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3 for Me: Jessica Thornburgh

Happy Friday everyone and welcome to March! Hopefully some springtime sunshine is just around the corner for you! Speaking of sunshine, please welcome back Jessica Thornurgh and her favorite color, orange:

“In college I had a design teacher that told me only crazy people like orange. I however, actually really do like orange—maybe that makes me crazy! But I can’t help but love this cute, tiny orange curly pattern. It’s so fresh and vibrant! And the Going Coastal collection is one of my absolute favorites—the crabs remind me of going to the Fisherman’s Market in my home town…yum! Fresh crab and lobster! And I actually just bought a couple yards of the orange chevron print to make into table runners for my wedding décor! Yup, orange is one of my wedding colors! (Wow, maybe I really am crazy!)”

Jessica’s 3:

1. Meadow Friends Cotton Dragonfly Orange and Girl Curly Swirls SKU# 19484-17

2. Going Coastal Orange Crab Walk SKU# DC5156-ORAN-D

3. Mimosa Orange Chevron SKU# STELLA-11-ORANGE


  1. Se isso tudo é verdade então sou louca também,laranja é a minha segunda cor.Mas de qualquer maneira é uma cor que apesar de forte ela combina maravilhosamente com todas sem brigas.Beijos.

  2. What a beautiful fabrics and those funny creatures are so cute! I love orange!
    Finnish wishes from Greece! x Teje

  3. I suppose I can be called "crazy" as well because I adore orange! I have been collecting orange colored fabric over the past year and I am planning an Orange Peel quilt with them. I may have to order some of the fabrics you have shown to add to my stash.

  4. You're not crazy!! It's been my favorite color since I was small!! I did a report in college on what your favorite color says about you and it means that you are warm and outgoing and a happy person: so Mr Teacher was wrong, and probably a stick in the mud anyway!! You keep loving that amazing color:-D