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The Houston Modern Quilt Guild

Inspired by QuiltCon Together, we wanted to find out more about the folks behind the event and the movement to make modern quilts. The Modern Quilt Guild is comprised of 200 guilds around the world with more than 15,000 members. In these guilds, education and community are a focus year-round, bringing quilters together to explore, create and connect.

We reached out to Tricia Young, President of the Houston Modern Quilt Guild to get an up-close look at what guild life is all about.

Houston MQG members share the pillow covers received from a swap with another guild (all photos were taken pre-COVID).

Q: Tell us about the Houston MQG – how it got started and what keeps it going.
A: The HMQG was started in early 2011 by a small group of quilters. The whole concept of modern quilting was still new as was the MQG. It was fresh and exciting and the Guild grew quickly. I think one of the main things that keeps the Guild going is the diversity of the group. We are a large group of talented individuals and each of us bring a different perspective to the concept of modern quilting and share a variety of creative talents at all experience levels.

Tricia Young shares a project bag demonstration at a meeting.

Q: What do members get out of being part of a quilt guild?
A: Being a member of a Guild provides so many opportunities; to connect and develop relationships with others that share the same interests, to learn new skills to enhance your talents, to give back to the community through charitable projects, and to always be inspired!

A large group of Houston MQG members in front of their Community Outreach Charity Quilt at QuiltCon 2020 in Austin.

Q: Has being part of the MQG changed the way you view quilting?
A: The MQG provides an abundance of resources to help each of us learn about modern quilting. Quilting is no longer viewed as something we do all by ourselves, all alone, in our studios. Through the MQG, members have a chance to interact and connect with others as we develop modern quilting skills. QuiltCon has certainly changed how I and others view quilting – the inspiration, the knowledge gained, the relationships and friendships, and of course the shopping all shape how we view our craft.

Q: What types of events do you host for MQG members?
A: Currently our meetings are held virtually on a monthly basis. It’s not the ideal situation but it certainly has allowed us the ability to host a variety of virtual speakers and workshops. In a typical year we provide a multitude of activities including workshops, swaps and challenges, retreats, sew-ins, annual BOM quilt, sew and tell, holiday party, summer BBQ social and charitable activities.

Q: What’s new and exciting for 2021?
A: We already have a number of speakers and virtual workshops lined up for the year. We polled the Guild to find out what they are most interested in and we plan our activities accordingly. We have been doing a short lecture each month on different aspects of modern quilting and then we have a challenge around that topic. Members seem to really enjoy that and the push to sometimes move out of their comfort zone to make something for the challenge. And hopefully soon we will be able to see each other, share hugs and smiles, and good times full of laughter!

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If you’re inspired to join a local guild check out the resources at The MQG and find your local guild with this interactive map. Are you a member of a quilt guild? Leave a comment below and let us know what you like about it!

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