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2012 Designer Mystery Blog Hop: Wrapping Up

This is it! We’ve come to the last game post in our 2012 Designer Mystery blog hop!

We hope you had fun hopping along with us to visit all twelve of our amazing block designers’ blogs. When you come back tomorrow, the winners of those blog hop posts and the grand prize winner of today’s post will be announced.

First, a big THANK YOU to our twelve designers for designing our lovely Designer Mystery quilt and being good sports for our guessing game – I know you had as much fun as we did in guessing their Vintage Modern items! Though, we may have narrowly missed a medical emergency with Aneela from the entertaining comments she got. 😉

Without further ado, our grand prize blog hop post! We felt we should have more than one vintage modern item for you to guess since the prize (also a mystery until tomorrow) is a doozy.

This one is from Jessica: My grandmother left this to me after she died so I will always hold it close to my heart. In Arabic, Hebrew and Russian cultures it is the birthstone for June.

This one is from Debbie: This vintage item looks sort of like a lunchbox, but is not meant for kids. It was a tradition for my dad and uncles to pull this out from the basement during the holidays although other people might pull it out a lot more often.

This one is from Stephanie: This helps bring life to the world you’re viewing. It is a newer invention, but the style is vintage. This item was handed to me when I went to a specific location.

You have 24 hours from the time this posts to get your guesses in the comments! Be sure to check out our Designer Mystery block of the month too – don’t miss out on this pretty piece out of Bonnie & Camille’s Vintage Modern! Come back tomorrow for our twelve Layer Cake winners and grand prize winner… we’re crossing our fingers for you!


  1. I'm guessing the one from Jessica is an amethyst necklace.

    The one from Debbie is an accordion?

    The one from Stephanie is 3D glasses.

    It has been fun seeing all these clues!


  2. This has been fun!

    #1 a Chalcedony stone necklace
    #2 looks like a cigar box
    #3 3-D Glasses

    Good luck to everyone!

  3. Thanks for a great game! The necklace is lavender agate or jade, the box or small trunk is for storing family papers and photos, and the 3-D glasses are great fun at the movies!

  4. My guess:
    #1 – chalcedony stone
    #2 – ???
    #3 – 3D glasses in vintage frames

    Thanks for a chance at the giveaways! 🙂

  5. 1) Agate; 2) accordian 3)3D glasses Thanks for the opportunity to win! Nurse Payne

  6. 1 – Chalcedony gemstone piece of jewelry
    2 – Decorative box containing "special" alcohol (good scotch, whiskey, brandy, etc…)
    3 – 3D glasses

    This has been such a fun Blog Hop – kudos to the one who came up with the idea!!!

  7. 1. An old chalcedony stone ring
    2. A cigar box in what looks to be great condition
    3. Vintage 3D glasses

    All of those items are very cool. I actually own 2 similar items out of the three listed. An antique jade ring same size and shape, and an old cardboard cigar box. Very cool items ladies!!!! Thanks!!

  8. How fun!

    My guesses are

    1 – Chalcedony (gorgeous)
    2 – Humidor
    3 – 3 D Glasses

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  9. 1) chalcedony? Lovely bead pendant!
    2) looks like a lovely cigar box.
    3) glasses, probably 3D

    I am so excited for this BOM to start! I am already signed up and have loved the blog hop. Thanks to everyone for the excitement and hard work 🙂

  10. Have enjoyed the "hop"; will guess:

    1) Chalcedony or lavender agate necklace
    2) Humidor
    3) 3-D glasses

    Thanks, Rhonda
    (marshudson at comcast dot net)

  11. The hop has been so much fun! I'm guessing:

    1. chalcedony stone
    2. cigar box
    3. 3d glasses

    Jan S.

  12. This has been a fun blog hop. You will have to do this again.

    Jessica – Alexandrite stone
    Debbie – Cigar box
    Stephanie – 3D glasses

    ~Jody R.

  13. 1 – chalcedony stone
    2 – cigar box??????
    and …
    3 – 3D glasses

    how much fun! thanks for the chance to win!

  14. This hop has been so fun!

    1) Alexandrite pendant
    2) Accordion or concertina
    3) 3-D glasses or Raybans (not sure)

    Leslie J.

  15. Had a great time in this blog hop!!
    Jessica – necklace with semiprecious stone
    Debbie – fancy box with special booze
    Stephanie – 3D classes

  16. Wow! A real doozie, this one!!!!
    Jessica's: a moonstone pendant
    Debbie's: a cigar box, or humidor
    Stephanie's: 3D glasses

    Thank you!!! This has been such fun!

