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Join me to Stitch Houses on Peppermint Lane!

Take a walk through the neighborhood with me in the new year! I am starting a new stitch along in 2023, stitching the Houses on Peppermint Lane. Please join me and keep reading to find the supplies and stitch along dates below!

Peppermint Lane Peppermint House stitched with Kimberly’s Houses on Peppermint Lane Starter Thread Pack!

Work along with me throughout 2023 as we complete each pattern from the Houses on Peppermint Lane Series Cross Stitch Pattern Set. I will be stitching mine on Oatmeal 14 Count Aida by Lori Holt for Zweigart.

I switched up my thread colors and fabric choice similar to Season 2 A Year of Celebrations, but for this stitch along, my conversions are only included in my Houses on Peppermint Lane Starter Thread Pack.


Take a closer look at the beautiful colors in Kimberly’s Houses on Peppermint Lane Starter Thread Pack.

Kimberly’s Houses on Peppermint Lane Starter Thread Pack has the approximate amount of floss needed to stitch the design on 14 Count Aida. You may need fewer skeins if you use a higher count fabric, like 16/32 or 18/36 count. You may need more skeins if you use a lower count fabric like 25 count.

Stitch Along Schedule

I will start stitching Peppermint House soon and will share my progress on FlossTube throughout the year. If you’re following along, be sure to subscribe to the Fat Quarter Shop FlossTube Channel to get notifications when I’m live.

1Peppermint House1/25/2023
2Gingerbread House2/22/2023
3Sugar Cookie House3/26/2023
4Tea House Shop4/26/2023
5Cranberry House5/31/2023
6Pinwheel House6/28/2023
7Pomegranate House7/26/2023
8Needlework House8/30/2023
9Christmas House9/27/2023

Share with FQS!

Share as you stitch along with the hashtag #PeppermintLaneSAL and be sure to tag @fqsxstitch so we can see your progress and share your work!

Happy Stitching!

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  1. I would like to join this stitch along. Do you get the kit each month or do you buy it all at one time.

    Thank you


    1. Hi Lou!

      The thread pack is a starter pack. We’ve estimated how much you’ll need, but you may end up needing more of some colors. We can’t be sure since Kimberly is stitching it next year along with everyone else!

    1. Hi Patricia!

      We don’t have anything specific planned right now, but that could change. Finishing details will be shared on the blog or Livestream next year if we do anything special. Thanks!

  2. How do you get the legend (key) for where the new color flosses go? I have all the flosses in my stash and just need the new floss legend for this project.

    1. Hi Nancy, for this stitch along we only plan to release Kimberly’s color changes in the thread pack at this time.


    1. Hi Anna! This is a great question!

      Kimberly’s floss conversions are available in the thread pack (linked above). We will not be doing a DMC conversion for this stitch along.


  3. I want to stitch them all in a row. Can you tell me how much fabric I need for 25 count? And what color do you suggest?

  4. Can we get a thread pack for the Called For DMC Colors, not the conversions? Also I’m doing mine in 1 piece, does the individual patterns or even Kimberly’s Floss Pack include enough floss for all the borders stitched in 1 piece?
    I want to do the Cross-stitch of Houses on Peppermint Lane the way the Designer planned. And then match it or make changes on a couple of the houses maybe to a a stronger color.
    Also, I have a question about Big City Christmas that FQS is sponsoring, who do I ask about this? It’s not the same one that Stitching with the Housewives is doing.

    1. Hi Pamela!

      A lot of work went into making Kimberly’s thread pack for this stitch along, so no, we will not be doing a DMC one. You, of course, are always welcome to use whatever you want, but we won’t be providing that for the Houses on Peppermint Lane.

      I will have to look into the rest of your question and let you know. Hope this helps!

  5. Sorry. Forgot something. To many things to Sew.
    Anyway, for those of us doing Houses on Peppermint Lane all on 1 Piece. Any directions for doing the Borders?
    Also, is Kimberly doing borders on the pillows? If so should do each houses border as we stitch that house?
    And should we have main border done before January 27th?

    1. No worries, hi again Pamela! 🙂

      If you’re doing it all in one piece, we suggest following the pattern and how Pansy Patch Quilts and Stitchery did things. Kimberly is sewing this along with all of you next year, but the one pictured above is the first one that she completed a little early. I hope this answers your questions!

      It is up to you how you choose to stitch the piece and what you choose to have done for each point on our schedule. We are just happy to have you stitching along!

    1. Hi Karen!

      We are hoping to have them as soon as possible, but are waiting on a couple of skus. You can sign up to be notified as soon as they are back in stock. It will likely be sometime later this month.