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Kimberly’s Holiday Gift Guide for Cross Stitchers

It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year, but in the run up to Christmas it’s really time to panic (just a little) about the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas seems to creep up earlier and earlier each year, and if you have gifts for your family and friends all sorted, kudos! But if you (or your partner, hint hint) could use some help with gifts for your crafty crew, I’ve got you. These gift ideas for cross stitchers will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy (and calm!) this holiday season.

Here is my Cross Stitch Holiday Gift Guide with my personal favorite cross stitch notions that double as great holiday gifts.

Cross Stitch Organization

I am an organized person by nature, but it’s especially true when I cross stitch. With so many amazing projects and so little time, I keep track of all of my projects and schedule my stitching with my Cross Stitch Journal. I use Floss Flower Thread Bobbins to keep my floss organized, and now my brand new Stitchy FlossBitties! I love the FlossBitties because I can prep my floss, secure it with a quick loop, and go. Organization doesn’t have to be cute, but with these fun organization tools, why not!

Cross Stitch Finishing Supplies

As much as I love cross stitch, we all know it’s not done until it’s fully finished! Keeping cross stitch finishing supplies stocked up will keep you stitching WIPs into FFOs all year long. The It’s Sew Emma Cross Stitch Finishing Tape makes mounting easy – the width is just right, especially for smaller projects. I love to label my cross stitch finishes with the Library Card Labels by Lori Holt, such a cute, classic way to commemorate your projects, and it’s made with archival quality acid-free paper. If you’re going to finish a project, make sure to finish with style!

Cute Needle Minders

Magnetic needle minders are just the thing to keep your needle ready and your fingers prick-free! And with all the cute needle minders out there now, a serious stitcher can never have too many. (You actually need one needle minder per WIP – that’s a legal requirement from the Cross Stitch Police.)  The Prim Sheep Needle Minder is one of my favorites as it’s large enough to hold my scissors too! Another favorite is the Serendipity Needle Minder, it’s a wonderful gift to give to a friend who plans to participate in the Serendipity 2021 Charity Stitch Along. (If you don’t know about it yet, I invite you to join us!) Of course we have tons of needle minders, so you’re bound to find the right ones for your stitchy BFFs.

Perfect Project Bags

Just like needle minders, I need project bags – lots of project bags. Each WIP and its supplies gets its own project bag so I can easily grab and go whatever I need for the day. I love to use the Gingham on the Go Bags because you can see through them (and stitch on them too!), and the new Stitching with the Housewives Project Bag is just darling! The Prim Project Bag and Stitching with the Housewives Tote Bag are roomy enough for your bigger projects or to store multiple projects together for long trips. My motto is, no matter how many bags a cross stitcher has, you could probably use one more! Or two, or three…

Cross Stitch Fabrics

The very first thing you need to start any cross stitch is fabric, so having a stash of cross stitch fabrics handy is such a must! When I want to start my next pattern, I can just pull from my stash and get started right away. (Then I order some more fabric to replace that piece, it’s a vicious addiction.) Here is a list of my absolute staples, cross stitch fabrics and colors that I can’t do without.

The Stitch Quarterly Subscription

This is the ultimate gift, and it’s really a one-size-fits-all! The Stitch Quarterly Subscription is the gift that keeps on giving. Every three months, a full project set automatically ships out containing a brand new never-before-seen pattern and the cloth, floss and needle you need to make it, as well as a bonus notion.  It comes in a cute exclusive project bag, tied with a ribbon like the sweet gift it is.

Must-Have Cross Stitch Notions

Besides fabric and floss, these cross stitch notions are a must-have! They are the stitching accessories you never knew you needed, and once you try them you’ll never go back. From my favorite needles and thread scissors to magnifying light and design boards, these are my ride-or-die stitching support tools.  I have multiples packed up in my project bags, and I use them daily.

And that’s my list, I hope you find it helpful during your holiday hunt! For my quilty crew, I haven’t forgotten you! Check out my Quilting Holiday Gift Guide tomorrow on the blog for some gift ideas or head over to the Quilting Holiday Gift Guide and Cross Stitch Holiday Gift Guide at Fat Quarter Shop.

Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway

Please join me on Wednesday, November 4 at 9 AM CT on the Fat Quarter Shop’s FlossTube channel where I will talk more about these items in depth PLUS a special giveaway! You can enter to win my top 12 holiday gifts by participating below.