  17. 1. Chalcedony pendant necklace
    2. Cigar box
    3. 3D glasses

    This has been great fun! The biggest guesses for me have been the "Prove you're not a robot words".

  18. How fun. Google is my friend (I hope) suggesting Agate for 1. 3D glasses for 3 (my daughter is wearing such things around the house right now with lens popped out) and my (stretch) guess for 2 is a cigar box.

  19. Jessica – a chalcedony ring

    Debbie – I see Barry Fitzgerald pulling out the box that played TooRaLooRaLooRa and held the whiskey his sweet mother in Ireland sent each Christmas – it's a decorative box with very special "spirits"

    Stephanie – you were at the movies and needed 3-D glasses

  20. Jessica's is an amethyst necklace, Debbie's is a cigar box, and Stephanie's is 3D glasses. I can't wait to see what the prize is and I want to say thanks for this blog hop it was a ton of fun.

  21. I believe they are:
    1. Chalcedony jewelry
    2. A cigar box
    3. 3D movie glasses
    Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  22. Number 1: Birthstone necklace.
    Number 2: Since you only mentioned men (though guess some women smoke these) will go with fancy cigar box.
    Number 3: 3D glasses!!
    Thanks for such a fun time!

  23. 1. Agate Jewelry looks like a ring

    2. A humidor

    3. 3D glasses

    Thanks for the chance to win. The hop has been fun.

    Shawn M.

  24. can not get the pictures to come in?? The middle piture is there but that is it. Have had fun

  25. OK, here's my guess:
    1. chalcedony necklace
    2. cigar box
    3. 3D glasses

    Thanks for the fun blog hop and the chances to win!

  26. Jessica's looks like it might be a Lavender Chalcedony pendant.
    Debbie's seems to be a humidor of some type.
    Stephanie's looks like 3D glasses in a vintage frame.

  27. Jessica's is a necklace with a Chalcedony stone
    Debbie's is a tin box probably containing the "good Whiskey"
    Stephanie's would be 3D glasses
    Thanks for a great time

  28. #1 is a Chalcedony necklace, I love that color!
    #2 is a Cigar box.
    #3 is 3D glasses.
    I can't wait to see what a very lucky person gets to win and this has been so much fun guessing all of the vintage modern items! Thanks FQS!

  29. #1 Moon stone pendant/ring

    #2 cigar box (I have one that belonged to my grandfather made into a small clutch. . . too cute)

    #3 3D glasses, they are all the rage now!

    Have had so muc fun participating in this blog hop!

  30. 1 – Chalcedony, according to the internets!
    2 – Cigar box?
    3 – 3D glasses.

    Thanks for the chance to win, and good luck everyone!

  31. Well you really are trying to stump us here, LOL!
    I really want to say that Jessica's is a vase…so i'm gonna say that. Debbie's box held either some special scotch or whiskey…as was often the tradition for the males in our family to bring out the special stuff for a toast. and Stephanies is a pair of 3-D glasses in vinatge black frames.
    Can't wait for tomorrow's reveal on ALL our guesses.

  32. I married a gemologist, so I admit he helped me a smidge:
    1. Chalcedony (I can even help you pronounce it!)
    2. Cigar box
    3. 3-D glasses

  33. My guesses (with a little help from google.)
    1. Alexandrite
    2. Cigar box
    3. 3D glasses
    They mystery block quilt looks so fun!

  34. a necklace, cigar box and glasses. Thank you for the chance. It was fun hopping to all of the designers. Can't wait unitl the BOM starts!!!

  35. Jessica – lovely blue chalcedony gemstone, probably set as a pendant (but could be a ring too)

    Debbie – cigar box

    Stephanie – 3D glasses

  36. I am going to guess a Chalcedony ring

    A cigar box (we used to go to the drugstore and get one every year for our pencils)

    And a pair of 3D glasses.

    This has been so much fun and I have enjoyed every minute.

  37. I'm going with these guesses:

    1. Chalcedony brooch
    2. Cigar box
    3. 3-D glasses

    Hope at least 1 guess is right. 😉

  38. Hi!
    Jessica's looks to be a semi-precious stone. Agate jewelry maybe?
    Debbie's looks to be a vintage liquor box. That clasp looks too fancy for a vintage cigar box.
    Stephanie's look to be vintage Ray Ban Wayfarer 3-D glasses?
    Thanks! This has been lots of fun!!!

