Kimberly suggested with foundation paper piecing, l enjoy using the papers more.

  82. Oh, the fabric and all the thread bobbins. The cross stitch journal. The finishing stickers. Well just all of it.

  83. I love it all but what is on my Christmas list is the beautiful beige 16 count, farmhouse Christmas floss pack, and the fall on the farm charts 😍 I also can’t wait for the jolly housewives zipper pouch to add to my ever growing collection!