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Fun New Project Alert – Gadget Cushion!

There is nothing better than finding a cute, new sewing project! It’s even better when it’s fun and easy! The Gadget Cushion by Quiltsmart fits the bill. With the holiday gift giving season coming up, the Gadget Cushion would be a great handmade gift for anyone on your list.

To make a Gadget Cushion you need:

Quiltsmart has a great video tutorial to help make your first Gadget Cushion.

We’ve also provided some pictures of the process …

Cut the instructions from the interfacing panel, and cut the fabric a little larger than the panel. With the fabric wrong side up and the interfacing panel rough side down, iron them together.
Cut the fabric/interfacing into two rectangles along the lines marked on the interfacing.
To create the tool tabs, fold the strip in half along the long edge. Then fold it in again to hide the raw edges. With coordinating thread, sew along the edges.
Cut the tool tab strip into four sections.
Fold the tool tabs sections in half. Matching raw edges, clip them to the spots marked on the interfacing.
Sew on the stitch lines provided.
Sew on the three guide lines provided.
Fold the gadget cushion in half, as marked. Sew along line A, edge to dot. Then sew along line B, from dot to edge. Backstitch at beginning and end.
Re-fold the gadget cushion, so the center line meets seam A. Sew along line C, dot to edge. Backstitch at the beginning and end.
Turn the gadget cushion right sides out. Press flat, if needed. Sew along the guide lines, to form the gadget rest.
Using a funnel, fill the openings with the stuffing or poly-pellets.
Glue the openings shut, and use clips to hold it shut while it dries.

Here’s a few pictures of the Gadget Cushion at work, just because we couldn’t get enough … we made two!

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  1. I have tired several times to order the interfacing, it always makes a comment not enough ordered. How many do you have to order to get the order placed. Help I would love to make some for Christmas.

  2. So glad you liked the tutorial! I’m sorry we sold out of the Gadget Cushion panel so quickly! We should have some back in stock soon. Sign up for alerts on the product to be notified when it’s back in the store.

  3. I just made this for my mom, a huge quilter/sewer. Thank you for this easy to follow tutorial, it was SO easy to follow!! Now I want to make more !!