  39. Hi, The first one is a chalcedony, second is a cigar box, third is either 3D glasses or vintage sunglasses

  40. My guessess are:
    #1 Chalcedony necklace
    #2 Very high end liquor
    #3 3D glasses

    I'm so excited to start this BOM!! Thanks for these opportunities and the great time!

  41. I just love the color of item #1: it is just beautiful! I feel pretty certain it is a piece of jewelry like a ring.

    Item #2 was tough….a humidor??

    Item #2 was the easiest out of the bunch: 3D glasses

    Great blog hop!

  42. Jessica — chalcedony stone jewelry

    Debbie — cigar box

    Stephanie — 3-D glasses

    Thanks for a fun game! Good luck everyone

  43. The birthstone is Chalcedony.

    The mystery item that the men brought up from the basement is a humidor.

    The final item is a set of 3-d glasses.

    Thanks so much for the fun I've had over the past two weeks!

  44. Jessica's vintage modern item is a Chalcedony pin to wear close to her heart.

    Debbie's vintage modern item is a box for cigars (which many artists make into cool purses).

    Stephanie's vintage modern item glasses made for 3-D viewing when she went to the movies?

    Have a good one…!!!

  45. 1. Chalcedony jewelry

    2. Cigar box

    3. 3D Glasses

    Thanks for putting together this fun blog hop!! I have really enjoyed it and cannot wait to see the winners list tomorrow 🙂

  46. Wow, that middle one is a tough one.
    I think Jessica's is a Lavender Chalcedony Briolette necklace

    Debbie's must be a vintage wooden humidor since it's in a basement.

    Stephanie's I am sure is a pair of thick framed 3D glasses.

  47. 1. An agate (or chalcedony quartz) pendant.

    2. A cigar box

    3. 3D movie glasses

    I have had so much fun with the blog hop!

  48. Thank you for organizing a fabulous blog hop! It was great fun!

    1.Alexandrite stone
    2. Cigar box or humidor
    3. 3D glasses

  49. hmm a chalcedony ring
    a cigar humidor
    cool 3D glasses, loving the frames!

    thanks for another chance to win!

  50. I love this quilt! I really want to join the mystery club–I think I will have to hit the checkout button tonight! Here are my answers:

    1. Chalcedony pendant? Looks like it goes on a necklace?
    2. cigar box
    3. prett fancy 3D glasses

    My fingers are crossed!

  51. Thanks so much for the fun contest!!
    1. Chalcedony brooch or pendant
    2. Cigar Box
    3. 3-D glasses


  52. wow – these were all hard! I'm going to guess
    1. Chalcedony necklace
    2. a cigar box
    3. 3-D glasses
    Thanks for the fun Blog hop!!

  53. The first is a piece of jewelry with a chalcedony stone in it. The second is a cigar box. The third is a pair of 3D glasses.
    This has been such a fun blog hop! Thanks!

  54. 1) Amethyst necklace
    2) I am going to guess a liquor box- I was going to say a featherweight machine case but then the uncle's using it threw me off…
    3) 3 D glasses

  55. Jessica's item is an alexandrite mecklace. Debbie's may be a cigar box, and Stephanie's looks like 3D glasses. Thanks for the chance to win!

  56. Jessica's: chalcedony pendant necklace
    Debbie's: humidor for cigars
    Stephanie's: 3-D glasses
    Good luck, everyone!

  57. 1) lavendar chalcedony gemstone pendant for a necklace. Some sources may call this gemstone agate, sardonyx, etc.
    2) certificate of authenticity written in English and metal clasp – could be for fine liquor such as Scotch whiskey, bourbon, brandy or cognac – which will store OK in a basement over the years. I don't know a lot about basements because we cannot have them in our area of FL. We would never put a tobacco product in a basement and keep it over the years so ruled out cigar box.
    3- 3-d glasses

    Please, Please, Kimberly, no more guessing game giveaways.

  58. Jessica- Chalcedony jewelry.

    Debbie- box to hold liquor.

    Stephanie- 3D glasses.

    This has been a lot of fun. It will be interesting to see how many I got right.

  59. this quessing game has been fun
    glad it is almost over….:)))))
    now onto the best part
    sewing that quilt cover!
    1-chalcedony pendant
    2-liquor box
    3-3-D glasses

  60. OK, here we go (with the help of google!):
    A lavender chalcedony pendant
    I think it is a box that holds a barware tool set? To make mixed drinks.
    3D glasses

  61. Hi,This has been so much fun! Thank you for all the hard work, and great to see all the designer blogs, too! I'm guessing:

    Jessica–Alexandrite Necklace
    Debbie–Cigar Box
    Stephanie– 3-D glasses

  62. Eek, these are tough!

    I'm guessing Jessica's is chalcedony, perhaps a pendant or a ring?

