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A Tisket, A Tasket Quilt Block – Free Pattern and Tutorial + GIVEAWAY CLOSED

We are so excited to share the next Classic and Vintage free pattern and video tutorial with you! We picked up an adorable basket tablerunner last year, and it was covered in bright baskets that were painstakingly stitched down. We loved the look, but were not going to do all that applique! Instead we mimicked it with straight piecing into a 7 ½” block, and the results? Equally awesome. Meet the new A Tisket, A Tasket Quilt Pattern and video tutorial!

We have cute quilt kits available, and today we are going to show you how to assemble the A Tisket, A Tasket Basket Block. To make this block you will need a 12” x 20” piece for your background and a 10” x 15” piece of fabric for the basket. We used the 1930s Bella Solids, plus a few more, by Moda Fabrics. Download the FREE PDF Pattern for full quilt instructions in three sizes, and watch our detailed tutorial video to see Kimberly piece this block.

First, we cut our fabrics according to our free downloadable pattern and labeled them with Alphabitties.

Now, let’s start assembling our basket block! Attach one Fabric J rectangle to one Fabric B square, sewing with a 1/4″ seam allowance and pressing towards the darker fabric.

Then, attach a Fabric I rectangle to the top of the Fabric J/B unit.

Attach one Fabric F rectangle to the left side of your Fabric I/J/B unit.

Attach a Fabric E rectangle to the top of your unit, and now you have your basket handle assembled!

Next, draw a line on the wrong side of a Fabric G square. With right sides together, lay the Fabric G square on the bottom right corner of the assembled basket handle unit. Pin in place, stitch on the line, and trim 1/4″ away from the seam. Press toward the darker fabric.

Now, let’s make our basket bases. Take two Fabric H squares and draw a line on the wrong side from corner to corner. Lay your Fabric H square on one corner of a Fabric D rectangle, placing it according to the free downloadable pattern. Sew directly on the line and press towards the basket fabric.

To make the basket side unit, attach a Fabric A rectangle to the basket bases by stitching with a 1/4″ seam allowance.

For the bottom unit, take the remaining Fabric A rectangle, the bottom basket base, and a Fabric C square.

For Side and Basket base units, make sure your Fabric H square is on the correct side, and that you sew it at the correct angle. They should end up looking opposite from each other, not identical. Attach the side unit to the basket unit by sewing with a 1/4″ seam allowance.

Lastly, attach the bottom unit to the basket, and your basket block is complete!

Make this into a quilt by downloading our FREE A Tisket, A Tasket Quilt Pattern and choosing a size. The pattern is written in THREE sizes: table runner, crib, and lap!

To celebrate the new FREE A Tisket, A Tasket Quilt Pattern, we are giving away one quilt kit to make the lap sized quilt. Comment on this post and let us know what old quilt block you would like to see freshened up in our next Vintage & Classic video! Entries are open to all, please leave an email address, and the winner will be chosen on Tuesday April 8th.

UPDATE!! A winner has been chosen! Michelle is our lucky winner!
Michelle said…
I’d like to see something done using a simple house or schoolhouse block.

Thank you Michelle, you have been emailed! We hope you all enjoyed the A Tisket, A Tasket FREE tutorial!

Good luck! And be sure to download our A Tisket, A Tasket Quilt Pattern and watch our tutorial video!


  1. Actually, I'd love to see what could be done with a good old Bear's Paw. It's so classic, but surely it could be really funky in some of the new fabric lines….

  2. Mariner's Compass would be fun to update. I'd like to sew one big, bright, funky Mariner's Compass to treat as artwork for the wall. Love art, love quilting and love your blog. Thanks. Jan

  3. Just love this pattern. Thank you so much for sharing! It is so beautiful that I think I need to make one in solids and one in print Fabrics.

  4. I'm so new to quilting–I don't know what the old blocks are! But, this looks really pretty! Thanks for a chance to win.

  5. The Card Trick block has always been my favorite. I'd like to see some fresh ways to incorporate that block into my quilts.

  6. There's several blocks that I would love to see what you could do with – Jacob's Ladder, Lone Star, Dresden Plate, Bears Paw are just a few off of the top of my head. Whatever you choose for the next block, I am sure it will be as awesome as it always is 🙂

  7. Oh my. So many blocks so little time. I've always wanted to do a Mariner's Compass (does that count as a block?) but admit it scares me. All those points! Thanks for the chance!

  8. I love Bear Paw and Dresden and would love to see either of them used. Thank you SO much for the wonderful giveaway!

  9. What a great pattern! I would love to see the double wedding ring quilt revisited. Thank you for a great give-away!

  10. Great update on the basket block. There are so many traditional blocks that could be updated, but I have no idea what to suggest.

  11. WHAT A GREAT PATTERN….thanks so much for the pattern and this is just so cute. I can see doing one real soon….thanks!

