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YouTube Channel Membership

We just rolled out a new feature on YouTube called Channel Memberships and we have received lots of questions about it so I’ve listed them here to help anyone who might encounter them!

What it is:

  • YouTube has rolled out another way for fans to support their favorite YouTube Channels. For $4.99 a month, members get exclusive content from Fat Quarter Shop, such as:
      • Exclusive Livestreams with Kimberly
      • Plus access to any perks we may offer from time to time, such as sneak peeks of upcoming clubs, books, notions and quilt
      • A badge in comments and live chat that gets more exclusive the longer you’re a member
      • Members-only livestreams where all questions are answered versus general livestreams where only select questions are answered
      • Have your voice heard! We’ll release polls where you can tell us what you want to see.
      • Members Only discounts and coupons
      • Custom graphics and emojis by FQS for channel members


      Important details about our channel:

      • This price is NOT set by us. YouTube has decided on this price for all channel memberships from any YouTube channel who has it enabled.
      • The perks/bonuses are just that, a BONUS. We will continue to release free content/tutorials/videos as we always have.
      • The exclusive videos as of now will be members-only livestreams with Kimberly. However, Kimberly will continue to do her weekly livestream to the full public, member or not.
      • This is a YouTube only membership and a member must be a YouTube user to join.  The $4.99 membership fee must be paid through YouTube, this cannot be paid through the FQS website.
      • This is different from subscribing to our channel. Memberships are paid and have exclusive content whereas subscribing means you want to follow our videos and is free.
      • You do not have to be a YouTube Red user to Join.

      How to join our channel:

      • We have a video showing how to become a member here:
      • As this is still a new add-on from YouTube, you can currently only sign up using a computer or an Android device. That means any iOS device such as iPhones and iPads cannot see the “Join” button on their app. This will hopefully be added to Apple devices in the future.
      • Click here to join if you are on an Apple device:
      • However, a member can join via computer or other device and get the perks on their iPhone once they have joined.

      Having trouble joining the channel? Here are some things you can try:

        • If you are having issues with the membership payment, you must resolve them through YouTube and Google Pay.  Go to your Google Account main page, click “Payments” under “Account Preferences”, then click “Go to Payment Center”.  On the left, you can click “Payment Methods” and add your choice of payment there.
        • Some countries outside the U.S. cannot access this service, as it’s a Beta product for YouTube and has not been rolled out to all channels or countries.

      Finally, if you run into any questions or situations not covered here, please contact YouTube support for help. Thank you!


  1. Not a big fan of this. Quite frankly, for what I have spent at FQS the last year, I should get a free membership. The whole idea of having FREE videos on YouTube is to encourage quilting, and thereby, getting new customers to your website. Having a ‘members-only’ channel (for an extra $4.99 per month) quite frankly kinda pisses me off. I can’t help but think that the content that we would have seen for free, is now going to be moved to the ‘members-only’ channel.

    1. Hello Pat, Shirley and Sheri! We will always continue to offer free tutorials! This membership helps us cover the costs of filming and producing our YouTube videos, so we can continue to provide free content as we have been.

  2. As much as FQS is one of my favorite sites, I have to agree with Pat D. Since I’ve retired, my budget for purchases and memberships are limited to what I truly need. I’ve been so inspired, and have learned so much from FQS and other quilt blogs that don’t charge membership fees so I can enjoy the process of creating quilts within my budget. Thanks for the offer, but sadly I’ll have to pass.

  3. I have to agree with both Pat and Shirley above! I love all my quilting projects and goodies I purchase from FQS and and What I learn from websites and the blogs but to have to join and pay on my limited budget or any budget is just sad! I was excited until I saw the have to join and pay part!