    Debbie's item…might be a vintage cigar box?

    And Stephanie's might be glasses, either sunglasses or 3D?

    I'm so bad at this stuff! 🙂

  63. Well this is tricky! But I am guessing a Chalcedony ring, a cigar box and 3D glasses! This has been very fun, thanks for sponsoring and pulling it all together for us.

  64. A Chalcedony pendant, a cigar box, and 3D Glasses is what I'll guess. This blog hop has been alot of fun; crossing my fingers!

  65. Jessica's vintage item is a lovely alexandrite gemstone.
    Debbie's vintage item is a fancy cigar box.
    Stephanie's vintage item is a retro pair of 3D glasses.

    Thanks for the fun blog hop!

  66. 1 – Chalcedony necklace
    2 – cigar box
    3 – 3D glasses? maybe from an amusement park if you got them when you went somewhere specific

  67. The first one is a chalcedony stone – maybe on a necklace. The second one I think is a cigar box and I think the third one is 3-D glasses. Thanks for the blog hop – it was fun!

  68. Alexandrite stone

    A treasured bottle of fine alcohol. My dad and uncles used to pull out the Chevis Regal in a beautiful box on special occasions.

    Three D glasses

  69. My guesses are
    1)A Chalcedony pendant
    2)A fine Scotch
    3)Three D glasses.
    THis has been a lot of fun. Thanks for the hop and the great mystery quilt.

  70. This has been so much fun. I believe the first is Chalcedony stone, probably in the form of a necklace. Second looks like a cigar box or humidor. Third is black horn-rimmed 3D glasses. Love your shop. Love your blog. Thank you for all the fabulous things.

  71. I got many conflicting answers for #1 on google. I'm going to pick the most likely and say #1 is a Chalcedony pendant.

    #2. I don't know any cigar boxes with clasps, but I have seen some really awesome cigar boxes made into purses. I used to have one. My guess for #2 is a Cigar Box Purse.

    #3. I was going to guess sunglasses, but most people seem to think 3D glasses. So I'll go with the majority and say vintage 3D glasses is the answer.

  72. #1. Chalcedony pendant
    #2. cigar box/humidor
    #3. vintage 3D glasses
    It has been fun!

  73. I will also guess a piece of jewelry highlighting a Chalcedony stone, a cigar box or humidor, and 3D glasses.

    This BOM looks so awesome! Wish I had the $$$ to join in!

  74. #1 is an alexandrite stone– in a setting gold
    #2 is (going with my first sight guess) an antique liquor box
    #3 is 3D glasses used in theaters

    Hope I'm right!! Thank you for all the fun and wonderful prizes!

  75. I'm going to guess a Chalcedony necklace for #1, a vintage cigar box for #2, and 3D glasses in the vintage Wayferer style for #3! So excited to start the mystery quilt! Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  76. Ok here we go:
    1. A moonstone pendant/brooch
    2. Cigar or chocolate box
    3. 3D glasses

    This has been so much fun. Thank you for sharing glimpses of our beautiful designers lives 🙂

  77. I have enjoyed this blogalong so much…thank you. As for my guesses: alexandrite, cigar box, and 3-D glasses. the quilt is gorgeous and the modern vintage fabric is lovely.

  78. Great items ladies! my guesses are:

    1. Chalcedony jewelry
    2. A cigar box
    3. 3D movie glasses

    Thank you for the opportunities…been fun going to all of the blogs, some were new to me!!

  79. 1. Purple Alexandrite stone in a gold claw setting (could be a ring, pendant, brooch or earrings)

    2. Cigar Box – the "certifi…" had me searching, but I found some vintage "Original Bond Certified Cigar" boxes, so I'm guessing that the term "certified" is used in conjunction with cigars much like "genuine" is used leather and I couldn't find any harmonica boxes that used that term.

    3. 3D Glasses – seems like everyone is in accordance.

  80. I will quests:
    1. A Chalcedony pendant or pin.
    2. A box of expensive whiskey
    3. A pair of 3D glasses.

    Thanks for all the fun.