1. The Cross Stitch Journal by It’s Sew Emma
2. Cross Stitch Key by It’s Sew Emma
3. Cross Stitch Line Keepers by It’s Sew Emma
4. Gingham on the 3-Piece Project Bag Set by It’s Sew Emma
5. Stitching with the Housewives Project Bag
6. Floss Flower Thread Bobbins and Label Set by Lori Holt
7. Pat’s Favorite Tapestry Needles Size 26
8. 14ct Chalkboard Black Aida by Wichelt
9. Denim Orange Peel 7″ Square Bitty Design Board by Lori Holt
10. Prim Sheep Enamel Needle Minder by Lori Holt
11. Halo Go Rechargeable Table Magnifier
12. Omnigrid 4″ Needlecraft Scissors

Enter your email or sign in with Facebook to get started and earn entries by completing the actions below! The giveaway ends on Wednesday, November 11 at 9 AM CT. The winner will be notified by email. Good luck!

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    1. Love the HOLIDAY gift ideas! I am going to defiantly give my hubby a stocking stuffer list! Thank you for all you do! Keep the fun coming!… it’s a bright light and brings joy to all of us in this difficult time. God Bless!

  1. Patterns, fabric, floss. Just ordered the Journal. I love DayLight, and have several of their lights. I think I might need to add the HaloGo to the collection.

  2. I love the Stitching with housewives project bags…it’s the perfect size for their patterns!! Love all of it!!!

  3. I hope Santa Brings me The Pat Carson needles size 24, a bitty board, a needle minder and floss bittys.

  4. They are all on my list! I am just getting started with cross stitch and that is a very good list. Thank you.

  5. They are all on my list! I am just getting started with cross stitch and that is a very good list. Thank you.

  6. I will definitely be ordering the Halo Go and finding out more about the cross stitch key, Kimberly’s favorite needles, and the magnetic line keepers.

  7. Since I am very new to cross stitch I only have a couple of these items so far, but I would like to add a needle minder next!

  8. Since I am very new to cross stitch I only have a couple of these items so far, but I will add some to my list, including needle minder, Pat Carson needles size 26, and a journal.

  9. Kimberly has inspired me to spend time quilting and cross-stitching every day. Thank you FQS!

  10. I have wanted the scissors for a long time. Maybe Santa will put them in my stocking this year.

  11. I’m still very new at this, but that cross stitch key is definitely on my list. I’ve been looking for something to help me figure out my fabrics!

  12. Such pretty things—I have so many finished cross stitch projects I’ve never framed. Not waiting for Christmas to get some of the finishing tape!

  13. I love posts like this where I can find out about new notions that I need. Needle minders and project bags are high on my list.

  14. Kimberly,

    Thanks for the Christmas Gift Guide. It is wonderful to have one place for my husband and son to see all the cute things I need.

    Happy Holiday Stitching

  15. Thanks for all the ideas of things to buy cross stitchers as gifts. All the items would be great to use for all stitching projects

  16. Ooh this post reminded me to get my wishlist set up and ready to share for the holidays this year. Several of these items will make the list for sure!

  17. I love the Halo Go light! That is definitely on my list. I’ve also got several types of aida fabric and even the Let’s Talk Autumn kit on my wish list. I will also be adding the Let’s Talk Winter kit as soon as it’s listed! Thanks for sharing these fun products!

  18. I love what I’m learning on the floss tube channel! The creative inspiration is just what I need right now!

  19. I am currently working on “Let’s Talk Autumn” by Hands On Design thanks to Kimberly’s inspiration. I love all the gifts in today’s Gift Guide. Thank you and your team for all the tutorials, inspiration and a chance to win.

  20. I am currently working on “Let’s Talk Autumn” by Hands On Design thanks to Kimberly’s inspiration. I love all the gifts in today’s Gift Guide. Thank you and your team for all the tutorials, inspiration and a chance to win.

  21. So many wonderful goodies to be had. I really need (want) those mesh bags, they are so adorable. The light would be amazing to have also!
    Watching your Flosstube gives me so much inspiration and motivation to get in more stitching time. Currently working on projects from Lori Holts stitchcards. So fun and fast to make. Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  22. I just recently discovered FQS….I love every video. I’ve. Been stitching for 25 years, started as a tween. Though since the pandemic I really threw myself back into it. all the new FFO styles blow my mind as I’ve only ever knew about pillows or framing. So excited!