  12. I love it when people take an old block and make it a little wonky!
    How about a wonky churn dash block? Thanks for the give away!

  13. I love to see any traditional block updated! These classic blocks need to live on! Love the baskets, and NO appliqued handles, yea!

  14. I would love to see some variation of the wedding ring quilt block. I have a quilt that my Great-Grandmother made that could use a little repair.

  15. I would like to see a quilt updated for Sunbonnet Sue. I love what Reiko Kato does with hers.

  16. This is a fun block! I would love to make a scrappy basket quilt and this looks totally doable. I would like to see some easy pieced flower blocks for spring!

  17. My favorite block is Churn Dash. I don't know how it would be spruced up, but I know you could do it. Thanks for the chance to win.

  18. This is perfect for my Row By Row block. Would love to see the pattern set up in multiple sizes. I'll be creating a 12" block from this pattern.

  19. I would love to see what you could create with the Schoolhouse block. I love any house quilts. Thanks for the give a way!

  20. I'd love to see Sunbonnet Sue updated. Growing up I had a Sunbonnet Sue lap quilt my great Aunt had made and it was very special to me. It would be fun to make an updated version for my daughter.

  21. What beautiful colors! I've always wanted to sew a basket block but since I'm new to quilting, I thought it would be too difficult… with this easy tutorial, I can't wait to make it! I'd love to see the log cabin block updated.

  22. I think I want to do this pattern with pastel toiles. Would fit in my antique cherry wood bedroom furniture. I also would like to see an updated wedding ring.

  23. I love this tutorial, and the finished quilt is so pretty!
    I love your Classic and Vintage quilts series. Haven't finished my Sister's Choice yet.
    I think maybe a Jacob's Ladder block would be a nice choice to update.
    Thanks, Kimberly.

  24. I would like to see the Sunbonnet Sue or Sunbonnet Girl. I have seen different forms. I am fortunate to have one that my grandmother made. I am 61, and my mother lived to be 89 so my grandmother's quilt is pretty old. I need to research my dates.
    Kathy Davis

  25. I would love to see an update on Log Cabin or Dresden Plate….and thank you for the chance to win this beautiful kit.


  26. I love Card Trick – it's such a clean block and it really shines in solids. I also love Churn Dash – very large with small ones inside. Now I'm going to cut my baskets – I'm inspired.

  27. Very surprised to see all the mentions of the Bear Paws Block!!! Was 1st thing that popped into my head when I read what we were 'sposed to comment on!! LOL Am with the rest…definitely the Bear Paws!!! My two Daughter's & I are planning to do Throws together…in Bear Paws too. (& I am Mombear, and Gramabear round here! lol)

  28. I'd like the crown of thorns block, either version, just a beautiful block, that encourages great color play

  29. I love this quilt, but think Dresden would be nice or any with stars. Love all the colors

  30. What a darling basket block! I can't wait to make one! I am so very new to quilting and I don't know the names of blocks, but anything you do will be awesome!
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  31. So cute & spring-like! Makes me excited about Easter! Not sure which block I would like next, because I am a fan of pretty much all quilts.

  32. I love your basket pattern! I would like to see more traditional blocks, like different stars and simple churn dashes. Thanks for the giveaway!

  33. I love how you have freshened up the A Tisket, A Tasket block! It's perfect for this time of year! Sun Bonnet Sue is on my quilt bucket list and I would love to see how you would freshen it up!
    Happy Spring 🙂

  34. I was going to pass this pattern by because I dont appliqué very well, but now I can't wait to get started. It is so adorable. Thank you for sharing.

  35. I love the rail fence, simple yet very modern in look. I used it in one of my earliest quilts, scaled up.

    I would like to see the bearpaw made modern, as it has a very traditional look.

  36. Love seeing updated vintage block patterns. I have to agree with others that delectable mountains would be my pick too ! Thanks for the opportunity to win your new take on the the basket block.

  37. I love the basket quilt, so sweet and you have made it so simple. Would love to see you might do Turkey Tracks.

  38. I love basket quilts and this one is so cute.
    I have always loved the bear paw block. I wonder how you could give it a new look.

  39. Can't go wrong with updating stars!
    There's a great book called Traditional Blocks with a Twist. It takes blocks like Bear Paw and stars and throws something fun in there or with a different layout–I need to make one.
    I'd like to see a Maple Leaf or Skyrocket.

