Jolly Bar Cake Mix Recipe Pads - Fat Quarter Shop Exclusive

Jolly Bar Cake Mix

Hi everyone! The end of June has snuck up on us, thus we are at the end of #jollybarjune! That means it is time to dig into the last bite of news from the Jolly Bar world, and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.  Not too long ago, we indulged in a really fun Cake Mix Bake Off, in which we and several quilty bloggers went head to head with original quilts we created with Moda’s fabulous Cake Mix Recipe Pads.  We really love those recipe pads, so… why not make them for Jolly Bars?  Introducing our exclusive Jolly Bar Cake Mix Recipe Pads!

We love our new Jolly Bar Cake Mix Recipe Pads!

introducing Jolly Bar Cake Mix Recipe Pads
Jolly Bar Cake Mix Recipe Pads – half the size of a Layer Cake, but just as fun!

They have everything you love about the Layer Cake-sized Cake Mixes in a convenient 5″ x 10″ size to use with Fat Quarter Shop’s Jolly Bars!  Basic instructions, block ideas, and 44 sheets of triangle paper will get you well on your way to an original quilt.  Of course, our new Bella Solid Jolly Bars make perfect backgrounds to pair with any of our other Jolly Bars!

Each recipe card from the Jolly Bar Cake Mix pad will yield two 3″ finished half square triangles and eight 1.5″ finished half square triangles, and you can combine those units to make a 6″ finished block.

Jolly Bark Cake Mix units
Each sheet from a Jolly Bar Cake Mix Recipe pad will give you all this!
block ideas from Jolly Bar Cake Mix cover
Block ideas from the Jolly Bar Cake Mix cover

Still not convinced? We have a video to show how simple it is to get perfect half-square triangle units, along with some block ideas to get you started.  Sew tasty!!

Last but not least, we have another morsel for you.  While you get your creative juices flowing to start creating your own original Jolly Bar Cake Mix quilts, here are a few “recipes” to try in the meantime!  These three patterns are available exclusively at Fat Quarter Shop as convenient PDF patterns.

Bake Up Our Jolly Bar Cake Mix Quilts!

bake up our Jolly Bar Cake Mix Quilts
Three PDF patterns available to try out our Jolly Bar Cake Mix Recipe Pads!

They all start with one Solid Jolly Bar, one Print Jolly Bar, and one Jolly Bar Cake Mix Recipe Pad.  Very doable!

Apple Pie Quilt
Our Apple Pie quilt is made with a Treehouse and Porcelain Solid Jolly Bar

I really love these patterns because they are really unique.  These blocks feel so fresh!

Strudel – fun to say and fun to sew! We made ours with Coney Island and Bleached White Solid Jolly Bars

If you have a friend who is interested in trying a first quilt, these are good to recommend. They are goof-proof, quick, and are just so cute!

Yummy and fast! Our Upside Down Cake sample comes from a Sundrops and White Solid Jolly Bars

Let us know… what questions do you have about our new Jolly Bar Cake Mix Recipe Pads, and which quilt are you savoring today?  Thanks for joining us today!


  1. Can you make a Jacob’s Ladder quilt block from any of the Cake Mixes or Cupcake Mixes?