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Winners: 2012 Designer Mystery Blog Hop

Hello everyone! You made it! We are so glad you could join us because today we get to show you the answers to our Designer Mystery Vintage Modern blog hop posts and make some people very happy!

I hope you also enjoyed the sneak peeks of this year’s Designer Mystery Block of the MonthSign up today for your spot!

First off… the big reveal! It was fun to see how everyone’s choices reflected their personality!

Bunny Hill Designs
Anne Sutton’s was a whimsical, festive Christmas sweater that comes out of her closet each winter.

Sara“It has to be one of those old Christmas sweaters!”

Primitive Gatherings
Lisa Bongean’s was a pair of pink Nike Shox sneakers that she can’t live without. Betcha didn’t know she is a self-professed tennis shoe junkie!

Denise W “Those silver straps, colored loops and the ‘swoosh’ tells me this is vintage Nike! Thanks for the brain teaser!”

Me and My Sister Designs
Barb and Mary’s choices were beautiful and cozy… a Pandora necklace from Mary’s husband and Barb’s once dark navy blue hoodie sweatshirt.

Tracey Rampling “A Pandora/beaded charm necklace and a hoodie.”

Aneela Hoey
Aneela Hoey went with an autumn-colored tunic – you guys really went wild guessing on that one!

Erika“I am going to guess it is a dress :)”

Blackbird Designs
Alma Allen showed us her favorite scarf that goes with everything. Classic choice!

Cheryl “It appears to be a beautiful woven scarf.”

Kate Spain
Everyone felt the funk with Kate Spain’s vintage modern pick – a pair of polyester wrap-around pants that belonged to her mother from the ‘60s. The pigtails are a tribute to her mom’s favorite hairstyle.

Cori Lewis“Polyester pants!”

Sandy Gervais
Sandy Gervais went all luxe on us – a fur coat she bought at a vintage shop more than thirty years ago for $30. She wears it with everything, from formalwear to jeans. Note her popping purple gloves – a true artist through and through.

SewSuzie“It’s definitely fur so maybe a fur coat.”

Bonnie & Camille
Bonnie Olaveson gave us a glimpse of pearl perfection, a necklace and earring set that belonged to her mother. Her youngest daughter, Emily, recently wore them at her wedding and will probably inherit them! (A little tidbit: Emily designed a Cottonway pattern called “Emily’s Garden” way back when!)

April Shae“I have a set of pearls from my mother that was passed down to her!! I am going to guess that they are a necklace and earring set!”

Camille Roskelley of course went with her favorite dress! I had to laugh when I saw how well it goes with their Vintage Modern line. True red polka dot love.

 Carol“It’s a beautiful red polka dot dress. Love the dots! Love your new fabric too.”

Fig Tree Quilts
Joanna Figueroa settled on a beautiful beaded necklace with fresh yellows, greens and seed pearls. It makes appearances when she wants to dress up, like for Market!

Sarah J“My guess is a fabulous vintage beaded necklace!”

Minick & Simpson
Laurie Simpson pulled out a traditional Navajo squash blossom necklace given to her by their Aunt Rita, who lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico. A true vintage pick.

Robin“It’s a squash blossom necklace. My husband is from the area of the country where Navajos make these. My father-in-law made me some out of silver that I LOVE.”

Cosmo Cricket
Julie Comstock obviously loves this ‘50s dress she bought on Ebay! Look at her dazzling smile! It’s a flirty sleeveless pleated dress with a flower applique embellishment on the shoulder. Pair it with flats, and hello Julie Andrews!

Angie“I’m guessing it’s a pin tucked dress with lace appliqué. It looks beautiful!”

Susan Kendrick contributed a pretty black polka dot dress of hers with a lace neckline. (How perfectly does it pair with Camille’s? Did they compare notes?)

Billie K“I love polka dots…….a dress??? Thanks for the opportunity to win! Nurse Payne”

Fat Quarter Shop
And finally, the prize grandissimo!! We posted three items for you to guess…

Jessica’s is a gold necklace with a lavender chalcedony oval pendant. Her grandma had good taste!

Debbie’s is a vintage cigar box with a handle!

And Stephanie’s is – yup, 3D glasses!

As for our grand prize… it is a $150 Gift Certificate to Fat Quarter Shop! And not only that, but we decided to have THREE grand prize winners as well… congratulations!!

“I love this quilt! I really want to join the mystery club–I think I will have to hit the checkout button tonight! Here are my answers:
1. Chalcedony pendant? Looks like it goes on a necklace?
2. cigar box
3. prett fancy 3D glasses
My fingers are crossed!”
1. Chalcedony necklace
2. Cigar box
3. 3d glasses
wow – these were all hard! I’m going to guess
1. Chalcedony necklace
2. a cigar box
3. 3-D glasses
Thanks for the fun Blog hop!!

Stephanie will be contacting each winner about their prize.
Thank you so much for following us on the 2012 Designer Mystery Blog Hop!
Until next time!!


  1. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!!! I am so excited! Of course I had to call DH first and share the awesome news!

    You just made my day! my month! my year! Woohoo! Thank you so much! Now I am for sure going to sign up for the Mystery quilt. (I waited until this announcement–in case the prize was a spot in the mystery quilt.) Thank you again!

  2. Holy cow!!!! Thank you so much! Like Kim, DH was first with a crazy voice message left on voicemail. To be a fly on the wall when je gets that one. Now to decide what to do with that fabulous "Salt Air", the first fabric I've won! Thanks Julie and Fat Quarter Shop!!!!

  3. WOW… A HUGE thank you. (My first response was to text my fiance…who is probably thrilled about many more hours of me saying "oooo, what about this?" or "Oooo, this?" This is perfect because I'm trying to design a quilt as a wedding present….much pondering will now commence! Thank you again!

  4. Just a short note to express my gratitude to FQS and the fabric designers. Absolutley thrilled to have been fortunate enough to win a prize. Loved the blog hop.