  40. I would like to see an updated churn dash block. Maybe with something unusual in the center square to make it fun.

  41. The colors of the quilt are so crisp. The pastels make it more striking. I'd love to an update on the Dresden and Sunbonnet Sue-Farmer Sam quilts. I'd love to make the lap quilt you're giving away. Thanks for the chance to win one.
    katztoo at exede dot net

  42. The colors of the quilt are so crisp. The pastels make it more striking. I'd love to an update on the Dresden and Sunbonnet Sue-Farmer Sam quilts. I'd love to make the lap quilt you're giving away. Thanks for the chance to win one.
    katztoo at exede dot net

  43. that is a hard one. some upated older patterns just do not work. i would like to see an updated version of double wedding ring. there has to be an easier way to make this wonderful but scary quilt top. babscorbitt@gmail.com

  44. An updated Bear's Paw or an updated Sister's Choice block would please me very much. Thanks for offering a giveaway.

  45. A Delectable Mountains block would be awesome. I love the basket block, it's cute! I would love to win and make a basket lap sized quilt. Thanks for the give away.

  46. I would love to see flying geese done. I know there are a lot of ways to cut this pattern out but it would be nice to see a new and improved way of doing it!!!

  47. I've used Maple Leaf so often, it's my 'go to' block. I could sure use some new ideas for it lol. VermontPines at aol dot com

  48. This is such a cute quilt. The pattern is printing now. Dresden plate or bears paw would be nice. BTW, your tutorials are awesome. They have helped me so much.

  49. I would love to see the school house block like in the lovely old red and white quilts updated. They would look lovely in fresh modern colours

  50. Thankyou for this simple, easy to follow tutorial. I am finishing a 'baskets' quilt and was looking for a border design. These blocks are a great size for a border so I will use them! As for an updated video tutorial, it would be good to see a drunkards path block which uses less pinning! Thanks,

  51. Such a great idea, making old blocks new again! I would enjoy seeing a Lemoyne star or a Bowtie quilt, with set-in seam tutorials. Shortcuts are great, but I also enjoy using more advanced techniques for the real feel.

  52. I would like to see soomething new done to Lady of the Lake. It's one I have wanted to make, but not sure if I would want it all in 1 color or something new and exciting.
    paweis at yahoo dot com

  53. How about a new twist to one of my Granny's favorites, a butterfly appliqué! She did all her quilting by hand and used black floss for the blanket stitch! I see modern or vintage butterflies with brightly contrasting floss being gorgeous : )

  54. Great job with the basket block! I can't wait to break into my stash and make a spring table runner. I would like
    To see You freshen up the vintage churn dash block. It's one of my favorites. Thanks!

  55. Thanks for this fresh interpretation of a basket block – loving the crayon colors. I've been thinking about the Quatrefoil block (see quilterscache). It seems to have a lot of potential for a modern interpretation. I would leave off the corner colors and let the center float on a solid background.
    gapocard at juno dot com
    Neame, washington
    gapocard at juno dot com

  56. I would love to see the Dresden Plate quilt design freshened up in your next Vintage & Classic video.

  57. This is cute and looks easy to make. Thank you for sharing. I'm intrigued with the double wedding ring pattern – have two sets of templates but it's still too time intensive for me. That would be a terrific one for you to work on! Thanks for putting my name in the hat for the drawing.

  58. What a charming basket quilt. So fresh. One block that I'd like to see brought current is Ducks (Geese) in a Pond.

  59. Beautiful colors on the basket quilt! Hmmm, I'd love to see Sister's Choice block redone with a modern twist. Great idea. svonfumetti at yahoo dot com

  60. I think my next quilt will be a Dresden plate in a modern color palate.

    Teresa C in California

  61. I think one of my old time favorites is the Dresden Plate, so that would be great to see here. Thanks for the chance at the giveaway, its a nice one!

  62. Your basket in solid pastels is the perfect quilt to brighten up a spring day ~ I love it! I'm the first to quilt in my family and I've gotten my daughter interested. I would like to see the Carolina Lily or perhaps Drunkard's Path updated. Thanks for the chance.

  63. would love to see something new with the churn dash really any new thing with old patterns.

  64. Bonnie Hunter's scrappy mountain majesty would look great in funky colours or even solids.

    Tisket a tasket is really fresh and lovely. It would also look good with 30's patterned fabrics mixed with the solids.

    Mandy Adams

  65. I'd love to see an updated version of Snail's Trail. It's been hard for me when I've attempted it–there's got to be a better way!!

  66. Bear's Paw was the first quilt I ever made, so I'd like to see that, and Log Cabin is so very traditional, so it's another I'd like to see!

  67. Love this quilt. I would like to see a modern Sunbonnet Sue, as I grew up sleeping under a quilt done in this pattern.

  68. What an awesome giveaway! I would love to see Grandmother's Flower Garden. My grandmother actually created several of these blocks that I plan to put together or frame up. They are so darling made with flour sack cloth!

  69. I would like to see a fresh log cabin block with white on one side of block and fabrics from Grey Matters More on the other.

  70. I'd like to see more basket blocks – there are so many variations and a quilt with a variety would be sweet!