  81. Jessica's is a lavender chalcedony stone–possibly a pendant or maybe a ring. Debbie's, I'm not really certain, but I'll join the crowd and say a cigar box. Stephanie's I believe are 3-D glasses. Thanks for all the fun with this blog hop. Am looking forward to making the quilt!

  82. hi I think the answers are

    moonstone, a cigar box and 3d glasses.

    very cool indeed. Thanks for the competition, it has been fun.


  83. My guesses:
    Jessica – Alexandrite gem stone jewelry
    Debbie – humidoor cigar box
    Stephanie – 3 D glasses for movie

  84. Thanks for the run blog hop! My guesses:
    1- Chalcedony
    2- Cigar box (it looks so beautiful, I think I would steal it and repurpose it!)
    3- 3D Glasses

  85. #1 A chalcedony stone necklace or piece of jewlery
    #2 a cigar box
    #3 3-D glasses
    Had a great time hopping to each blog. I had already signed up for the Vintage BOM….Can't wait to get my first block!! 🙂 Thanks for all the fun and the chance to win!

  86. 1. chalcedony necklace, I think.
    2. cigar box?
    3. 3-D glasses big and retro


  87. This has been an a lot of fun!

    1 – An Agate pendent necklace
    2 – A cigar box
    3 – Have to go with the crowd – 3D glasses

    Thank you!

  88. Well, I think Jessica's is an agate necklace, Debbie's is whiskey, maybe scotch in fancy box, and Stephanie's is 3D glasses. This has been fun !!! Hope I'm correct.

  89. OK, I don't know how to remove/edit my earlier comment (I don't want it to be counted), but after researchign around the internet, I think: 1.chalcedony jewelry; 2. box of some kind of alcoholic beverage; 3. 3-D glasses

  90. Thanks for the game!
    FOr Jessica's, I did a lot of research to find that Chalcedony is a type of Agate and is the Zodiac stone for most of June. The Hebrew breastplate corresponded with the Zodiac. So, took some searching and I learned a lot 🙂

    For Debbie – I'm guessing a safe box holding family memories and fragile pictures and momentos.

    And for Stephanie, it's 3D glasses – how fun!

    sharonhuismith @ yahoo.com

  91. I thought these were challenging items:

    Jessica's – Chalcedony pendant
    Debbie's – Cigar box
    Stephanie's 0 3-D glasses

    This has been a wonderful blog hop, I have enjoyed going to each blog and trying to guess what the item was (there were a few that I just gave up on). Thank you very much for the chance to win.

  92. I think Jessica's is a Chalcedony pendent, for Debbie's my guess is a cigar box, and lastly for Stephanie I'm thinking 3D glasses. Thanks for some great items and for organizing such a fun blog hop!


  93. Okay here goes….
    1. Chalcedony
    2. Cigar box or humidor
    3. 3-D glasses

    tamiquilts at att dot net

  94. Jessica's is a Chalcedony necklace, Debbie's is a cigar box and Stephanie's item is 3D glasses. Thanks for the fun chance to win!

  95. The first item is a piece of chalcedony, perhaps a pendant.

    Item #2 is a collector's liquor box.

    The third item is a pair of 3D glasses handed out at the movie theater.

  96. debra said—#1 is a chalcedony(agate)pendant ring or necklace
    #2 a humidor with cigar cutter
    #3 3 d glasses
    What great fun it has been playing

  97. I believe that Jessica's item is a brooch/pin with a Chalcedony stone in it.

    Debbie's item is a concertina. They're about the size of a lunch box.

    Stephanie's item is a pair of 3D glasses. I have the cutest picture of my 3 year old granddaughter, Eliza, wearing 3D glasses while watching Shrek on 3D TV on Christmas Eve.

  98. The first thing looks like a pendant. The second item appears to be a cigar box and the third thing looks like three dimensional glasses. Thanks for the giveaway.

  99. This really has been so fun! Here are my guesses…such as they are:
    1) An Agate necklace
    2) Since it was the grandpa and uncles who enjoyed it I am guessing a cigar box
    3) 3-D glasses

    Thank you so much for all of the fun and the chance at the giveaway!

  100. 1 – alexandrite pendant
    2 – a box for holding some expensive whiskey or rum or other alcoholic beverage
    3 – 3D glasses

    such a fun blog hop 🙂

  101. This has been fun….some were easier to guess than others….hoping my guesses are good ones…

    #1 Alexandrite necklace
    #2 Cigar box made into a purse
    #3 3D glasses

    Thank you Kimberly

  102. the first is Chalcedony jewelry, which seems to cover a lot of stones.