  23. So many goodies to put on my Christmas list! I think Santa definitely needs to send me a cross stitch journal.

  24. What a great list, can you believe I don’t have a needle minder! I really need one(or two!)

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  27. I am in love with the Lori Holt needle nanny! Definitely has made my Christmas wish list.

  28. I love this collection! Just bought the line minder-it’s a wonderful tool, and boy could my older eyes use the magnifier!

  29. Thanks for offering the giveaway! I definitely want the new Stitching with the Housewives project bag!

  30. I really want the Halo Go Rechargeable Table Magnifier and the Cross Stitch Journal by It’s Sew Emma! Am I forwarding this blog post to my mom as well as my wife… you betcha!

  31. Thanks for this great post. There are several items I am putting on my list including the halo light and the needles.

  32. How I wish I lived in America and I could shop to my heart content at Fat Quarter shop. I love all your products. I also enjoy watching your tuts on YouTube.Xx🌺

  33. I love this gift guide! I am definitely sending my family to your website for my Christmas List!

  34. The 3 piece project bag and the Bitty design board our what I need for my cross stitch projects.

  35. These gift ideas are wonderful. And I always enjoy the projects and ideas and inspiration.

    Thank you for all you do.

  36. I love the gingham on the go bags and the cute needle minders most. They make cute pick-me-ups for a friend during the pandemic too. OK, I talked myself into a pick-me-up as well.

  37. All the notions are so helpful! I’m an Aida girl too. I just can’t see very well in the higher counts.

  38. I hope my husband will get me the light for Christmas! I am going to send him the list!

  39. Love this variety of wonderful items. I would love to have the needle size and Q Snap 8″ x 8″ Needlework Frame that looks amazing , like all you listed! THey are totally on my list.

  40. I have many of the notions, but would really like to have a nice selection of aida cloth!

  41. I love this time of year and all the gift ideas. I have almost filled my first cross stitch journal and love having that record keeper. I am also realizing that I don’t have enough project bags. 🙂

  42. Couldn’t wait for Christmas! Ordered more of the sticky tape for finishes and a new Cross stitch journal (my fourth one). I did tell my husband about the Halo Go Light. I needed that when our electricity went out for four days from an ice storm in OKC. So Merry Christmas everyone!

  43. So many great ideas for me to add to my Christmas list!! As someone who’s new to cross stitch, this is AWESOME!!!

  44. FQS is definitely a great gift-giving place to shop for my stitching friends.
    Thank you. Love the wonderful selection!!

  45. Fat Quarter shop has picked so many wonderful and useful items for our xmas lists. I especially like the halo glow light.

  46. Love the halo light, the project bags, and the
    cross stitch guide. They will all be on my list!

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  51. I am hoping to get a stitch journal so that I can get better at keeping track of all my stitch projects. Thank you for the great gift ideas.

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  58. I love all of these ideas! In fact, I have already purchased half of them and love them. I really would like to get the Pat Carson needles. Thanks Kimberly and everyone at Fat Quarter Shop for everything you do and all of your great videos!

  59. Thank you for this Wonderful opportunity !
    Halo Go and Fabric !!!! And what is in my cart !!!!
    Hope Santa reads this list !!!!

  60. All great and useful gifts, I already have a few from stitch quarterly. They are usefull all the time. But the halo lite would be awesome. Enjoy watching every week for new projects and helpful tips. Happy holidays!

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  65. Awesome organization ideas. I have a few of them but would love to add them all to my collection.

  66. I love all of the gift ideas! I do have some of the items but what I really need is the light as I agree with you Kimberly once you hit 40 you can not see as well and it is harder to cross stich.

  67. I would love any and all of these! I love to crossstitch at night, as it passes the long evenings!

  68. I love all the great gift ideas and would love anything on the list. I do have the Halo Go Light. The best thing is how it is USB chargeable and can anywhere! The old eyes really need it. Thanks to your staff and all you do!

  69. I love every thing you have in the Gift Guide, and such a great idea to give to my hubby!

  70. On my cross stitch wish list is the Lori Holt 7” design board. Sometimes I don’t have my thread on a bobbin and I lose it everywhere. And I really want a lighted magnifier stitching on black is interesting at night.

  71. I think I’d like some of that beautiful cloth. What a great idea to keep a stash on hand to start a project right away.

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