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Designer Tidbits: Jane Spolar

The Fat Quarter Shop is excited to welcome Jane Spolar of Quilt Poetry to the Jolly Jabber for the very first time. Jane’s latest fabric collection is Groovin’ from Northcott Fabrics.

Q: What was the first seed that grew into the Groovin’ collection?
A:My inspiration for the Groovin’ collection was totally personal nostalgia. I grew up in the middle of the sixties and seventies, an awesome time for design. I loved everything “Mod”, Twiggy, Mary Quant, Op Art, and TV shows like The Monkees. Groovin’ flowed right out of these memories. While I didn’t use an actual inspiration board, here’s an idea of what it would have looked like if I had!

Q: If your collection had a soundtrack what would be on the list?
1. “Crimson and Clover” by Tommy James & The Shondells
2. “Dizzy” by Tommy Roe
3. “Incense & Peppermints” by Strawberry Alarm Clock
and of course,
4. “Groovin'” by The Young Rascals

Q: What single print/SKU in the collection is your favorite?
A:Oh my gosh! That’s hard. Other than the focal daisy print, I would choose 3815-99, the hexagon. It’s a nice mixture of hard and soft lines and I really like the juxtaposition of geometric order with the “scribbled” lines.

Q:What is your favorite project you have made using this collection?
A:This is “Daisy Chain”. I had fun playing with the directional use of the fabric.

Q:If this collection had a scent to it, what would it be?
A:Hmmm… I’m not really sure what it would smell like. Oh, here it comes. It’s just drifting my way… chocolate, definitely chocolate. For that matter everything should always smell like chocolates!

Q:Can you give us a sneak-peek of your next fabric collection?
A:Yes! My next collection is called Bollywood Bliss. I find myself so inspired by the many beautiful, ageless designs and clarity of color found in India. They were truly my muse for the collection.

And of course, Bollywood movies are so much fun to watch with singing, dancing and color, color, color. Bollywood Bliss seemed like a great name for this collection full of color. You’ll be able to find it in Pink Sari and Royal Raja, both accented with rich metallic gold.

Q:If you had a mascot, what animal would it be?
A:A pink flying pig. I’d like to inspire people to consider trying what they assume to be impossible. The outcome can at times be amazing.

Q:Who is your favorite celebrity?
A:I had to think about that one. It’s hard to make a decision on these “pick one” questions. I finally chose Barbra Streisand. She’s someone whose voice and acting I’ve enjoyed my whole life; she’s successful, quirky, strong, and individualistic.

Q:If we were making a movie about your life, who would you want to play you?
A:Sandra Bullock.

She’s always been one of my favorite actresses, so that would be a hoot. I may be a titch shorter and a titch rounder than her, but she could always prep for the part with a few donuts! Mmmm…..donuts…..

Q:Who is your favorite fabric designer not including yourself?
A:I can’t single out one of my fellow Northcott designers because I love and admire them all!! Other than that, my favorite fabric designer is Jane Sassaman. I loved her style way before she started designing fabric. She has such a clear vision, her colors are vibrant and her designs are unique. I know she’ll always be one of my favorites.

My favorite pattern designer is Chris Hoover of Whirligig Designs. Her designs are always gorgeous ranging from easy to intricate (although even the ones that look complicated are often easier than they look.) I don’t know how she continues to turn out one great pattern after the next. I’m truly lucky that she’s not only my favorite pattern designer but also my friend!


  1. We were so lucky to run into your piece from Fat Quarters… or should that be "pieces"!! Love everything.

  2. I can so relate to Jane! This is the first time I was able to recognize all of the songs that were named for the soundtrack! Yeah!
    I love your new collection 🙂