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Sew Sampler Reveal October 2018

We went back to the basics with this month’s box. Embracing the modern theme we were inspired by Zen Chic’s latest fabric collection in our October Sew Sampler Box! The stark, neutral color palette quickly became “just our type”.

If you’re not already signed up for this fun membership, do so by visiting our website!

Petite Modern Backgrounds More Paper Jelly Roll by Zen Chic for Moda Fabrics
Fat Quarter Shop Exclusive

A fantastic low volume assortment, with a diversity of styles and shades, makes the perfect companion for all kinds of quilts. Colors range from eggshell to light grey and graphite. Embedded with large scale repeats like technical drawings to small scale repeats and quotes!

Check out the full collection here.

X-Blocks Basix Template for 2.5″ Strips by Quilt Queen Designs

The X-Blocks template system is the best way to shake up your quilts with a fresh new angle. The X-Blocks Basix Template is designed specifically for 2 1/2″ strips. With just a few cuts, this tool will quickly become your new essential addiction. Create cool blocks from simple strip sets!

Try it with the Ellipsis quilt pattern and impress your friends with how easy it is.

Quilt3r Label Set by Fat Quarter Shop
Sew Sampler members received this item FIRST!

Make your mark with these graphic quilt labels! We have channeled our inner modernistas to create this fun minimalist set. Finish your quilts with confidence by adding a CR4FTY, QUILT3R, M4KER or SEW1ST tag into the binding with a 1/4 inch seam. Then easily change up the look of these double-sided labels by flipping them over to showcase a bold quilt block.

Includes 12 labels in white, black and grey.

Quilters Hangup Ready Made Sleeve by Quilters Hangup

Don’t let your quilt go sleeveless! Instead, simply attach this ready-to-use pleated quilt sleeve on your precious quilt. The muslin has a streamlined patented design that helps your quilted creations hang flat on walls.

Simply measure the width across your quilt top, roll the desired sleeve length and cut. Then attach to your quilt with either a slip stitch or safety pins.

Ellipsis Quilt Pattern
Sew Sampler Exclusive

Trail off in wonder at the sight of this modern wall hanging! It is the perfect experiment for the Petite Modern Backgrounds More Paper Jelly Roll and the X-Blocks Basix Template included in your box. Finishing at 36 1/2″ square, Ellipsis starts with strip sets and ends with a wonderful wall hanging!

Barn Block Recipe #7 by Sew Sampler

Join us as we travel the countryside and make twelve unique and inspiring Barn Blocks! If you are sewing along with us, be sure to share your quilt with us on social media using the following hashtag:  #BARNBLOCKQUILT

Don’t wait to pick up a Barn Block Quilt Kit as well as a coordinating Aurifil Barn Block Thread Pack to get started!


  1. Did not care for box at all. Deciding if I want to continue. The fabric is never my style. FGMC

  2. Not sure how I feel about the Colors
    But I really love the surprise box 🤗
    This is my second box and I’m going to continue
    It’s all good I can use it somewhere in my sewing room
    Thank you again 👍🤓

  3. My immediate reaction to the quilt pattern this month was negative, but the more I looked at it, the more I liked it, and I ended up buying the finishing kit today! However, what I simply don’t understand is the name. Those look like parentheses, not ellipses! Also, I would like to put in a vote for the occasional 1800s reproduction box. That’s where my true quilting heart lies. I certainly don’t expect that every month, but once in a while would be nice. 😉

    1. I agree with De-Da. An occasional 1800s reproduction box would be nice. But I was happy with the roll of greys. I probably will not make the pattern (the ‘wonky’ template wastes too much fabric), but I will definitely use it. And I actually have a xmas wall hanging quilt that I can use the quilt sleeve for. I could have skipped the quilt labels. They were not big enough for me to write my name on. And maybe I’m too old, but I didn’t get the ‘MAK3R’ ‘QUILT3R’ thing (is it supposed to be a password?)

  4. I’m working on the chairs from a previous box, can’t wait to do this. I love the fact some of the patterns and fabric take me out of my comfort zone.

  5. This was new-to-me fabric and I’m quite enjoying it. I’m thinking of throwing in some teal or yellow for something even more striking. This is so fun!

  6. My box has not arrived yet. I’m from Germany and the shipping time is very long. But my box was also sent very late. I received a shipping confirmation when others in America had their box already some days. I have the impression that my box is always sent later. Is it because I’ve been around for so long?

  7. I am in Australia and received my box yesterday. I just love 💖 the fabric and pattern. Will be ordering the finishing kit.

  8. Sorry, but I did not like the box this month. I definitely did not understand the labels. Since I do not do piecing (I do applique) and it seems all the boxes are geared to piecing, I do not believe I will continue with the boxes. I have been a member since the start and was very happy with the boxes the first year as they included some really nice sewing notions and tools but not so much anymore. However, for those who do piecing, I would recommend these boxes.

  9. I LOVE THIS BOX!!!!! I will be ordering the finishing kit. I have been quilting for so long that it is refreshing to use a more modern pattern and fabric design.

  10. I discontinued my subscription. I did not like this box at all! The labels were confusing????? The template wastes too much fabric, and the fabric colors were not to my liking at all. I like “happy” prints and projects.

  11. While the fabric was not my style at all, I really like this months box. I use the labels all the time, especially if it’s a gift. I think the 3 in the labels represents a “e” therefore spelling out the word. Thanks!

  12. Liked the fabric, would not want to waste an inch of it, perhaps I will mix it with older stash fabric. Hard for me to waste fabric with this type of cutting tool and pattern, although pattern is eye catching. Hah, see others like me, didn’t get the labels, perhaps on a zippered bag not a quilt! The sleeve…a sampler of something I would not buy for myself, on hand as a quick gift…maybe. Happy for a sampling of a different fabric type, thank you!

  13. I don’t understand the labels either! The pattern and template are interesting.I’m not a fan of blueprints of an airplane and a blouse pattern on fabric. The rest of the fabric is fine. The sleeve is great and I may buy more of them. They are great for wall hangings. I really love the surprise and look forward to the box every month.

  14. I loved this box!!!! It’s wonderful to receive your boxes every month but I was beginning to tire of the same old same old fabrics. This box was refreshing and inspiring. Thank you Fat Quarter shop!