    Second I am very much torn over a nice adult beverage or cigar box.
    Both the kids can't have. The clasp makes say it is adult beverage box, the certificate looks like cigar. I'm going with a very special adult beverage box.

    Thrid is 3D glasses.

    Thank you for the fun and making me use my brain (even if I'm not right), doing research on things vintage, through the hop!

  103. What a fun time I've had. I can't wait to see the answers revealed. Today's guesses are:
    1 Chalcedony stone jewelry
    2 Cigar box
    3 3D Glasses

  104. Haha, at first I thought the purple was part of a corset before I read the hint. 😮 Now I'd guess a Chaledoney pendant. 2. looks like a cigar box, but if it was stored in the basement, maybe its a good liquor. 😉 3. #D glasses~ and I agree, some of them look almost nerdy! Thanks for the fun!

  105. I think 1. is a chalcedony pendant 2. is a humidor and 3. is a pair of 3-d glasses. Thanks for the game, it's been fun.

  106. 1. Chalcedony stone piece of jewelry…either a ring or pendent
    2. I would say an accordian
    3. 3d glasses….

  107. GREAT competition my guesses are:
    Jessica – a Lavender Chalcedony pendant necklace
    Debbie – a cigar box
    Stephanie – 3D glasses

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  108. The items have to be:
    #1 Chalcedony
    #2 Cigar Box and Cutter
    #3 3D Glasses
    Greetings, Inka from Germany

  109. The items have to be:
    #1 Chalcedony
    #2 Cigar Box
    #3 3D Glasses
    Greetings from Germany

  110. hmmm…well here are my guesses

    1. Chalcedony necklace
    2. cigar box
    3. 3-D glasses

    for a moment I thought #2 might be a train set…but after thinking about it, went with my gut on cigar box.

    Great blog hop! It's been a ton of fun!

  111. My guesses are–
    For Jessica, her vintage piece is alexandrite jewelry.

    For Debbie, I am guessing a humidor/cigar box.

    For Stephanie, I am guessing 3D glasses.

    Fun blog hop!

  112. Ok, hear goes 😉

    I think Jessica's is:
    an Chalcedony or Alexandrite pendant

    I think Debbie's is:
    A cigar box

    And Stephanie's is:
    3D glasses

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  113. Ok…so they are not opera glasses..didn't catch the first part of the clue…alexandrite pendant, cigar box, 3-D glasses. Lisa in Texas
    (i don't know how to delete my first comment 🙂

  114. Debra said..
    1. chalcedoney (agate)pendant necklace
    2.humidor and possible cigar cutter used akso has clasp closure
    3.3 d glasses
    did this yesterday but I guess it didnt take. thanks for all the fun

  115. Thanks for all the fun and the giveaways! Here's my guesses:
    Jessica – Alexandrite Moonstone
    Debbie – Cigar Box
    Stephanie – 3-D glasses

  116. 1. Cheledoney jewelry
    2. humidor/cigar box
    3. glasses

    This has been a really hard contest but not nearly as hard as trying to post now-I think your security words are too difficult to read.

  117. I wish you would identify the vintage items from the Blog Hop —some of them were pretty puzzling. Thanks!
    P.S. I am really NOT fond of the new two word verifications!!

  118. Jessica- alexandrite necklace
    Debbie- a cigar box!
    Stephanie- 3-D glasses

    awesome job with the blog hop & giveaways! thanks.

  119. Hmmm
    1)A chalcedony pendant
    2)Something for the menfolk stored in the basement could be a box of sports equipment of some kind – the balls for billiards or snooker?
    3)3D glasses for the cinema!

    Hope I'm lucky

  120. 1) lavendar chalcedony gemstone necklace.
    2) liquor box with certificate of authenticity and metal clasp
    3- 3-d glasses
    goldiez at hotmail dot com

  121. Hmm…I'm guessing the first one is an Agate/Chalcedony pendant, the second is a box of slides/photos, and the third is 3D glasses.

  122. Ok – some things were kinda easy, one wasn't.

    #1: Alexandrite pendant necklace
    #2: cigar box
    #3: polarized glasses aka 3D glasses (since shutter-glasses would look way different and there are just those two technologies that are common nowadays)

  123. I see a lovely chalcedony pendant; and, a lovely… from the clues I believe it to be something to do with drinking or smoking ("…not meant for kids…") but since I don't do either I really am at a loss; and, a lovely pair of 3D glasses.

    Monica pumpkinpeters@gmail.com